Bullet Journal Companion App

Bullet Journal Companion App

Bullet Journal Companion App [Music] Hi, guys. This is Ryder. It’s always been my goal to create the most impactful tools for the Bullet Journal Community. With your help, I was able to create the notebook of my dreams designed from the ground up for Bullet Journaling. It makes Bullet Journaling more fun and simpler. Today, I’m really excited to announce a new tool that I’ve created for you. The Bullet Journal Companion. The Companion isn’t designed to replace your notebook. It’s designed to be a companion for your notebook. This is the Companion. Let’s take a closer look at Reflection. Keeping track of the things you need to do is important, but keeping track of why you’re doing those things is critical. A notebook can’t remind you to check in and to reflect, and that’s why we created the Reflection Tracker. Twice a day, it will send you reminders to unplug, so that you can reflect on the things that you’ve captured throughout the day. You can set the time when you get reminded here. You have the ability to set a reminder for the morning, as well as for the evening simply by tapping on the time, selecting your time, and hitting set. You also have the ability to set a separate time for the weekends because sleep is awesome. One of the greatest things about Bullet Journaling is its Community. It’s you, guys. So, in the App, we created the Articles section, which basically takes the blog and repackages it to be better read on a phone, so everyone can benefit from the greatest content there is available for Bullet Journaling. One of the most frequent requests that I get is for a pocket guide. And now, we’ve included one in the App. This pocket guide is great for those getting started to learn how to Bullet Journal and get The Basics down, as well as for the pros, who just need a refresher. Here, you’ll have access to both videos and articles that are always updated as we learn how to teach The Bullet Journal better. The Store is just a simple way for you to have access to the notebooks whenever you run out, so you’re never caught without one. So, that’s an overview of the Bullet Journal Companion. The Companion is designed to extend the reach of your notebook. As with all things Bullet Journal, the Companion will also evolve over time. We will be adding features based on Community Feedback. The App is available as of today on the App Store. It was a lot of fun making the Companion for you, guys, and I really hope you enjoy it. Thanks for watching. [Music]

100 thoughts on “Bullet Journal Companion App

  1. Excellent stuff. Looking forward to checking it out. I've flipped this into my Flipboard magazine "Pen & Paper". Check it out here: http://flip.it/y5osGt

  2. So it's an app that already does functions the phone does natively…. and then just a wrapper for existing web content. No thanks

  3. As it is now, I'm not interested because it's basically the website in app form. I'll pass until there's unique value.

  4. I'd like to see the app have the different modules that the Bullet Journal has. That way if you have your phone but not your journal, you can punch whatever comes up in the relevant section and transfer it to your journal later on

  5. I need that! please hurry with the Android version! (if one isn't planned yet, please add it to your future log!)

  6. When will this be available for Android? I only just now heard about your incredible tool from a fellow online marketing & social media entrepreneur, and I am in love with your system! ^_^

  7. FYI again. The channel 'Charly Charlott' has uploaded all your videos to his channel. I guess you'll have to contact YT to have your videos removed from his channel. You may want to add your name in the title of your videos so you can do a quick search of you videos periodically.😊

  8. Are you going to make an Android version of this app? I know it is a shock to some people but there are still many non-Apple people out there in the world trying to lead productive lives.

  9. I love how quite literally every person in the comments wants an Android version. Well planned …

  10. It's been months and many comments (if not alle the comments) are about people wanting an android app. Isn't there anything you can do about it? I would even be willing to pay a little for it.

  11. Considering that one of the whole selling features of the BuJo system is it's customisation ability; wouldn't it make sense to focus on the android market; which is focused on doing things their way?

  12. It's a wonder why you haven't released an Android version of this app.

    Oh wait, I know the reason – iPhone master-race (sigh)

  13. The creators said that they want to have an Android version. They are still finding an Android Developer that could make this happen. Any suggestions?

  14. Nearly 1 year later and despite Android having 85% market share (or more) of mobile phones and 9/10 comments here asking for an android app, there's no android app?

  15. Hi is it possible to upgrade the app so it could store information even after switching phone and redownloading the app🤧 i changed my phone and the details were gone 😭

  16. This app seems just perfect, simple and intuitive yet sophisticated and elegant, it's all anyone could ask in a bullet journal app. There's just one tiny, insignificant issue… I CAN'T DOWNLOAD IT BECAUSE I DON'T HAVE A FUCKING IPHONE.

  17. Done download 🙂 im beginner for journal . And i bought black bullet journal- i was so happy i made ryt decision!

  18. Surely to heck there's an ADHD-type person who can do this (write apps) and make us Android-bound folks (the great majority of device users) something LIKE this? BEST of all this person/persons could work WITH Mr. Carroll to make it an official "Ryder Carroll licensed/approved/version" or something. This is where OPEN SOURCE coding (the GNU/Linux) way is always the best way… We have to work together to make stuff happen, and cranking out a wonderful but platform-limited version of anything helpful doesn't help the masses. We could pay for an app much easier than we can change our device platforms. Thanks for listening.

  19. Hey, idea—Let's collaborate here about the "next best" things we've used on Android–maybe we can help each other find the better apps. I've download a few, but nothing really "gets me going" yet. Back to paper. I go (I've a STACK) and am on my 3rd spiral (one got left out in rain for days). What works for you in ANDROID? Anybuddy? tnx.

  20. Today, I downloaded the Android version of the app. This version does not have the reflection tracker nor the pocket guide. Will these features be added to the Android version in the future?

  21. I just started on this journey and have my first journal, as well as the app. My only comment at this point is that the reflection reminders function would be better if we could personalize it, either by setting each day as we see fit, or at least being able to say which days are our "weekends". I work every Saturday and Sunday, as well as a few days during the week, my schedule isn't reflected in the app in a helpful fashion. That said, this is an amazing idea and I can't wait to personalize my journal more!

  22. the app is not even free? looks like its only stuff from the website plus a reminder. why would i pay for that?? i can read the website in safari and set a reminder on my phone. or did i miss something important?

  23. Hey Your techniques are awesome it makes my life easier and please give us a free 30 days trial for your app ……..it will be helpful……..with love Naeem all the way from India

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