Bullet Journal Doodles | Lettering + Planner Accents

Bullet Journal Doodles | Lettering + Planner Accents

Hey all you hand letterers and bullet Journalers out there! Today’s tutorial is for you because today we’re going to focus on
those little doodles and accents that you can use to adorn your hand lettering
projects and your planners now these little doodles they go way beyond pretty
sketches because you can use them to create space and divide space within a
project so let’s get started Hi guys I’m Shayda Campbell and on this channel I do
art tutorials like bujo and hand lettering so if that’s your thing
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check it out if you haven’t already so I’m starting today with my bullet
journal which is filled with dot grid paper and that just means that on the
paper there is a grid of tiny dots and it really helps me keep things aligned
and then of course I’m using my artist pens my Pigma Microns from Sakura and
I’m just gonna jump right in and I’m gonna start by creating a title from the
doodles and accents and I’ve gone in pencil here and I’ve used the grids to
help or the dot grid to help me you know put this rectangle right in the center
of the page and I’m just casually drawing a rectangle not worrying about
getting it too straight I just think that’s such a waste of time I like to
just make things as straight as they can be by hand drawing it and then I’m hand
drawing a secondary rectangle just behind the first one and I’m just gonna
fill that in with a bunch of tiny lines and again these lines do not need to be
all the exact same distance apart or anything like that and then I’ve got
this nice sort of punchy box that I can put my title in and I’ve just written
the title in pencil first and then I’m going over it with my artists pen and
once I’ve got that I’ll grab the smallest nib the 003 micron and I’m
gonna go in and on the cursive font or the cursive lettering I’ll do a
thickening of each downstroke to give that faux caligraphy look. Okay let’s jump
right into our accent so the first one is one that I use all the time and
that’s just a simple hand-drawn line can be horizontal or vertical and then
you’re gonna draw a leaf at one end and then little pairs of these oval or round
leaves all along the length of that hand-drawn line and that just gives this
great botanical accent and another one is just a hand-drawn line and I’ll often
double this up always pull the pen towards your body and that helps to keep
it steady so that you get a nice fairly straight line here I’ve marked two spots
in pencil and then I’m just going along and adding dots so just mark where you
want the length of this to continue to and then you can just put little dots or
X’s and this is a great way for underlining or just creating a division
on the page and this works for just about anything you just do little angled
lines like I’m doing here and the key is really just to mark off where do you
need it to start and end and that’ll help you sort of keep it straight and of
course a little hand-drawn arrow is always nice for dividing up space so
these are different things that I would call like breaks and lines this is great
for keeping things organized and creating some division within a page
next let’s talk about banners and flags and one that I’d go back to again and
again because it’s simple and easy is just to draw a little flag coming off
from the side of the page or the top or bottom of the page so it doesn’t need to
have a starting point and it’s very hand drawn anytime I don’t quite like the
shape of something and I’ve done it in pen I do a double line that is my big
secret weapon the double line it helps you to sort of reassess what you’ve done
go over it and it still looks like you meant to do that all
right let’s try another banner here this one simple rectangle and then you just
indent slightly there and then finish off the end and it can be with a little
flag or it could just be a straight end next one is a little bit trickier you’re
going to start again with that hand-drawn rectangle
then drop down a little on the top and draw two little lines going out from
your rectangle then on the bottom you’re gonna come in and draw two small very
small but angled lines and then you can take those out as long as you want the
back of the flag to be and match them on the top there I think you can see where
this is going and then again you can end that flag however you like could be
straight could be flag like with the indented triangle and again don’t worry
about getting it perfect a few little lines there for shading can
really add some nice depth as well oh and here’s one that I love this is great
if you sort of put a title off-center and you’re like what do I put over on
the right or left of the page now doing a little drop-down flag here that sort
of hangs off a little hand-drawn pole yeah see again I sort of missed there so
I’m just gonna do my double line and everything as well that’s a nice one for
adding in a little detail and of course you can always just do a little
hand-drawn box a single line or double line and that will just help create
space create a spot for another bit of text or whatever it may be moving on we
are gonna cover some flowers and plants this is a subject I’ve gone over many
times on the channel and I will link some good videos about drawing
succulents drawing flowers but we’ll cover a few bullet journally types here
today I always start for succulents with a
little flower pot very simple rectangle and then just draw the bottom of the pot
there this is my favorite succulent he has three sort of soft rounded triangles
across the front and then two coming out at the back so he has sort of these five
fingers and just a few little dots give him all the detail he needs to come to
life as a cute little succulent let’s try another so rectangle to start the
pot a little bit of shading there across the bottom and then this little cactus
is just made up of these two sort of lumpy shapes that fit together and then
you can just put some dots on him to sort of give him that cactus detail and
we’ll do one more again pot starts with the rectangle and then square across the
bottom I see I missed that corner so I just double
lined it little line shading everything looks good and for this this is my
favorite cactus to draw he sort of gets this spiky hair on top or crown on top
and then draw a couple lines down the middle of his bulbous shape and then put
little X’s going down each line and try to keep those X’s in line with each
other as best you can and it’ll give a great little cactus look and how could I
do a section on flowers and plants without doing a Shayda classic a
laurel and that is just these two crossed lines here and I always thicken
them at the bottom to give the look of a stem and then start at the top with a
little leaf and then again like we did at the start pairs of leaves going down
the length of the stem and you can get slightly larger as you go down or you
don’t have to and these leaves could be any shape I tend to go for sort of a
pointy oval but you could do round you could add some little flowers in there
berries but those are great for surrounding any title and just a stem
with a couple leaves on it is always great for dividing up a little space on
a page and adding some visual interest and you can be as detailed with that as
you want just start with that loose hand-drawn line and then you could make
those leaves any shape so whatever suits your style whatever suits the the style
of the page that you’re working on another way to divide space and add some
visual interest is to do little groupings of flowers and these are sort
of my funny little lumpy flowers they seriously could be any shape and then
just put that little X in the middle and they always look like a flower
and here’s one flower that I do over and over again I start with a lot of dots in
the middle to represent the stamen and then I do sort of these lumpy petals
first the top and bottom then the side ones and again here if I’m not quite
happy with the shape of those petals I’ll do the double line I want to change
something make one slightly larger double line and that’s how I get through
drawing in pen and I’m gonna add some small leaves there a line down the
middle and then making one side of the leaf a little darker is a nice detail
when you’re drawing in pen and of course just a little stem with
some small buds can be a nice way to divide up space and of course you can
put things either on a horizontal or vertical access as you need them and
flowers and leaves are such simple items to draw and I think so many of us are so
comfortable with them you could make a nice little pattern by just doing flower
leaf or what have you and that’s another great way to help divide up a page all
right I think that’s pretty much it for flowers and leaves think groupings think
patterns and just draw from what you have around you
next we’re gonna do a section that I call geometric stuff so this is very
bullet journal-y I think these geometric drawings I’ve seen a lot of
them on Pinterest and I want to try to sort of pass some of that along these
ones I always start in pencil strangely they’re very simple and yet I
find them a little bit tricky you have to get them just right so we’re gonna
start with a diamond and you can see me sketching it out here in pencil and sort
of it’s giving me a little trouble but that’s why you start in pencil sometimes
and I’ll talk you through it as I go over it and pen so you start with a line
down the middle across a high cross and then you sort of make a kite shape
around that then you’re gonna add two more sections to the bottom of the
diamond there keep the line straight across the section of the cross and then
you’re just gonna finish off that diamond shape at the top and then you
can add some little detail in those left and right hand sections there and now
let’s try a simpler one so this one you start with a triangle a nice wide
upside-down triangle divide it into three sections at the top bit of the
diamond and then just add a couple zigzag zigzag line across the top so
that’s a real simple diamond next I’ve sketched out a paper crane this is a
drawing I used in my January bujo layout I’m starting it in pencil as I
always do and I find if I start in pencil it comes together as long as I’m
looking at an image so if you’re gonna do a crane I suggest looking them up on
Google Images and then just make sure start in pencil make sure all the shapes
that make up the crane are triangles and you just want to work on just trying to
get those lines nice and straight pull the pen towards your body whenever
possible to get a nice you know perfectly imperfect straight line and
try your best to get all the lines and corners and points to line up and then
you can add some simple line shading and that will really make that crane drawing
pop okay now we’re gonna do a fox so you can see me doing a quick sketch in
pencil here and this is one that I found online and I thought it’d be fun to do
so you start with a v-shape and then add two lines on the side of that V and then
you sort of want a rounded area for the head two little triangular ears and then
the body is sort of this coffin shape and you’re just gonna put a point there
line for the feet a line for the legs to represent the legs this little
triangular section represents the body and then you can make the tail sort of
any shape and you just want it off to the side and you can add as much detail
with your lines here as you want so it could be very super geometric if you add
a lot of lines or keep it quite simple like I’ve done all right let’s do one
more paper airplane comes together pretty easily you just start with a
triangle and then you add that little middle section so you break the triangle
into a section of two and then draw that line going down to give it some depth
and then you just add that little bottom bit and that’s it that’s your little
paper airplane I think a whole line of those would be very cute and then I’m
trying my best to do the geometric heart I’ve seen a few good ones on Pinterest
but I don’t think mine was overly successful but I started with a heart
shape I went around and sort of made it into a more geometric heart and then I
just divided it up with lots of lines and points and all kinds of crazy stuff
coming together in the middle but that’s that’s basically how it came together
started with a heart shape went around and made that heart much more angular
and then divided it up but I’m sure surely you guys could do a better job
dividing it up there okay so that’s the geometric stuff I think I could practice those but I actually really really like
where they’re headed and there are a lot of fun to put in your bujo and now
that’s what I wanted to show you guys and I thought over here on the left hand
page I’ll just sort of show you some of these ideas in practice so first of all
I love doing corners and just some simple lines on the corners there and
then you could sort of add any motif inside this corner area once you’ve
drawn it off with lines or marked it off with your lines and here I’m just adding
a little leaf or botanical motif and I’ve got a great corner for the edge of
my page next we’re gonna take the diamond and make it into something
useful not that a doodle isn’t useful in a journal as they do add so much
decoration and help divide up space but we’re gonna turn this diamond into a
sort of date stamp so again I missed the line there but just doubled it up so
that’s the trick and pen if you miss your point if you don’t get things just
so just double up your line so here I’ve drawn the diamond but I’ve kept the
bottom part blank and then I’m just gonna put the date in there so that’s
just one way you might use one of these doodles to your advantage here in the
center of the page I’m going to employ a technique that I often do and that is to
do some hand-drawn lines and create a box and then I’ll add my title or my
writing or whatever in the box and then I’ll do sort of a doodle around the
edges of the box but I’ll keep the inside nice and plain and blank and
minimal so I’m writing vacation ideas in here and I’m gonna put a whole bunch of
a sort of leaf motifs around the box but I never let anything enter that nice
white space so I might go in pencil and then later on I’ll erase that but all
the pen stays on the outside and I’m just sort of doing some different leafy
doodles and trying to make this have sort of a tropical fun vacation-y feel
now this page layout this blank box with the drawings around it I think this is a
great sort of way to draw a title page and I think if you haven’t tried it
before you’ll find you’re very successful with it just that blank box
gives this great minimal simple design and then the drawings around it it’s
just fun and it always comes together and looks really nice and I often do
botanical drawings because that’s just me I love the way they look but you
could use anything you could do fruit or I did paper cranes for my January bujo so let’s move on to our last doodle and this one again is something that is
nice to adorn a page to fill in some space but it’s also a great way to break
up the space of a page and my idea here is to do a sketch that sort of hangs
down on to the page so you’re gonna do that hand-drawn line coming down and
then you have something hanging there and in this case I’ve done feathers but
you could do light bulbs or paper cranes there’s all kinds of stuff you can do
with this and it just creates a nice vertical illustration so that’s it
that’s it for my bujo accents and doodles and these are also great for
your hand lettering projects and I hope this has given you a sort of foundation
especially if you’re getting into bujo or we’re sort of running dry on
ideas I hope you’ll find there’s a lot of inspiration here and a lot of doodles
that you can take and really make into your own and before I go I’ll leave you
with one last thing that I sort of doodled out last weekend and this is a
January layout it’s sort of a whole lifestyle layout I saw this on Pintrest
and you just start with the month title in the middle and you can do a little
sketch around it and I did a snowflake and then you’ve got all the different
aspects of your life here and you can make little lists for them so under
career I have you know daily social so I want to put stuff on Instagram and under
self-care I have like daily affirmations and journaling and this just sort of
keeps you you know accountable through the month under health I have like don’t
eat any candy which is just such a lost cause and I have a bunch of Reese’s
peanut butter cups to thank for that but this is just a really fun layout so I
thought I would show you guys what I’m working on this month thanks for
watching today guys if you haven’t please hit that subscribe button hit the
like button and leave me a comment I really appreciate your interaction and
if you haven’t seen the video description last week’s giveaway winner
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alright have a great week and I will see you next Friday with a new tutorial!!!

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