BULLET JOURNAL FLIP THROUGH // first trimester of 2018

BULLET JOURNAL FLIP THROUGH  //  first trimester of 2018

Hello everyone, today’s video will be a flip through or walk through of my bullet journal from January 2018 until now. So, we’re currently in the middle of March, and I’ve almost filled half of my bullet journal by now. So I wanted to do a quick walkthrough showing you what I’ve done so far what my main mistakes were and the lessons I’m going to take for the second half of my bullet journal and my second bullet journal of this year So if you want to know more about this particular notebook, you can check out my bullet journal setup video that I’ve posted a few months ago. It will be linked in the description below as well as in the upper right corner of your screen so go check it out if you’re curious about this notebook. So if you’ve seen that setup video by now, you know the first half of this bullet journal; it starts with a very simple yearly view of the top months of 2018 and then I have my table of contents that is really empty as of now since I figured out by now that I really don’t use numbered pages and a table of contents. I really prefer to mark my pages with tabs on the corners instead of having to flip through my index and trying to find whatever page I’m looking for. These pages are of a challenge that I’ve started with in 2018 . It’s Boho Berry challenge; you can also check that out in description box And then I start with my monthly logs January, February and March I’m going to have common law contracts and in the yellow and the yellow dot represents comparative profit law So there’s an arrow pointing for the next three days So I know that I would have comparative private law from the 8th of January until in 10 It’s all very similar and afterwards I have my monthly overview and tracker where I have things like a wish list, this month in a nutshell, as well as my priority just for the year my main to-dos for that month, and then a YouTube planning overview With my blog posts for that month as well as video ideas, any sponsor information, as well as more individual projects and book club information. Then I have my first weekly overview and in my weekly overviews the information really depends according to the week so I always have a routine tracker that goes on weekly basis a happening this week section with the main events and places where I need to be in and a to-do list for that particular week only and normally my weekly overview only takes one page and in the second page I do some more random stuff for instance in this page I had a second term overview with the name of my courses, my professors. The date for my final exams as well as the type of evaluation Also things like you to sponsor contacts and very day simply daily to-do lists In the second week I have the exact same layout so routine tracking weekly, YouTube planner to do this week happening this week, and then I have my daily spread so I divide each page in three and each third of the page is like a major to-do list for that day where I have things like events like certain classes I need to take as well as specific to do is like go to the gym clean bathroom, work on that paper, film this video and so on. Usually as I told you in my five habits that changed my life video, I block out Sundays in my planner so for instance you have two pages for one week and my page ends in Saturday so I don’t have anything planned for this Sunday. In this page, I have a twelve books challenge that I found out in some type of blog posts and these are like reading prompts where I try to figure out some books out to read and fit them under these categories. Then I have another weekly view same layout with my daily spreads. So this is spreadsheet for a very intensive week of class I had. I had four courses that week; the law of brexit, comparative private law, environmental law, and text law in an international context. And I had tons of readings to do so I decided to do like a spreadsheet where I had all of my documents listed, and I would just mark them while I was reading them. Here I have a YouTube videos brainstorm page where I have topics I wanted to film for that particular week and here’s another weekly overview as I’ve shown you before. This is a very simple page that I really like which I’ve also talked about in my I think it was my ten organization tips which is a habits and goals on a monthly overview so I have 12 squares in this page and each square represents a month of the year where I have specific priorities for that month that I try to not repeat very often and for instance In April I want to do like a restarting routine where I have a deep house clean, de-cluttering sessions change around my plans, try to reanalyze my year so far, plan for YouTube further down the line as well as my business. For instance in March. I had like meditations, and new habits, start learning Japanese, wellness and health, so I try to divide each month by specific priorities I think I will get into for that month, and that really helps me understand that I have tons of time to do things that I want without feeling like I have to take on new habits each day and I can actually divide them by month. This is another daily planner as I’ve shown you This is this was a preparation for my text law exam spreadsheets, also all the powerpoints, all the Documents all the case law I needed to read and I’m actually using this so far so I need to mark this page ASAP. This is my first page for February, so this is our mark different months. I just have this empty page, and I mark here a monthly overview, this is a sticker from I don’t remember where this is from. I remember I saw it on Instagram but it was very cheap right it was like two years of monthly stickers for two euros and a half or something. Then I have this color tab represents the month of February And here I start to change things a little bit so here I have a monthly overview in the list form which I really enjoyed for this year for this month So it was like a very simple list of all the days of February and then in front of the day I have my most relevant events or tasks for that particular day. So I could just grab this list and know if anything important was happening during that particular day And then in this side of the page I have the same layout, to-dos list this for the month, this month wishlist as well as a YouTube overview page. As another week begins, I have the exact same layout. I think it’s a little bit simplified at this point I was trying to make it even more minimal as I went along. Then it’s a very random page. It’s called this month’s project I have two papers planned out – actually three papers for my comparative corporate law class my comparative private law and my the law of brexit class. And this is when I was starting to do a more vertical layout type of planning because in February and the beginning of March I had really packed days with tons of classes, so it was really important for me to understand which were the particular blocks of time each day I had to schedule any events or any tasks I had to do so I decided that a vertical layout would work best for me So it’s the exact same thing six days, no Sunday whatsoever, my main tasks, main events and so on and this went on for three or four or five weeks, I guess. I’ve changes a little bit as I was experimenting with different layouts, Here’s another weekly overview. Exact same thing as you can see. These arevery special couple of pages that I’ve marked with his Erin Condren sticker. These are actually my main goals for 2018 and I want to show you this because this year I decided to have only five main goals or resolutions, and I decided to divide them between tangible goals and non tangible goals. So for my tangible goals, I really wanted to buy a piano this year and improve my musical skills and schedule a trip to London and Scotland as well as create a company for my Youtube channel and for my non tangible goals. I wanted to detoxify my life, and my body you can find more about using tons of lifestyle YouTube channels and I wanted to start meditating. So this is my front cover for this very tiny guide of goals, and then I dedicate each page for one specific goal So for instance, if I go to my first page which is called buy a piano and improve musical skills, I have things like choose the piano I am to buy investigate the loans and financial aid tp buy piano arrange contacts for cheap piano tuners, arrange a binder or folder for sheet music as well as create a budget or money plan to buy this piano. So this is mainly like an intensive project or goal planner for the entire year. So these are special pages that are marked on my mind on my planner and I think this is really important because breaking a big goal into very small tasks. It makes you feel like you can accomplish that particular thing and it makes you progress throughout the year to accomplish that thing. Moving along we have more weekly overviews this was a page that I use for my Youtube planner and sponsorship proposals that particular week. This is another weekly overview, same thing, same tasks, same events. This is a weekly overview, and this is like a full-page spread of exams and papers I had to write, so I was trying to complete information on deadlines, word limits, topics etc. This is another weekly page with all the tasks, same thing. This was a monthly reflection for February where things like: what happened this month, what lessons did I learned, positive things that happened, the negative things that happened, and carry on to the next month. And here I decided to do another experiment and that was instead of doing a monthly view on a list, like in February I decided to create a timeline and this allows me to understand the blocks of time where I was available to plan something or I knew I had to dedicate my full attention to something. So for instance this month, I’m going to have tons of exams, and for example these exams go for friends since my petroleum law class. My exam goes for 10 days so I know that during this time Then this is my sponsorship tracker where I have the details for all my sponsored contacts and due dates and so on. And then sometimes I create specific pages for specific days that I know will be very intensive regarding any tasks or things I have to get don, so for instance here I had a particular spread only for the 24 and 25 of January. This is another weekly overview and then more of that kind of vertical spread with all the classes I had to take for that week marked on a color-coded basis. Another weekly spread. This is actually the weekly spread for next week, so it’s really empty because I haven’t filled it out yet. This is then a monthly habit tracker because I figured that although I work well with weekly habit trackers, I also wanted to have a monthly version of my habit tracker so I could understand at a glance how successful I was being with having that habit so I decided to have both versions of habit tracking. Then this is a page with big projects for a certain week of March and I decided to use the matrix – the Eisenhower matrix method with the urgent importance, urgent non-importance, not-urgent importance, and not-urgent non-importance. The vision so I could prioritize my tasks according to that criteria, and it worked really well for me and I’m thinking of how I’m going to incorporate this method in my next April spread and then in my next bull journal. And this is just my my weekend tasks for the 18th of March and it’s currently 18th of March as of now and I have here: film bullet journal flip through video. So after I close (this) bullet journal. I’m going to check that because it was one of my main tasks for today, so I hope you’ve enjoyed this video. I will probably do a second flip through as soon as I finish this notebook. I have actually bought another little notebook for the second half of my 2018, let me just show you. So this is also Alamo notebook, and the only difference between these both notebooks is that this one is black and the cover resembles like a full leather material instead of this like, more plasticky feeling and the stitching is also in black instead of whites. I actually like that detail about this one, and I don’t have it in the second notebook but, I think I would rather have a black notebook that goes well with all my stuff instead of this caramel colored notebook. So if you want to check out this notebook. It’s available on Amazon. I’ll put the link in the description box down below most of the times I find it on Amazon. It’s on sale. I bought this one for like, I think it was nine Euros or ten Euros or something like that. It was really cheap in comparison with Moleskin and Leuchtturm notebooks, so I invite you to go to description box and check this out. It’s the best bullet journal I ever had and I don’t think I’m going back to more mainstream brands like Moleskin or Leuchtturm or whatsoever. I hope you’ve enjoyed this video, and I will see you next week. Bye

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