Bullet journal flip through – My basic setup for managing tasks & goals

Bullet journal flip through – My basic setup for managing tasks & goals

– Hi everyone, welcome back to my channel. If you’re new around
here my name is Charli and I’m a designer. Today though, we’re not talking
about design specifically we’re talking about bullet
journaling and organization. Now, if you haven’t heard
of it before I’m probably not the best person to explain
bullet journaling to you but there is a really
awesome video that I watched when I first heard about
it and was curious about what this whole thing was. And, this video is made
by the guy who created bullet journaling, the system itself. So, you should definitely watch that. I’ll link it down below. That’ll be a great
introduction to what it is. But, at a basic level I
guess I would describe it as an analog way of
structuring your notebook and your tasks and you to do lists. You can also use it for much
more than that, of course, it can be like a sketch
book, or more like a diary, like a traditional journal. But, what I personally use it mostly for is task management and
keeping track of my projects and my goals and my daily to do lists. I was actually quite surprised to discover how much I have gotten
into bullet journaling and how effective it’s been
for me because before this I was definitely a heavy
user of apps for to do lists and task management. But yes, in switching
to this analog system I’ve pretty much stopped
using apps for organizing my day and my projects apart from at work, we still do, ’cause you
gotta share it with the team so it makes more sense. But, for my personal stuff
and my daily to do lists I’ve just been using the bullet journal. I think I’ll explain more
about the different parts that go into making a bullet journal when I’m flipping through mine,
but all you need for now to start with is that
it’s a way of writing in a notebook and organizing a notebook to help you get stuff done and helping you stay on track of your
tasks, at least that’s what it is for me. I guess we’ll start
with the journal itself. This is what I use. It is the Leuchtturm, I think is how you pronounce it, bullet journal. Leuchtturm collaborated
with the guy who created the bullet journal system
to make this notebook that is especially set
up for bullet journaling. You can use whatever notebook you like. You don’t have to use this one. It is kind of expensive for
a notebook, but I wanted to get it because I figured
I could use a little bit of extra help when I was
first getting started with it. So, it’s got Bullet Journal
engraved on the cover there which looks quite cool. It’s got dotted pages and
it’s nice cream paper. And, it comes with page
numbers already put in the corners as well. And, I will show you why that’s handy when we’re flipping through it. But, it also has these
little page tab ribbons as well for keeping track
of various sections. The pen I use to write in
it is this Muji gel pen. It’s a 0.7, a lot of people
go crazy for bullet journals and have like lots of
different colors, and lots of different pen types, but
I’m not very good a drawing so my bullet journal is kept very simple. It’s kept to the basics. I don’t use it as a piece
of creative expression like a lot of people
do, so I’m very sorry if you’re disappointed by the lack
of Pinterest worthy layouts. The most important thing
about my bullet journal for me is that it can help me
stay on top of tasks and organize things and
write in it quickly, as well. Like, it doesn’t take
a whole bunch of time to get set up, which is
definitely the point. I use Identify System which is laid out in the bullet journal video
that I told you to go watch, but basically I do a dot
for a task, a circle for an event or like a
meeting or something that I have to do at a certain time. Then I do the task I cross it off. And, if I don’t get it
done that day and I’m moving it to the next day I
do a little forward arrow. You’ll see throughout this
other things that I do throughout it, but that’s my
quick way of writing lists and marking those things off the list. So, with all that said,
let’s get into having a flip through this and I’ll show you how I’ve got it set up. Okay, I don’t have a fancy top down tripod so this slight angle is gonna have to do. Let’s start into the bullet journal. So, to start off with is the the index. And, this is why I was
saying that it’s important to have page numbers in your
bullet journal notebook. Of course, you can write them in yourself, but I didn’t wanna go
through and write hundreds of pages of page numbers. So, I’m glad that I ought
one that was pre-numbered. So, in here is where you
just write, whenever you create a new section what
page it’s at so you can refer to this later. So, as you can see I’ve mostly got months, but there’s a few other
things in there as well that I’ll show you. Another part of the bullet
journal is the future log. And, this is probably one
of my favorite like set-ups of the bullet journal and this is an idea that I got from someone
else having the calendar inside there and then
content and notes about the month written there. So, the future log is
meant to be an overview of your year, I suppose,
so you can zoom out and see it from a high level
everything that’s going on. So yeah, I’ve split each
page into three and then have a little calendar
for each month in there. Within my calendars I’ve
been doing things like I circle the dates that
are a public holiday that I have off work. And, if I’m going away
somewhere then I’ll do this little underline system, as you can see, April is gonna be a very
busy month of trouble for me. Something else I do that
you would have heard me talk about if you watch
my podcast is I give each month a focus to help
me try and concentrate on getting one thing done because that’s, when you’ve got a lot on
the go, it’s really hard to give attention to
all the things equally. SO, each month I like to
focus on a certain part of my projects so that I can move forward with them and give myself
permission, in a way, to forget about other stuff and go for the most important thing. And, here is where I
can write ideas for what my monthly focus might be
for each month as well. And, I’ll show you when we
get into the month pages, month layouts where that
comes into play again. A lot of people bullet
journal with various spreads, pages that, for tracking certain things. I haven’t really got too far into that. I did make this one with
my goals for the year. This is the goals that
I talked about in my design build (mumbles) 17 video. I thought it’d be helpful
to have them there so that I can refer back
to and remind myself. This is keeping track of
my YouTube subscribers and my email list
subscribers just as a way of having a record of that, I guess. I’m gonna blur out this
page because it talks about fiances, but this is
where I keep track of yeah where I’m at with my
savings each month and also this is a place that
I’ve set up for myself to mark down different sources of income and different sources
of expenses because I am a contractor now, which
means I have to worry about that sort of thing. But, I’ve honestly not
found myself using this analog source for that
I prefer to just put it straight into my spreadsheets. So, I don’t think this
one has been very useful. Then, I’ve got some blank
pages before we start getting into the months. I’m just gonna jump to March to show you the set up of my months. So, as you can see I
use the little gray tab to mark the latest month we’re in. So, this is a layout that
I’ve really been liking for setting up my monthly overview. So, this is a bit more
detailed that you saw in that future log back
there, but again it’s pretty high level. And, up here is where I
wrote the monthly focus that I’ve decided on for the month. So, March’s focus was email, which is why if you subscribed to my
email list you probably got some emails from me last month. It’s actually the 31st of March right now as I’m filming it, so I
need to set up for April. So, I’m gonna walk you
through that in a second. Aside from these monthly
pages and the future log that I showed you back at
the start I really don’t do anything too exciting
with my bullet journal. As you’ll see here it’s
mostly just days and lists. So, every day I will write
it in caps and put this square around it so that I
can easily like scan down my list and find the thing
that I’m looking for. Then, the way I write my
to do list for the day is that the left hand
side is my work tasks and the right had side
is stuff that I wanna get done for my personal
projects or my side projects. What I’ll also do in each
day is use it as a space to write notes from any meetings
I might have had that day. So, for example, this
one here I’ve got some of these lines which stands for a note for me where I’ve written some notes of stuff. Then, I’ll often draw like
a little icon and a title for that group of notes I suppose. So yeah, most of my notebook
is these sorts of days with a square around
them and then just messy looking lists, but honestly this is neater than most of my lists
have ever been before this thanks to the dotted lines
and I guess the system for crossing things off as well. It’s much neater to just
have a little cross at the side there then like
draw through the whole thing. And, if you do see me drawing
through the whole thing it’s because that thing
was canceled and decided not to do anymore. So, it’d be like deleting
something if it was in a to do list app. If I just go back, though, to my index ’cause there’s one
spread I wanna show you. Okay, so page 23, let’s go there. So, this is an example of like
a planning spread, I guess. So, it’s not done on a certain
day like these ones are. Instead, it’s across the
spread and it’s planning for a project rather than a certain day. So, this one is planning my posters, which plug, plug, are now
for sale in my online store so you should do and check them out. This is where I sort of
just drew a little icon of each of the posters
that I was gonna print, and then marked what colors
I was gonna print them in. And, then had this little key
for when I photographed them and printed them as well. This is also where I jotted
down notes when I was planning out shipping costs as well. So, it was handy to have
everything in one place rather than scattered around
throughout the different days. So, I grouped that all together. Yeah, I’ve not done many of those yet. It’s mostly just been, like
I said, these days with the block around them and my lists. Something I really like
about the bullet journal is that you set it up
yourself and you can do these random pages here and
there and you can take up as much space as you want per day. Like, this day for example
is much bigger than my recent days have
been, but I’m not trying to cram everything into one space. So, I can make each day
take up as much space as it wants. Let’s set up the month, though, shall we. So, to start off with one
quick thing you’re gonna do is write down the dates in April. Then, I just pull up the
calendar app on my phone and see what days of the
week they are so I know that April starts on a Saturday. I should have known that
because it’s tomorrow. (laughs) So then, I just write them in here. Then, I take this little
ruler that I have and I’m just gonna rule a line down beside these dates. At the top I’m just gonna do
my little doodle for the month. Some people get really
creative with this stuff and I have not been super creative at all, but that’s all right I like how it looks. And, like I said, this isn’t
like a creative journal for me. It’s just a way of organizing stuff. Okay, if I go back to
my future log and I see stuff that’s happening in April. Okay, that’s that side
unless more things and events or stuff I have to go
to comes up for April that will be written in down here. On this other side, first
of all, I’m gonna put my monthly focus. And, the next month I’m
gonna focus on writing. There’s a bunch of stuff I need to write like blog posts and planning
for courses and things. Then, I like to have a high level plan of what I’m doing each week of the month. So, in here I’ve got week one. Oops, that just totally smudged, but like I said it doesn’t matter. It’s just for organization. Normally, these pens are
pretty good and don’t do that. That’s kind of odd. Okay, so in these week rows
what I do is write down the overall things that I need
to get achieved that week. So, those are the things that
will need to be worked in to my daily tasks at some
point during the week. So, I don’t tend to fill
this out super in advance unless I know exactly when
something needs to be done by. If I know that coming
up in week one of April I need to get my Pricing Class edited. And, I’m also gonna write
Branding Workshop in there because that is for VidCon
and that is next week. So now, when I am setting
my to do list for the day I can refer back to
this and make sure that I’m working this into my week. So, that is my set up for a
new month, smudges and all. Doesn’t matter, all I
know is that it’s gonna help me stay organized
and keep on top of things. So, that is my bullet journal. Thank you for watching
this video if you did, indeed, manage to stay till the end. I know it was a long one. I just had a lot to say about this thing. I’ve really been loving
it and loving staying organized with it. So, if you’ve been interested
in starting bullet journaling yourself then I hope this
video might have been useful for you to see
some of the ways that I structure mine. Remember that you can
make yours completely personal as well. Like, you don’t have to
follow anyone else’s system. You can do whatever you
like in your bullet journal. There’s no like one
correct way to do things which is what I love about it. So, hopefully this video might have helped you get some ideas
though of things that you might want to do in yours
or that you might not want to do. If you do bullet journaling
yourself already, I would love to hear about
your set up down below in the comments and about
how you’ve been finding it, what you’ve been using it for. Like I said, mine is for task management and organizing projects
but I know other people use them for like
organizing life in general and keeping track of
mental health et cetera. So interesting to hear about
down below in the comments. Give this video a thumbs
up if you did enjoy it and all its organization nerdiness and I will see you in the next video, bye. (mellow music)

66 thoughts on “Bullet journal flip through – My basic setup for managing tasks & goals

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