– [Ann] Hey, loves! It’s Ann. Welcome back to my channel. If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been doing a new bullet
journal setup every other week. Last week, I made a nail polish library, and this week we’re going
to do a meal plan setup. This is a great idea to add
into your monthly planning, or you can set aside another journal just for your meal planning. Over on the left, I
already set up three boxes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Lately, I’ve been craving for broccoli. I always go in and out
of a broccoli phase, and when I crave broccoli,
I go all the way. And so I’m going to dedicate this page all for broccoli recipes. Roasted broccoli, you name it, it’s going to be on this page. If you’re new to my channel, I usually like to start with a pencil because I don’t have
the neatest handwriting. Sometimes I would not start a project because I’m just worried that
I’m going to mess up the page, but when you think about
it, if you use a pencil, you can always erase what you don’t like, and then you can go over it with a pen. So this is what I highly recommend for anybody who is starting out. Just know that you can
always erase your mistakes, except in life. This whole process of drawing out, writing down the recipes, your meal plan, really helps encourage you to
eat the food you want to eat. At the same time, it
helps you retain the idea that you want a better
lifestyle for yourself while obtaining your plans and goals. This first layout I’m showing you is the more colorful
layout, as you can see. I’m having fun with the
highlights and some water color. So on the left side, I have
the meal plan schedule. As I mentioned, I broke it
down into three categories, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If you want to get more
personalized with this, you can even add in the
time that you want to eat. Inside the left of the box, I have the days from Monday to Sunday, and then on the side of days, I can fill in the meals. Now let’s work on the second setup. This one I want to make it more for people who don’t have
the time to doodle or draw. I just want to show you
that you can also do this and still enjoy the creativity
of bullet journaling and setups like this. As you can see, I kept
the meal planning section very similar to the last setup. We have three boxes, one for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and then I also have the
days listed on the side. The only difference is I’m experimenting with not using color and just keeping it black and white. Let me know if you like my
doodles with the colors more or if you like the
black and white version. This setup shouldn’t take
you more than 30 minutes, and it all depends on how much
time you want to put in this and how much personalization
you want to add. One of my favorite ways to
save time and also be creative is through a collage. I love creating collages,
and this is a great way to note down all your favorite recipes or highlight recipes that you
want to try out for the week. I like to print out the recipes that I know I really want
to try from Pinterest. After pasting the picture onto my setup, I prefer to write down the ingredients and also the instructions. By doing so, it gives me
a better understanding and also makes me feel more
comfortable and familiar before trying out the recipe. All right. So here are the final two setups. I really enjoyed making them both. They all turned out amazing. And this is just a way to show how you can customize,
personalize your own meal plan depending on the time you have. These don’t take much time. For me, it took a little bit of time to figure out the layout
and everything like that, but once you know what kind
of layout you want to do, it should take no longer
than 30 minutes to one hour. Make sure to give this video a thumbs up if you want to see more creative
bullet journaling videos, and stay tuned for my
monthly bullet journal video, which will be coming up very soon. Make sure to subscribe. It is free. I make new videos every
weekend, so I will see you soon. Love you! Ciao.

100 thoughts on “BULLET JOURNAL IDEAS | How To Meal Plan | ANN LE

  1. "… know that you can always erase your mistakes. EXCEPT IN LIFE…………!" xD

    OUCH!!! Hahahahaha!!!

    OMG, I'm dying.

  2. I'm loving the Bullet Journal videos. Gives me great ideas. I'm especially intrigued by this one considering I'm the cook now because my parents work/get home too late to cook.

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    ¡Thank you for the wonderful idea! ^^

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  15. Hello! Love your video. If you don't mind me asking, why do you use such a large bullet journal? Do you carry something small with you to compliment it? (Quick notes, reminders, lists, to dos)

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  17. Hello! I find the videos on the organization of the house very interesting. "desperate housewife" is the exact definition of how I am !! In small steps I try to organize myself .. starting right from the plan menu. These are my tips for how to compile it without trauma 🙂 http://agipsysoul.blogspot.it/2018/01/how-to-weekly-meal-plan.html?spref=tw

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