(inspirational music) – Hi, loves. How’s it going? It’s me, Anne. Welcome back to my channel. Today we’re trying something
a little bit different, a little new, and that is
to create a makeup library so that way you can
reference back into this and just go back into all
these looks that you like that you would like to recreate. I usually keep a sheet of paper in between just in case anything smudges, but so far, everything has been clean. So these are looks that I
want to reference back into whenever I’m planning a special occasion or an event or if I’m traveling
I know what to carry with me or I know how to recreate these looks. This is perfect if you’re a makeup artist or if you’re just somebody
doing makeup for yourself. It’s definitely going
to help me in the future when it comes to planning
and also organizing all my ideas into this one makeup library. Let me know if you like this idea or not in the comments section below this video, or if you have any other suggestions on what I should experiment with. I always love to try something
different, something new, instead of doing the
same thing all the time. So leave a comment. Let me know. And let’s get started with this. Okay. So we’re going to call
this a makeup library. So when you’re drawing the eye,
just think of a closed eye. It’s going to look like
a curve going downward. And I’m going to draw about
four eyes all together. I started with a pencil
because I had no idea what I wanted for my
layout, and I’m glad I did, because I ended up
erasing everything I did and then just redoing it again
based on the size of the eyes and also the spacing in between. So time for the fun part, and
that is to put on the makeup. I’m using this Tartelette
In Bloom palette, and it smells super yummy. I love the smell of this palette. It smells like chocolate. I’m using about four colors all together. One is a highlighting color. The next one is a pale pink. The middle color is more
of a light chocolatey color and then the darker
shade is a rusty brown. This is definitely a wearable look, and to complement with the eye makeup, I put the lip gloss color
I would wear next to it, along with the lip pencil. I also stamped my lip color on the page just to see how it’s going to look. It’s more of an experiment. I’m just going to do it for this page, and then the other page
I’m going to leave it as is and then decide which one I prefer. I used to do some makeup
backstage at fashion shows and also certain events. This was something I
wish I had done before, and so I want this to
look like a quick sketch, little doodles that
makeup artists would do backstage of a fashion
show or a big event. Instead of having the makeup products and the words neatly placed, I wanted to use arrows to
point where I use each product. The reason why I’m using my finger instead of using makeup
brushes or regular brushes is because it picks up the color and also applies onto
the paper a lot better. So all together, this
layout is very organized but it still has that effortless look. For these next two looks, I’m using Make Up For
Ever Palette Number Nine. The first look has more of a
pink and purple tone to it. It’s a very pretty daytime look. The second look is more
of an evening look. It’s something that I wore
before, and I really love it. It has more of a steel bluish hue to it, and so I just want to jot this down. That way, I can remember and go back if I ever want to wear this look again. The last look on this page is
from the Kylie Bronze palette, and I really love this rusty orangy color. It’s perfect for spring, summer, and fall. It’s just a really pretty, versatile look. And lastly, of course, I have to put some false
lashes on these ladies so that way they can look complete. I do love eye shadow palettes
so I have quite a lot, and I thought, “Why not
make a second page?” This next look is with the
Missha palette that I often use. I got this one from Korea. It’s the Missha Velvet Art Shadow palette, and it has a really pretty
purple pinkish tone to it. It looks really pretty on skin, but on paper it doesn’t do
well as the other palettes. Next palette is a customized
Make Up For Ever palette that I used to use a lot, and it’s a great travel size palette. I still carry it with me
whenever I’m traveling. It doesn’t look good on paper, but it looks really good on skin. The last two looks are
from this Peach palette, which smells amazing. It doesn’t stand out as much as the other palettes on my skin, but it looks really good on paper. Other than that, it’s a beautiful palette. I can create many looks with this palette. So I create one just using the peachy tones with a little bronze, and then the last one I use more of the other colors to get the look. As you can see, it kind of looks muddy on this side of the page,
so it doesn’t look as good, but once I draw in the
brows and draw in the lashes it looks really good. This whole process is
definitely experimental, not only with the journaling
side but also with the makeup. I get to touch and feel the
colors again from each palette and just experiment with them, see how they look on paper
and how they feel on paper. At the same time, I’m using
my fingers to blend them out. When closing this, put a clean
sheet of paper in between just in case things might smudge. I don’t have that issue, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. I really enjoyed making this. I think I will continue
and do a Volume Two sometime in the future. This is going to help me out so much when it comes to planning
for a special occasion. I don’t have to stress about, “Oh my gosh. “What do I need to wear? “How am I gonna do my makeup?” I can always reference
back to one of these looks, so it would definitely help me out when it comes to planning. Let me know if you like this idea or if you have any suggestions on what other things I
should journal about. I’m always up for something new. I like to experiment with different ways on how I can organize my lifestyle. So it’s always fun to
try something new, right? Other than that, thank you
all so much for watching. Give this a video a thumbs up
and subscribe if you have not. I will see you next weekend. Love you! Ciao! (inspirational music)

100 thoughts on “BULLET JOURNAL IDEAS | My MakeUp Library | ANN LE

  1. I have what I call my makeup bible. I have listed everything in category and numbered, and divided cool, warm and neutral….. beginning of week I pick at random and go forth!

  2. THIS IS SO FREAKING COOOOOOOL. i loved it so much, it looks good on your journal and is also super helpful and creative i mean sooooo coool

  3. I'm getting into journals lately and I am also a makeup artist and this couldn't be more perfect, thanks for the idea is so useful and pretty

  4. I love this idea ❤️ really helpful going to try it , I love doing make up on my friends and my self and I'm always wondering what I'm going to do so this is so helpful and unique ❤️

  5. This is a great idea. Reminds me of what Marie Antoinette's stylist did. They recorded all of the fabrics and color swatches used to make her dresses. They were preserved, you can see the book online.

  6. i want to do this before. But I didn't have any ideas for this. But I know what should do now. thanks xoxo

  7. I LOVE this! I wish a journal like this was available to buy (with the eye outline already drawn) so I could just add my makeup quickly without having to totally create the pages myself.

  8. Spray it with hair spray! I used make up on paper when planning for a play, and one spray with hair spray kept it all in place 😀

  9. i absolutely love this idea! personally, i sometimes use makeup when drawing people and this is another way to do that! i think for those learning how to do makeup can do this with contour and eyeliner, etc. and practice/reference this when theyre doing their makeup 😊😊

  10. loved this idea … I am defiantly going to try this … does anyone know what she coated the page with at the end ??xx

  11. I honestly think people would buy a book like this to create and save looks for later. This is an amazing idea!

  12. You could probably use hairspray or a spray drawing fixative to seal the pages if they start to smudge. Hairspray is far cheaper; I use it on my charcoal drawings and it works perfectly.

  13. I have tried something similar. I draw out half side of a face looking to the left with the eye closed in an index card and I use all real makeup. From eyeshadow to eyeliner. Then I place it in my sketchbook

  14. Love this! As a Mary Kay consultant, I think we could find several ways to use this!! For example, for new ideas or for individual customer ideas, seasonal looks, etc.  Or to plan out looks to coordinate with different eye, skin, hair colors. The possibilities would be endless.  Not sure I could draw such perfect eyes, tho. lol

  15. A tip to make the shadows and powders last longer and not smudge is to spray hairspray over it! Artists use hairspray to fixate powdery mediums and it works very well :3

  16. I recommend spraying a fixative on your artworks to better preserve and prevent smudging 🙂 That way, you wouldn't have to leave a blank piece of paper between your pages every time!

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  19. Talk about fashion illustrations! This is the kind of book Chanel would be a proud owner of! Also, does it just seem that the eyeshadows that look good on the paper is not the ones to buy?

  20. That is so prilliant . for me i like to play with my clothes and mix and match them and the i would take a piceture of the whole look so when i have to go out while i have no time i would just open my phone and search for an outfite .

  21. this is cool too. i keep an outfit journal to make work dressing easy…i choose five outfits complete with shoes and accessories 1-5,
    then the first week i wear 1-5 in order, week 2 start with number 2, week 3 start with number 3 and so on…so for four weeks you are never wearing the same outfit on the same day. i am a lecturer so this means my students never see me in the same outfits. my journal is just a written list, so adding drawings like you do would make a super record. i have 4-5 years worth of records so when i am stuck i can look back to what i wore last year or 3 years back. am i weird? do you do this,too?

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  23. This is such a genius idea! The only change i'd make is to have the journal be pocket sized so I could carry it with me in stores and compare shades I consider buying to the colors I already own. That way I can hopefully avoid too many overlaps in my collection. 🙂

  24. I love this so much! Sometimes when I'm planning on filming a look I sit infront of the mirror thinking about how I'm feeling and then I look back at my videos, but this is so perfect for a visual kind of person like me! Thank you for this video!

  25. I love this!
    HACK: If you lightly spray the finished page with hairspray the makeup will be locked in and there will be no risk of transfer!!
    Hope that helps! 🙂

  26. I love this idea! I wanted to know what kind of paper should I use to make sure that the paper picks up the makeup you're going to apply…

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