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  1. This is amazing! I'm saving this video and I'm going to do this during the summer. I'm not exactly travelling anywhere but imagine going to big cities and drawing sky scrapers on the street.

  2. Oh how beautiful.
    Botanical art is one of my favs too.
    I've drawn a lot in the past month due to instagram challenges..so good to flex that muscle. I recently bought Cheralyn Darcey's book 'Flowerpaedia'..has meanings of flowers, plants, fruit. Enjoy colouring in a interesting book of Kew Gardens in England..original art drawn by the Botanical Society. So much fun.
    Great presentation of nature..and a lovely keepsake as well.

  3. Hi Ann! Thank you for this great video! Does the paint make your notebook wrinkly? My notebooks always become "wavy" afterwards =(

  4. Wow Ann Absolutely Lovely as well Inspiring.. Such an amazing & unique way to capture family moments while travelling, I will definitely have to give this a try now.. Fingers cross I can get my husband out of Jersey this year LOL 🙂

  5. the hibiscus are sooo beautiful !!! hibiscus is my country national flowers and ive been drew tht flower since child but it never pretty as u draw !! fell in love with it !!!🌺🌺

  6. My problem is still the too many notebooks i have! I haven't found the perfect one for journaling, but i'm working on it!
    What kind of paper is the best for it? (for both painting and drawing) Should i get one with regular paper or thicker paper would work better? And what size of notebook do you recommend?
    Btw HAPPY EASTER! ❤🐇⚘🐤

  7. Thank you for this video. Such a great inspiration for me! I love this kind of videos. How do you practice your journaling in your daily life, even nothing special happens? Xoxo 💋

  8. Love the video Ann! Your drawings are stunning, you're so talented 👑 Just one thing, had to watch it on my phone because the footage was upside down!!

  9. This is such a great inspiring idea! I'm glad a saw this, I'm traveling to Kauai in a few weeks I will be doing this !

  10. Wow i learned so much from this video, and it has inspired me to get out more this summer vacation and learn more/draw more in my sketchbook/take note of my surroundings. thank you <3

  11. I'm loving these journal videos so much! I live in Hawaii and I'm so glad you found it beautiful here! I hope you come to the big island one day! Sending lots of love your way!

  12. I always love your videos! The drawings are so beautiful. I think it is such a meditative activity to do. I also love your background music!! Would it be possible if you can link it??

  13. Ann this was such a sweet video! I really enjoyed it. I love coloring as well. I am going to journal my travels as well in a little scrapbook. I liked your watercolor paintings, I actually like them better without the black pen.

  14. This is so cool and inspired me a lot . Thanks for sharing this journal . I'm looking forward for your next journal vlog . 😉😉

  15. I should do this the next time I travel! How do you find time for this though? All i want to do is sleep on the beach lol

  16. Ann, every single video of yours is so refreshing and different. I have always wanted to do something of this kind to record the memories to look back at them later but never knew how to start! Thank you so much for the inspiration!!!

  17. I like this idea, i somewhat do something like this but I didn't think to keep it in a sketch book. Thank you for the inspiration of drawing things down when on vacation. I will do this especially now for I'm a grandma and my princesses love to draw and do crafts. Thank you again, love your tutorials.

  18. I was so inspired by this video and can't wait to go on my own family holiday. You are such an inspiration Ann! Love it so much! Xoxo

  19. Had a total fan-girl moment seeing your new branding on this video! Thank you for being such a rockstar client! We hope you and the fam enjoyed your much deserved vacation! ❤❤❤ -Team Fuze

  20. This is something I need to do more of! I think I'll make a video on sketching outside soon ☺️ your doodles look v nice!! I love the flowers 🌸

  21. This is a beautiful way to recap holidays and to hold memories of the holidays/trips. You should do this for them all? 🙂

  22. Beautiful!!! I love this and I've been wanting to do a video on bullet journaling!! Amazing drawings!! It's all about being creative!!

  23. Can't wait to do this! I am currently in Australia and will be heading out to the Solomon Islands soon 😀 I brought my sketchbook but no watercolor 🙁 I brought prismacolor instead. Debating if I should get watercolor or not. But thanks for this video!!!

  24. OMG I LOVE THIS SERIES! I haven't picked up a sketch book in over 10 years, and you are so inspiring me to do it again! <3

  25. Your artwork is beautiful but so is your phone cover 😅 could you link where you purchased it from. I really need the little metal attached to it since I keep dropping mine. X

  26. I'm literally TERRIBLE at drawing, but you've inspired me to practice more drawing and use new stuff like watercolor. hopefully ill get better!

  27. Can you pleaseee make a video about the supplies you use for journaling? From where and what kind of notebooks, pens, markers.. etc lol..thanks! Or hauls!!

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