Bullet Journal in a creative way with STABILO and artist Stefan Kunz: #mystabilojournal

Bullet Journal in a creative way with STABILO and artist Stefan Kunz: #mystabilojournal

Start your own Bullet Journal® Hi, my name is Stefan Kunz and I am a Lettering Artist, based in Zurich. STABILO and me are going to show you the basics of how to start your own Bullet Journal®. Check it out. It’s fun. A perfect start: All you need for your own Bullet Journal® is a notebook and some pens – from STABILO, of course. Say goodbye to the paper chase – say hello to the Bullet Journal®: your place for your lists, diary and planner. First things first: the index – organisation is just half the battle… the other half is creativity. Leave a little room… so the index can grow along with your journal! Make every week your week – with the weekly planner! Do it your way – it’s the best way! For an overview: the monthly planner. A monthly motto gives you the boost you need! Enough room to keep track of your appointments and events. Want to make your mark? Great! Give your projects the right symbols. Rainy day. Lucky day. Monday? Tag every day with a mood! Go back and revamp whenever you want! Every year the same… never miss a birthday again. Just don’t get the wrong gift! What does your TV series binge get you? Your very own personal TV series tracker! Can you color in the whole continent?? If you get enough sleep, you’ll have enough time to dream! You should get at least eight hours’ sleep. Goodnight. A spontaneous trip? Seize the moment! There is only one rule: there are no rules! But still, everything has to be in its right place… in the index. Now it’s your turn! Show us your #mystabilojournal! For more info on the Bullet Journal® and related STABILO products go to: www.stabilo.com Want to know more about Bullet Journal® and its developer Ryder Carroll? Go to www.bulletjournal.com

17 thoughts on “Bullet Journal in a creative way with STABILO and artist Stefan Kunz: #mystabilojournal

  1. STABILO: after watching this demo I want a whole kit of your markers and supplies, I was so happy to see that there was limited bleed-through on in the BJ. Please contact me about becoming an official brand ambassador of your products.This video was perfect.

  2. @Leanne Fairweather – Hi Leanne, Thanks for your positive feedback. It always depends on the thickness of the BuJo if ink bleeds through. Some BuJos offer very thin paper so especially with highlighters it can be a problem. Please write us an email to [email protected] together with your request and country you live in. Have a colorful day!

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