Bullet Journal In Your Language

Bullet Journal In Your Language

Hi. This is Ryder, Creator of the Bullet Journal, and today I wanted to answer one of the most common questions that I’ve been getting about my upcoming book The Bullet Journal Method, which is, “Will there be international editions?” [Music] I’ve always been frustrated by my inability to contribute to the International Bullet Journal Community. When setting out to write this book, it was important to me to have it translated into as many languages as possible. What made it possible is you. Because of the support of the International Community, The Bullet Journal Method will be coming out in over — I can’t believe I get to say this — in 20 languages in over 20 countries. That’s a surreal thing to be able to say. So before I say anything else, I want to say thank you. In the coming weeks, the book will be available online and in stores in the U.S., UK, Germany, Italy and Spain. By the end of this year, 2018, it will be available in an additional eight countries. I’ll be sure to include a full list of where it will be available and when in the details below. The book comes out October 23rd, but is already available for pre-order in the U.S. and UK as of today. I’ll also place those links below. By the time you’re watching this video, chances are that this book will already be available online and in stores. It’s been my incredible privilege to be able to write this book. If you’ve ever found the Bullet Journal to be useful in your life, I’d ask you to kindly pick up a copy. It would really mean a lot to me. If you found this information valuable, please be sure to like this video. If you have any questions regarding the video, please be sure to leave them in the comments below. If you’d like to know more about Bullet Journal, please go to bulletjournal.com. And if you’d like to follow along in this story, please be sure to subscribe to this channel. Thank you so much for watching. [Music]

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  1. Thanks for the info! I was wondering if the book would be released internationally. I hope that I can get an English copy in November! 😊

  2. Come on, Poland is crazy about bullet journaling… I'm so disappointed! I'd love to buy your book in Polish language…

  3. Ryder, could you please tell me if the version in this link, https://www.amazon.in/dp/0008261377/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_awdb_t1_FBsZBb62CX0KF , is legit? The cover looks different.

  4. The fact that it's currently about $22 AUD on Amazon (on sale) and the cheapest I can find it actually here is about $37 at Kinokuniya just makes me want to cry, my dude. 😓

  5. Dear Ryder! I just want to take the opportunity to say a big thank you to you for sharing a system with us, that not only did it make it easy to deal with tasks an projects, but also quite literally it saved me from a burnout 4 years ago! I never was a paper planner because I just didn’t know what to do with preprinted calendars! But then, at the right time, an article on Lifehacker about the Bullet Journal came along and I was desperate enough to give it a try despite the “fact” I was no paper planner! I never went back and use your method in every paper planner or notebook and even in the busiest times I can keep calm, because I know where to find everything! Thanks a lot! I can’t wait to get my copy of your book and am looking forward to listening to the audiobook! I’m very excited, that you decided to read it yourself! Love from Austria!

  6. I was about to order it in English because I'm used to that it takes a while to get translated. So now I'm shocked to see that it will come out in Hungary on 26th! Amazing job, I can't wait to get my copy :)))

  7. The german edition will be available at November 6th published by Rowohlt Verlag. I preorderd it, can't wait getting and reading it!

  8. Wow! This is fantastic news! I'm so happy that the original method will be available here in France – I've seen so many books about the BuJo on the store shelves but they were waaaaaay too girly and artsy for my taste. I'm a woman and I appreciate looking at the beautiful journals that are made, but the minimalist approach suits me better as I find it very efficient and clear. Too much drawing will consume my time and won't let me focus on my tasks but I like using colors for collections.
    Anyway, I will probably buy the paper version AND the audio version – your voice is so ASMR! LOL.

  9. So happy to see that the book will be published in Swedish!! Looking forward to reading my own copy! Tack så mycket!! ❤️

  10. Woah! We’re there! Yeey for the Hungarian edition! https://www.libri.hu/konyv/ryder_carroll.a-bullet-journal-modszer.html

  11. Oh… I knew it won’t be a Japanese version but I really wanted to read the book in my mother tongue!!
    We love journaling and it’s a huge market!

  12. Congratulations! I was able to pre-order the English version on Amazon Japan. It's supposed to arrive sometime between Oct. 31 and Nov. 3rd! I am so excited to read it! I'm studying Spanish, so might get the Spanish version of it too….

  13. Cool! I saw the Finnish language version!
    "Ilahduin, kun sivulla oli käynyt 100 vierailijaa. Tehtävä suoritettu."
    Hahahah! I'm so looking forward to reading that book! I'm almost as excited about this book as I'm about Fantastic Beasts: the Crimes of Grindelwald movie, and I'm a Harry Potter super fan, so it's saying something!

  14. Is there any translation in Bahasa Indonesia? Your method has been helpful to me for the past 9 months. It has certainly helped me on my secretarial work and also for my everyday life.

  15. Спасибо тебе, братан. Ждём релиза.
    Thank you from Russia. Looking forward to get the copy)

  16. Congratulations! Impressive what you have accomplish, thank you for your tips. And of course, I have already order my book. Cheers from Mexico city.

  17. Will these be available in big chain stores like Wallmart? I live in a very small town and don´t have a major bookstore nearby.

  18. Amazon Kindle Store in Italy available from 11/13? In the description 10/23. Sadness 😢

    Amazon Italia Kindle store riporta la data del 13 Novembre. Qualcuno ha potuto verificare se c’è qualche errore?

  19. OMG! OMG! OMG! In Hungarian??? I cannot believe this, so so so so happy!!! I cannot wait for it, I want it. YAY! Have a blessed day!

  20. Dear Ryder, what a success story for you and a blessing for us – the followers of your method. I preordered the English and the German version. Will you read a German audiobook version yourself? So proud that you have chosen cooperations with Leuchtturm (Geesthacht) and Rowolt (Reinbek) both traditional high quality "Made in Germany" companies located only a stone's throw away from my hometown. Schöne Grüße – alles Liebe – Danke und Tschüß aus Hamburg – Gabrielle

  21. Mr. Carroll, please, don't forget people from Brazil, Portugal, Angola, Mozambique and all countries in which people speak Portuguese. 🙂

  22. Well I was already getting prepared to read it in English and now there happens to be a German version! I might still read it in English because I already picked up all the bujo vocabulary by watching your videos.

  23. November 2016 > november 2018 : 2 years with my billet journal !!! Thank you from France. Looking forward to get the french copy !!!

  24. Do you need a translation into Slovenian? Not a big market, I know, but should there be a need… Please let me know.
    I love the book. Thank you so much.

  25. i found bullet journaling quite useful. People who didnt try it do not understand what is all about. Thx, i hope you get lucky with ur book

  26. Got FINALLY my Finnish language edition! I had already seen a lot of footage on the cool front cover so of course I wanted to check who had designed it. Guess who: Ryder Carroll.

  27. This book is a real treasure. My dreams seem so much more possible in a practical sense now. Thank you, Ryder. For real. This is so useful in my life.

  28. I have ordered this book in english, but I am german and I like in Germany. I think it'll be delivered tomorrow. Looking forward to read it!

  29. I have ordered this book and I am curious about how the creator of bullet journaling describes how to bullet journal and not like the other youtubers… 🙂

  30. Although I'm enjoying my UK copy, I wish it had been translated in to British English. Although American English is generally fine, the US date system is a bit confusing to Europeans.

  31. Where do you store collections? Do you just put them on your next blank spread? Do you dedicate the last third of the book to collections? Thanks!

  32. Hi there, ive just purchased your book and checked out what exists online, im from germany and hope your bullet journal will help me, i struggle a lot with my life, ive also adhd. greetingz from germany 🙂

  33. Hey, in your book on page 29 there you quote Daniel Levitin (Organised Mind) but you call him David Levitin, just wanted to give the info 😀

  34. I got it, my German version! I'm so glad they let the key words like "rapid logging", "future log", etc. in English. Can't wait to start to read!

  35. Hi, Ryder. I know your book has been translated to spanish, however the translated book is not being sale at Mexico. Instead I have to buy my copy at Amazon but is in English. The problem is I want to buy a translated copy for my mom but is very expensive to import it from Spain.
    Is there any chance there will be a mexican version soon? Man, We need your book. Thanks.

  36. Hi thank you for sharing amazing tips I still love bullet journal and still love your video!

    OMG there is korean book too!

  37. I already have the English version but I would love to have the Spanish version too for my mom, I have been telling her about this method and would like to give her a Spanish version as a gift, thank you so much for all your work and I'm embarrassed to say that I love your voice but I do.

  38. I was about to buy your book in Amazon US, but entered by accident in Amazon Brazil. I was puzzled when I found the book in Portuguese, then I realized what happened. I bought one copy for me (almost finishing it) and another one for my brother. I will buy 2 other copies for a friend and my niece. You are awesome!

  39. I'm going to try to order a copy to Việt Nam. I'm truly looking forward to reading this. Your framework is wonderful. <3

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