Bullet Journal Layout | 2018 FEBRUARY FLIP THRU

Bullet Journal Layout | 2018 FEBRUARY FLIP THRU

Happy love month guys!! In today’s
tutorial we’re gonna focus on our February 2018 bullet journal layout so
let’s get started Hey guys I’m Shayda Campbell and on this channel I focus on art tutorials like hand lettering watercolor and bujo so if that’s your
thing consider subscribing if you haven’t already I just want to take a
sec to say thank you to all of you who chosen to support me on patreon this
year it means I can keep making these videos and that’s so important to me and
right now because we’re doing our February Bujo I’ve created a little
bujo printable that you can go download and print for a two dollar
monthly donation patrons get access to all the printables I put over there so
go check it out so I’m just gonna start with a quick flip through of my journal
since this is only the second month that I’ve been doing the BuJo tutorials I
started out last month doing the January layout if you missed that one go check
it out I’ll link the video below but this is the layout that I chose to do
it’s sort of the two page with the illustration on the left and the
calendar and month at a glance on the right and we’ll follow a similar formula
for February and then this is the weekly layout that I chose to use for each week
and I loved this layout it lets me have a nice clean clear to-do list for every
week with lots of room for notes but also lots of negative space room to do a
little doodle there on the left I really like that and then also in January this
wasn’t in the video but this was something I did later I just did this
fun little illustration with a backpack and a laptop this month for me was just
all about stationery and fun stuff like that and then to the right here where it
says January in the snowflake I had done sort of a fun little personal goals
tracker for the month where you list all these different goals in different areas
of your life like career and and fun stuff so I don’t know if I’ll do
that for a February but that was a layout that I had seen on Pinterest and
I had fun doing it for January and I also covered it in the BuJo doodles
video if you haven’t seen that tutorial I’ll also link that video in the
description as well okay flipping the page here I do put a
little tape on the pages to keep them together if there’s too much ink
bleeding through so now we’re into this week and I’ve got my weekly layout my
to-do list so the list we’re looking at is actually what I’m doing right now
making this week’s video very meta and I’ve done a little plant doodle there
cuz we just got some new herbs so when I’m doodling I’m trying to draw stuff
that’s around the house and that’s going on with me and then as we flip the page
we come to our February layout because February is gonna start next week so
I’ve got a similar layout to January where I’ve got the calendar and sort of
my month at a glance important dates etc on the right-hand side and then I’m
gonna do an illustration on the left hand side with the month title but we’ll
come back to that later for now let’s talk about what we’ve got on the right
hand side here it is very similar to January I’ve got my calendar and I do
that layout by simply drawing a grid in pencil and then I put in all the dates
and I just go along with a little marker and add some colorful underlining my
sort of my color for this month is gonna be this warm medium gray I’m gonna use
that quite a bit as we go through the rest of the February layout so I’m just
highlighting my titles here and just trying to create a little division
within the page and then I think that’s about all I have
to say about that will erase all of that grid and all those pencil marks later
and then that page is totally done now this month for February I did add a
little something I decided to do I decided to extend the month at a glance
so even though we did our sort of our mini month at a glance and title page
there when you flip the page here I’ve also gone further with the month at
a glance and added a little sort of to-do list date reminders section for
each week of the month so that I can put even more details in and keep myself
organized for my color palette I used warm gray and light pink and I just
added a touch of color to my illustrations using it on the little
calendar to create some division across the date headers I did these sort of
whimsical makeup sketches or doodles and I just added a teensy bit of color to
them we’ve talked about this on the channel before but choosing a simple
color palette can really help your doodles and illustrations to look
sophisticated so here you can see how these two colors just work together and
make this page pop and really look professional one of the items that I’m
still focusing on is minimalism and simplicity in my designs I do get quite
a bit more whimsical I would say with the February layout but I still try to
keep things clean and simple with lots of large margins and whitespace and the
best part is you guys can get this layout on my patreon so I’ve actually
digitized the entire layout and you guys can go get it and print it out and put
it in your own journal so you can have one of my designs for your own planner
if you like I’m also going to put this in my Etsy shop so if you’re not
comfortable or you don’t want to go on patreon you can simply purchase this
and it’s just an instant download on Etsy and you can print it out so I’ll
link all of that in the description below the video
okay now real talk if you don’t want to buy it and you want to do it yourself I
think that’s probably your best option and I think this is a really easy layout
to copy the most important thing is just that you keep these lines as straight as
you can and as I always say you do that by pulling the pen towards your body
so just mark where you’re gonna start and stop and then pull that pen in
towards yourself it helps you keep it steady so just move the page so that
you’re always pulling your arm and the pen towards you and yeah and I think
this is a fairly simple layout to copy and I hope that it really helps me stay
organized this month because I do have a busy February now as we flip the page
you can see I’ve continued with my weekly layouts I’m gonna leave a page in
between there and I always write the dates of the week that it is at the top
of the page and I underline it with a little bit of washi tape and because I’m
choosing the simple neutral minimal color palette for this journal I’m just
usually using black washi tape and that also helps me as I said to keep the
pages together if I’ve got a lot of ink bleeding through one page so I’ll write
the dates in here this is gonna be for next week for the end of January and the
start of February so fairly simple and then I’ve got my weekly layout all done
and if you recall I just keep that little note section at the bottom that
really helps me to just be able to write down anything I
need to during the week and I complete the letters with just a little bit of
simple line shading and I love the way this simple minimal layout looks it
really is the look that I want for my bullet journal now if we just flip back
here let’s go over our month title page together so I’m gonna erase all the
pencil marks as I said on that page and then now I can just focus on the
left-hand side on completing my illustration you can see it there in
pencil I’ve done a very light sketch a little tip is that when you’re working
on the left-hand side of your journal if you do have a thicker journal like mine
it helps to put a book underneath so that you’ve got a smooth surface that’s
level and you’re not sort of hindered by the crease in the journal now I started
my illustration here by doing a little window in the very center of the page I
also made sure that to put the title February in the very center and from
there once I knew everything was centered I just sketched out this
wintery paned window with some trees outside and with a tea kettle and a cup
and some tea in the foreground and this is just to me
so what February feels like this year and it’s just this sort of thoughtful
quiet illustration that’s definitely what I’m feeling this week and although
our window in our kitchen isn’t quite this pretty the scene outside is we have
these gorgeous pine trees in the backyard and they’re always snow-covered
as of late so I am definitely drawing from life here
and I have this beautiful kettle actually I’ll link the kettle in the
description below because it is seriously the nicest kettle and it was a
gift from Chris but it is such a it’s just one of those things one of those
nice things that you’ll just have forever and so yeah I’m gonna link that
but anyways so anywho rambling on this is just a little sketch that I did and I
think the best thing you can do when you’re going over your sketches in pen
here I’m using a pigma micron and I’m using the 02 nib the 02 and the 0 3 are
sort of my Goldilocks nibs for doing these smaller illustrations a lot of the
lettering I do I do like the 05 but I’m just going over my illustration in pen
and I think the key is adding lots of line shading and detail so on the mug
I’ll do a little stippling because it’s sort of a pebbled clay mug and you can
see on the side of the kettle I’ve done some simple lines to indicate shadow and
I’m gonna add some lines and hatching for the shadow underneath the
mug and underneath the box of tea bags and it’s really just adding in those
details so decide where is the light coming from I mean in this illustration
easy it’s coming from the window so the shadow is sort of coming towards us or
maybe going a bit to the left and the box of tea is gonna have a dark end
because it’s facing away from the window so just taking a moment to think about
those details will really help to elevate your your ink illustration and I
do love doing this it’s it’s it’s a really meditative process to just sit
with your pen and paper and you don’t need a lot of supplies
and I really had a lot of fun putting this little illustration together this
month now outside the window I’m illustrating these snow-covered pine
trees and I am sort of drawing in the snow as you can see but I’m also trying
my best to use negative space to indicate the snow and actually it wasn’t
until I started doing this I kind of realized well this is actually kind of a
lot like the candle in the window illustration or watercolor that we did
before Christmas so I suppose I was a little inspired by that but again
we talked about doing snow on a tree or on greenery in that video and here I’m
sort of trying again at this using the negative space to indicate the snow and
I’m gonna finish up this little illustration today by just putting a few
dots to indicate falling snow and that’s about it I’ll drop down here and write
the word February I’m not capitalizing it I’m just doing a really simple
imperfect perfectly imperfect cursive and then I’m thickening each down stroke
to create that faux calligraphy look that I love so much and just like with the
other side of the page here once the ink has dried which is just literally a few
seconds I’m gonna take an eraser and get rid of all my initial pencil sketches
and then I’m all done I love the way this came together as I often say I
think part of the reason it worked so much is all that negative space that
also contributes to the minimal look of my bullet journal that I love so much so
remember negative space leave those margins on the side well thank you guys
so much for watching today I hope you enjoyed the February flip through and
that you got some ideas and inspiration for your own bullet journal and thanks
for all your kind words on social media I’m so glad you’re enjoying these bullet
journaling tutorials because I am loving making them
I’m so into journaling now and guys remember you could get my planner
printables the ones that I designed for February they’re in my Etsy shop and
they’re also available for my patrons on patreon it’s an instant download you
just print it out and you can enjoy these in your own planner alright I
think that’s everything if you’re wondering about last week’s giveaway
winner from the watercolor video that is listed in the video description below so
check that out and of course if you enjoyed today’s video don’t forget to
subscribe comment and hit the thumbs up and I’ll see you next week with a new
tutorial you

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  1. This can also be good layout for Bible journaling. Currently, I am water coloring in my actual Bible the verse I want to memorize for the week or month, then I use a separate journal, much like this to document how that verse is playing out in my life and then send water color postcards to friends or family that need some encouragement. This is a combo of a few YTers, but just saying her journal can also be used for that purpose if no one else thought of it.

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