Bullet Journal Lettering + Doodling

Bullet Journal Lettering + Doodling

Hi guys welcome back in today’s tutorial
we’re gonna do some bullet journaling with brush pens now brush pens are
especially good for journaling because they are great for hand lettering as
well as illustrating so let’s get started Hey guys my name is Shayda Campbell and
on this channel I do art tutorials so if that’s your thing consider subscribing
alright so we’re gonna kick things off here I’m doing a weekly spread a
one-page weekly spread and I just want to get it started with a little bit of
ripped paper and washi tape it’s a great way to add some color to add some
definition and just sort of space out your page so you can see me just putting
a little bit of tape and then I’m also adding a little tiny calendar of the
month that way I can just concentrate on this one page and I don’t have to
constantly flip back if I kind of want to see where I’m at in the month or what
I might be able to do for next week so there’s my page I’ll be using some pigma
microns from Sakura some of the smaller nibs like the 005 in the 003 I’ve also
got a grey truplus fine liner and a white gel pen and those are just great
all-purpose tools when it comes to journaling and I’ve picked out a few
different washi tapes I’m sure you can see color scheme emerging here and
finally I have five brush pens and these are from a company called Arteza
who makes art supplies and you can see here I’ve picked out a color palette so
of course surprise I’m going with blues and grays when I take the lid off you
can see that brush pen has a very fine pointed nib and we’ll talk about that in
a second but here I’ve just done a test pad and I’m trying out different colors
so I’m making sure that those blues and grays look good together so I’ve chosen
my color palette now I want to practice with my brush pens and you can see what
that fine nib can really do when you press harder on it you get that nice
thick down stroke so when you pull the pen towards your body you get that
thicker stroke and then when you just go light and delicate with your pressure
you get that very thin delicate upstroke now brush lettering is a whole topic
and we haven’t gone into it ever I don’t think in-depth on the channel but there
are a lot of great resources out there online and on Instagram and it’s just
one of those things that I just suggest practicing but also you need a good set
of brush pens for a long time I didn’t think I was any good at brush lettering
and then I got these these pens actually and they were really good they just have
a really good nib anyways I digress you can see here what I’ve done is I did my
lettering in a light gray and then I went back in with the darker gray and I
just did the very tops of the letters and then I went back in and I’m gonna do
this all over again I went back in with the pigma micron the
very fine nib and I just put a little shadow on that lettering so there I’ve
done the brush lettering in the light gray now you can see me using that very
fine nib on the darker gray brush pen to just add a little bit of contrast and
color to the tops of the letters and then I’m using the smallest nib from the
Sakura set to add a bit of shadow on the right hand side of each letter here you
can see me just adding some contrast and definition to my calendar using the
brush pen and like I said in the intro they’re so versatile and it’s really
because of that fine tip it’s almost like you have a paintbrush that you can
use in your journal and it allows you to draw and almost paint with that brush
and you can add all kinds of definition and shading to your letters you really
want to treat it like it’s this round little paintbrush and you can use the
very fine point or you can turn it on its side and get to these larger Messier
washes of color so play around and you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve
with these brush pens now what I’m doing is I’m just going back in with my pigma
micron and adding some of the sort of my to-do list for the week and of course on
my to-do list I have shoot today’s video which is this
video it’s also so meta it’s all happening
right now so what I’m gonna do here is I’m just gonna draw a little camera
since I’m gonna be filming and shooting all day on Monday and I think that’s
sort of what is fun about creating these weekly layouts is that you get to let go
and create and doodle so have fun if you’re putting I’m going out for sushi
you could draw some sushi and it helps create definition on the page you know
dividing space create space so it’ll help keep the page looking organized and
it’s also just fun to doodle and I’m doodling up some cute flowers and leaves
and again I can use the point of the brush to do these very very detailed
leaf designs and twigs and berries right there and then if I want to do a flower
I can use more of the body of this brush to lay down some color for a flower and
then of course I come back in with my pigma micron and I just you know add
that definition and shadow and do a little bit of line shading so by using
those two tools together you can create some really tiny beautiful illustrations
and doodles for your BuJo so here I’m just sort of creating a little border to
go around that calendar as you can see I’ve done a line border just a simple
line hand-drawn line but then I’ve also you know put some nice florals in the
corner so just creating space by dividing space and using the doodles to
help divide up the space again you can see I’m using the very tip of that brush
pen to add some beautiful definition to those flowers and then using my artist
pen to add even more line shading and detail and I keep going in with the
brush pens and adding a little more color so just adding some gray to those
numbers and dates and then I keep continue to add flowers and just sort of
looking around the page where could I use another floral design where do I
need to divide up the space a little bit and I’m sticking with in my color
palette and as I showed at the beginning you know I tested out my five colors at
the beginning on a scrap piece of paper so I don’t have to think about it very
much I’ve just got the Pens that I want to use at my side now what I’m doing
here is I’m going back in and I’m adding some flowers over top of the ripped
paper and this way it almost begins to look like you’ve put a sticker on the
page because it goes over top of the rip paper as well as the initial page and
then I’m adding some you know magazine step that I just ripped out of a
magazine if you find a cool photo of the beach or flowers or whatever inspires
you that’s another great way to just add a little oomph and color and design a
nice design element to your page and up here I’m using my white gel pen to just
put week of March 12th to 16th so I’m having that white gel pen is really nice
because you’re able to as you saw with the flower at the bottom you’re just
able to sort of make the things that you put on top of the ripped paper really
pop so if you’re using a darker rip paper the white gel pen is key and you
can add some cute little quotes here I’m just putting think happy thoughts and
again you guys can see this is not perfect I’m just you know writing in a
simple cursive and print and it’s not it’s not meant to be perfect it’s just
meant to be one weekly spread you know there’s 52 weeks in a year so you have
52 chances to work out your doodles and lettering the last thing I’m going to
show you here is that I’m just doing a simple line drawing of a flower and this
one I’m doing a little larger and then I’m gonna use the brush pens behind this
drawing to sort of give a watercolor look so I’m just filling it in making it
nice and detailed so putting the dots in the middle to represent the stamen a
little bit of stippling putting lots of lines shading on the leaves and petals
to represent the veining and the leaves and the and the shadow on the flower and
then once I’ve finished my sketch for my illustration I’m gonna
come back in with my brush pen and I’m using the gray and instead of just
coloring it in I’m sort of adding this splotchy crazy color I wanted to look
like I just put down a little bit of watercolor and then put the illustration
overtop so your brush pens are very versatile like that they don’t need to
be used for precision work all the time that’s what my layout looked like when I
finished it it’s definitely a little outside of my comfort zone not the
minimal clean style that I usually go for but it is my color palette and my
botanicals so I had fun trying something different with this one I hope you
enjoyed the video tutorial let me know what else you’d like to see when it
comes to bullet journaling if you’re interested in the arteza brush pens
there is a link in the description and I will see you Friday with a new tutorial
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31 thoughts on “Bullet Journal Lettering + Doodling

  1. Hi Shayda, I love your style and illustration. Did the Arteza pens bleed to the back of the paper? Your week spread looks very clean and although I don't enjoy grey tones, it was very beautiful and made me wanting to use greys in my next colourings.

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  6. Shayda, Your work is under the captions and makes it impossible to really watch. I appreciate your desire to let us read but seeing is very important in a video. Love your finished product. I liked watching your watercolors in the past too. Thank you.

  7. Love the video, I was able to gain so much inspiration! When it comes to brush pens which are your favorite? Iโ€™ve heard lots of good things about the tombow pens, but I see you are using a different brand. Have you ever tried any different pens, Iโ€™m looking to invest in some good pens to upgrade from what I have. Thank you!

  8. From a plain and empty journal page to such a delicate and watchful creation! I love this video so much. You transform with delicate ease, Shayda!!

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    Also is this an insert for your travelers notebook?

  10. do you think these pens would handle well on water color paper? or would it be too rough for the pen nibs?

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