Bullet Journal Minimalist Floral Setup Mai 2017 / Plan with me Deutsch

Bullet Journal Minimalist Floral Setup Mai 2017 / Plan with me Deutsch

Hello and welcome If you like this video suscribe, I’d really appreciate that and I promise every month new bujo setups probably with a new layout style every time. Last month I decided to do it in art deco style, This month is in contrast to it very black and white, big flower drawings and very clear and minimalistic typography. I discovered on instagram a very pretty handwriting The instagrammer did not use that for a bullet journal but for only a handlettering or something. But I thought this is perfect for my title, very simple and sleek and, just big letters. First I drew the outlines and then some little flowers on the bottom. On the top the flower pattern fades in black. Next comes the monthly log which I use for the first time.
And I will just try if it works for me. First I drew a grid and then it came into my mind to use a subtle grey Stabilo felt marker. With this pen I did a floral drawing in the background. to take up again the flower topic of this month. Before I did some exercises on a different piece of paper what I actually advise you to do as well if you are not 100% sure about how your drawing comes out in the bullet journal. Just try the drawing before and then it will turns out when you do it in your journal again more perfect and as you imagined. Above it, maybe the only coloring this month a gradient in the typo with wooden pencils. On the next page follows a habit tracker which I did not had like this before in my bujo. Here I worked with big letters that will also appear here and there again this month. Absolutely love this graphic style with a big and a fine line. So I thought I will use this for my handlettering this time. So I used this here. Four things I will take care of this month: Spending less money, using less plastic, doing yoga (at least I do a little exercise in the morning but)
and my cycle. On this page my ideas for the month may. Here I decided as well to work with a black and white flower drawing where I let the typo flow in Later I added golden color to optimize the lettering. And I wrote down the words which already came into my mind. Mostly ideas for social media but also for me personal what I want to do in this month The weekly spread also does look different this month. Really reduced and minimalistic. I didn’t left space for things like notes or anyth. like that only the single days. Here I used (also saw that somewhere else) the first letter of the day. And again in the background a light grey floral drawing. Which is what I also recommend: Reuse elements in your bullet journal. Because this consistency looks professional. Then comes the notes page. With a lot of space and a minimalistic style. In the corner to decorate the typo “notes” a banderole. In the corner of my mood tracker which comes now I also started with a floral drawing this time black and white and here I used the known typo on the top the 31 days and on the left some smileys. So I later can create a mood curve with dots. A round element was my choice for my youtube and instagram post tracker. I decided to to freehand lines and circles. Outer circle: YouTube. Inner ones: my 2 IG accounts I hope you enjoyed the video subscribe if you did. See you next time. Bye!

7 thoughts on “Bullet Journal Minimalist Floral Setup Mai 2017 / Plan with me Deutsch

  1. Woooow du kannst ja mega schoen malen. <33
    Ich fand das Video gut aber ich fand die Musik manchmal nicht so passend. Ich würde eher etwas ruhigere Musik verwenden. :))
    Bela Charlene

  2. Dein Bullet Journal sieht wirklich toll aus und so ganz anders als meiner. Ich nehme mir jeden Monat aufs neue vor, das ganze ein wenig minimalistischer zu machen, weil ich es selber total schön finde aber am Ende landen dann doch jedes Mal wieder Farben mit drin.
    Ich habe dir direkt ein Abo dagelassen. Schau doch auch gerne mal bei meinen Bullet Journal Videos vorbei 🙂

  3. I just started out bullet journaling and this helped me so much! I just subscribed and it would mean alot if you sub back 🙂

  4. Wie nennen sich diese Blumen? Sind das Nelken?😅
    Und magst du deine Quelle deiner Inspirationen nennen?😍

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