Bullet Journal Origin Story (Kickstarter Video)

Bullet Journal Origin Story (Kickstarter Video)

Hi, Kickstarter. This is me, Ryder. As you may have guessed from my [rad] threads here this story takes place in the 1990s. I was getting crushed by school.
I was bouncing off the walls I couldn’t focus and my notes were pretty much useless. Summer vacation, well, that turned into summer school. Then, it turned out that I had a learning disability. It made learning and organization
with traditional methods very difficult. So over the next 20 years,
I started to design my own methods. They had to be fast, simple and effective. There were a lot of trial and error. I assembled the system. I call it The Bullet Journal. It’s an analog system for the digital age. It helps to record the past,
organize the present, and plan for the future. Unlike other productivity tools, the Bullet Journal can become whatever you need it to be. It can be your calendar, or your to-do list, your sketchbook, even your meal planner. You can even use it in your favorite notebook of choice. So how’s that possible? Well, The Bullet Journal wrists on
organizational concepts you already know like page numbers, page titles, bulleted lists and more. The difference is the way the methods work together. Like Legos, methods can be
combined or are interchangeable. You pick and choose the methods based on your needs. Better yet, you can create your own methods,
and that’s where things get interesting. Bullet Journal had been invaluable to me and I thought maybe, just maybe it could help others. So a year ago, I built and launched bulletjournal.com to teach other people the system, and I made it available for free. Soon, people began to notice. I even created a video to make it easier to learn Then, I was featured on major websites
like Lifehack, Lifehacker, and even Fast Company. Soon, the video had over 0.5 million views Bullet Journal was making people’s lives better and in turn people were making Bullet Journal better. From running a household to managing medical conditions and everything in between Bullet Journalists are inventing methods
to deal with their challenges. Unfortunately, all these wonderful
solutions are getting lost online. And that’s where I need your help Kickstarters. I want to build Version 2 of bulletjournal.com. The new site would serve as a home for these ideas It would make it easy for people to find and contribute to an ever-growing library of amazing tools tools that will help you get the most out of your days. Hey, Kickstarters. So let’s talk about rewards. I’m really excited to announce that I’ll be partnering with one
of the industry’s finest manufacturers to bring you a custom-made,
limited-edition notebook. This notebook was designed from the
ground up to work for Bullet Journaling and will be available to Kickstarter Backers exclusively. It’s been about a year since I launched
the original bulletjournal.com. And in that year, I’ve watched the system evolve into something significantly more
powerful and effective and exciting. It’s become more of an
open-source productivity framework that allows people to build their own tools
that they need to be more productive accomplish their goals and to simplify their lives. This vibrant community is growing every day. They’re constantly inventing new tools
that I think would be invaluable to so many more people to deal
with challenges both large and small. Unfortunately, a lot of these ideas
are just getting lost online. With your help, though, I hope to build a website that’ll
function as a home for these ideas and I want to make that website
available to everyone for free. I want to empower people to build tools that are
custom-tailored to their needs and to their lives. And with your help, that’s exactly what I intend to do. So please donate what you can
and thank you for watching.

59 thoughts on “Bullet Journal Origin Story (Kickstarter Video)

  1. Ryder, this is a great idea. I just recently discovered the Bullet Journal system and now spend every night devouring as many YouTube videos on the subject as i can. I learn some little tip or tweak from every single one of them. I went to BooksaMillion and picked out an adorable black and white polka dotted journal to get myself started. And even though you don't embellish yours, i've noticed all the ladies do. I have now become a kid in a candy store, mostly at Dollar Tree, buying stickers, washi tape, pens etc. 
    There is a flood of women using the bullet method, but seems you are the only man who has made a video on the subject. There's tons of them showing off their planners but it seems this method just hasn't caught on with them. 
    Soooo, where's a link to Kickstarter so we can check out what you are talking about?

  2. … and not one person has done the bullet journal system in a discbound or arc notebook, which i'm considering using after my current notebook gets full. There's just too much permanent checklists and stuff that i want to keep without hanging on to a bunch of temporary stuff. with the arc i could just replace the temporarys with new paper as needed and keep my keepers intact.  Thank you kindly for opening up a whole new world for all of us listkeepers and planning fanatics. 🙂

  3. Oh God Ryder, you had and amazing idea! It's so simple and yet so so effective!! I'm just and organization freak so I can't wait to start one and be more productive!! Thank you so much!!

  4. This helpt me so much. I had test a lot of methods to organize and focus more on school and stuff but none of those methods worked for me but I tried this method and for so far it's the best I ever had. So thank you so much!

  5. I have a learning disability too! I've tried hundreds of apps to organise my life..but when I'm trying (keyword:trying) to study I get distracted by my phone. I'm going to start trying to make my own bullet journal so I can do well in my exams this year 🙂

  6. Do you mind sharing which learning disability? I've found this method life changing with dyslexia. It's just calmed my mind and rationalized everything I do 🙂

  7. This just hit me at the right time. As someone who suffers from debilitating anxiety, this is perfect, just what I need to keep organised without getting overwhelmed. Thanks you for all these great videos on how to start up and what to do. I've been keeping a traditional journal for years but this is something that I think will be a welcomer addition to that, maybe even replace it.

  8. I'm can be so unproductive and writing random lists of timetables doesn't usually help because I can never follow it! Also I have just found out I have dyslexia! I'm definitely going to give this a go!

  9. Ive been doing this for years …in class when im bored i just write down what im thinking of or what im planning ..i desighned every page and by the end of every sememster for 4 years ive still been doing it …i just call it "a journal "

  10. known the todolist/calendar troubles myself, i tried so many apps and systems both digitally and analog, now really enjoy the analog BULLETJOURNAL system in combination with the fantastical calendar digitally! have been using it now consistently for about 3 months, never before have i stuck to a system this long, feels so good 😀 😀

  11. I need to do this, it would definitely help me, as quick notes are my favorite, and I forget about everything.

  12. I really love the Bullet Journal system. Especially the freedom of putting everything I need inside of it, no matter what you can write it in there and you won't forget. It is just perfect. Thank you for sharing your wonderful idea!

  13. I love ur journal but I write big and I need a bigger setup and more paper. Pls keep that n mind and give me feedback.

  14. Awesome story and thank you for all your inspiration… besides BuJo 😀 Looking forward to this "Awesome" journey!!

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