Bullet Journal PLAN WITH ME November 2017 | Exam Planner, Spending Tracker + MORE!

Bullet Journal PLAN WITH ME November 2017  | Exam Planner, Spending Tracker + MORE!

Welcome back to Caitlin’s Corner, today
I’m doing November’s PLAN WITH ME (how is this the thing already?! I do not know)!
I am really excited though to show you what I’ve got going on because there’s a
lot of spreads to go through this month, more than usual, and there’s a really
good variety of pages. So whether you want some school pages, or lifestyle pages, or
even some Christmas spreads –oh my goodness, yes
I said Christmas!— then you are going to really enjoy this PLAN WITH ME!
Many of these pages were also requests that you guys sent in via Instagram
(which, by the way, if you’re not following me already–
shameless plug– go follow me @CaitlinMarieDaSilva because every Monday on
Instagram stories I do #Planner Monday, and it’s always a fun time so you
don’t want to miss out on all of that! That being said, let’s dive into the first two
pages. This first page is a cover page for the month of November. A cover page
was requested by an Instagram follower, so thank you so much! Basically I just
did a fall tree using my tombow in the colour #026– it will be linked down
below. I also added some fall leaves that I think are so cute, and right next to
this page I did my month-at-a-glance. [There’s] nothing too crazy going on here! I carried the leaves from the cover page over to the month-at-a-glance just to
give it a little bit more “fall sparkle” …. I don’t even know what “fall sparkle” means
but this apparently is it 😛 And let’s move onto the next two pages where I’ve got
my monthly tracker! Once again I’m only tracking a handful
things: hydration, meditation, 5 minute journal (this is a new one— I just got the
5 minute journal for all of my gratitude logging…If you want to see me do a video on this, or talk more about it, let me know), and I also have a little tracker
for reading! [There’s also] some arrows going on, which, you guys know how much I love my arrows lol!
And then right to the page beside the tracker I have a weekly spending tracker.
I decided to fake-fill-in this one so you can see how I’m going to be using
this throughout the month. This month I feel like I need to relearn how I’m
spending my money so that’s why I’m doing a tracker rather than a budget.
Next month I might do a budget once I kind of get an idea of where my money
has been going recently. But this is going to be like a learning
opportunity and basically how it’s gonna work is I’m going to keep track, every
week, of what I spent on food, clothing and beauty, and other. Then, at the end of
the week, I’ll add up the totals for each category and visually put it into a pie
graph. I’m really excited to be doing this system for the next month because I
think it’s gonna really show me trends in my spending habits and it also gets
me a little bit more mindful of my money right before the holiday season– which we all know is mucho expensive! [The] next two pages are an exam planner and a quotes
page. I opted for a timeline style exam study planner and
basically I just filled in the top one here so you can kind of see how I’m
going to use it– I write the date of the exam/ midterm, below it I write
the estimated time to study (so for this class I think it’s gonna take two weeks)
and then there’s a timeline where I can fill it out and kind of come up with the
strategy for how I’m going to get everything done and when I’m gonna get
everything done. For example, in the first seven days I’ll be reviewing lectures
and reviewing notes, and then in the last seven days I’ll be practicing questions,
reviewing assignments, doing overview studying– that sort of thing. It’s a very
simple idea, but I really do like timelines because it just makes me feel
better to know that I’ve thought about when things are going to happen –not just
what things I need to do. To the right I have a quote from Oprah and this is a
quote that just really struck a chord with me. It was in a video I watched this
week with her and Dr. Brene Brown– I will link it down below. And we’re moving
on to some video ideas I have planned out – the first one being a de-stress
re-energized routine, and the other being a wardrobe essentials video. Let me know
by answering the poll on the screen whether or not you’d be interested in
seeing one or both of these videos! I think the de-stress re-energize routine
especially will be relevant for midterm season, which I know many of you are in
or are about to be in. I have to warn you, these next spreads are about to get a
little bit more festive because “ho-ho-ho” it’s Christmas! I’m a little shocked that it’s
already time for this, but I really love these pages! The first one is a page for
tracking online Christmas orders –it’s a chart with a section for writing the
date that you ordered an item, whether or not it shipped, whether or not it’s
arrived, the store you ordered from, and what the item or items actually were. And
then to the right I did a Christmas shopping list page where I can write
down the family, friends, and other people that I have to shop for this year. If any of
you would be interested in seeing a full video on Christmas spreads and/or
Christmas printables, let me know down below. The colour I used here was #282 and I
really loved how these two turned out. That tree and this laptop are just too
cute!! And then of course we got to finish it off with a weekly spread –a common
theme in the requests I had for weekly spreads was to create a weekly spread
where you can do lots of writing and fit lots of information –so that was kind of
what I tried to do with this one. Each day of the week has its own mini block
and that’s where I intend to put any events –or if it’s someone’s birthday I
can do a fun little doodles —so you can get a little bit creative with that
section! And then right beside each block is a section for writing out actual
major plans or to-do lists (anything of that nature). For my meal planner, I’m
trying something new and putting it in the middle of my page… most days of the
week there’s a section for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I’m super curious to
see how this ends up working out in general. I’m really liking this weekly
spread because I think it’s really simple to put together, but it still
looks visually appealing. Cuts to clip from “A Cinderella Story” (” I am a very appealing person”)… That concludes
November’s PLAN WITH ME! If you enjoyed today’s video be sure to give it a big
thumbs up, hit that subscribe button, and the notification bell if you haven’t
already! Let me know in the comment section down below which page was your
favorite this month, and I will see all of you very soon with a new video!
Until then, bye everyone!!!

73 thoughts on “Bullet Journal PLAN WITH ME November 2017 | Exam Planner, Spending Tracker + MORE!

  1. I had so much fun with this video…who caught the "A Cinderella Story" clip?! 😉

    DE-STRESS ROUTINE is now LIVE: https://youtu.be/KwEYr5kj5mQ

  2. I’ve never seen bujo spreads for Christmas planning! Super helpful! I love it. And i’ll probably try your vertical stacked habit tracker too

  3. I loved it! My favorites were the budget, the plan for exams and the christmas shopping list! Actually all of them
    💕 🇪🇸

  4. omggg yayyy lol i'm putting mine up on monday! i can't believe you put christmas in here but honestly that makes total sense because i have a lot of parents that come to my store that are buying their kids presents already!!! omggg it's so crazyy! let me know when you do your december spread lol! :p

  5. I would love if you could do a ootd planning spread like what you plan on wearing for the whole week. Also if possible a destressing/meditation video! Such good videos like always

  6. I really like this Plan With Me video, especially the exam planner and the pages dedicated to Christmas, so yeah, I’m definitely waiting for some Christmas-themed videos!
    I loved the A Cinderella Story clip 😂😂😂
    And I’ve voted for both videos in the poll!

  7. I enjoy the fun energy in your commentary..😁 🙃 😜
    Yeah….do it girl…wat's this 5 min Journal businezz all bout ??
    Do you got an internet site,, that will do up your calculations for making a pie graph ?
    if so, plz share . thanx

  8. Please do a video on budgeting! I already figured out the trends in my spending habits and such like you did here, now I need help with the next step… hehe

  9. I love the Christmas shopping order tracker. I can't believe it's nearly November and then December seems to pop up so quick with the holiday season. I'm excited to order some gifts soon.

  10. Could u film yourself making the spreads? It's so pleasing to see the blank pages of your bujo into beautifl aesthetic spreads.

  11. I refuse to have an instagram,personal preference but if i could bring myself to make and have an account i would most certainly follow you there but alas i do however have Pinterest and i definitely do follow you on there! 🙂

  12. I thought the Christmas spread was a really good idea. I'm just getting into Bullet Journaling. In previous years, I've written Christmas lists on random pieces of paper which I would, of course, lose track of. Thank you for the great suggestions!

  13. Loved the timeline for exams. Most unis in Sweden have lectures right up until at least a week before the exam. It doesn't seem like that's the case in the US? Do you have a week or two without classes when you can focus on reviewing?

  14. Loved the spreads. I would totally love to see these pages one they are filled in so we can see how they really work – especially the weekly with the meals in the middle.

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