Bullet Journal Planner Setup 2017 (+Plan With Me January) · SemiSkimmedMin

Bullet Journal Planner Setup 2017 (+Plan With Me January) · SemiSkimmedMin

Alright my loves welcome back, or if this
is your first time on my channel welcome, and happy new year! Today I thought I’d take you on a quick
flip through my new bullet journal setup situation and how I plan on staying organised through
2017 and into the future. So let’s just get right into it. The notebook I’m using is this random one
I found on amazon, I’ll leave a link to it below and anything else I use or mention
as always will be listed in the description as well. But yeah I don’t love the cover of it, I’ll
probably do something about that when I get the chance, but otherwise, I chose it because
it fit all the other criteria I was looking for. I wanted something ring bound, bigger than
a5 but not as big as a4 and with thick dot-grid pages. If you’ve seen my last planner video you’ll
remember I had a leuchtturn and that worked really well but I wanted brighter, clearer
pages and thicker pages that wouldn’t show through any ink. On this first page I’m planning on putting
some kind of checklist, like a daily, weekly, monthly planner routine. Since the years just started, and I’m still
getting into my stride with this new planner, I don’t quite have a routine set in place
yet. So first page is the index or contents which
is just really basically colour coded. I took inspiration from David Allen’s ‘Getting
Things Done’ method, I’ll try and leave some info on that in the video description
if you’re not familiar with it. But yeah I’ve basically got my pages grouped
into the categories, Reference, Someday/Maybe, Current/Action and Miscellaneous. So Reference is for things that I just want
to remember, they might not serve a real purpose and they don’t need any action taken on
them but just things that I want written down so for example, you’ll see in a bit I have
a page of all the places around the world that my online shop has seen orders from. Stuff like that. Then Someday/Maybe is things that I might
take actions on just not right now, things like books I want to read and goals for the
year. Current is obviously anything I’m dealing
with at the moment so my monthly and weekly spreads and then misc is just anything I can’t
find a place for. The main thing, and I’ve said this before,
but my main thing is having every little thing written down and then organising it into the
right folders so nothing gets lost or forgotten in my brain. Right so going through the first few pages,
one thing you’ll know if you’ve seen my videos, I take a very minimal approach to
things like this. I like things to be neat and tidy and I love
seeing gorgeously decorated planner pages but for me I just want to get the information
down and keep it nice and simple. Also since I’ve just started using this
book, the pages are a little bit bare but you get the gist of where its going. So this is just lists of tv shows and films
I want to watch, books I want to read, a sort of shopping wishlist for whenever I
have a bit of money. So not like an everyday shopping list, more
like a new camera lens and stuff like that. This page which is colour coded green so in
the reference category is a list of companies I’ve worked with since being on youtube. This is the page of places around the world
I’ve delivered to. Again, I could’ve set it out in a way that
was a bit snazzier but I like just being able to have a look back and also have a tally
of where I’ve had the most orders from. I did add this little map that I just printed
off of google and I might start colouring in all the places that Ive received orders
from. And as always, little plug here, but if you
wanna check out my shop I’ll have it linked below, I have a few art prints going on there
at the moment and I’m looking to get back to adding new artwork as soon at possible. Next is another basic page, just little moments
that I want to remember. This page is where I plan on listing any projects
or ideas that come to mind this year, when it comes to making more detailed project notes
and things I just flip to the back of the book where I don’t mind being a bit messier
and just braindstorming and things. Alright and then we get to just a basic list
of my little goals and big goals. Always great to refer to when I’m feeling
a bit lost, wondering what my next step is. One of them I’ve already achieved, in fact
two of them now, as I’ve just reached 50k subscribers here on youtube so I’ll just
cross that off and date it. But yeah my bigger goals are a bit more you
know.. ‘see the world’ they’re more like hopes and dreams but I really believe
in the power of just writing things down. And then we get to the blue colour coded pages
so current actionable things. Here’s my year at a glance, so far mainly
birthdays on here but yeah I just write the date and the thing with a little symbol depending
on what it is. Then theres my never-ending to do where I
write any tasks that don’t have a specific deadline, things that I can refer to when
I have a spare moment and when I wanna get stuff done. I’ll also refer to it when I’m writing
up my monthly spread to see if theres anything I can transfer to my things to get done that
month. So like this. This is my spread for december. I’ve gone back to the traditional bullet
journal layout for this one, more or less. With the list view of the dates and then anything
that’s happening that day beside it. Then on the next page I have a little list
of goals and tasks I want to prioritise for the month and a quick run down of my ingoing
and outgoing finances, just for my shop, not personal spending, I transfer it all onto
a spreadsheet at the end of the month so a lot of the information isn’t there cos I’ll
have just recorded it digitally already. And then just a little bit of decoration;
what I do is, I’ll search tumblr or pinterest for words like ‘pastel’ or ‘blue’ or ‘pink’
and pick random pictures here and there. A lot of them are made to be phone backgrounds
or stuff like that and the creators just say things like ‘like this photo if you’re
gonna use it’ so I do that. Unfortunately on sites like tumblr it can
be hard to find the actual source of things so I try not to sort of take the mick with
the amount of things I print off. So getting to the weekly pages now, this was
my first try so I didn’t really like this one. Getting the hang of it here. I basically write a list of the things I need
to get done that week, circles are for events and if it’s day specific I’ll write the
day next to it, I’ll also have a little area to write anything thats coming up next
week and then day by day I’ll have a running to-do list in the typical bullet journal style. I put an x through something I’ve completed,
or just one diagonal line through if it’s half done, a line through if it’s no longer
relevant, an arrow if I’ve moved it somewhere else, an exclamation mark next to it if it’s
a priority and here I just had so much going on that I wrote a new really specific list
in order of what needed doing. And then carried on as normal. Oh and at the end of the week I write a little
summary and highlight the key words. So this is the most recent week I did, the
last week of december, and now I’m gonna set up the new month and this current week. So lets speed things up. After listing the days, I flip back to my
yearly view to see whats coming up in January, not much, and then I have a look at my never-ending
to-do to see if theres anything I can add to my goals and tasks for the month. This is where I’ll write my finances and
then I have this cute little picture off tumblr that says ‘2017 please be good to me’ which
I think is a great wish to start the year with, and this one does have a source, it’s
from a blog called ‘pinklilies’ so I’ll leave that linked below. Now I know I’m using blue as the colour
for current events but I decided to change the colour of weekly spreads each month so
I’m going with a pink/purple theme today. And since there’s not much going on this
week, this is pretty much it! So I hope you enjoyed this video, thanks so
much for joining me, if you’re following my 30 ways to fill a sketchbook series, we’ll
back to business as usual this week and if you’re not subscribed already, I’d love
to have you here as part of the fam, alright, I’ll see you all in the next one, bye!

94 thoughts on “Bullet Journal Planner Setup 2017 (+Plan With Me January) · SemiSkimmedMin

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