Bullet Journal Show & Tell: 2016

Bullet Journal Show & Tell: 2016

[Music] Hi, guys. This is Ryder. First of all, Happy New Year. The fun part about every new year is that I start an absolutely new Bullet Journal. I don’t need to. It’s just an easy way
for me to start fresh every year and kind of take what I’ve learned from the last book, see what has worked, see what hasn’t worked, and try out some new things. So, today, I’m just going to be
talking about some experiments. Now, I want to be very clear about this: These are not changes to the
original Bullet Journal system. These are just a couple things that I’m trying out to see if they improve the way that I work. So, I wanted to share them with you
in case you found them helpful. So, the first thing that I’m doing differently is that I’m using one spread as a dedicated personal index. And then I’ll use a secondary spread for work. Work has become significantly more complicated; I have a lot more to keep track of. So, I’m hoping that a dedicated index will allow me even faster access to all my meeting notes, project notes, anything related to work. So, that’s the first big change. Overall, the Monthly Log stays the same. The only difference is that now, I’m trying to track both my meditation and my exercise. And the way I do this is simply create
two columns down the center of the book. In terms of meditation, I meditate twice a day, so one diagonal line indicates one meditation. But I only exercise once a day, so that is an ‘x’. Down here, I actually have it spelled out:
‘M’ for meditation and ‘E’ for exercise because I found that sometimes I forget
what it was that I was trying to track like six months later or a year later. So, this way, I have a little key
to let me know what I was keeping track of. And that’s really the only difference
with the Monthly Log. Overall, the Daily Log stays mostly unchanged. The big difference now is that at the beginning of every day, I write down three things that I’m grateful for. This is my gratitude tracker, simply three notes, three things that I’m grateful for that day. Right below it, I write down ‘B’, ‘L’, ‘D’, ‘S’. This is a micro-food tracker. Honestly, I’ve just not been very good about cooking, but I do think it’s really important to be
aware of what it is that you’re eating, so very quickly: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and ‘S’ for snacks. Now, I know every day what I eat. Also, something new that I do is that every morning, I have my version of Morning Pages. You can look that up. There’s many different ways of doing it. But essentially, what I do is
I categorize the priorities in my life. So, I have my ‘nine to five’, and then I have ‘Bullet Journal,’ and then whatever else. So, in the morning, as soon as I get up, I write all this stuff down — well, obviously, I leave these empty. And then I write down all the things that I need to remember due for work that day. And then I write down the things for Bullet Journal that I want to get off my mind. And then the rest of the Daily Log works as usual. In this case, you actually see the same thing, but it was for two days. Sometimes, there’s not a lot for work,
at least not in the morning. Sometimes, there is. So, it’s super flexible. Basically, the idea is that I have
a better overview of my days now and also a way to capture things
that are on my mind in the morning. So, yeah, that’s pretty much it. Again, these are not really big changes to the system. I’m just trying them out. So far, they’ve been working pretty well. The big thing to keep in mind is,
essentially, make the Bullet Journal work for you. It’s not about adhering to the system;
it’s about getting things done in the best way for you. Let me know what you think in the comments below. Please subscribe to this channel, and I’ll see you in the next video. Thanks for watching. [Music]

59 thoughts on “Bullet Journal Show & Tell: 2016

  1. Hi! Really nice update about your system. I really find great your decision to share your bullet journal with us. I don't know if you are aware about, but there are many person that didn't really get the full understanding of what bullet journal is and how it works. Many people didn't give a try to the easy rapid login. Saw to much person using the word "BulletJournal" for sketch calendars with really complicate table and spread. Love the minimalism of the system and love the idea to spend time in "doing" things instead to over complicate planning.

  2. I found this update really helpful! This system would work very well for me (meditation, exercises, gratitude and food log… But in a very concise form – I love it!). Thanks a lot for sharing! BTW, will your bullet journal be in stock soon? I'd be happy to buy it.

  3. Like the update. In case anyone finds this helpful, I've been using my bullet journal in a very similar way in terms of monthly log but I also set up a column next to my exercise tracker to plan the stages of a long-term project. Daily living differs in my system, I like to track my water intake each day designated with a little droplet and then a diagonal like to check off each glass, and also plan my evening meal (D). I've also found that splitting the page into two columns helpful with work tasks on the left and personal/other/events on the right. This means that I can add additional tasks as they arise throughout the day because I haven't blocked the end of the column.

    I want to thank you Ryan, I really love the system and it's adaptability.

  4. The food log experiment is so simple, but it seems like such a good idea. I'm going to implement that, I love how it can track your meals, but also can be used for meal planning ahead of time. Thank you!

  5. Interesting. And good advice. I am new to bullet journalling. I want to use it for work and home. Right now am using two different open symbols. A box and a circle. One for each category that allows me to check it off. Checking things off is my drug. :). Like how you incorporated other things as well. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Thanks for giving us a look inside your Bullet Journal, Ryder. Thoroughly enjoyable! I love using mine! Couldn't imagine living without it now. I rapid log pretty much everything in my life, and wouldn't have it any other way, so I'm incredibly grateful to you for sharing the system.

  7. I enjoy your videos, because you do not ramble…um, and I am easily distracted. SO, thanks for that. Will the Bullet Journal be available for purchase again?

  8. Ryder, I have always loved how simplistic the Bullet Journal is. That is what first appealed to me and it is what keeps me coming back. Thanks for sharing….both the BuJo idea and your personal BuJo. Keep up the great work. I appreciate it.

  9. Thanks for sharing! I like the idea of the gratitude log incorporated into each day, I may have to try that next month 🙂

  10. This is my first month trying this method and I am amazed at how it strikes the right balance of flexible and structured. I actually added a tracker to my month page (like you did with the meditation and exercise) for my fasting blood sugar number I take upon waking. I'm prone to trying to do too much too soon, so I'm going to add a collection for "cool other bullet journal ideas" to try in future months – the Meditation log and the quick meal notes struck a chord with me.

    Thank you for putting this process out there! Love it!

  11. Excellent ideas. I really like the idea of tracking exercise, meditation, food, and gratitude in one place. I'm going to try it in the bullet journal I start tomorrow. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Ok so totally off the subject, but I just have to say "Sexiest Voice Ever!!!!!" Anyone else with me? 😜

  13. Tried buying a bullet journal still says it is sold out !! On the original site , I tried finding a bullet journal any where else but can't find it ?

  14. Love it!
    I am new to all this, I was trying to find something for myself, to help me keep track of my life, get everything more organized. And then I found the BuJo! Thanks, Ryder!

  15. I just have to tell you that the system you came up with is incredible. It seems simple, but it must have taken real insight to create it. And thank you for sharing it with the internet.

  16. Could you PLEASE caption your videos so that your deaf/hard of hearing audience can participate in this method? YouTube's auto captioning does not properly understand your accent (and is generally unusable and is NOT a viable option yet) so we really depend on content creators to caption their own content. If you need help doing this, I can point you to some resources.

  17. Ryder, thank you! The bullet journal has helped me in so many ways. I think your new additions are brilliant. I plan on adding them too.

  18. I'm very interested into starting a bullet journal but if I also want to track my food and when I want to cook how would I format this? Would this go into the index also?

  19. Thank you for these videos. I am just now starting a bullet journal and am jumping in with two feet! I've flipped it into my flipboard magazine "Pen and Paper" for more people to discover. Check it out here: https://flipboard.com/@dilley_esq/pen-and-paper-o2sdvcdqy

  20. Thanks, I like what is basically a ToDo for each day at the top of the day. A start around 4:30 am (not by choice) so I create that each night before bed.

  21. I've been trying to bullet journal for four months and it's pretty good. With the new year coming I want to do more tracking of my life – like you in this video haha – because I just been doing it in my work you know, to start the costume. thanks for the tips <3

  22. I love how this isn't crazy artsy and pretty – it's actually efficient… Pinterest and IG have put far too much emphasis on the need for a BuJo to look pretty!

  23. I'm struggling to understand how to combine personal and work into one bullet journal! Anyone have tips on how to do this?

  24. You do your weekly/dailies as you go along. Could you give tips on how to do it so that we can have it more like a regular calendar diary and have set spaces for each day, or is that not practical… I like writing things that need to be done and appointments into the day it was supposed to be. Some appointments have times, locations and things to bring with my. Not sure how to implement this using this system. I think I’m thinking too much into this.

  25. Just getting started. Got a bullet journal as a birthday gift…was lost in post from France since early December but just turned up here in Portugal so was obviously meant to put some organisation in my life! My to do lists on farm always as long as my arm!! Thanks for this. Was getting overwhelmed by numerous other vids on YouTube until someone linked to this channel. Was beginning to think that bullet journalling was beyond me!! Gonna get started this weekend…😀

  26. I love this. I have been BuJo'in for a month now and I still struggle personally with perfecting things, specifically 'working withing the rules'. I stress that I have to do things properly and get agitated when I might be doing something 'wrong'. Thanks for the reminder that these are all guidelines to knowing what works for you, not how you have to work for it. That you need to be open to trying things out to see what works. 🙂

  27. Yeah. Food. 🙄
    I need to get control over my diet. Gonna look up how people are doing Keto using the Bujo today.
    [writes that in the Bujo…]

    I like the 2-diagonal division of the "X" idea. Super minimalist. 👍

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