Bullet Journal Starter Kit

Hi guys! Today, I’ll be showing you the supplies I recommend for bullet journaling. To bullet journal, you’ll need a journal, of course. I like using a dot grid notebook, because the pattern helps keep horizontal and vertical lines neat, without too much clutter on the page. I use a mechanical pencil to sketch out my layouts and drawings, but you might not need this if you don’t plan to decorate much. Besides a notebook, the only other thing I think is absolutely essential is a black pen. I use a black pen to write down all of my tasks and events. And sometimes, I use it in my drawings and decorations. I recommend an archival quality black pen like the Uni-ball Signo DX, so that your bullet journal won’t fade over the years. I often use a black marker, as well for headers and drawings. This is the Faber Castel Pitt Artist Pen, which I highly recommend because it’s archival quality, And it doesn’t bleed through paper much. Next, I also recommend getting brush pens or markers. I use these for headers, coloring in drawings, and decorate. I personally use the Tombow Dual Brush pens, because you get a bullet tip marker and a brush pen, all in one. For a cheaper option, I recommend Crayola markers, which can be used for both coloring and lettering. If you still want to make your bullet journal cute, but you’re not confident in your drawing skills, you can use stickers, stamps, washi tape and printed photos. You can use these alongside your drawings too. The journal I use comes with one ribbon bookmark, but that isn’t enough for all the pages that I regularly flip to. You can use page flags or paper clips, to mark the pages that you want a quick access to. I always use a ruler for my layout, because I like everything to look neat. Make sure you get a ruler that’s long enough for your entire journal. I like this Midori Multi Ruler, because it’s long enough and it folds to fit into my pencil case. WhiteOut is an essential, since the supplies I use are all non erasable. I use a correction pen to fix mistakes in drawing, since it’s more precise. And I use correction tape for fixing my writing, because you don’t have to wait for it to dry. And now for the giveaway! This giveaway is sponsored by Good&Co, which is an app for personality quizzes. You can check it out with the link in the description. This giveaway includes 72 Arteza fineliners 48 of these brush pens, 3 September Leather dot-grid notebooks, and a ton of cute stamps and stickers from Doodad’s Hunters. To enter, click on the link in the description. I hope this video was helpful! The supplies I mentioned, and all of the giveaway items will be linked in the description. There will also be a link to the giveaway, and to the Good&Co app. I upload new videos every Monday and Friday. See you next time! Caption Author: Alaina Kim 🙂

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