Bullet Journaling on BLACK Paper???

Bullet Journaling on BLACK Paper???

– I have back pains,
I’m sleeping at 11 p.m., I’m bullet journaling in black pages. Who is this? (upbeat music) Hello, everyone, it’s Amanda. Welcome back to my channel. Today, we are doing something
a little fun and funky. (chuckles) Okay, maybe not funky, but it is definitely fun. If you guys watched my
October Plan with me and Bullet journal setup, then you’ll know that this month’s theme is moons and stars and it is actually
completely black and white, which was very new for
me because I’m so used to using lots of colors in
my bullet journal setup, but in that video I
experimented with a bunch of different ways to use black and white in my journal, and one of those ways was, I used black paper and
kind of ripped it up and used it as the background
with white gel pen on top, and I asked you guys whether you’d wanna see a full video of me doing like complete bullet journal spreads on black paper, and a
lot of you guys said yes. So that’s what we are
going to be doing today. I’m gonna be bullet
journaling in a notebook that has all black pages, and I’m very interested to see how
the spreads turn out. Part of the reason why I wanted to do this video was because of
this specific notebook. This is the Archer and
Olive BLACKOUT notebook. I’m sure a bunch of you guys have already been seeing this notebook floating around on the internet, because a lot of people have been experimenting with black page bullet journaling, so
I wanted to try it out for myself as well. And I’m really excited
because Archer and Olive was actually kind enough
to sponsor this video and send along these notebooks for me to try it out. You guys already know how much I love Archer and Olive, not
just for their notebooks, but also as a brand in general. I mean, first of all their notebooks are some of the highest
quality on the market. I am currently using Archer and Olive and that’s what I’ve been
using this entire year. So, I’m curious, is the
other black page one holds up to it, but just in general as a company, it’s a small business owned and run by one woman,
which I love supporting women-owned businesses, and I also love that they are mental health focused and environmentally conscious
with their packaging and how they ship stuff. If it’s anything like the
regular dotted notebook, then I think we’re good
to go, so. (laughs) In general, this is
gonna be moreso focused on actually doing the black
page bullet journaling and seeing what creative spreads we can come up with. Anyways, I’m very
excited to see what I can come up with, so let’s get started. Okay, so the actual
outside of the notebook is the exact same as the regular ones. I have the regular ones here. As you can see, this one is my regular bullet journal with the white pages on the inside. This one has the black on the inside. So it’s the same texture, it’s almost like a linen material and then they have the foil on the front. I have the design with the moon phases, which goes perfectly
with my October theme, but there’s a bunch of other designs, I believe, so if you
don’t want this cover, they have other options as well. Oh, and also this is a fun little touch, but the edges are gilded, as well so it’s that same like metallic
sort of look all around, but let’s open this bad boy up, shall we? I mean, I’ve already had some experience with the paper since I ripped out, not really ripped out, I like took out one of the inside leaflets
for my bullet journal, but I haven’t used it fully, so it’s nice to kind of flip through it. As you can see, it is black paper, but what I do wanna note is that it’s not completely black, it’s
almost like a dark grey, which I don’t mind. Here I feel like the outside cover’s actually darker than the inside paper if you can see that on camera, but in person, it is
definitely a bit lighter. And what I also like, is that you’re still able to see some
dots on the notebook. I hope you guys can see that, but there are slightly lighter dots on it. It’s almost like a lighter gray, and I really like that
because a lot of people who would be using this notebook would be bullet journaling so it makes it easier to measure things out and stuff. Okay, so the gel pens that she recommends using on these are the
Sakura Gelly Roll Moonlight gel pens, which I do actually have quite a few of. Not even just the regular neon ones, I also have some of the glitter ones, the shimmery ones, the Gold Shadow ones, so we’ll test out a lot of these and see which one shows up the best on the black paper. Whenever I have any sort of
new stationery like this, I always like to just test out a bunch of pens on them. So we’re just gonna be drawing a bunch of lines and seeing
what shows up the best. We’ll do it at the back here. This is the back where
I actually ripped out that leaflet for my
October bullet journal. As you can see, the threads
are a bit looser here, so that it’s easier to take out. Okay, let’s test these neon ones, (mumbles) white Gelly Rolls. Ooh, okay, yeah, these are showing up really great on the notebook. A lot of people asked me about which white gel pen I use. I specifically love these, ooh, I specifically love the Gelly Roll in the 10 thickness. I do find that the 05 is not as good. Even the 08, it’s still
good, but not as good as the 10, it doesn’t show as opaque, which I’ll show you guys here. So this is the eight thickness. Yeah, you can see it already, right off the bat, that the 10 is way more opaque than the 08, and I think it just has
to do with the amount of ink that comes out. Even when I’m bullet
journaling on regular paper, whenever I use a white pen to correct my mistakes, it’s usually
the Gelly Roll 10. Yeah, these look really great. I wanna try out these
colorful ones, though. These are like the neon colors, which are gonna be very fun. I like this pink color. So this is 06 thickness, so even thinner than the 08, but it’s actually showing up more opaque than the 08 in white. What I’m noticing is that
they are pretty opaque right off the bat, but
if you write slower, just like a tad bit
slower, it actually gets even more opaque because the ink comes out a little bit more. So, see if I go a lot faster, the ink skips out a little bit more. I actually like the look of these colors more on these black pages
versus on the white, I think the black and these neon just looks so beautiful together. Okay, so those are the five colors. I think, my favorite has to be this orange or the pink here. They look really great. I’m just gonna experiment with any other Moonlight gel pens I have. Oh, whoa. Okay, that is not showing up. This is the dark, or it’s
like a medium blue Moonlight. So, that doesn’t show
up on the black paper. I guess it kinda makes sense because it is a darker color. Interesting, because it’s the exact same line of pens, like
they’re both Moonlight 06, but the blue just doesn’t show up at all. Okay, let’s try it with this
like medium green color. Oh, it’s like kinda showing
up at the beginning here, it’s starting to come
out a little bit more, maybe I just needed to get it going. Definitely not as good as
the lighter neon colors. I’m gonna go back to the blue. Maybe it’s the same thing? I don’t think so. Ooh, this one showed up nice. This is like a deeper red. That was actually a
very useful test to me. So the darker gel pens just don’t show up kind of at all, but I’m
curious about the other like shimmery, glittery ones. So this is the Gelly Roll Gold Shadow. Okay, so usually when you use these on white paper, you can
really see the base color. Like, these are both Gold Shadow gel pens, this one’s green and this one’s purple, and normally you’d be able
to tell the difference, but on this black paper I
actually can’t really tell the difference between
the green and the purple, only the Gold Shadow part shows up. So that’s something to note if you are wanting to use the Gold Shadow. Let’s try these shimmery, I
think this is shimmery one. Okay, yeah, that is not showing up at all. It’s showing up a little bit when you, like when it hits the
light, but in general, not the greatest. I’m gonna try a couple
other shimmery ones, and then we’ll try the glitter ones, but I don’t think the
shimmery ones are the ones. Oh, cool, okay. I think, it all depends on how much you layer the color. What I’m finding is that, when you write really slow, a lot of them will typically end up showing up on the
paper, but it’s when you start writing a little bit faster that the ink doesn’t show up as much. Okay, let’s move on to the glitter one. It actually says Metallic, so I guess I’ve been calling them wrong. Oh, my gosh, that is,
okay, this is the one. Do you see that? That’s showing up so nicely on the black. It’s showing up a lot better too because it has a thicker tip. By the way, the actual
paper is really smooth. I was expecting it to be a little bit more like construction papery
when I first got it because I’m used to seeing dark paper in that construction paper color, but it’s really smooth, similar to the white page notebook, so I do appreciate that,
especially for using any sort of brush pen
or Metallic brush pen on them, smooth paper is always better because it’ll fray your pens less. All right, so so far so good. I really do think that my favorite are the Sakura Metallic on this black paper. And then I’ll probably have to go with the Moonlight Gelly Rolls, but the rest of them, like the Gold Shadow and the shimmer, glitter
ones, not my favorite, so I’d probably skip out on those. I do have a couple other
random name brand ones. So we’re gonna try it. This is the Uni-Ball Signo glitter pens. Ooh, these ones show up better than the Sakura glitter ones. Yeah, way, way better. I think the chunks of glitter are just a little bit thicker there. So that’s the Sakura Gelly glitter, and then that’s the Uni-Ball Signo glitter on the black paper. And I also have my Pilot
Juice Paint Markers. These are like really thick. I’m expecting these to
go on top of the black really well because they’re actually meant for like wood and plastic
and glass and that. Yeah, like I expected,
that is juicy and perfect. I do have a good sense of what works and what doesn’t on this paper now, which is really good ’cause now we can move on to actually drawing stuff. But I’ll just do like a
regular bullet journal spread on the black paper and see how it ends up, and then later we can
maybe do some doodles or lettering and just have fun with it. Okay, so since things are
a little bit inverted, I’m gonna be using my white gel pen as the standard lines,
almost like when you use a black fineliner in white pates. Right off the bat, I can already tell that this looks really cool. Even if you only used the white gel pen and didn’t use any of the other colors, it almost looks like you’re doing a chalkboard spread. I’m very conscious of making sure that’s not smudging ’cause gel pens do tend to take a little bit longer to dry especially ’cause they lay right on top of the paper. So I just feel like it’s gonna smudge eventually at some point, but so far, it’s so good. Alright, so I know my theme this month was black and white and moons and stars and stuff, but this actually isn’t gonna be a spread that I’m using, I’m just kinda doing it for the video because I already have my weekly spread in my bullet journal, so I
just wanted to experiment, and plus we tested out all
of those colorful pens. We might as well put it to use. Something that I’ve seen our journal do a lot on their Instagram is they blended the colors which I think is so pretty. I don’t know how to do that, though, so I’m gonna try and we’ll
see how it turns out. I’m using these three colors, the pink, the red and the orange, and I think it looks really nice together. Okay, so I’m kind of getting the hang of the blending. I think what you have to do is, instead of like writing the full word out and then placing the colors on top, you just switch out the
letters and then go in wherever the colors touch
and sort of blend it with the previous color. Okay, guys, I think that looks so good. I love the slight blend of colors. I think it makes it look
really, really cool. I guess, we might as well try to keep within the moon theme a little bit, so I’m gonna use the white gel pen and try to doodle some
moon phases up here. By the way, (chuckles) while we’re drawing these moon phases, I’d realized that I did the incorrect moon phases in my October plan with me. Two of them were wrong, but basically two of the crescent moons should have been inverted. It should have been filled in all the way on one side instead of on the other side. I mean, it’s a small
detail and I pointed it out on my Instagram and in the pinned comment of that video so that hopefully some of you guys would fix it
before you recreated it, but unfortunately a lot of
you guys were recreating incorrect moon phases and I’m very sorry for that, but we will
try to do it correctly this time (chuckles) around. Ooh, oh, my gosh, did you guys see that? (gasps) This is so satisfying. I was curious to see how it would color in and whether it’d be streaky, but the white gel pen in 10 is just like so creamy that it
fills it in with no issue. Oh, my God, I love that. Curious to see whether I would be able to go back and over top of the white with some sort of black fineliner for any detail work. We’ll do that after just to experiment. Oh, my God, this is so satisfying. Something about this
is even more satisfying than bullet journaling on white paper. Am I gonna switch to a black page bullet journal permanently? Next year my whole bullet
journal is just done in this black notebook. I’m finding what the best way to color with these gel pens are
in circular motions. It actually feels a lot
better since the tip of the gel pen is round,
so makes it color in way smoother than if you were just to go up and down. Hot Tip. Another tip with working with gel pens, is that you shouldn’t
necessarily have to press really hard for a lot of ink to come out ’cause if I press hard on top of this, it’ll just scrape off the top layer. So when I wanna layer it,
I’m just pressing lighter and that way, it’ll lay on top whatever is already there. I’m gonna add a couple stars and things here and there. Oh, my God, it’s so nice drawing stars on black paper ’cause it
actually looks like stars. You guys know that
stars and constellations and everything are my favorite thing to doodle, so this is right up my alley. This is so cute, guys. Okay, so I’m curious about layering not only black fineliner on top of any gel pen, but also layering colored gel pen on top of the white. So typically when I make a mistake in my white page notebook, what I’ll do is I’ll use these white pens to cover up any black fineliner, but I wanna see if the opposite is true. So if I’m using my white
gel pen in this black notebook and I make a mistake and I wanna reverse it, if I use a
black fineliner on top, will it look okay? I’m not sure, because these papers aren’t pure black, but we’ll see. Wait, that works so good,
it doesn’t look too dark on the black too, which is
what I was worried about. It’s so much easier to fix a mistake in the black page bullet journal that it is in a normal white page journal, ’cause usually when I fix a mistake, whether it’d be with a white gel pen on top of the fineliner, you can still kinda see a little bit of underneath, you just, I just kind of deal with it and live with the consequences, but here you can’t see really too much. I wanna use the bright colors that we used on top of the moons to do the number. Again, I’m making sure
not to press too hard because I don’t wanna scrape off the white or smudge any white underneath. Oh, my God, it goes on
top of the white too really, really, well. Am I the only one who’s
really in love with this? I can see why these are the best gel pens to use for this because I think that these gel pens have a rounder tip than a lot of gel pens. Sometimes you’ll find gel pens that are a little bit of a sharper tip and it makes it scratchier, which is not necessarily a bad thing. The rounder tip really makes it easy to press lightly and layer things. It’s just a really
great writing experience I’m having right now. I’m gonna try to erase this box, so that I can actually
separate the weekend out into two. Oh, my God, I wish fixing mistakes was this easy normally. I’m aging at a very rapid pace and I’m becoming a
grandma because I’m having a lot of back issues. Like, I can crack my back pretty much every time, which is probably not what a 21-year-old should be able to do. Enough about my grandma problems. I just don’t know who I am anymore. I have back pains, I’m sleeping at 11 p.m. I’m bullet journaling in black pages. Who is this? Oh, my gosh, the spread is so cute and it’s actually, it was like a really, really simple spread in general, but I think what makes it look cool and not too simple is the fact that it’s on the black. I think in general,
that’s what black pages do and that’s what I love about doodling on the dark background. It just makes everything look like you put so much more effort into it than you did. Okay guys, so I think
I’m done with the spread. I really, really love
the way this turned out. I actually really, really
enjoyed bullet journaling on black paper, even moreso than I expected because,
I’ve used black paper in my bullet journal before, but never for a full spread, and it was a fun and creative challenge
’cause it forced you to think a little bit differently. Like for example fixing the mistakes with the black fineliner,
which is like inverting in your mind what you would normally do on regular paper, things like that. It forces you to think a
little bit more creatively. Oh, my gosh, it looks so
good from afar. (chuckles) It also has a slight Halloween vibe, which I love too. I think it would be so cute to do a full Halloween theme
in this black paper. It’s kinda like perfect
for Halloween themes, especially with this neon orange gel pen, which, by the way, I definitely think that this is the power duo,
name a more iconic duo, I’ll wait, that type of thing. Since the paper is so
smooth and the gel pens, these Sakura gel pens have a rounder tip, when you write on the
paper, it’s just like glides so smoothly and layer so easily. So, yes, overall our
journal BLACKOUT books get a big thumbs up for me. I mean, I expected nothing
less from Archer and Olive, they are great, it’s the same quality as the regular notebooks. So if you guys are
interested in getting one for yourself, and you wanna try out bullet journaling on black pages, I’m gonna leave a link down below. And I also have a coupon
code for you guys. If you use AMANDA10 at checkout, you get 10% off your purchase of any notebook, not just the BLACKOUT ones, so that’ll definitely help
you guys out a little. I think that’s it. If you guys did enjoy this, maybe I can do more of these black
page bullet journal videos because, honestly, I loved it so much, so I would love to do more. So maybe just say yes for me. I hope you guys have an awesome day, keep doodling, and I’ll talk to you in the next one. Bye, everyone. (upbeat music)

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