Business Tips: How to Use a Blog to Get Sales

Business Tips: How to Use a Blog to Get Sales

– [JP] So, I really want to start a
photo blog for my site. So, what is it I should blog about? Should I blog about
my latest job? Should I blog about my favorite croissant, or my favorite
restaurant, or the great sushi I had in Austin, Texas, or what should I do on my
blog? What should I do to make things interesting on my blog? – [Adelaide] Okay, JP, you will quickly
see that those things aren’t going to get people onto your site.
Let’s talk about what will. – Before we begin, we want to thank
SquareSpace, for not only for believing in your career by sponsoring these business
videos, but also for creating a great website platform that you can use with
ease. Plans start as cheap as $8 a month. Use this code to get 10% off. ♪ [music] ♪ – Hi, I’m Adelaide Lawren.
– And I’m Jay P. Morgan. – And today’s topic is business blogging
in a way that gets people to your website, and gets them to book you for a job. – There’s a great way to blog and there’s
also a way to really become effective with your blog. People have great content
on their blogs, but we want to help you find content that will
convert into sales for you. – Yes. So, right now, a lot of
photographers and videographers are using their blogs to post about their latest
booking. You know, something they did, the wedding at the Ritz-Carlton, something
like that. And I mean, it’s fun. It has pictures, but marketing research has shown
that people are actually turned off by that kind of content. Instead, you want
to give them content that is really interesting to them, and they want to
devour it and stay on your blog and get to calls to actions that ask you to book you
for work. And content like your last shoot at the Ritz-Carlton also doesn’t share
very well on social media, because it’s, you know, someone’s specific wedding,
and it’s not like lots of people are going to share it. But, if you write something
that’s more universal, for example, like, the seven hottest wedding poses. – So, you are talking about things that
people are going to go, “Oh, I need, I’d” “like to know that.” Or, “That’s
interesting to me.” Or, “I’m” “thinking about my wedding pictures,”
And, “How am I going to pose?” – Because those are the people
that you want to attract, right? – Yeah, interactive content,
content that’s going to elicit a response
from your viewer. – Yeah. And of course, you’re using the
beautiful photos that you took at the Ritz-Carlton, but you’re giving the
information in a different way, so that they want to, you know, learn more from
you. And the more that you engage them, the more that they want to work with you,
and share them with their friends, and do all those things that you
want so your business grows. – So, Adelaide and I call this, “content
blogging,” which is far different than just posting the things you’ve done.
So, if you join us for The Slanted Lens Business Coaching class, September 3rd,
we’re going to talk very in depth about content blogging, and how you can
become very effective at that process. It will truly help you grow your
business, double your sales. – Yeah. Double?
– It will truly triple, quadruple. If you’re making a buck, you’re making
two. If you’re making two, you’re making four.
– It will be amazing. So, in our Business Coaching class, we aren’t only
going to set you up with an effective marketing plan, but we’re going to teach
you how to blog effectively. We’re going to teach you how to set up a content
calendar, how to think up blog topics very easily so you don’t feel stuck. And, we’re
going to help you really know who you’re targeting and how to reach them.
We’ll get your blog posts out to those people who are in your area, or on
your target list, looking for the kind of work that you do, so if you are
crazy, don’t sign up for our class. – But if you are even sane, a little bit,
you will definitely join us. One little tidbit I will give you is a gentleman I
was working with on his business wanted to reach architects, so I had him do
biographical pieces of all the architects in his city, as the content for his blog.
So, now it became a show of his video work. It also became an example of the
different architects in his area, and it also gave him access, an excuse, to work
with each of these architects in the area to get their pictures. Now that was my
idea for him, and he’s in the midst of that.
– That’s awesome. – It’s a content driven approach to the
blog, rather than just, I do architectural pictures, or here’s a great building. It’s
something that will cause other architects to say, “Hey, I want to see that.”
Anyway, those are the kinds of things we are going to talk about
in the Business Coaching class. – See you September 3rd. Sign up today. ♪ [music] ♪

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  1. Your tips and content are great.  One caveat, wedding photography.  I'd rather have my hand smashed by a large and jagged hammer than ever photograph another wedding!  Other photographers (like myself) do not want to shoot weddings.  I do have several friends who are superb wedding photographers i.e., Exquisite Photography  But almost every promo for your "Business Coaching Class" seem to focus on wedding photography.  If that is what you are offering, I'd have to say, "No".  My interest is in Commercial and Art photography with a side line into Portraiture.  Please tell me I won't hear ad nauseam about the wonderful world of wedding photography and I will be sorely tempted to sign up for your classes.

  2. thank you for this wonderful tip, also you might want to check some of my stuffs too and subscribe at the same time 🙂

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