Cab Talk John Deere 7600 Blog

Cab Talk John Deere 7600 Blog

welcome back to the rest of the story well the story is is that we’re seeding
oats, or dad is right there I’m running this harrow, which we used to have an old, or back when grandpa
was around we used to have an old Lindsay harrow
and seems how they’re all we ever knew as far as harrows go they really didn’t
seem that bad it wasn’t until we ran this and realized how much better of a job
this does compared to the old four section harrows
that we were really missing out my biggest complaint my only
complaint with this drag chain harrow that if memory serves me right I think this is a fuerst F-U-E-R-S-T my only complaint is that it does pick
up plenty of residue
I don’t know if you guys can see it behind me but it’s full corn residue
now if we had gone through and chiseled these corn stocks down last fall
I don’t think I’d have any, I know I wouldn’t have an issue cause it dissolves but all we did is VT the corn stocks and
hindsight is 20/20 if I could redo it again I would have chiseled it I was
trying to save a pass with the 4640 and save on fuel
I’m not saying it’s not going to do a bad job as far as the emergence and the
oats or anything I just feel like we’d be happier if we chiseled it, I guess we’ll find out once the oats start coming up because we
are doubling the strips up these these are doubled up this is a bean strip I’m
driving down, right now I’m in the center of the strip, and I’m about to be buzzed by a drone this is soybean stubble this is corn residue corn stalks
the soybean stubble didn’t get touched at all last fall the corn stalks got hit with the VT once Ryan came through with the 630 and the
82 and he hit this twice both strips everything twice it worked up really well
but yet again the corn stalks that were on top there really, I don’t think they
even gave any trouble with the the grain drill this moves more soil the old four section harrow we used to run it slid across the top the ground on
those teeth, “tines” they didn’t move enough soil in my opinion see, I prefer this still uncertain if I want to
pull this across my soybeans this spring I guess we’re gonna wait to see
I didn’t chisel plow any of my corn stocks last fall I just hit it with the VT
I’m gonna hit it with the VT again once maybe twice and I’m planting my soybeans the whole point of that is trying to
reduce the amount of tillage I’m having to do
I’m saving on fuel myself I don’t really believe that I really don’t believe that the soybeans
need the ground work……the corn stalks chisel plowed
just to go to soybeans now ground going into corn
I would rather see chisled, everything that I have that is going to corn this year
did get chiseled or will be getting chiseled I guess we did pick up that other farm that’s the end of the year, the end of
the day, the beginning of the year the end of the day I’m just kinda taking it easy right now
it is just about done oh just about done as far as out
of seed he said it’s gonna be a photo finish
he’s putting in the the last of it right now one more day
going to have to go get some more seed will have about one more day of seeding that’ll be mainly
waterways I said that a few times before I think Ryans gonna, whether he does it tonight or what, but we’ll end up dropping the 630 off of the 82
we’ll end up putting the 76 on it and with the little bit of waterways we want to work down the 76 will handle it I know it will handle it as I’ve done it in
the past I don’t know if you guys see that behind me, that
is working up really nice or working down I should say I’m gonna go through or i’m gonna hit it once go back through and I”m gonna hit it again
ideally what I like to do is I like to go down one way and then when I’m coming
back over the second time to make sure I’m hitting it
coming back the opposite direction so you’re hitting it twice one way, hit it
once one way and then once back the other way so you’re hitting it, going over it twice so
you get a nice even coverage first time I’m going over and it’s
pretty much knocking over any of the any trenches or any big lugs of soil or anything that the disk may have turned up gonna have to get some water my throats getting dry but the biggest problem we had is in the
waterways we tore em up cause we want to re-seed them and the sod clumps are, did, still are
giving us the most trouble because that sod just refuses to bust up I hit a
bunch like six times with this and it did it did a good job it’s pretty
respectful it’s just those sod roots those grass roots
they’re kind of a bear to break up but I gotta say I’m really glad we’re
doubling these strips up I wanted to double the strips up clear
back to when Grandpa was alive yet we were still milking
I like the bigger strips it’s less running around from strip the strip and
allows you to run this bigger equipment more easily, I just about took out a drone it’s amazing how many times in a given year
I’ve almost hit Ryans drone out of the sky with these bigger strips a lot you know
I really the bigger service allow you to farm more efficiently I really do
believe that there’s really not a whole lot to belive I mean you’re not running around back and forth trying to get to
another part of the field or another part of the farm and just to get to another
strip because I did with this where we
spread manure about two months ago now this is back in what February
we spread manure on this strip up here and there is a few clumps on it and I hit
that whole strip I just hit the whole thing kind of spread out what manure was
there did a good job but the thing is that
strip wasn’t doubled up so it’s one of the old strips from grandpa
from back when grandpa was around and
one pass with this in it or one round see a pass pass is just going to the end
of the strip once a round, a round is exactly as it sounds
a round is going to the end of the field and back
A round that’s about the best way to say it the recent rain seems like that’s just kind of the story of a farmer’s life just say it’s you’re always racing
something it’s not very often that you’re
just kind of taking it easy I got a laugh at that because I say that
at the end of my videos all the time
maybe I shouldn’t be saying that because I, maybe I say that because I don’t
take easy even when the conditions are great you’re not worried about the weather
you have plenty of fuel you’re always going to find something when you’re a farmer
you always going to find something that you’re gonna race against point in case like when we’re planting corn if you have everything your your setup
great everything what happens is you end up racing the clock
if you have a date or calendar date set in your head that you want to be done
we can have all our corn in by May first I mean that’d be great
I’d say maybe that’s what I’m always racing for
becauseI want to get corn and beans done it’s kind of backwards
I really like planting plant planting is probably my favorite
time in the year the only reason I’d say that over harvest is that when it comes time to harvest it’s kinda hard to enjoy it too much sad to say
because your worried about yield you’re worried about the price that
you’re getting for the crop that you’re harvesting when it comes to planting it’s a little bit more relaxed, but not really because you’re you’re not worried about like what it’s yielding your just making
sure that there’s seed in the planter the ground is worked that you can plant
harvest the deadline to repay your loans back is awfully close a lot of mine are due within
weeks sometimes days of when I get the crop off and
that’s kind of hectic stressful yeah it’s stressful but that is farming guys I tell you what
it’s weird because even on years where I have not so great of years I still
find myself looking forward to doing it again next year
no matter how many times you get kicked in the face and kind of discouraged thinking maybe
you shouldn’t be doing this seems like you always got the gumption where you
want to do it one more time for those of you that are not watching
the grain markets not watching the crop markets that are purely just
living through me you’re living through us and farming that are living in the big city corn and soybeans shot back up the other day what was it
it’s been a few days now corn was up 14 cents soybeans were up 30
I didn’t get a picture I should have taken a screenshot of it I should have
put on Instagram cuz that when the market shoots up like
that it doesn’t do it very often but I did go ahead and are locked in
some more profits granted I can’t say, profits yes, but I didn’t lock in my basis yet
I guess basis could get carried away tchew up more of my income at the end
of the year than what I’m planning on but I still have to shop around for my basis but I gotta say I’m really confident I’m
feeling really good going into this year mean I’m doing YouTube, YouTube
has been fun I got a really good awesome I keep
calling you guys awesome I have a really good viewer base you guys
are really respectful the few idiots I did have either got
over it and quit watching or I blocked them life’s too short it’s really
unprofessional for anyone to really trash-talk at any other, anybody else
or to complain about any other YouTube channel it’s just not personal
focus on what you’re doing yourself and I guess that’s all it really matters and
if you guys can’t tell that’s largely what Ryan and I do in our channels Ryan’s talking to himself too. Ryan’s talking to his viewers is what I should say hope you guys enjoyed the planting video
that I got up or got up I’m not sure how many I’m I’m gonna have I don’t unless I tell you guys again and make sure I don’t take Ryan out I have over an hour and a half of
footage from today I’m not sure what I’m all going to put up I know I’m gonna have to break it up because I was kind of thinking just
doing one seeding oats video but I have footage
from this and the grain drill and the 82 and the disk running I can at least at the very least I’ll
have two videos plus this one I don’t I’m trying to stay as current as
I can my videos thanks to my sponsor I have a laptop that you guys are all
benefiting from the reason I say that is because it’s allowing me to get my
videos up a little quicker the other day I uploaded three videos it took me four
days to upload three videos I started uploading them on Sunday night
they were done Thursday morning That was I little while ago I guess that wasn’t just recently but the laptop what that does
it gives me mobility I can upload my videos at my
sister’s place because my sister has fiber optic internet and my brother he uploads his videos and like a half hour and his are like really high
quality where you guys already know that well I’m gonna have to speed up I’m
going slow so my seat doesn’t vibrate squeak too much and I got to get going
this looks like dads down to the last quarter acre well I hope you guys enjoy the video
I hope you’re looking forward to more planting videos because this is the
seeding oats and everything we’re doing right now is
it’s just the beginning we got corn and soybeans we gotta get in yet plus a lot of tillage
videos between the VT and the chisel plow has to run yet well this is a long video very long
video for those of you that like to sit and watch them I guess this one’s for you
this is my first video I’ve done talking to the Go Pro all in the field with the tractor I didn’t have the Go Pro before now
like last year I was always using my other camera
so I’m interested to see how this video turns out so this is also an experiment
video but
that is enough for tonight for those of you that hung around to the end Thank You very much
I’m sure plenty of people tapped out about a quarter of the way through this video until next time Take care
Take it easy Keep in touch l’ll be talking to you guys
tomorrow you

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  1. Got 5" of snow on the ground here another 5 coming Sunday. We'll be lucky if we're even thinking about planting on the 1st of May this year.this time last year a couple had a few fields planted already

  2. Hey man I just want to say thank you for saying that about us and also I hope that YouTube stays fun for you

  3. Great video! Thanks for sharing your life with us! I enjoy your honest, caring, realistic and through approach no matter how long your videos last in time, I like watching them. You also are a quick learner on using the technology you have in producing an excellent narrative no matter if you are in a tractor or walking around the farm doing what you love to do.

  4. We have a roller harrow it works great it has a set of rollers in front and then two rows of smaller shanks then another set of rollers behind we hit are ground with that after disking and it works great

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  7. Does it concern you that we have snow? On the other side of the state we got some so I’m
    Wondering if you got some too

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  10. Good job Travis yes I live the farming life through you, because I'm no longer on the family farm! When you get a chance talk to your JD dealer about a rebuild kit for the seat in the 76. It will tear your back up I think you said in a live stream that you had back problems

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  13. Hi Travis – in the UK we call those chain harrows and the fixed type are zigzag. Chain harrows mainly used on grass and zigzag on arable.

  14. Another enjoyable video. Looking forward to fieldwork videos. Can't be too long from now that the weather will start permitting spring tillage and planting here in Minnesota. Of course still need to loose the latest snow

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