Can I Survive The Horror High school? Roblox High school// Aaliyah Holt Plays

Can I Survive The Horror High school? Roblox High school// Aaliyah Holt Plays

what’s going on you guys it’s your
friend Jazz here so we’re going to be playing a game called high school and
this game is bloody scary you guys I don’t know if I will be able to make it without having to
crap my pants if we can get a full server of people
and people and they try to survive then now we’ll be so helpful welcome to high
school this high school does have a name like John Doe High School she took my
seat cuz I ought to sit here all I know is we have to get ready to run I think we have to run. let’s check the attendances
here you’re reefy? do you mean ready okay whoa I’m gonna follow her yeah I’m gonna
follow her there’s a monster Oh stupid monster cheater!
all right I went into the room with the power switch and the stupid monster came
in there and killed me cheater! okay we have more people on this server
so hopefully it’ll be easier because I have to go somewhere that’s safe
so the monster can get you yeah I have to go straight to the cafe I think okay here we go nothing here we’re safe in here though so you have to go back through the Cafe
I mean the classroom I know I’m glad I’m sure glad I’m out of
high school if my high school’s like this I will never go back like when I
was a high school if it was like this I will not go back I’m just going to follow them because I’ll know
how to play the key is somewhere let’s find it. yeah I found it I’m on my way and I’m not gonna have an advantage to
escape the fog just follow them they know where to go this must be that same fog from camping
and 2 climb this bush okay I think I have to climb the bush yeah I
forgot how to get up ahh come on! I drowned in the stupid fog. I think we were
about right here with the key before we died in the fog I think I think it’s
like from The Hunger Games with the fog I mean like the concept of fog that
kills you hey where is she okay here we go
go go go go go go let’s go just go go was if it wasn’t for the girl up all if
it wasn’t for following I think Dressa well we would have been
gonners if it wasn’t for following Dressa woo thank you dressa you saved my life it was Dressal or Julia Julia girl see the cafeteria’s a wreck if you
remember from before the monster clearly hates me because he
went in that room just to kill me is that Nosferatu flicking the switch he better
knock it out and then there were four whoo these people know what they’re
going where they’re going I’m in quite sure yeah I think um the two girls know
where they’re going maybe we would safe from the fog in the gym no maybe okay then Oh shot the monster
he’s probably messing with the power oh he disappeared really creepy maybe the light is what
makes him weak because when the lights came back on he disappeared so maybe the
light is what weakens the monster and keeps him away notices where I was last time but I didn’t know
what to do because the people left so I’ll put faith that they know where to
go there must be the power switch here’s the bathroom yes then where do you go well someone
found the light switch okay let’s look around the basement to find the key to
the third door okay Dessa found the key Thank You Dessa
so I’m quite sure Dessa knows how to play and she knows her
stuff so everybody follow dessa she knows her stuff I think she wants us to
go on these vents is dessa going in the vent?
follow dessa we should be able to see her name yeah these are all like a maze I do not do
well in mazes follow Julian and dessa Dessa reached the main entrance room
thank you Dessa also we had to go to the vent to proceed so I think we should get
off the ground just in case some more fog this I still form
God dang it I hate fog no oh alright you guys so we are just gonna have to stop
right there because I cannot beat this game it is way too difficult the monster
is a freaking stinkin cheater so I’m pratically done here but if you
guys will know what happens that you could probably look up walkthroughs of
this game so that’s why I don’t like to play games blind that’s what I kind of
to have knowledge on the game so I can kind of memorize a routine so maybe
after I watch enough walkthroughs then I’ll come back but y’all going off to just
look up somebody else so anyways make sure you subscribe for more
and I’ll see you

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  1. I love bringing these camping games. Starting in late August I will mix up the games I play
    These roblox videos are buying me time to look for games to play
    👉previous video:

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