Can my blogroll affect my blog’s reputation in Google?

Can my blogroll affect my blog’s reputation in Google?

>>CUTTS: Remiz Rahnas from Keral, India asks,
“I keep a ‘blogroll’ page with the link to all my friends’ blogs on my blog. Will that
affect my blog’s reputation in Google? Recently my friend lost PR5 to 0 for such a page.”
Well, certainly, who you link to can affect your reputation. So, if you’re linking to
spammy sites, sites that we considered junkies, cuzzies, spammy, whatever–that can affect
your site’s reputation. Certainly, if you’re selling links within blogroll, that can be
very high risk. But just because your friend lost PR5 to PR0, that doesn’t necessarily
mean that that was the blogroll, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we thought he was selling
links, you know. It could be a temporary thing with canonicalization. So I wouldn’t automatically
assume that, “Oh, it was a blogroll that did it.” That’s it. If you do have a blogroll,
it’s better that it be editorial real links, not, you know, links that you’re secretly
selling but you’re calling a blogroll or something like that. In general blogrolls are great
things to have. I have one on my blog. So, don’t be scared to have one. But, you know,
if you’re linking to spammy stuff or things that you think are really kind of low quality,
be aware that that can affect how we think of the quality of your website.

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  1. Can anyone explain this to me? In the beginning he said "Who you link to can't affect your site's reputation". But in the end he said: "If you link to spammy, …. be aware it can affect…" ??? I still don't get it, because in some of the previous videos it was said that site-wide links are considered bad and now he's saying they are OK ?

  2. Hey Matt, up to how many links can I sell in my PR5 and PR6 site's blogroll without taking your attention? Thanks in advance!

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