Can you tell your therapist too much? Tumblr Tuesday! #KatiFAQ | Kati Morton

Can you tell your therapist too much? Tumblr Tuesday! #KatiFAQ | Kati Morton

Hey everybody. Happy Tuesday. And when it’s Tuesday
here at That means I’m on tumblr. And I hope this isn’t too shaky. I’m holding it myself because the
boys are watching hockey. And so if you hear them shouting or
they come up and grab a beer, That’s what’s happening. So it’s the Canadians versus Tampa Bay. And so we are hoping for
the Canadians to win. Obviously. So I am on tumblr. And I have two questions
that I’m going to answer. As well as a journal topic. So lets get started
before my arm gets tired. Okay. First question, ‘Hey Kati, is it possible that if you
have been depressed for a long time,’ ‘That you don’t remember what you may have
previously enjoyed and lost interest in?’ ‘I do go to events. But I don’t know
if I ever really want to.’ ‘Or if I just know that I should.’ ‘I don’t dislike doing them,’ ‘But I don’t feel like I am particularly
getting anything from it enjoyment-wise.’ ‘I think I felt the same way about my uni
course compared to my classmates,’ ‘Who always seemed so passionate.
What if I am mostly facade?’ Now I wanted to talk about
this because of two things. And that’s the cat jumping around, sorry. First thing is, If we’re not enjoying anything. It may be just the depression now. So I would encourage you, That if you’re not enjoying things. And you find everything to
be just pretty bleh. And you’re like,
‘Meh, it’s okay.’ That maybe you should get help
for your depression first. And then when we’re working on that. And we’re starting to feel better. Then we can try new things. Because it is very common for us
to be depressed for so long, That we forget what we actually enjoyed. And that cat is gonna chat for a while. So just let him go, he’s crazy. And so we have to try new things. We have to get out there. We have to see what we enjoy. And it’s normally kind
of rediscover who we are. Often times we can feel so stuck in our
mental illness that we don’t even get out. And we can’t remember what was fun. And we can’t remember
if we’ve ever had fun. So it’s very important for
you to try new things. Get out there. And I’m glad that this person is doing it. But the fact that everybody else seems
so much more passionate than you, Can just be a symptom of your depression. And so I would encourage
you to keep talking about it. Keep getting help. Talking to therapists. Talking to friends. And just, you know, knowing
that it can take some time. We’re rediscovering who we are. We may feel like shit sometimes. And some days may be harder than others. But know that each day we’re getting
closer to figuring out who we are, And feeling better about that. Okay. And if any of you have tips and tricks, About things that have helped
you with your depression, And figuring out what things you like. And what really you’re passionate about. Let us know below. Because there may be some
things I’m not thinking of. Or things that are really, you know,
were surprising that they helped you. Okay. Question number two, ‘Hey Kati, can you tell your
therapist too much?’ Now I thought this was interesting. And I don’t think I have ever talked
about this before, which is very rare. Since I have so many videos. But you really can’t. Now I know many of you are like, ‘But if I tell them this they
are going to think that.’ But that is that inner
judgement in your head. Here, I’m going to switch arms
because my arm is getting tired. It’s that inner judgement that comes
up when we really struggle with stuff, And we think, ‘Ahh, but no one could care for us,’ ‘No one could hear this all
and actually want to help us.’ ‘They’re going to think that I’m a freak.
They’re going to think I’m a weirdo.’ And so we hold back. And what holding back really does, Is hinders our recovery process. And us getting through things. Because the more information
that we give our therapist, The better they can help us. The more they can prepare
and put a proper plan together. And the more they can
prepare with their questions. And know what they really want to ask us. So you actually can’t share too much. I know that there are going to be
times in therapy when you think, ‘I’m not ready to share that.’ And that is completely normal. But know that you can’t share too much. It’s always helpful to talk. And to be honest. And to share your whole process. Because that really helps your
therapist help you out. Okay. Now the journal topic today. Says, And let me switch hands again, Sorry, I’m not good with this. Sean usually films these. Or I have it on my little tripod,
which I left at home on accident. Ahh. Okay. ‘Journal topic possibility.’ Definitely possibility. ‘Listen to “Instructions for a bad
day” by Shayne Koyzan.’ ‘I can relate and take messages away from
this poem if I’m having a good day or bad.’ ‘It’s a very inspirational poem,
and I listen to it all the time.’ ‘I think it can speak for bad
days or bad years.’ ‘But not just one day.’ ‘And I think I’m letting go and just
letting ourselves reach out when we need to.’ ‘It’s important when we’re feeling low.’ ‘Anyways, I hope it’s okay.
I hope that you like it.’ ‘It’s just so amazing
that I had to share.’ And so I really wanted to share that, ‘Instructions for a bad day’ By, and I’ll spell it. Because I don’t know
if I’m saying it right. S.H.A.Y.N.E Last name, K.O.Y.Z.A.N And I’ll put that below
so you can look it up. And you can read it for yourself. Because sometimes it can be good
to even print these things out, Put them in our wallets or our purses. Like I was talking in my DBT video, So then we have something
with us that’s like tangible. That we can read when
we’re having a bad day. Or really struggling. And help keep us motivated. Okay, I love you all. Tomorrow I will be on the website If you haven’t gotten on there, Check it out. There is chat. Because I know that I’m not
as present as I usually am. So if you really need some support. Hop on there. There are a lot of people on there, Who have offered to kind of help out
over the time that I’m gone. And then I will also be on youtube. So ask your questions below day’s video. And I will be on there answering them. Love you all. Talk to you soon. Bye! Subtitles by the community

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  1. My former therapist told me that staying busy really helps with depression. I know that that is true for me. Right now I am looking for work and I volunteer for my church, and I feel that once I start working again; I will feel accomplished and that will really help.

  2. Hey Kati! This is for your #katifaq and I was wondering how we can talk about past sexual abuse without totally freaking out! When my therapist brings up sexual abuse even without asking me what happened my heart starts racing and I get super nervous!? Is this normal and how can I finally open up about what happened. Thanks so much Kati!

  3. #katifaq hey kati im feeling very very scared, I used to have a very severe eating disorder where I would not eat for days then eat small amounts of food one day, take sometimes over 20 laxatives and start the cycle all over again, I was about 126 pounds, it gradually got not as extreme and then the behaviours stopped and now I am  21, 5'7,182 pounds, probably about 30-40 pounds overweight and I struggle to eat healthily and exercise enough. However I have worked very hard to feel good about my body no matter what and not feel guilty about eating, which mentally has been a better situation for me and meant I can achieve more in my life. I am very scared because this Christmas I can feel myself slipping back into my eating disorder, thinking I should stop eating for days and days so I can be skinny. It's maybe because I dont have scales at my house where I study and my parents do so ive been weighing myself, ive been cooped inside doing an essay so not really exercising and my mum always talks about dieting and that she thinks shes fat, and my sister in law and brother talk about other people being fat and i feel self conscious also i feel like my life would be better if i was skinny and i could do more things i wanted to do and people would accept me and be attracted to me and like me. I am very sexually active as a way to cope but have not had a committed boyfriend since i was 18 and really skinny and i am paranoid no one will love me until im thin again and i wont have a happy life or be able to survive or do things i want to do. I'm feeling really scared and sad and dont know how to cope. Thanks, sorry for posting such a long question, I love your videos and I think you're amazing 🙂 xxx

  4. Hey Kati, I have a question I really need answered asap. What's the difference between being depressed and being lazy? I always feel like I have depression but some people think I'm just trying to be someone I'm not because I knew people who have self-harmed before I did it. I did self-harm for my own reasons. I never got help for this and it's been going on for years. Thanks.

  5. Hey Kati! Hope you had a great holiday. I was just wondering, is it normal to put yourself down and feel ashamed because of having a mental illness? I find myself doing this a lot lately and was wondering if this is normal. Thanks!

  6. #katifaq  Hi Kati. I love your videos. So I am 16 years old and was sexually assaulted when I was 13. I didn't realize what had happened since it wasn't full sex, but forced kissing and making out and stuff like that. I put 2 and 2 together during health class when we talked about violence and this came up. My therapist confirmed it. She says that I have a lot of symptoms of PTSD. Now, I am with my first boyfriend since then. Often you talk about how after sexual abuse or assault or stuff like that, we tend to refrain from sexual activity or are scared of it. I find myself thinking about having sexual activity with this guy tho. Can it work the other way where you are more tempted to engage in sexual activity? I feel like once we hit one stage, I'm immediately ready for the next, but I wait for him to go at his own pace. Are there cases where it goes the opposite like this? Thanks.

  7. I mean I loved you already but finding out that you wanted the Canadiens to win makes me love you that much more :p

  8. #KatiFAQ
    Hey kati, Love your Videos Tanks for all The Time that you spend for us every day.
    FAQ: While the holidays and meals with the family I tried to put my hunger and fullness on a scale, but when I reached a 8-9 my family kept telling me that I ate like a bird! So how could I know if my way to eat is healthy?

  9. 1)  It is possible to do something you love TOO much, to the point one gets bored of it, or it even feels like it's another job.  When I feel like I'm not enjoying a hobby or something I generally like to do, I step back for a little while. 

    2)  A psychiatrist/therapist is there solely for the patient.  Anyone trying to help somebody is only as good is the information given them.  Be as honest as possible; remember, you are spending your money and your time for the help.

  10. Hey Kati, how can I deal with a cluttered house? Most of my family members have hoarding-like tendencies, and it puts a lot of stress on me physically and especially mentally. I always get the urge to clean everything but it's so overwhelming! What should I do? X

  11. #katifaq Hi Kati 🙂 i went to my doctor on Monday and he said that im really stable and our next apt is for the first time in a month (it was every two weeks up to now). My mood swings are not daily anymore and it seems that most of my symptoms are gone. Is it possible a full recovery for BPD? or my symptoms have decreased due to meds and they are going to come back eventually? Thank You!!

  12. #katifaq   Hi Kati, I have been dealing with a back injury and was getting better with PT. My mom hurt her back and when she did I did my best to help her. I had a family session with my therapist last week, during which both my parents told me I was selfish and using my back as an excuse and not thinking about my mom. I was really upset as I don't use pain as an excuse and hate seeing loved ones in pain. Since then I have been doing things even if causes me severe pain. I am triggered because they get upset when I hurt my back. I already hide my pain as they told me I complained too much growing up. I have been helping out more no matter how much pain it causes me. I have told my parents if it's very painful to do something and they tell me too bad. I don't know how else to handle this. I don't like being called selfish.    Sorry this is so long. I wish I could make it shorter. Thank you for your videos <3 

  13. I'm coming to the end of a (shortened) DBT programme and haven't found it helpful at all. I told my therapist this and she said it's because I'm not stable enough for therapy. I see what she means because I'm frequently a danger to myself etc and we always have to spend each individual session planning how to keep me safe for the next week. How am I meant to become stable enough for therapy to be beneficial?

  14. R.e. The second question I think it's possible to feel as though you've shared too much but that's natural when you're telling them your inner thoughts and feelings because it makes us feel vulnerable. But as long as you can trust your therapist to be understanding of that delicate information then you can get through it and it should ultimately help therapy.

  15. Why can't I stand touch? My family is super touchy and it really hurts them that I won't hug them or be physically affectionate. They try anyways which makes me want to hit them (which is weird because I'm never violent or aggressive) or I triggers my sh. How can I get over my intolerance to touch so I can hold my mom's hand and hug her?? Thanks!(:

  16. #katifaq I always found it hard to talk to therapists. I really have huge trust issues even towards my closest friends or family, so how should I talk about my problems to a complete stranger who doesn't know me at all? Thanks for everything that you do you are amazing, have a nice day ❤

  17. Hey kati,

    I currently struggle with depression and self harm but I also have (undiagnosed) problems with my eating which I think could be an eating disorder. I am struggling a lot with my depression/self harm and I'm considering going back to my GP and asking for more support. My question is; would I be able to get help and possibly see a therapist for my depression/self harm but not have to get help for my eating problems? I just don't feel bad enough to ask for help with my eating but I want to for my depression if that makes sense?

  18. #katiFAQ . Hi kati . Ive always wondered what therapist write in their notes when we re having a session . Can you please explain???

  19. #KatiFaQ – I have my first session with a counsellor next week to try and help with SH and childhood sexual abuse and I was just wondering what should I expect from the first session? I'm really nervous about it and wanted my teacher to be there with me (but she's not allowed) and I'm not good at talking to people I don't know/trust. Is there anything I can do to make it easier for me and are the sessions driven by the counsellor or will she stay quiet until I lead the conversation? Also do you know what a intermediary is? Thank you for all your videos!

  20. #KatiFAQ Is it wrong to not feel any love toward your immediate family? Like you don’t belong with them? Growing up and even now there has been a degree of mental and emotional abuse from my parents, I’ve never been close with either one of them. I’ve dealt with a lot of my issues (depression, eating disorder, etc) on my own, because any topic like this is taboo for them, and frankly I don’t feel as though they know me enough to even have a conversation. Even at 22, I don’t feel any connection with them at all. We don’t fight, but there’s very little conversation. We get along, but it’s more like getting along with coworkers at the office, nothing deeper.  When I need someone for advice, comfort, support or anything emotional, I never think of them to go to. Those feelings just aren’t there. As damaging and as hard as it’s been not having a close family, is it bad to feel like I don’t ever want a relationship with them?

  21. #katifaq , Hey Kati, when I'm talking to people, particularly teachers and a police officer that are trying to help me through childhood sexual abuse, I really struggle to make eye contact or even look near the person. An advocate shouted at me for this but I'm not trying to be rude I just can't make eye contact. I also struggle with shaking my leg, I can't get my sentences out properly and fidget with things in my hand (usually sharp plastic), scratching them. could this anything to do with the abuse I went through as a child or is it more likely to be something else? How can I change and come across as more polite and confident when talking? 

  22. I totally relate to question 1- I know I should like something (like going on a holiday or going out with friends) so I keep doing it but its not that I am enjoying them; I'm just occupying my time. Could this be depression or just who I am?

  23. #KatiFAQ  what are ur thoughts on onlinescholling when you have social anxiety? school has become too hard for me but as i am only 16 years old i need to keep on studying. i don't do got at school atm because i can't focus and i am wondering if online school would be a good idea 

  24. #KatiFAQ  Hey, good morning (or whatever it is for you). Do you have any tips on how to deal with anxiety at concerts? Really wanna go to some but I don't want anxiety to ruin such experiences. thanks in advance.

  25. #katiFAQ Hi Kati! I was wondering if you have any tips for overcoming emetophobia (ie the fear of vomiting). I suffer from it really badly to the point where I can't be in the same room as a sick person, I'm afraid to eat so I just don't and if I get a belly ache, I start panicking until I literally can't breathe… This has a huge impact on my social life. I can't even explain why I'm so scared of it, I know it's partly to do with the fear of vomiting in front of someone. I used to see a counsellor but I had a bad experience so now I'm afraid to go back, especially to discuss such an icky subject matter. I know that a lot of people suffer with it and face this problem every day, and it would be so useful if you could please include this question in one of your videos! Thank you. Ps I love your videos, they are really helpful and you are a very thoughtful, kind person 🙂 love from, Emily xx

  26. #KatiFAQ me and my therapist were talking last week about me possibly going into the mental health field myself. She said something about not actually sharing my story, but taking my past to help other people. She told me that most professionals struggled themselves with something it's just not something they are allowed talk about. So my point is… I know it wouldn't be right to bring your story up with a client. Because in therapy it's about them not you. But I don't see a problem with it in other situations. So my question is…if you become a therapist can you still discuss your past outside of being with patients? For example…could you write a book about your experience with sexual abuse? Or is there any type of laws pertaining to this?

  27. #katifaq do I have to share details? I've talked a lot about my past sexual abuse with my therapist but I feel like I'm holding some things back. Is the awkward uncomfortable stuff essential for full recovery?!! Helppp!!

  28. #KatiFaq it's hard enough to get treatment based on the stigma of society so why do we put that stigma on ourselves also? I've noticed myself saying all the usual things, I would never say them to anyone else but for some reason I feel they apply to me. It's things like "it's not depression you're just lonely and weak" or "if I just try harder I wouldn't be struggling" or "I'm crazy because I struggle with mental illness". I hate hearing these things from other people yet I keep telling them to myself. Why can't I seem to apply the same standards to myself as I do to others? I would never call someone with depression weak other than myself because I know depression isn't a sign of weakness and it takes strength to deal with it. In my mind it makes me weak though.

  29. #KatiFAQ Hi Kati! So I think everyone is addicted to something in life, whether it is healthy like music or not healthy like self harm. But is it bad to be addicted to anything at all? If you're addicted to a coping skill that isn't detrimental, is it still bad because you're not working on the underlying issue? Thanks!

  30. I relate to question #1 completely! I have often asked myself the exact same questions. Like that person mentions I make myself keep going to events or activities I am involved in but completely relate to not feeling enjoyment and watching others be more passionate. Thanks for answering these questions!

  31. #katiFAQ Hey Kati I hope you're doing well! I saw this on tumblr and I wanted to share it with you. "Keep a grateful journal. Every night, list 5 things that happened this day that you are grateful for. What it will begin to do is change your perspective of your day and your life. If you can learn to focus on what you have, you will always see that the universe is abundant; you will have more. If you concentrate on what you don't have, you will never have enough." – Oprah Winfrey

  32. #KatiFAQ What advice would you have for a counselor facilitating their first group? How would you handle clients that challenge you and/or ask for self-disclosure? Love your videos and would like your perspective! 🙂 Thanks!!

  33. Hey Kati can you make a video on ementaphobia (fear of vomiting) and loss of control many thanks hope you had a great New year x

  34. I find forcing yourself to get out of bed and do anything, even as small as sweeping or dishes helps. At least you can say "I did at least one thing today". Which can help. Also, opening blinds. Surprising how unaware I became to how much no natural light was coming into my apartment, and natural vitamin D is known to help.

    Side note: Hockey. Serious business for us Canadians. I wish I was kidding, but we broke Twitter's server during the Canada vs. Russia gold medal game during the world juniors. Don't get me started about the Olympics. Jobs let people have the day off/would bring in a TV. (^∇^)

  35. I caught my mental health provider falsifying billing, I have an invoice showing a double charge on an intake $35 x 2 = $70. (that would not have justified a $267 late fee). They admitted that the $267 was actually combination of all the counseling sessions. They tried telling me they were denied by the insurance company, but they didn't anticipate that I would call the insurance company and give them the invoice number to discover they never submitted the billing. They tried saying I signed release to bill me for what ever insurance didn't cover. But they knew they were not insured if they scheduled counseling on days when doctor was not on site. So I call that a deal breaker and told her I would report her if they damaged my credit over this dishonest billing method. I have medicare and medicaid, and as a person on disability, even if I signed an authorization, that would not have authorized them to bill me without using due dilligence to take cost saving measures first.

    I had been with this company off and on 30 years different office but I see a change that is not working for me. Not just the billing issue. So I had to discontinue service, and been in limbo now for over a year. The medication fiasco was just as bad a problem. Something happened the turn over rate is bad, counselors, doctors, staff… just can't keep people long term there. They are just in a down ward spiral. I told them I would not be returning the billing issue was the last straw for me.

    It does not help that I am borderline personality, already know people don't like me, but when there are additional problems like this beyond "my personality issue" that sets me off, then it just makes it that more frustrating trying to find legit medical assistance. Now I have to contact my insurance company and arrange transportation more then an hour away to find suitable mental illness treatment because this one company holds a monopoly in this region.

    I know I got off topic, my post was suppose to be about too much information, and I actually get flack from medical providers for information over load I don't know how to fix this because I just am always left feeling I failed to articulate in the time provided. I never feel like I accomplished what I meant to address upon visits.

  36. I have struggled with depression since I was 5. I am now 25. When asked any question about me, ect what I want to do or go, my answer is I don't know. How do you begin to find who you are when at such a young age your innocence and self was taken?

  37. +KatiMorton This may sound crazy, but I feel like when you speak I have a voice. You talk about all the stuff I want to, but can't find the courage to do so… Thank you for a helping hand and being that voice in a world of silence.

  38. On my good days, I like to make lists of things that sound like fun to do so that I can look at them on my depressed days. Don't know if this is helpful to anyone! 🙂 

  39. You were cheering for the Montreal Canadians and you added ''obviously''? Are you from Montreal? I am from Montreal and I am actually going to seek help from a therapist, I think I may be schizoid and would like to see if it's possible to become socially normal somehow, I don't really crave for relationships but I think I would like to be able to connect, life is pretty dull as it is I think I may be missing out on beautiful things. If I am not diagnosed as schizoid then it will mean I have a ton of patterns and self taught beliefs built up in my head that I need to change. that or maybe I am depressed, but I don't feel sad I am pretty neutral about anything. Anyways, please let me know if you're from Montreal.

  40. What is most likely to happen if I tell her about suicidal thoughts/plans and my desire to die? I don't really want to die, I just don't want to have it like this and I'm scared that I'll actually go through with my plans if I don't get help, but I'm scared as to what they will do if I tell them?

  41. Hey, I've struggled with depression for most of my life. Here's a couple of things that REALLY help me when I'm in a dark or plateaued state.
    Seriously, ^ that is the name of her channel, she's a Canadian comedian but she's been through a lot as well and some of her videos I actually watch on a daily basis. (I could literally recite them. Lol) my favourites are: 10 Reasons to smile. (Sounds corny but it's great), 10 MORE reasons to smile, 5 minutes of epic motivation, Get Back Up, and lastly, Your Wake Up Call.
    When Kati talks about the importance of journals, she's not just being an annoying therapist. Lol she's being serious. Writing is one of the few escapes we as humans have from our world. Use that as you will.
    I read 25/8. It's relaxing, it's fun, and it's not too difficult. It can take your mind on an adventure without leaving your room. Try it!
    -And finally, MUSIC!
    Self explanatory. Lol good luck!

  42. So. I have had depression issues and I was taken to therapy/counciling and now I am ok. Therapy didn't help but I'm ok now but my therapist doesn't believe me and I am a minor so I can't just stop. What can I tell him to make him believe that I am ok? He makes me uncomfortable and I am open to seeing other therapists.

  43. if I tell my new CAMHS worker I've self harmed again wil she tell my parents …
    she knows I realised really badly a month ago and he stopped again but I've done it again even though I told everyone I wouldn't …
    I don't want her to tell anyone but I want to talk to her about it …

  44. I stopped seeing my male therapist because i was worried he would think i was just some crazy chick. And i was also ashamed to be honest about my emotions dealing with a broken heart and feeling worthless because of my ex boyfriend. So i didnt share very much at all with him and acted like i was fine and doing better. He believed i was doing much better and put that in my file. Truth is im not doing fine at all, im just really good at pretending i am because i dont like crying in front of ppl or showing how hurt or how sensitive and weak i can be. I think its from having to pretend since childhood that im fine and not show my true feelings when i was picked on at school and my parents werent emotionally there for me. I kept a lot in and still do. I really want to see a female therapist but dont want my male therapist to know, i feel like id be hurting his feelings. Is it possible to see a different therapist at the womens clinic in my area without him knowing, will they request my file?

  45. #katifaq
    hey Kat I am Clay. I am bipolar 1. I have 2 question. My First question
    is If I been hypo mania for weeks is your meds working?and my Second
    question is I was give Ativan for racing thoughts and help me sleep but
    it hasn't been working sub 1 time what do you do?thanks Kat!

  46. i wish i had discovered this channel when i was 12 years old. I hit the lowest low of my life. But i never got help because i was scared of myself and i was scared of what people would think. Im glad to be doing better but i wish i had really talked to someone about it instead of hiding it every day

  47. #katifaq If I tell my therapist/social worker I have had suicidal thoughts will she tell my parents? Because if she will I won't tell her.

  48. Volunteering with my church really helped with my depression! I believe it was the fact that I was working beside other people who truly cared about me, while serving other people and I wasn't focused on my self.

  49. Kati I still have a hard time believing what you said about telling your therapist too much. Therapist are humans too and can be blind from their own bias, and other weaknesses. I am not saying this as your wrong, but the reality of the situation is every human is not immune to unfair snap judgements.

  50. #KatiFAQ I have a question. I am diagnosed with PTSD, BIpolar 1 w/ psychotic feat. And my psychiatrist just added ADHD to this diagnosis. My question is, how do you know if you've been miss diagnosed, BIpolar does not run in my family, ADHD does and so does major depression and schizophrenia, also some learning disabilities. I'm curious about this subject because I had been diagnosed with scizoeffective disorder when I was 13, and then when I was 21 they said it was social anxiety, and now they say what I put up at the top. I'm very tired of dealing with these lables. I have had trouble with school all my school years, and my self-esteem is pretty much gone, also I have a hard time socially, and I blank out a lot when there is a ton of stimulation (lights ,noise, and to much going on at once). I'm also forgetful, I misplaced my meds this week and I forget to take them, i hyperfocus on certain tasks then the "important" stuff I don't get done on time, anyway, I'm super overwhelmed by the fact I "underachieve" even though I know I can do better, if I could just stick to things and not forget important stuff, it's like I'm lazy but, I'm really not it's like I'm held back by something I can't control. No matter how hard I try to do better. anyway, I went off topic, so, question was,… oh, how do you know if you are misdiagnosed?

  51. @katimorton ok so I have depression and anxiety and when i feel really bad my heart physically aches. Ive been to a doctor and they say my physical health is fine, could my mental health make my heart ache? #katiFaq

  52. Any advice on how to knock down the wall I've built without feeling regret after session? I'm having trouble trusting my therapist.

  53. Sometimes I talk to my therapist and I feel like I'm going to start cry so I hold back a little so the tears will go away. I have only seen her two times. Not to the point where I could cry like that yet.

  54. I told a therapist about something in my life once and he burst into tears.
    My immediate response was to apologise for making him cry.

  55. I find it so hard to be myself at work :/.I just feel like I can't connect to people and it's so hard to get around..I've always found it incredibly hard to develop casual friendships.I tend to only want to be friends with people if there is a goal that we both feel to get to know each other inside out.I have never understood how you can be able to tell your "drinking" friend one thing and your "drawing " friend another. I then feel like an absolute freak because I tend to want to have more intense relationships than what is typically expected.Thos means I tend to is isolate myself and really worry about making new friends.Im 24 and I very very seldom get invited anywhere. I spent this New Years hiding in my closet on my phone and under my covers. :/.I just never know what to say to people sometimes. I mean.. I'm better at talking to people who are older because I'm less scared that they'll judge me. I love doll making ,trapeze ,writing and studying Russian andd I don't think these are boring things but why is it so hard to socialize.apart from being on the autistic spectrum which sucks and makes me feel like such a freak.not only that but I have ADHD and all I've EVER heard about it are bad things and since my diagnosis I've become even MORE reluctant to go out. Urgh and then the most frustrating thing is , by saying that you hate yourself , you're demonstrating that you're not mature enough. My problem is I know exactly what to do most of the time , I just choose not to as self punishment.And I have a really big problem with self worth so I put everyone before me. Also it's so normal for it to be me making all the effort and feeling like my friends don't that it's just normal to me. Urgh! "Mentally throws imaginary plate".

  56. And yet, if you tell your therapist you smoke marijuana they instantly judge you. How the heck do you find one who doesn't treat it like a moral issue? It's even LEGAL here.

  57. I had seen a therapist for two years following a diagnosis at first skeptical of it but accepting. I left sessions feeling great and doing everything we talked about but now I don't see him I wonder if I am doing the right thing. Guidance was awesome but treating this afterward alone more scary. I am reflective of the past leaving my therapist I continued to try to feel the way I did and have confidence about my decisions. I was diagnosed with schizophrenia about eight years ago. The worst was when i had combined auditory and seeing things that weren't there. Now I tell myself I know the difference and look at my own world more plainly. Your advice helps Kati. Thank you.

  58. I can relate, I never know what is part of my depressions vs part of my personality since I've had it most of my life.

  59. Maybe Iam counter productive here but what if you don't enjoy stuff because you find it in essence to really truely suck? I'm not denying Im depressed but example I was invited to a freestyle concert and my friend enjoyed herself and I had to put up a facade to not ruin her time however it was a piss poor facade in my opinion, nevertheless I didn't enjoy it but I wouldn't have pegged it to depression since Ive always been minimally amused by societal norms…..

  60. # Kati FAQ I have had therapists in the past but have felt invalidated by them or like they weren’t there to help they always said and how does that make you feel and that was frustrating now I’m at passages and I have a peer support and case maneger I feel they really help and I trust them I’m currently struggling with trying to kill myself and they say I need to add more support like a therapist what should I do it’s frustrating I’m hesitant because of the exsperinces I’ve had in the past at the same time though I know I need more help

  61. I am scared that if i go into therapy andtalk in my first session, that he/she is going to think I make it all up. Still I know it is real but my anxiety wont let it go and I start overthinking. I start second guessing, wheter or not I should go or not. Please help

  62. Professional diagnosis: the cat’s crazy. 😳 Advice: Ignore him.
    I just flashed on my whole childhood. 😂😂😂

  63. I don't hold anything back and will list everything and I had therapy for 4yrs hasn't worked. Talking doesn't work. Meds don't work. I have multiple anxiety disorders. Psychologist for 7yrs did nothing. Nothing works period. When on anxiety meds I want to kill people and I don't care about consequences period. I'm on the do not give patient x y z drugs in ER/hospital/doctor's office state list. Looking out a window at phys therapy for chronic fatigue syndrome, bursitis, and fibromyslgia and realizing I'm not thinking about anything caused a severe panic attack where I passed out and my heart beat so fast the beat went irregular and the paranedics had to use the defibrillator on me to correct my irregular heart beat. This is normal.

  64. Hi Kati! I would like to react on your comment "talk to your friends". Because I have heard that one a lot. And yes it can be helpful to talk to friends, but they aren't professionals! I have found that many people love to give advice, but don't know any better then you do.. And also I miss the side- notion of not continuously driving them crazy with it, if you still want them to be be your friends years from now. What are your thoughts on that?
    I do really love your video's and they give me more insight and tools to get on with certain things, so thanks!

  65. i know this video came out three years ago, but for anyone who sees this i have always found that spending time in the nature really helps to calm and relax me.

  66. One of the things that helps me a lot with depression is to find a cause you believe in and fight for it or do some volunteer work. Basically, find something where the happiness of others is dependant on you. This gives a strong sense of purpose and you may find yourself having fun despite the task being grueling because you know it's doing good.

  67. Maybe if you got the cat a beer we would have won that game. I'm not sure that it would have helped the series though. I really appreciate your videos, very informative. You are answering a lot of my questions. Thank You

  68. Very useful answers thank you Kati!
    I was actually wondering about the first one today, because I was confronted to a subject I've never really appreciated and an other that I used to like. And somehow in my head both were on the same level of enjoyment.
    I was annoyed but since I wasn't alone I did my best to appear interested at the very least. But at the end I was just so bored and upset at the same time that I couldn't help but withdraw from any conversation hoping to just go Home already…
    I will contact my therapist soon. You convinced me to give it a try again ^^"
    Plus I feel like there's this part of me that I might have to talk about out loud since I've never dared to do so. Even with close friends and family members 🙂

  69. I personally am in the process of recovery. I have been struggling with severe, debilitating depression ( along with anxiety, ADHD, OCD, bipolar disorder, and constant panic attacks.) I have been bouncing between insomnia and oversleeping and it has been such a frustrating process. Plus, somehow even when you are already in the tornado of emotions, getting diagnosed makes everything feel worse and you feel so broken that you wonder if you can ever be put back together. So, I recently had to start separating myself from everything to step back and evaluate myself. Medicine can only do so much it seems, there must be something I can do to help myself. What I have been doing recently is setting small ( literally I feel dumb how small) goals for each day and week. Like take a shower everyday, or get dressed in something other than sweat pants. As dumb as it feels, I am starting to understand what people mean when they say as you have small victories you start to build momentum for bigger ones. My big one this week was going in the gym and doing a mile on the treadmill. ( I haven't had the energy to do anything lately so that was HUGE). But all this led me to have an epiphany last night. I am not broken, shattered or missing pieces like I have been feeling. I am a canvas, and everything in my life, every emotion adds to the canvas. Its a bit of a mess right now, but as I give myself the space to start over, the paint dries and I can paint over the past, paint new layers of white paint to my canvas. Then paint the picture of my dream life. Thanks Kati for all your videos, I love watching them all. Sorry for the long post.

  70. I'm still in school and I didn't know what I enjoyed anymore due to depression but I always thought about doing clubs but inner thoughts put me off so I force myself to go and I found out that I love rugby and singing so I go to clubs to make myself happier

  71. On the subject of telling your therapist too much, aren't there also times where going into the specific details will be telling the therapist too much? Like, are there not times when you are giving them irrelevant information? For instance, if you are telling them about your sex life, does it have value to explain exactly what you have done? Or how about when you feel the need to explain what you do in games as you feel like that might give insight into your psyche? And finally, how about your opinions and views on societal and philosophical matters?

  72. But…. I do think they think imma freak? They nv talked about it squarely but just privatised their social media. I'm so stress over it and idk if u would pick my question.

  73. I had a bad experience to tell to much. She looks at me really judgment and I use strong words. Like if I get angry, anxiety in front my kids, it's against the law. I explained to her my ptsd complex and there isn't intentional. This why I need help.

  74. I feel like I am constantly clarifying that "I don't mean that literally" to my therapist when talking about what I would like to do to my abusers.

  75. What happens if you tell your therapist you committed a serious crime, like a murder? Are therapists bound by confidentiality to the same degree that priests are during a confession, or will they just go and tell the police?

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