Cara Upload Aplikasi ke Play Store (Google Play)

Cara Upload Aplikasi ke Play Store (Google Play)

Ok friends, in this video I will share how to publish apk, to Google Playstore here, I already have an account, and has been verified next, we create a name default country (Indonesian) we create ok, here we need a description for app in playstore I already have the data I just need to copy paste here for a short description of a maximum of 80 characters. We need to shorten it ok, next we have to upload an icon for the app ok, next screenshot for the app here, we have to upload the banner with a resolution of 1024 x 500 Next, we select the type of application category for a email wait a minute ok friends, we continue here, we must fill in the privacy policy link my link ok, we copy we paste here then, save ok, can we see it. the checklist has changed color Next, click App releases production Create new release we select the app wait until the process is complete Next, we click content rating, oh we have to wait. ok we’ll wait first guys, don’t forget to subscribe so as not to miss the other videos ok, already uploaded we save yeah, the checklist has changed color too next here, you can fill in your email this is only for rating Select your category fill out the review in accordance with your app save calculate and apply ok, the checklist has changed color select pricing and destribution you can select what countries will provide your app in the Playstore here, i just select Indonesia option whether your application has ads next you must check save ok, has changed next for others, there are some conditions that must be fulfilled you can read in PlayStore’s privacy policy everything has changed next, back to App releases Edit release ok, review we have successfully uploaded the application waiting for the Google review process Usually this process requires 1-3 working days I’m Luthfi, thanks dont forget subscribe, like and comment

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  1. Bang di menit 9:52 kan ada tuh peringatan sm seperti yg aku punya. Yg jadi masalah star rool outnya Sy GK aktif dan TDK bs di klik? Tp punya Abang bisa

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