#CareersAndCoffee with Andrew LaCivita | Best Advice for Starting a New Job

#CareersAndCoffee with Andrew LaCivita | Best Advice for Starting a New Job

Hey Everybody! It’s Andy! Happy Tuesday
morning careers in coffee time thanks for joining me thanks for joining me I
love these Tuesday morning time slots want you to know I am flying solo today
so I may have to be doing a little talking and glancing and talking and
glancing but I’m gonna do my best because my partner Kara is off for
something else but great to have you hope you guys enjoyed the quick I don’t
know I think maybe four-minute video that I had this morning on one of my
best tips for starting a new job I want to talk about that for a minute or two
and then I want to go right to some questions I want to make a few
announcements of what we have going I got a ton of stuff going on over the
next six weeks lots and lots of free and some paid training on everything that
you can imagine so great to have you if you here with me live get in the chat
tell me who you are where you’re from what you need you can ask me anything
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already but great to have you it it looks like the stream is okay
and you know it’s never a great feeling flying solo but alright happy Tuesday
all right listen Adam Stark is wildly in the front of the line and we’re gonna go
right to his question Oh today got my Ralph Lauren cup that somebody gave me
it’s kind of nice and where my life is good you see that life is good
sweatshirt cuz even though it’ll be I’m sure 90 today I’m still still cold so
but but just want to want to talk before we get to Adams question just talk for a
few minutes about the the video this morning I there’s a couple of weeks ago
it might have even been on one of the early shows we got a great question
about somebody starting a new job and I I just I think that there are a
lot of things that you need to do to set yourself up for success but at the end
of any day of your life everything that you do is about people in your life your
family your friends but work – and while corporations are made up of buildings
and processes and methodologies and all that great stuff and the customers that
they serve ultimately what makes companies successful is the way that the
people within them operate together in harmony what that culture is like it’s
getting those personalities to gel together and so the tip this morning was
really about making sure that you understand how what you do influences or
can benefit or is impacted by anybody in the process that you touch in your in
your methods in your practices in what it is you’re doing so whether you’re
servicing something making a widget or whatever it might be somebody does
something they hand it to you you do something with it you hand it to
somebody else whether that’s somebody else inside your company that’s in in
line to do the next thing or whether that’s off to the customer or back and
forth with the customer or whatever it might be or to your boss for approval or
whatever it might be the more you can get that down and how what you what you
do affects them and then showing some genuine interest in communicating with
them understanding what it is they need what understanding what it is or
explaining to them what you do with what they give you whatever it might be but
the more you can understand each other and and help each other in the process I
think the better you’re gonna you’re gonna do and I think that’s where I’d
spent a lot of my time early on just trying to understand the touch points
the other thing is and a lot of you I know you’re familiar with this video
where I talk about when you’re in the interview process you want to make sure
that you are getting what what the true success
metrics or what the makeup looks like so so any air from now what will I have
done that you would consider successful and that is one of my favorite questions
for you to ask during the interview process and it’s also one of the best
things that you can do when you start a new job is making sure that you have
clarity with your boss with your team with the stakeholders with your
customers so now it’s there’s a lot more people that you’re trying to get that
data from what does that look like so what are you working toward and you know
also how are you going to be measured in the process so and now you have on an
ongoing basis something that you can use as not only the benchmark but the check
points is you have your weekly monthly quarterly semiannual annual reviews
those are things that you should keep in mind so that’s a that’s another tip that
I would I would suggest and I mentioned in the video that there are 12 of them I
do if you are in my leadership program or you are in my job search boot camp or
you have enrolled in my career accelerator program you have access to
all the other stuff that I go into about how to do well in your first 90 days and
also how to position yourself for promotion that’s in the in the premium
package it’s in my career accelerator program but you get that as a gift when
you join my leadership program or when you join my job search boot camp or when
you or when you enroll in it on its own so if you want more training on that I
would highly recommend getting into that program it’s really really a great
package it’s five modules it goes into that stuff it goes into how to generate
brilliant ideas so I go through excellence planning each morning there
are questions that I ask myself that ultimately help me brainstorm with
almost zero prompts but you can get into a creative moment instantly and then you
think through certain things about what you do in your job or for me what I do
in my business as it relates to servicing you marketing to you creating
great products for you building communities other things like
operational stuff inside my biz but everybody in any job that you have
does these things you service some body you have teammates you have a community
that you serve yours might look a little different than mine but basically that’s
another element there’s also all my organizational tactics as well as how to
prepare for the actual discussion when you go in for review your reviews what
do you need to pull together what should you have been thinking about well in
advance I’m talking like within a year in advance and all that good stuff and
then how do you have the discussion that’s what that career accelerator
program is about but it’s a suite it’s like a $400 program but it’s a sweet
pretty sweet gift with a lot of those packages that I offer all right let me
take I want to take some questions and then I want to get ya a little more news
on what’s going on I’m assuming everything is okay looks like people are
shuffling in you know I know my face is a little bright but the only way to get
rid of that is for me to dismantle my entire setup because I don’t like these
dark dark mornings dark dark mornings okay Adam Stark like I said first online
always let’s go with you buddy with creating a targeted company list do
you have any advice on researching and discovering if a company meets your
ideal environment culture general needs before you even apply an interview Adam
without question you can get a feeling with without question there’s no way
you’re gonna get the full answers until you get into the interview process and
you observe it but here’s what I tend to look for and and this is a this is a
phenomenal question for all of you that are that our job searching which I know
is quite a few of you when I think about creating a target company list so it if
if you’re not familiar with what Adam is referring to I recommend that you
operate your job search according to a target company list number one you join
a company you don’t join a job number two it’s easier for you to manage who
you’re contacting when you’re contacting it also allows you to control the
outflow of your communications so when when
you search based on position you are limiting the possibilities and
opportunities that you have in this world according to what is listed and
available to you in the public domain if you target organizations the
possibilities are endless just how you know you can find a company you can
contact them and you never know what’s gonna happen and don’t be shaking your
heads thinking well if they’re not advertising oh and opening there’s a low
likelihood that they would be open to talking with me about a possibility of
working there that’s flat-out not true and organizations are always hiring and
if you got you know ten salespeople you can always trade two of them out even
though they don’t have a publicized opening you get my you got my gist here
you should be contacting organizations that do not have publicized openings the
other thing about that is number one you don’t know what’s going on behind the
scenes number two they’re always willing to trade people out number three you’re
gonna have a lot lower competition okay if they don’t have as many resumes
coming in not as many people are doing this so that’s what that’s what Adam is
talking about is he starts to create that targeted company list what he wants
to know is is there an extra layer that I could review just kind of
superficially to ascertain whether this organization is likely to meet my
cultural needs and some of the things that I tend to look for because of my
cultural interests you know does does the organization look fun or does it
look stiff are they posting up pictures of their philanthropic stuff and they’re
you know they’re they’re corporate outings does it look fun are there
testimonials from their employees on the website or or videos or written
testimonials or a podcast or something that shows me that people love working
there am I getting am I getting those senses
so I start to look through that in art is there anything in the news that is
letting me know the type of person they hired what’s that person’s background
and then you can start to look at the makeup of the backgrounds of the people
inside the organization they all come from stiff big large
organizations you can probably bet your bottom dollar if that’s the case there’s
going to be a lot of overhead built into the company it’s just a general rule of
thumb but this is what I look at and it’s it’s I seem to be correct as I’m
looking to identify organizations that meet we might want to recruit for so my
executive search form I’ll walk when we recruit for organizations we look at all
of this stuff as well in advance of going and taking art and basically
interviewing them with the questions we would ask to determine is this the kind
of culture we would want to represent so those are the kind of things that I
would look for and you can you can start you know extrapolating what what does
that environment look like and I I don’t want to go so far as to say you know the
feel of their corporate website I enjoy looking at a beautiful website but I
want you to remember this when you look at somebody’s website I’m looking for
the information that’s on the website I’m not judging them by how you know is
it state-of-the-art is it totally current is it totally fresh is it
because when you think about it you’re not your resume right they’re not their
website now I understand that they should want to represent themselves
effectively to entice people to want to work there as well as customers and so
on but I would say the same thing to you about your resume so so just just kind
of it’s just a few words of caution and and so I I don’t get overly hung up if
the websites not super sexy and all that good stuff but I do try to look for the
news I do try to look for those kinds of things that that that would give me an
indication but the fact matter is my friend you’re gonna have to get in there
and dig so so that but that’s what I would do that that will give you a
pretty good cursory review of whether you think the culture is enticing and
then you know what that shouldn’t spawn that should spawn some questions that
you’re seeing out there on the website that that should stimulate you know what
kind of questions you want to ask them then I would go in and take my shot and
then ask them in the interview process and good well good morning to you it’s
afternoon by you so what is it like one is it I don’t it’s
12 almost 12 15 or 1 15 by you but but happy afternoon to you II dug for Tampa
Florida – way-hey it is great to be back lot to learn at the workplace yes you
have the new job I love it I love that you’re here ok any general advice
because I am NOT able to effectively communicate deliver with the these with
my customers I’m wondering if you mean if you are referring to pant let me look
at this again I don’t know if you’re referring to the video this morning I’m
having a difficult time being able to know all the processes products
explanations so my my recommend it if if I’m reading your question correctly it’s
you’re in a new job I know you’re an inner job because you’ve announced that
it’s been great to be able to help you with that
you know our there is a get up to speed time and and I’m wondering if you I know
you’re not able to know all the processes products and explanations but
my my view of all of this is when you start a new job my my additional advice
is you got to put the extra time in to make sure that you understand the
concepts and the framework so that as you look at the details inside or
whatever it is that you do you have better context for why you do certain
things and the reason that understanding the ideas the strategy the overall
processes is incredibly important is because the details within the steps are
a lot easier to determine discover determine and remember if you have the
overall framework in mind so one of the things that I would say and I don’t know
what your exact position is but there is an element of working in overdrive and
overtime to catch up on that stuff but when I’m trying to learn the details of
what I do what the mistake most people make is they want to try to remember the
details what is that what should I say how should I explain that and so forth
when start at the top try to under and what the overall schematic looks
like because then as you’re explaining the different pieces along the way it’s
going to be easier to remember them and you will have much better not only
context but a much better perspective about what’s happening so I say get out
of the weeds try to make sure you understand why things are done the way
they’re done what the overall schematic looks like and then fill in the details
but that’s gonna take some extra work so I hope that helps I hope that hit the
mark alright a double interview awesome and I think I know where this is going
alright I crafted within 24 hours thank you email beautiful I want to negotiate
my salary but should I do so in the thank you email fantastic you’re thanks
you’re welcome fantastic question so for all of EWTN to a salary negotiation
playlist on the YouTube channel highly recommend you look at that one of the
things that is paramount that you do when you want to negotiate there’s a
couple of things that I want to comment on because you’re touching on some very
very key points here that I think a lot of people trip up on number one you need
to plant the seed that you will be coming back with something meaning a
counteroffer so when you receive an email you said I got a job offer right
after the final interview I’m assuming that this was in person so when you get
that offer you want to be grateful right thank you so much for the opportunity
but you also do not want to be silent because lots of people think that as if
you look at it and you do not say anything they incorrectly assume that
science silence is compliance and if you come back at a later date and you start
asking for more then they think well geez you didn’t say anything when we
gave you the offer I didn’t really know that you I thought you were okay with it
that’s not I’m not saying that that’s accurate I’m saying that that’s what
happens a lot so what I like to do is immediately if I don’t have not had time
to digest it let’s say they explained it to you okay here’s the bra
strokes we want to offer you $50,000 there’s a 5% bonus you know whatever it
was so they go through this and then what I always like to say is you know
thank you very much so on and so forth there’s a few other things I’d like to
go through and then I like to say you know I just I want to know if there’s
any wiggle room in this meaning you know is there any way we can we can go up I
don’t like the words you know can I have more it’s not enough you know you don’t
want to use language like that but basically you want to plant the seed
that hey I’d like I would like to go and review this in detail and think about it
but before I do that I’d like to know if there’s any wiggle room I would not ask
that in an email I would make sure that I do that a pun first explanation of the
offer meaning when somebody is verbalizing it to you whether it’s on
the phone or whether it’s in the video or whether it’s in person so you want to
plant the seed immediately then you want to go off you never want to email them
again until you can speak with them the only time you would email them is hey
can we talk at 4 o’clock on Wednesday or whatever it is that you’re gonna set up
logistically you do not give them any insight or ask any questions in an email
from that point forward ever about the dollars okay so you don’t want to ask
for more vacation you don’t want to ask about you know start you none of that
everything should be done verbally because there’s too many ways for him or
her or them to misconstrue your sentiment and it gets it gets lost in
the email so you want to go back to them live so the answer to your question I’m
in the thank you email you don’t want say anything thank you so much for the
opportunity I’m super stoked I want to make this work I’m gonna look it over
and I will get back to you by whatever the date is you know something like that
but and then you go back then you verbally have the discussion I’m not
gonna go through all the how’s and wherefores that’s you can get that out
of the salary negotiation videos that I have but to answer your question that’s
how I would handle it so you immediately want to let them know that you’re you’re
going to come back with something you don’t ever want to put anything
email you never want to ask any questions related to your offer in an
email ever it’s the biggest sin in the world don’t
do it please and you know other than hey this is great
everything looks awesome I’m going to accept it as is but I have some quite
like that’s fine but don’t if you if you want to negotiate don’t put any of that
stuff in an email so hope that helps Evelyn oh I’m a boot camper hey give me
your boot camp hashtag I want to see the medallion signs overrun how are you
morning to you too my friend what do you do when you’re in the middle of an
interview the hiring manager tells you she swears a lot as part of her
communication she said this is she said it twice
on the second round as well run I don’t know what to tell you
you know there’s it’s depends on how you feel about that
she says she swears a lot I really don’t care I don’t have sensitive ears I’d be
a little bit more concerned if she said I was political and shifty and lie a lot
but I and and and I know you are of my age and demographic right we’re a
hundred and six years old you and me so I you know I can’t I can’t tell you what
to do though that’s a personal preference so it really is a personal
preference I you know I’m guessing there are a lot of people that are out there
that will absolutely love her because she she’s got a mouth like a truck
driver and I’m sure there will be some people that will be turned off the one
thing I will say that might surprise you is I give her some props for being
honest and you know in case that is something that’s a turn-off to you so I
support you that’s all I care about you’re sitting
here as you know in my community asking me for help my advice is however you
feel is however you feel I will no one I will never tell you how to feel but you
got to go with how how do you feel about that it wouldn’t bother me
you know I might get on fine with her but I I think everybody’s got their own
style and you know and I just I think it’s entirely up to you in what how you
feel about that let’s be honest folks are are okay when I was 22 I got up
every morning I got in the shower I put my suit on with the top button button
and I had to wear the suit and the tie and they told me I couldn’t be wearing
shirts with stripes I mean it was like and I went to work every day five days a
week and there was no swearing and there was no nothing and the shoes had to be
shined and all that stuff and that went on for a lot of years and then it was
you know casual Fridays then it was jeans now it’s shorts
cut-offs and ripped pants with hope you know holes in them and whatever I mean
and I can work from home in my pajamas you know kind of thing so it it also you
know our entire culture our society at least in the u.s. has become very
relaxed and you know people become more and more comfortable and candidly this
workforce now has a lot of people in it that have never number one have ever
been in an environment like that number two at least in the US have been in the
sweetest of economies you know they’ve never been punched in
the face or in the mouth with a bad with a bad employment market and while
individually we all we all suffer our own fate or or enjoy our own fate based
on what we do where we do it our demographic how in demand our skills are
and so forth but lots of people have never been through a lot of rough stuff
and that will change soon but it will change because it always does but how
you feel about this is entirely up to you so my guess is you know you are old
enough where you have been through enough different types of environments
and I just say use your best judgment how you feel about it I know it was kind
of circled around there a little bit but I think those were those are good points
all right Ryan Dunson one or two first-timer welcome aboard first-timer
happy careers in coffee to you can we all give Ryan Dunson a big you know
careers in coffee hug first-timer found you a few weeks ago and I am loving all
the information you provide thank you I love having
you found me on YouTube by searching for resume videos beautiful hmm spent the 7
bucks on the interview intervention book yesterday and I’m stream ly grateful for
all the free products you provide you are welcome guess what Ryan can I tell
you something else okay I’m gonna i’ma sprinkle a little
announcement in here this book for those okay so one of my announcements this
book is is is free I bought it for you I put the e-book together in the
audiobook and there’s some extra ebook bonuses and chapter notes and other
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if you want the double whammy I don’t know if you guys saw this can you see
this this is the live agenda of a goal-setting masterclass but I have
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third fourth and fifth I did put the link in the chat to the goal-setting
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you could just take the agenda if you’re not sure if you want to register for it
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need to register if you want to communicate with me during the live show
and so I give you the agenda I’m gonna go through everything that you need to
know about goals it’s not gonna be dry and boring it’ll be philosophical
it’ll be tactical in nature but goal-setting is is drudgery I mean it’s
a lot of nauseating work for a lot of people and I think I’ve got a way to
make it fun make it enjoyable if you’ve read out of reach but in sight you know
it’s a fun fast read it’s more of a motivational book than a specifics
how-to but we’re gonna go into the specifics in this goal-setting
masterclass that I’m doing September third fourth and fifth so I hope you
guys join me I’m starting to circulate the social media on that stuff if you’re
on my email list you’ll likely get an email on Friday you know with you know
saying hey this is what it’s all about and and we’ll go from there so that
those are a few announcements I’ve got a few more that I want to hit but I want
to keep rolling on your question so hope let me know let me know if you
guys are excited about this book I mean it’s really a it’s really a lot of fun
it really was a lot of fun to do alright Akshay one or two hey Andy so I’m
sending out emails to recruiters and also getting replies awesome recruiters
are saying that I should apply on their website okay to that I replied who
should I follow up with the week to check whether somebody reviewed my
resume – that I am NOT getting replies or either getting a reply that the
recruiter will reach out to you if there is a fit any suggestions yes so if you
are connecting with the recruiter you know who to you know who to reply to to
see if they got the your resume so what they’re I’m a little surprised if these
are I’m assuming these are corporate recruiters who you’ve found and they’re
replying to you and they’re saying just put it in the in in the career portal
and what that’s doing for them is it’s allowing the applicant tracking system
to filter it because they must be either uber busy or uber lazy one of one or the
other but if you sent me your resume and I’m a corporate recruiter and I I would
open it because it would only take me like one millisecond to hit the button
up on the screen your resume comes and then I would glance at it really fast if
I liked you then I would say okay go put it in the system and I will I’ve got
your resume here we will review it and we will circle back with you now the
recruiter might have a lot of positions so you just don’t know there might be
multiple recruiters in the company you might not have hit the right one who
wasn’t looking for those positions I’m not sure what the situation is I’m not
sure who the companies are I’m not sure how many inside corporate recruiters
screeners HR people that they have it could be any one of those things if it’s
me and I’m getting those responses I do what they say I put it in the applicant
tracking system and then I follow up in a week and just see if there’s anything
I would not wait for them if I don’t hear from them if you don’t hear from
them it could be for any one of a number because you could have put in a
beautiful resume that was you are totally qualified for the position I
could be on vacation for a week I might have had too deep right oriT eyes that
position for a little while it could be any one of a number of reasons so I
would still follow up with them and then I would do seven days and if I don’t
hear from them I’d go 14 more out and I would still follow up with them that’s
what I would do just stay on top of it you just never know you just never know
Anna Goldman my dear leader yes with all those beautiful pictures from Italy I
that I enjoy watching on the Instagram feed by the way yes if you guys are not
connected with me on LinkedIn or want to follow me on Facebook or Instagram or
Twitter or whatever I always welcome that stuff you are welcome to connect
with me on LinkedIn you don’t have to just follow me you can connect with me
that way you can at least leverage my network it’s got quite a few people that
I’m connected to on it I’m happy to do that and I enjoy you know kind of
watching the pictures and all that stuff too and watching your feeds and and what
you got going on and what you guys are posting because it always it also helps
me I like to be connected to you because it also puts you in my feed and then
what I’m seeing is what matters to you what you’re commenting on what questions
you’re asking and then it also helps educate me on things to provide for you
in the way of support I don’t think people get that right like I know
somebody said well Jesus I didn’t want to you know connect with you I didn’t
think you’d be answer why not I love see I love staying connected with you I love
London my network to you and I love seeing what you got going on
I read all that stuff I spend time every day on my calendar my time on my
calendar that says go do social media is not wasted time I’m not looking at kitty
cat pictures or whatever I’m I’m really working and you are all part of that
work and that that’s not works not a bad word works a great work I love what I do
the more I can understand what you need the better I can be at my passion and my
job so let’s get connected like me and Anna are alright Akshay you
are mais really appreciate you are welcome and hope you have a good morning
i am i actually said tuesday morning now used to roll out of bed and go for a run
oh now the guys are mowing lung now i come i talk to you and i actually i stay
in bed i literally stay in bed and my wife and I and the dogs we stay in bed
we have coffee and then at 6 o’clock I mean cuz we’re up over but if I’m up at
5 and then at 6 o’clock she gets in the shower and she was gonna say hello to
you guys but she had an early morning meeting cuz her school started yet the
school officially started yesterday and then and then I basically I throw on my
clothes and I can talk to you guys I love this I love this routine then I run
a little later in the morning hmm Peter Torres hey how am i doing I hope I’m
assuming nothing’s blowing up here I everything looks green I don’t like not
having Kara on the other end and and letting me know that everything’s okay
but I’m just gonna keep rolling here the run is because of your journaling your
you’re now starting to write they starting to write a journal it’s over
there okay so I have a video out there on how to how I keep my journal I loved
doing the video for you I hope you guys check it out but it’s it’s pretty cool
Carrie Freeman a Eason hey to you war coil how you doing my boot camp friend
where’s mama coil Aretha gale good morning to you life is
good any birthday week celebrations I’m celebrating my birthday with you guys
August 27th you know you got to come out I’m sure I’m gonna give gifts away I’m
gonna give stuff away like crazy that morning Ivana hey reg tequila oh ouch
good morning to you that dist hurts help me under convert an academic career
is and Eason oh so that’s what you are an MD you uh for for
folks enacted academic I would have a blended resume I would have a I would
have a and Eli savita resume with a CV page in the back and I would highlight
my CV stuff as it related to the commercial field that I wanted to go
into so you got it you got to do a connecting of the dots
Janine’s starting a new job on Monday good for you cat Harrison Peterson it’s
a big day for you I think I’m making my decision to can’t I got your text I
haven’t read them I didn’t have time before the show I know you got all kinds
of offers going on my boot camper darling and I’m sure you are gonna make
a good decision just in finish the interview great thank you for all the
amazing chapters when is the next part coming out let’s see we interview
intervention when is the next part coming out I’m not sure what the next
part is I’m not going to be writing another job searching book I wrote the
interview intervention book I wrote the hiring prophecies and my next book will
not be on job searching book number four will be on something related to
leadership or something self-help related for sure mark my words
JB hey Diana I’m good morning to you I my boot camp I
know you love the mornin timeslot okay speaking of um let me see what 737 I
want to make one amount one more announcement for those of you that are
on my email list you probably got the word that I have a resume writing class
it’s all my secrets it’s all it’s all my resume stuff in one spot it’s everything
you need to know it’s the templates it’s the booklets to
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sample sentences it’s everything it’s your journal and so on and then I say I
have a video that all the tools and templates I have a extra video of
handling all the exceptions stay-at-home mom
contractors moving a full-time you name it
all that’s in there and then I last night I took a video of mine where I
have answers to the 30 most common resume questions and where I answer it’s
about an hour I put that in the package as well all of that stuff is normally
like 300 bucks but this week till Thursday it’s 49 bucks even if you’re
not resume writing you should get it because either get it as a gift for
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yours and then on Thursday what would be the normal live office hours scheduled
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basically only the people that have that program and my boot campers can come to
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so you should have gotten an email I don’t know maybe Friday I’m not sending
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message to RSVP if you did not get a mess if you’re in the program or your
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we will get that to you all right Anna Coleman 101 – it to a – maybe maybe
wanted to I need to I need to go yes no with company one and the second company
conferred in the final stage of the interview in seven days time I want to
go for that interview but I don’t want to lose the offer from company one
either the best thing to do here dear Andy dear Anna is I would go to company
one and say I really like the opportunity here I I would really
appreciate some time just to finish out the process with the other because I want to make absolutely sure I
am making the right decision for both me and you and so I can assure you that I
can have a date by and then give them a give them a date you know you can meet
you need to go to company two and you need to say look I’ve got an offer from
company one now depending on whether you like company two better or not you can
say either but I’d like to finish this out with you and to be respectful to
company one I really appreciate it if we can give a hard date by when we will
know for sure if I’m the right person for the job is that right after the
interview is that a day or two after the interview you know you need you need to
know because I don’t know how many other candidates are in in the process what
what the rest of this interviewing process looks like and just say I you
know I I’m assuming that if you were in the lead position and made me an offer
that you would also want to know that so I just want to be respectful to them if
option two is your preferred option then say that to them
I really prefer your opportunity but obviously if something doesn’t work out
I don’t want to lose this other one so and then just add that into your into
your explanation but you got to get a date and you got to go back and you got
to request it if company one now you have a couple of options if company one
allows you say okay that’s fine go to that date and please let us know great
if company one says no we need an answer by that date number one to me that sends
me a signal that’s not a great company okay I would never want an employee to
come and work with me and then continue to look over their shoulder because
here’s what could happen and here’s what actually happens often – often in fact
you go you work there you’re looking over your shoulder you’re bummed out or
you’re gonna do what I’m gonna tell you here right now if they make you give
them an answer and you really really want that second option then I would
keep going because any company that forces my hand like that
I’m gonna continue to protect myself and make sure that I’m making the right
decision I know that sounds terrible but you know what
life’s too short to be spending it looking over your shoulder and doing
stuff you don’t want to do or doing stuff that you you know I really should
have done this or I really should I don’t I don’t ever want it I don’t ever
I sleep like a baby at night because I never think that stuff okay I never
think that stuff because I I negotiate this stuff throughout my life just like
you’re negotiating with these companies if they force you
then you’re in an awkward position you can can accept it if you want you don’t
want to lose it and then finish out the interview with the other company and
then what I would do is if that other company gives you an offer you go back
and you say I’m not showing up I mean it’s terrible but that’s what I would do
you telling you I think that’s okay I really do you got to protect yourself
so it depends on what happens what you really want to happen is hey I’m being
respectful I’m explaining this to you can I have the extra time it’s a few
days right this is like they gave you the offer this I assume they want you to
accept it if they can’t wait another three four or five days a week or two
that’s just that’s correct that’s crazy to me that’s just crazy we we and I I
want you guys to know as a recruiter who interacts with job candidates who
sometimes have multiple streams going on just like this if my client is in the
front position and they give the offer and and there’s residual interviews
going on we always say look do you want to finish them out what is it that you
know go ahead go finish them out because I don’t want you taking a job and then
you go in and looking over your shoulder if and we do it the other way too if
they get a offer from somebody else who’s not my client we work it to make
sure that we can we can try to finish out and it usually works out for the
best when you can get all the processes through I know it’s difficult sometimes
but I think you need to protect yourself so that’s what I would do
Leander hey to you war coil my resume emboss’d hunting CL is set to go out at
8:45 a.m. for the first job I am applying to awesome Billy Collins hey to you my friend wait
warren boot camper Billy boot camper Don boot camper and leader or at least the
I’m sure I think you’re in both and thank you for committing to another year
of fun in the mile Academy Don knowledge house learn and earn hey how did how to
crack an interview for the for the post of an English teacher in a senior school
well what I have come to learn in the educational arena and my wife is a
teacher in grade school she has loads of teacher friends and administrator
friends principals assistant principals she has friends who teach high school
middle school and so on I’ve talked to all of them and helped all of them they
all have interview intervention copies we I’ve helped them coach them for jobs
I’ve looked at the processes and here’s what I’ve discovered in the end in the
in the lower education so high school and on down that a lot of a lot of what
you need to do is you certainly need to apply so they put the post up and
schools unlike the commercial arena are a lot more receptive to the applications
that come in their interviews are highly expedited compared to what the
commercial industry does they try to interview a lot of people they do it in
a very short amount of time you need they spend less time with more people
where the commercial industry tends to spend more time interviewing less people
okay there is a back door as well so that nonsense about well I can’t get in
cuz I act you know everybody has to apply yeah everybody has to apply but
that doesn’t mean friends don’t hire friends so my wife just didn’t get a job
because the principal chose her friend and this happens okay it’s okay my wife
knows life’s not fair too bad right well you’ll go look for something else
somewhere else I mean it’s just the way it goes so I
would try to work my network I would not be shy about it I would be going after
principals we just had a situation the other day my wife’s best friend is the
principal at a school my wife gave her somebody that my wife used to work with
they that woman now fourth-grade teacher has
a job over there so I mean this stuff works so a lot of the principles that
I’ve taught you in the way of networking and all that other stuff applies so I
would check my my job search playlist the job searching playlist on my youtube
channel all the same stuff applies I just think that in the academic in the
lower academic field they are far more receptive to taking resumes out of the
applicant tracking system or the internal system that they use for their
district to find people they really are i I can I can stand by that I got enough
data points on that alright Aretha hey Faye hey Luz OMA hey Ali hey Cecilia
from London and my bootcamp for how you doing how do I answer interview
questions like these without talking about career history what gets you out
of bed on a Saturday you know it gets me out of bed on a Saturday right in my
goal-setting master class best worst work day well okay so what gets me out
of bed on a Saturday okay it’s a stupid question it’s not your fault it’s just a
stupid question they just want to know what your hobbies are what they think
this is gonna tell them what kind of person you are and that from what kind
of person you are they’re gonna be able to leap make the whole leap over to what
Monday through Friday is gonna look like for you so I would just tell them what
gets me out of bed on Saturday is I can’t wait to slip on my running shoes I
don’t care what you tell them their best and worst work day should be the same
day okay best and worst work day should be the same day what do I mean it was an
awful day that turned into my best day because that’s your answer to that so
pick some major failure and here’s what here’s what I would say my best work day
was the day I catastrophic ly destroyed this project because I made an error on
this and then what I discovered was that my error led to the most awesome
breakthrough ever and while I didn’t realize it at
the moment and I realized that a week or year later that was my best and worst
day like I would answer something like that because that’s the only way you’re
gonna be able to work in the fact that you learned and all that crap good stuff
I’m sick like I can’t these questions are ridiculous
Cecilie that’s not your fault I’m just saying these are silly all right James
how are you awesome good good luck buddy Ryan Dunson got another one I have a
second interview for an out-of-state job soon at what point in the interview
process should I inquire about relocation expenses never all you need
to say to them is hey you listen you just keep going you just keep going you
don’t say a word you get down to the offer they’re gonna
make you an offer it’s gonna have relocation in it or not that’s what
you’re gonna negotiate and you’re not gonna negotiate it until you smoke all
those interviews and your stocks way high okay don’t ever anybody don’t ever
bring that up if your move is contingent on the relocation expenses
don’t don’t debt is always negotiable they might have a standard policy they
might have a standard allocation they they might not give you anything so I
would not ask for any of that until at the end now you might be thinking well
Andy hang out what if I get down to the end and it’s nothing well if it’s a
large company they’ll have it 100% if it’s a small to medium company they may
or may not have it it doesn’t matter if they have it or they don’t have it
anybody can cut you at ten or twenty thousand dollar check as a stipend for
moving or whatever that may be negotiable they might they might say no
we’re not going to give that to you but we’re gonna throw an extra 10k on your
base or we’re gonna give you a ten thousand dollar sign most so it’s not
really when you start talking relocation expenses then what they start thinking
is well okay now it’s conditional and they start labeling
what you care about at the end of the day you want the best job and then you
can decide if you want to carry the expense and move or negotiate the
expense or split the difference or whatever I don’t like talking about that
to me is just it’s part of the package it’s part of the comp package so I would
hold off to the end that’s a fantastic question I need to make mark 7th –
that’s a fantastic question it really it really is because I think a lot of
people burp on that michael McDevitt okay can we all Michael dad was my
friend and he got a great new job and thanks for putting the video in the
email best advice for starting a new job you know IIIi want all you to know last
week I think it was either I think it was at the careers in coffee where I say
can we give my friend Michael McDevitt and my boot camp her friend Michael
McDevitt a big cheer for his new job and I hope we can do it again now that he’s
here to see it and yes that is my best advice for starting the new jobs to get
to hello it’s big ball aretha Gail are the packages paid in full or monthly I
would love to join mile walk okay so there’s different packages so there
are and and I don’t want to run through everything but aretha because you asked
the job search boot camp for all of you jobs are boot camp is my signature
package it is everything you’ll ever need it is a hell of a lot of ongoing
private group coaching there’s like 25 to 30 of these a year where you’re with
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it’s normally 597 I throughout the year many many times in fact run $497.00
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building trust making presentations and persuasive arguments so they’ve given me
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so like it are you in the bootcamp it’s the leadership stuff is it a careers in
coffee or a live office hours Thursday is it the goal-setting master class I’m
live like three times a week now weekend week out so you can you can usually find
me somewhere it yeah if you want so I hope that helps an
Aretha you can always send an email to support at mile walk comm and I or Cara
will respond to you Victor hey from Italy love it knowledge house learning
and learn learning learning earn I’ve been changing a lot of jobs domains in
past few years I’ve been working as a freelance trainer how to explain my work
experience in an interview you are a freelance trainer I would not use the
word freelance I would use consultant or contractor and you’ve had your own
business you’re a sole proprietor or an LLC or if it’s called knowledge house
learn and earn I’m guessing it’s not called that but that’s that’s what I
would do you group it you said the past few years so between say 2016 to present
or 2017 to present that’s what should go on your on your resume actually in the
resume writing masterclass I go through all of that I show you exactly how to
lay that down so maybe it’s something to consider yep he sure did michael
McDevitt thanks to all who gave me good luck hang out I got it I got it I gotta
grab this cuz you know this is this is this is wonderful I love that dude I’m
so I’m so happy for you trust the process and enjoy it I’ll tell you I am
you guys are awesome alright do any advice on preparing for a job interview
out of state yes Dave I have a video called how to get an out-of-state job
just watch that I go through nine points you’ll crush it if I’m powers how you
doing great to hook up with you on LinkedIn yeah 115 okay so we’re on
Daylight Time so yeah alright Anna Coleman you are welcome you are the best
career coach ever FEX a month of deep self-awareness plus
resume – just tremendous results and you start choosing the companies to meet
with and if you guys don’t know what she’s talking about one thing that I
would say biggest mistake that I see anybody make when their job searching
this is it the biggest job search mistake it
doesn’t matter if you don’t have a job it doesn’t matter if you have a job you
hate it doesn’t matter if you have a job you enjoy and you’re looking to skin
somebody comes to you and says hey I got this great opportunity whatever
most people go into reactive mode and start evaluating their switch based on
either what is presented to them so I’m a passive person I’m just going along in
my job and my friend brought me an opportunity or I’m I’m in I’m in my job
search and I have not collected my base set of requirements of everything that I
need so that I have a standard benchmark by which I could choose the routes I
want to take whether it’s a career or a company or a role if you don’t have that
and you don’t do that self-awareness stuff you make a lot of mistakes it’s
like any project it’s like building this house if the blueprint isn’t done first
right the pipes don’t meet in the bathroom where they’re supposed to that
kind of thing it’s the same kind of thing with your job search and if you
want some help on that I’ve got a video out there about how to choose the right
job and it’s a great place for you to start but it’s really really important
that you do that you Glo k– I don’t know you say that but hey from Singapore yes n Andy what’s your suggestion for
people having high qualifications and overseas experience but interested to
enter the industry I the same as anybody else I would my commercial resume I
would lay it down for you I might have a little bit of a blend if there’s
relevant academic research studying teaching that you’ve done I would have
that at the back of the resume or as a separate attachment and I would try to
highlight it to the to the industries or the markets that I was pursuing the the
degrees themselves and you know not to I’m not poopoo in education education is
wonderful and nobody could ever take away your degree from you but employers
don’t it it may it makes no difference to an employer
the only employers that I know that it makes a huge difference to are obviously
in the academic profession where you need certain degrees in education to do
certain things obviously I’m not talking about doctors or lawyers either because
you need you need to have those you need to have your medical degree you need to
have your JD and so on but in the commercial world I have not found that
education number one translates to success at all and I have found and here
again I’m drawing this from not just the two hundred and some-odd companies that
I have represented consulted to and so on and what their viewpoints but all the
surveys that we run where we year in and year out from our executive search firm
up until like a year ago we would do an annual survey about you know will you
hire people at executive levels without education yes 90 percent so you know
these are these are these are raw stats but for you you you have what you have
put it in there it’s not gonna hurt you it just isn’t gonna make as much of a
difference as people might think Steve gee you’re here and yes and why always
say this is on DVR so you can slide that cursor all the way back up to like 8
hours or 12 hours to a time you never need to worry I’m not gonna be live that
long in one sitting hey if you guys are eight o’clock I’m
gonna go for a few more minutes if you are loving this click the little thumbs
up button share this stuff you know thousands of people watched last week’s
way after the fact so share this stuff out I you know I think people find it
helpful I think people like the the QA I personally love attending my coaches Q&A
sessions because I learned so much from when other people ask questions about
their business or what how to put something together or how to market it
or whatever it’s amazing what you can pick up all right day how to negotiate
salary when the range is posted for a city job if the employer is the employer
willing to go above that amount or should I stay within that range to
negotiate no I think you should ask for what you feel you’re worth when you get
into these city municipal government gut State and you know other very
types of you know municipalities or or organizations of that kind lots of times
what’s happening is you’re not negotiating for the salary so much
you’re negotiating for the level so based on my experience coming in I
should not be at this level I should be at this level and the posted range was
for this level but as I’ve shown you my experience really warrants that I’m a g2
not a g1 kind of thing I always negotiate everything in life is
negotiable Steve gee is it okay to decline an offer
from a recruiter that con takes you about a job after reviewing the details
of that position I am NOT will this turn the recruiter off for contacting you in
the future so let me let me let me let me make sure I got this if I I’m a
recruiter I contact you about a position we then go in to a client of mine and
you go through an interviewing process and you get an offer and you decline it
that is okay you will not turn me off unless you are doing something icky like
you’re doing something shifty on the side you’re not telling me you got other
offers you’re not communicating with me and if you handle yourself poorly that’s
what I remember not the fact that you turned down an offer
I have several dozen people who we’ve recruited who went through processes
that didn’t you know didn’t either make it all the way to the end or maybe they
got an offer maybe they turned it down whatever it is where we then put them
into something else and they accepted a position okay so don’t you know that’s
okay that doesn’t bother me it’s how you handle yourself if I’m reading you
correctly if a recruiter contacts you about a job and you review the details
you’re not getting an offer you’re just not going into the interview process in
that case I think you’re being short-sighted do not any of you any of
you and I don’t know Steve if this is your case if you get contacted by a
recruiter you need to call that recruiter I don’t care what the position
looks like it isn’t in your mindset this is what’s happening I’m a recruiter
I email you and first off I don’t even a mail the positions but let’s say you get
your hands on the position and you’re looking at a position and you decide hey
Andy I’m I’m a system or imma imma or I’m a architect I’m not a database
administrator if you do that what have you just done to yourself you’ve
eliminated the putt number one you’ve eliminated the networking contact I’m a
window into the employment market number two when I did you on the phone you can
now explain to me who you are what you want now that goes into my system okay
my silly screener who did you don’t know who’s using my email ID to contact you
isn’t doesn’t have the right eye to know that you’re actually an architect
mounted database administrator but you had keywords in and he or she was
confused I never even saw it so you think I’m contacting you when I’m
actually not contacting you somebody else’s contacting you some ID you don’t
call me back now you don’t have that you don’t have the opportunity to speak with
me you don’t have the opportunity to explain you don’t give yourself chance
that serendipity can happen to you that other recruiters in my firm might have a
position for you and you lose the opportunity to give me something as in
networking referrals and so forth which is planting seeds for you that I’m gonna
water in an a year from now I’m gonna call you back on something else or when
you call me when you need something I’m gonna call you back your you are in a
number of dozen other things that you’re not doing so you are eliminating the
opportunity to get on the phone with that person your first goal when a
recruiter contacts you is to get on the phone any which way you can that’s it
you if you’re thinking I need a job right now and that job doesn’t match
what I want that is that is the wrong wrong way of looking at it it flat-out
wrong like it’s not like hey this is an
alternate view no that’s just flat-out wrong because you’re eliminating the
possibilities for yourself at the moment and in the future it’s a very
short-sighted way to look at it Steve I’m not saying that’s what you’re doing
but if anybody is doing that don’t don’t please can you tell that I mean biggest
biggest mistake don’t in five minutes to get on the phone and say thank you for
contacting me right now I’m in the knee-deep in a heap of crap
have a ton of time I love my job whatever or if you’re not working you
better be calling every recruiter back that ever reaches out to you in any form
or fashion about any job because that’s not that’s not what you’re you know it’s
just too short-sighted Isis how are you II W are welcome hello Toya Richard Ford
hey he dubs true story I don’t care if you swear at me just talk ah I I love
you guys you just have no idea uh hey listen wait okay and quick
announcements don’t forget this books free this book’s now free or you’re
gonna see it right away I only got 500 of these so gram I will see we’re
piloting grab the agenda my goal-setting masterclass September third fourth and
fifth come to whatever portions of it you can it’ll be a ton of fun the resume
writing master class is Thursday it’s the best 49 bucks you will ever spend in
your life and it’s not just the 49 bucks it’s everything and all the stuff and
all the community stuff in the private LinkedIn group and just all the mile
walk academy goodness that you can’t all right Evelyn oh this is a great
great great question Evelyn Evelyn owned negotiating salary when you need time to
think about the offer how much time can you take before you get back to them so
Evelyn and anybody else who is getting offers this is very very important the
longer you are in there’s two things that determine length of think time
let’s call it the length of time you’re in the interview process the longer you
are in the interview process the less time you need to think because you
should have been thinking for seven weeks or ten weeks or however long it is
the shorter the amount of time you’re in the interview process the longer you
need to think you might have more questions you might
need to consider some things you might want to ponder some things you haven’t
fallen in love with them as much because you haven’t gotten to know them as well
over a period of time that determines the length as well as the complication
of the offer I’m in the middle right now of negotiating an offer for somebody
okay the initial this is how long it’s taking um six weeks of interviewing it
then it’s I talked to a client on a in the middle of a week and I explained to
the client this is how the package needs to be created this is the different
buckets you need to create actually I’m we’re literally creating a new pay
structure then you not only need to create these structures but you need to
create multiple scenarios for the candidate to choose from as the basis
for the discussion because you want the candidate who’s a senior person to be
part of selecting the different components bigger base lower this higher
that lower that and so on because you want to create options and then you want
to iterate the options with each other this way you both have choices and then
you come to an agreement that’s going to take some time so that’s that’s these
got to create it got to get it to me I got to review it it’s got to deliver it
to the candidate they’ve got to talk candidates got to give his feedback then
it goes again and so on now we’re a couple weeks later and then they had
another call last night and now they’re gonna wrap it up Friday that’s two weeks
that’s not a long time that was a process to create a complicated
structure the reason that I’m mentioning all this is if you are in one of these
then you’re going to have think time embedded in the inner Asian themselves
and then what will happen on Friday is they will literally on the spot I’m
completely comfortable with this they will get together they will finalize the
numbers they won’t Inc it right they’re literally sitting down across the table
from each other that’s what we will do that’s what we will set up okay if if if
did the guy on Friday he doesn’t need to think he’s been thinking up for a month
and a half now right but if you go into an interview process
and you know you you have a HR screen and then the next day you go in and you
meet six people and then they say hey Evelyn this is great on Wednesday we’re
in you know we’re gonna give you a in offer well you might need a little time
to think about it so you might want a couple days you might want a week
I don’t none of that two-week crap that’s ridiculous
I think it’s okay that they give it to you I don’t think you should ever need
that kind of time I think once you have the offer you’ve got the data and Evelyn
I know you did your homework right you’re gonna marry it up you’re gonna
look at it now this is different the only other factor that comes in here is
do you have other things going on so like in cat cats situation she had an
offer and then she had as other things moving and now she went to another place
yesterday and they want to give her an offer or something like that like it’s
like there’s things going in session now she needs to decide well okay well now
what do i do so if you got a buyer like Anne Anna’s case you got to buy time
that’s different but but when when you’re thinking when that’s when it’s
like your soul such it’s either your favorite option or your sole option
that’s how I would approach that and that’s what you need to remember that’s
you need to remember all right Kirstie b-1a to boot yes boot camper
leader I love it you and I are locked in and loaded for a lifetime now hope
you’re well I am so I found out I didn’t get the job yesterday boo it’s never
nice to hear no but as the process went on I referred back to my happiness
criteria and could see that it was maybe not quite what I wanted I love that you
did that it’s good that you did that not only for good decision-making but for
your psyche thanks to the boot camp I still have other exciting potential
opportunities so keep going no matter what and don’t blow off module one if
you don’t know what she’s talking about in module one module one is all of the
self-awareness stuff in the boot camp and this is what makes sure you make
great decisions so a lot of you that have been coming to these weekly
sessions and most semi weekly sessions I stay you see a lot of people saying why
had multiple offers I needed to think through or I get a lot
of emails every week that say thank you I’ve been in this for two months but I
had offers that I turned down because I didn’t you know I thought through that I
otherwise would have accepted had I not had that but I know I made the right
choice and I can’t believe how happy I am that I turned down that job or that
that didn’t work out because now I have this it’s it’s true I know it’s hard to
be patient but think about it this is you’re in it for the long game even if
the long games a few years I mean it’s still right okay mark Lauper I am in the
interview process I have a vacation plan in December when should I let them know
mark when you sign the deal nobody is suprise right question nobody
is surprised that people have vacations scheduled okay if you know if you if you
if you want if they say hey we’re gonna make you an offer is there anything we
need to know about what your schedule look like hey I want to put the start
date in when can you start in that in that dialogue you can let them know I
mean at that point and we I’m literally I’ve told this story before many times
we have had people start a job work a week and then take a week or two off or
we’ve had people start a job and then work a month and then take a week up
that’s when the kids vacation is it’s when Spring Break was it’s when
Christmas vacation was or Thanksgiving or whatever it is that you celebrate
whenever it is you celebrate it so don’t don’t don’t be concerned yeah you guys
okay listen I if you’re in the Facebook groups with me and the LinkedIn groups
I’ll post this right away last night kara and I fixed the engine that
delivers this to you it’s a whole process it’s but it’s up and running and
she’s not here today but I’m turning this sucker on cuz I want that book out
and into the world Luke everything my offer hey any my offer came in lower
than I wanted any tips another marathon her yeah baby
okay you me and Kara we love to run actually I
signing up for an Ironman next year actually I’m next year I’m only doing a
Half Ironman it’s a 70.3 and then and then because I’m gonna be
54 when I run it and then and then I’d be at the top of my age bracket so then
the next year when I’m 55 and I’m in the low end of my age bracket then I could
go for the win you know you got to have goals you got to have long-term planning
plus 140 point six is a lot to train for it’s like 24 hours of training a week I
could do the 70.3 no problem but it’s uh anyway so yeah that’s great great stuff
all right wait where were we helping you my offer came in lower than I wanted you
got to go back to him it checked back on the salary negotiation stuff hey is
there any wiggle room here’s what I’m thinking right based on the value that
I’m gonna add based on my experience level based on what you want me to do
based on my short learning curve based on this and that and the other thing you
deserve more that’s all you got a go at it and don’t be like if you’re offered
so wait now there’s a difference between the lower like expectations are silly we
don’t want you to have expectations that’s the source of all distrain in our
lives okay right wee wee wee wee we’re upset because we expected that you were
gonna be nicer to me or you weren’t gonna stab me in the back or you were
gonna give me more money or you’re gonna whatever those expectations are what
drives your craziness now if if you genuinely got low-balled that’s
different okay now the first thing that’s got to go through my head is okay
first thing cuz I own me did I not sell myself like did I actually legit not
sell myself or are they trying to get me for the cheap right it could be one of
the two of those or it could be a combination of both and then how badly
do you want the job and then you got to stand your ground your negotiation
leverage I know when people ask me this why don’t have any that you always have
negotiation leverage I don’t care if you’ve been out of work for 10 years
your negotiation leverage comes from in here and how you feel about yourself and
are you willing to dig your heels in and all that good stuff has nothing to do
with all that arbitrary stuff that you about it has everything to do with you
and your own internal workings okay so if you feel you’re worth more then you
got to let him have it Dells are my tips gonne go Lloyd I love
this one that’s a little bit looks like a little Batman sign I’ve paid people on
LinkedIn to rewrite my resume and it looks great
can’t get an interview any advice well I don’t know if it looks great
I don’t know so here’s I had a boot camper once he said to me Andy I’m using
your bus hunting cover letter and nothing’s working and I gave him a
basically a listing of how to diagnose what the problem was then after I gave
him the list he said to me while I had my resume professionally done so truth
be told I didn’t use your tactics and I didn’t write my resume according your
program I said send me the resume I opened it shut it and then emailed him
back and said it’s your resume you need to go back to module 2 of the bootcamp
you need to write it the way I tell you and then I want you to send everything
you did and let me know your stats that guy’s name was Kevin Kevin got an
interview then after he changed his resume for every 7 emails he sent out
I’ve shown this publicly 1 out of every 7 once he changed his resume so just
because somebody wrote it doesn’t mean it’s great so I don’t know what it looks
like so I can’t tell you if it’s that but let me give you a concatenation here
of how I would try to diagnose the problem if you got your resume and you
think it looks great are you getting interviews if you’re
putting it in the applicant tracking system I first off the only three
percent of those ever get through whether they’re perfect or not are you
applying for the right jobs right are any of that stuff and your resume might
be poor if you’re sending it to people and nobody is responding to you then is
your is your email messaging in your cover letter and your
resume in order if that if you’re not getting anything there I would start I
would start looking at who in fact are you targeting and then if you feel like
you’re targeting the right people and they’re not getting back to you then I
would say it’s your marketing collateral your resume or cover your message or
whatever okay if you’re getting interviews but you’re not getting the
job offers then it’s your interviewing tactics and so on but I I would go back
and I would take a look at at this I also I don’t know who you are
I don’t know that YouTube handle I know some of you guys use these these funky
handles but I actually know who you are I don’t know who you are and I don’t I’m
assuming you’re not my programs but if you are you can send go into the
bootcamp or whichever program you might be and ask me the question inside the
system and I would I would if you’re not in one of my programs I would take a
look at my build your ultimate professional resume video where I
actually give you the template and all that good stuff and then see see how it
marries up but I without knowing what that looks like I can’t tell you I
really can’t you’re welcome Cecilia Liz Eastlake how
you doing alumna yes mister is pretty yeah you know I just love doing this
stuff all right Andy a friend shared my resume with an employer a large state
agency she won’t disclose the department management name she’s too laid-back we
need to separate her from job search loot without offending her you don’t
even do anything I wouldn’t call I would just so okay life lesson here of how I
lived my life and why I am never never overly stressed out for things that are
outside of my control Liz you are one of the nicest people
I’ve ever met I know this we’ve talked several times I
can say that I if if this is me and the friend is not being helpful and she’s I
mean it’s ridiculous that she circulated this she doesn’t she’s worried that
you’re gonna go contact these people it’s gonna make her look bad and so
forth I would just I would not even think about her ever and I would just
move on don’t you don’t actually need to overtly
separate her from the loop I would just I would just not acknowledge it now if
somebody in the department calls you and says I got your name from Suzie or
Samantha or whoever then okay that’s great and then I would ask him or her if
she I would ask her if she you know she has any insight but I wouldn’t you you
don’t have you I don’t know that I would be overly you know I don’t wouldn’t
exert a lot of energy and when I was talking about energy I just anything in
my life that doesn’t contribute to my happiness I don’t spend any time with I
really don’t I really don’t and you would be surprised how much more is in
your control than you nothing just for Liz for anybody how much more is in your
control than you think and I understand you know you got family
and mom and dad and all that stuff but we we bring it on ourselves Danita how you doing Alex Hayes thank
you for your resume template wonderful worked wonders also this talk couldn’t
come in a more perfect time for me as I’m reviewing positions abroad wonderful
love it Akshay hey Andy who is your coach
totally fine if you don’t oh no I don’t I don’t have any problem you know what I
do here’s what I do i I spend an hour a day exam I’m gonna I’m actually gonna
share some of this with my leadership program but I’m gonna I’m gonna give you
a little snippet here I spent an hour a day on pure education every single day
weekend everything in seven days 365 and every single day I spend about an hour
on education or or practice improvement of anything that I do so it could be
reading it could be watching YouTube videos it could be podcasts it could be
lots of times in my training programs like I have the boot camp or leadership
program well I buy programs from my coaches for a different facets of my
business and what I’ve done is over the over the life of my training which not
only has it been lifelong but in the last four years it’s been highly intense
so i-i’ve spent five six hundred hours a year you’re in you’re out on training so
imagine that so that’s like most people work 2,000 hours in a regular job I work
my job and add five to six hundred hours of training on top of it and then what I
do is I wade through the different coaches I see who I like I drop off who
I don’t I invest in program so I can go through them to see what the best the
coach has to offer and if I don’t like that then I dismiss it what I’ve done is
I’ve had seven or eight of these coaches that I’ve spent a lot of money with to
look at all their best stuff and I’ve dropped almost all of them with the
exception there’s a few of them some of them I drop because they’re not
available okay and I think they’re getting lazy and but the one guy who I
love who helps me with my marketing is Brendon Burchard so I’m in his programs
around my influencer business and what’s really interesting is you know you’re
cooking when you go to the monthly of lessons live with him and you’ve already
figured out well in advance what he’s teaching so he he’s going through it I’m
going through it and what happened is he was way out in front of me and then I
heard her and I caught him now I’m not saying I’m him or that you know but I’m
just saying internal tactics of what’s working in the market and what isn’t I
I’m there so but he he brought me there he brought me there faster he that’s
what he’s supposed to do but he’s available and his stuff is good
and and and it’s an alignment with what I’m discovering and it makes sense just
like when I coach you on your careers if what I’m saying doesn’t make sense to
you and you’re putting things in practice and it’s not working you’re not
gonna follow me right but the other thing that I think is really important
is that your coaches there for you and he is very
generous with his time in his premium programs and even in his free stuff and
a lot of my other coaches they’ve I mean I can’t find him anywhere so I drop them
that’s what I do and you know what if what I’m saying is it working for you
you should drop me but one thing I can assure you is I’m I’m gonna be available
and and and so that’s you know that’s how I that’s how I go about picking and
choosing and building my Franken mentor but he’s the one guy that I’m with still alright okay wait yes in thanks Annie
however my experience is so far better after getting my PhD I can’t hide it
can’t replace it with professional experience that’s okay as research works
are not equivalent to industry the research worked is not equivalent it is
in alignment with so where is your research so what did you research is
there a way to take either your researching content what you did or your
researching tactics researching itself is a skill are there industry specific
positions I don’t know what your research is but it’s analytics data is
it medicine biology you know whatever it might be I would look and try to apply
the the the skill itself not just the content that’s what I’m talking about
connecting the dots all right dig Murray I’m moving into a state that doesn’t pay
well in the field of case management and Social Work I am aiming at applying
elsewhere in order to make what I may earn I’m assuming or more where I
currently work I’m cool debt would you recommend I do that initially so I have
found that so everybody has different needs in their
life and that at different stages of of my three decade career I had different
needs and different desires and different things mattered to me what I
have come to realize that I do not expect anybody at any moment in time to
agree with is that I am far more happy when I am doing the things that I know I
was meant to do that I obtain enjoyment from helping you and you know I don’t I
don’t need to necessarily trade dollar for dollar I’m in a different part of my
life now but I would always go back to there is a balance between how much
money you need to live and your happiness so I don’t recommend people
that are in very well-paying jobs if they’re absolutely miserable there’s no
amount of money that’s worth my sanity I did that I left a very lucrative job to
go to another job this is back when I was in my early 30s and I you know I
basically moved over for a lateral ish move and then but I was very very happy
and then I ended up figuring out a way to earn more money doing that and so and
then the same thing I left a job and I went to make no money as a recruiter and
then I found out I make a good living with that and now I’m doing it again so
I can’t I can’t say you know you should change out of Social Work if you love
Social Work and you feel good then I would try to stay and figure out if
either I can cut my expenses or maybe you have a side hustle or something like
that there’s I I really can’t tell you what what you should do and I would
never do that I would never tell you what you should do or how to feel but if
you love Social Work then I would stick with it if you feel like you need more
money is there a way to earn some side money and still stay in that or you
could try to you know transfer an element of the social work into
something else that pays better any of those are viable options but they’re all
entirely up to you so I hope that helps all right huh let me see where I was try
to keep going 130 I got I got to get rolling soon folks all right let me see
Michael you’re welcome this is a good one I don’t set ji all right let me try
to get this one in here too I’m the recruiter note what if you’ve already
talked to the recruiter and after the details of the position emerge you’re
not interested great question in that case here’s what I would say I would say
to the recruiter so you said should you continue to interview anyway no no if
you are absolutely certain that you do not so wait so there’s there’s multiple
jump out points let’s try this scenario recruiter contacts you it’s a third
party I’m assuming says hey this is great I’ve got this opportunity would
you be interested in now it doesn’t sound super exciting you but if you’ve
got your requirements in order which you may or may not have you might not be
able to determine this so at this moment you’re going on feelings emotions and a
tiny amount of information that’s at the first stage they give you a job
description or the recruiter walks you through it do not be quick to judge the
alignment at this point first off this recruiter doesn’t work for that company
secondly you never know if you get into the process if they augment the role or
move you to a different role remember possibilities the art of the possible
that’s what should be going through your head at this moment now if you love the
job you’re in and this is gonna require you to take time out and hours and this
and that that’s different but if you are in job search mode go okay when in doubt
go go to the interview keep going until you get to the point where you are
absolutely certain this is not for you then you bug out then you say to the
recruiter I’m so grateful for this opportunity
I based on this information this is not for me I thoroughly enjoyed working with
you you know hopefully you’ve been given the
recruiter referrals along the way or at least go ahead now and do that I’d love
to stay in touch and this is the thing that that clued me in that this was not
for me the recruiters got to update his or her dossier on you right it’s got to
go in the database and all that totally okay when people do that with me
totally fine had a guy had a guy absolutely loved this guy in his mid
60’s guy I’ve known guy I’ve placed I it was the first call I made when we were
doing another senior level search he says yeah that sounds interesting he
goes in to talk to the CEO after they get done or actually I should say on the
phone calls me back and says Annie you know what it’s just like you relayed and
I loved this guy and Rob was great but I thought about it and I don’t really want
to learn this new industry even though I’m transferring these skills blah blah
blah no problem you thought about it right you didn’t love it enough or
whatever I’m totally cool with that that guy’s aces in my book that won’t
change you know what I mean and I knew him but still the story stands even if
even if I didn’t know him and I was just building the relationship with him the
fact that he was upfront and then did not waste any more of my time in a
situation that was not gonna come to fruition there’s no reason to keep going
right he’s stealing time from me when I could be out pursuing other people so
that’s my that’s my view on that all right listen folks I got a run the
resume writing master class the link is in the description on this video the
link is in the chat it’s in the email I sent you this morning we got a live
private coaching session on Thursday at 11:00 a.m. Central that also means live
office hours we’ll be back next Thursday on the 29th I am here Tuesday the 27th
for my birthday celebration with you guys so I’ll be I’ll be there on Tuesday
morning with you live if you want to see me live this week you got to get in the
resume writing class it’s really a great 49 bucks it’s a wonderful way to get all
the stuff in a neat little package in that link I put in there there’s a video
it’s about four and a half minutes where I show you all
most everything that’s in there because I just added a few things so it’s even
better than what the video says but check it out you’ll see exactly what it
looks like and then Thursday we’re talking all resume stuff all resume
stuff and then my out of reach book this is available and make sure you check out
the goal-setting masterclass September three four and five
because once that’s done and shot the only way to get that stuff is to enroll
in one of my programs either that program or the leadership program all
right folks great seeing you guys have fun I’m gonna
tell Cara she missed a great time love you as always and I’ll see ya

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  4. Is it possible that in the beginning of a new job that I think that I am doing worse than I actually am because I am not sure how to ask the manager about my performance or what questions to ask? However, I know that everybody has  good and bad days but for me as an introvert my interactions with my coworkers feel awkward, and I don’t know if they dislike working with me because of that, even though nobody has expressed any sort of disdain for me or working with me yet. And I too have trouble interacting with customers and don't know what to say at times or how to answer questions correctly.

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