Carmilla | S1 E33 “Pep Rally”

Carmilla | S1 E33 “Pep Rally”

Welcome to midterm week at Silas. Students are scrambling for their exams. The stage is being built for the big party… Party… And in an underground cavern who-knows-where, a horrific sacrifice is being prepared. That’s the bad news. The good news is that we haven’t heard anything about any other girls going missing, and with LaFontaine still hogtied and headbanging, the vamps are still two shy of their magic number. Even more awesome than that is that we have totally researched up some mystical vamp-killing, evil-ending sword that is gonna level this tilt-a-whirl of a playing field. You’re gonna go out and grab that soon, yeah? Soon. Good. I will feel a lot better when we are all together and heavily armed. I wish JP was here, but someone seems to have misplaced our non-resident librarian. [Sudden headache Laura grabs her head] Ahh. Are you alright? Yeah. That necklace did a number on me. I feel like I had a whole other brain crammed into my skull. That- that’ll pass. Ugh. That is not helping either. But I think it’s also this sit tight plan. I mean, what if the vamps just take two more tonight and make with the sacrifice anyway? Laura, this plan keeps you safe. It keeps your friends here safe. That’s all we can do. [Laura gets an idea] Laura… You’re right; it’s all that we can do, but what if there were more of us? Remember when I first put the videos up online and all those people that I’d never even met just wanted to help? There is a whole campus full of people out there and what do you bet they don’t want some vampire cult kidnapping their friends anymore than we do? Laura… With that many people, we can search every basement and cave until we find them. It’s… perfect! Laura, that’s… I will go get the troops rallied, and you go get the sword, okay? Your mom and her loopy demon light thingy aren’t even gonna know what him ‘em. [Laura kisses Carmilla on the cheek and runs out of the room] Don’t you have a sword to go get? [Later; Laura holds icepack to her head] Yeah. That could’ve gone better. Ugh. So, I got up on the big party stage and I explained to the assembled crowd that the dean of students was a vampire who planned on sacrificing five of their classmates to some ancient brain devouring hungry light, and that it was time for all of Silas to rally together… And then, unfortunately, I was hit in the head with a tomato. Turns out Danny really has not gotten over… things. But, before the Summer Society could pummel me with more various fruits, the Zetas showed up. Turns out Will and Kirsch are missing and the last place anyone saw them was headed to this dorm. So, the only reason I sit before you now, untarred and unfeathered, is because they couldn’t agree on who had a better case of using me as a human piñata. And like all of their arguments, it quickly escalated into a free-for-all, with paintballs and quarterstaff combat and no concern for the destruction of property. So, I snuck to safety when they set the party stage on fire. I wanna go to the party… So much for my big plan. The campus is a war zone and I don’t know what could’ve happened to Kirsch and I don’t know what to do about LaFontaine or Betty and Carmilla’s still gone and I’m starting to get worried and… [Computer pings] And apparently my video cache is full from a giant raw file from… Wednesday. But that should just be… THE DEAN (recorded): Hello, sweetheart. I thought it was time we had a little talk. [Later] It’s time. It’s time for the party. I wanna go to the party. I know, sweetie. Shhh. [Carmilla enters] [Brandishing a stake] Not one more step, bloodsucker. What is this? [Laura plays the recording] [Recorded]: So, what’s it to be? Shall we take the prom king here and leave you and the little moppet alone? [Laura fast forwards] Deal. Excellent. [Laura shuts off the recording] Were you even gonna tell me? About JP? About Kirsch? About the fact she possessed me and used me to hurt my friends or was it just gonna be sorry babe, no sword, no rescue. That’s just the way the world is? Laura, that’s not— I won’t let you take her. Laura, she promised to leave us alone. Yeah, Yeah, just so long as you let her kill my friends. Y’know, it’s not the sword. The sword would kill you and I get that. It’s that you just gave up. After everything, you didn’t even try. Laura, that’s not what— Go away, Carmilla. Go run and hide. We’re done. [Carmilla leaves]

100 thoughts on “Carmilla | S1 E33 “Pep Rally”

  1. "Laura needs to stop breaking up with people she isn't even with yet!"

    Lol, watching this again makes that statement hilarious.

  2. Ok no 1:56 ❤️❤️ I'm dead it's currently 2:30 in the morning AND SHE KISSED HER 😭😭❤️❤️it is taking all my strength not to fangirl right now


  4. Oof, that one hurt… And I know Laura absolutely has a right to be upset and should be, but does she not see the catch 22? Even if Carmilla has refused the deal, the Dean would have walked right out and still killed Laura’s friend AND Laura! Yes, she should have said something after and not given up so easily then, but Carmilla had an impossible choice there.

  5. "Laura needs to stop breaking up with people she's not even with"
    But why does this statement works with so many episodes? 😂
    I love it though

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