Catchphrase with Saoirse Ronan and Timothée Chalamet

Catchphrase with Saoirse Ronan and Timothée Chalamet

-All right, guys, enough small
talk, here’s how it works. Timothée, you’re
going to start the game by pressing start on this buzzer and drawing a clue from the top
of the pile right there. You have to get your teammate
to guess the clue as quickly as possible, then hand the buzzer off
to the person on your right. -Fantastic.
-All right, you can make any physical gestures
and say whatever you want, but you can’t say any actual
word in the actual clue. Okay, if you’re holding
the buzzer when it goes off, your team loses that round. We play three rounds.
Let’s take our positions. -Oh, my God.
-Come on, Saoirse, you can do it.
You’re over there, Saoirse. -So, you can act things out
as well, right? -Yeah, you can totally
do stuff, yeah. -You just can’t say
the word in the clue. -Yeah, exactly, we’re good.
-Okay, we’re fine. -All right.
-All right. Shall we? -Yes, we shall.
-I’m really nervous now. -Okay, no, come on.
We got this, we got this. -We got this. We got this.
-I’m starting it. I’m starting it.
Okay, 5, 4, 3, 2, here we go. -Okay. So,
this is sort of like glasses, except it’s one of them.
-A monocle. -Yes.
-Wow, that was great. [ Beeping ]
-He’s good. -Oh, okay, this is something that you do when you’re really disappointed in someone. You get your hand
and you put it up against your head —
-Face — and you oh, oh, whoa, good grief.
-And you do that. -Oh.
-You slap your forehead. You slap your forehead.
You go — you go — Is this — is this a word?
-No, look at this. -Yeah, that’s your face.
Yep. Hand face.
-No. -You put — palm face. -No.
-Palm on your face? -No, other way.
-Face on your palm. Face palm!
-Yes! [ Audience cheers ]
Geez. [ Laughs ] -When you’re in trouble
with your wife, you’re in the — -Dog house.
-Yes. [ Audience oohs ] -You get a car,
and you get a car, I’m going to run for President! -Oprah!
-Yes! [ Audience cheers ]
I get it? [ Increased beeping ] -Is it still going?
Oh, my God! Oh! You’re intelligent and a butt. Intelligent butt.
[ Buzzer ] -Oh!
-Aah! [ Sad tuba plays,
cymbal crashes ] [ Laughter ] -Oh, very nice, very nice,
very nice. Yeah, intelligent butt.
Very good for you. -That was really difficult.
-Timothée very well — We won that one. That’s great!
-We did win that one. -Yeah, look, that’s how
confident we are. We don’t even get excited. [ Bad Irish accent ]
See us Irish people don’t even get excited about it. -No, we’re very humble,
very humble people. -We’re very humble people,
and we don’t care. We want everyone to win.
-Jimmy, Jimmy. Don’t do the accent.
-[ Normal voice ] Okay, got you. [ Laughter ] Okay. [ Clears throat ] -Oh, my God,
I could never do that. -Timothée, you — you start.
-Okay, here we go. And —
-Okay, wait — -Oh, God, I just hit it.
-Go, go, go! -Okay, all right.
A — a smelly — -Stink eye. Pink eye.
-Yes, stink eye. -Okay.
-Don’t give me that one. Give me this. Okay. Um, not long trousers. [ Beeping ] -Shorts.
-Yeah, and they’re really — -Short shorts.
-Yes. -Wow. [ Laughter ] I mean,
it’s not that I know that — -You don’t wear that.
-It’s a movie and it’s — what lights do.
What do lights do? -Uh — flash.
-Stars! -“Stars wars.”
Uh — “star trek.” -Two words, and it’s what
lights and stars do. -Um — flashing lights.
-No, no, no. -Flash eyed, star eye —
give me, give me! -Okay, okay.
-What does light do? -Flashlights also do this.
-I — star — I don’t know! What it — what could it
possibly be? -Flashlights do this —
On and off? -Two words.
[ Buzzer ] -Oh, Christmas —
Christmas lights! Christmas lights!
Christmas lights! -What was it?
-I have no idea what he’s talking about, man.
-It was “The Shining.” -Oh, “The Shining.” -There’s no way he was
ever going to get it. -We got the lead there.
I got a bit excited. -If we win this, we win it all. -Yeah, this round is
worth 10,000 points. -No.
-Okay, 10,000-point round. [ Laughter ] -No, no, no. Like flashlight —
no, no, Christmas lights! -I’m going to kill you. -No way he was ever
going to get that. -Come on, man!
-All right here we go. -Get your head in the game.
-First of all, check it out. Watch this, watch this, ready? [ Beeping ] [ Laughter ] -All right, here we go.
Here we go. -Yeah. I think it’s going
to be like an ape. -It’s under the sea. -Little mermaids.
Crabs, lobster. -Yeah, stop. Yeah, that’s it.
-Crab? -And then —
-Crab walk? -Yes, very good. That’s it. [ Audience cheers ] [ Beeping ] -Uh — shaking madness. [ Laughter ] I — I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Wait, wait, wait. Wait. It’s like another word
for shaking. -Shivering. Shivering mad —
shivering — -No.
-Scrambled eggs. -No.
[ Laughter ] Like when you make some —
when you make something to eat. -Oh, yeah, yeah. [ Increased beeping ]
-Blend, blending. Blended family.
Blended crazy. -Man, why can’t I pass?
-Oh, no. -When you go absolutely bat
[bleep] [ Audience oohs ]
-No, no, aah! Aah! Crazy — Stir crazy.
-That’s the second part. -You got it!
-Yes, we got it. [ Buzzer ] -Oh, my gosh! -Yeah! We won! We won! [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪♪♪ -We basically won.
-10,000 points. It was worth 10,000 points.
-That doesn’t mean 10,000. -Unbelievable.
The champs right there, Timothée Chalamet
and Tariq Trotter. [ Cheers and applause ] Sorry, Saoirse —
No, no! Don’t throw it! Saoirse Ronan, of course. We’re talking to Saoirse
after the break. Stick around, everybody. [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪♪♪

100 thoughts on “Catchphrase with Saoirse Ronan and Timothée Chalamet

  1. This game is so stupid…why does the last one holding it have to lose if the rest is wasting time on purpose like the facepalm thing

  2. Tarik is like I’m going to kill you, come on man get your head in the game, while literally hes the one awful at describing lol, do a better job at your part buddy.

  3. So. 
    From the side, if you just look at the parts of Saoirse's dress that you can see skin, all you see is, like, a stick figure Saoirse. like at 4:41

  4. They actually are going to act together for “Little Women” so basically they are shooting it right now!😅

  5. I loved when she stopped him to do the accent….that may be fun but most of the time that's offensive

  6. Is anyone else completely annoyed by the lack of explaining The shining that he did. He could have literally said Stephen King redrum Jack Nicholson and he would have guessed it in a second

  7. Timmy slay the game, his "intellegent butt" is a hoot. Jimmy can't seems to guess the easy clues given to him which I gather he's played a few times.

  8. Okay, I see people complain about this on every Catchphrase thread and after watching several of these in a row I can confidently agree that Jimmy uses the intentional stalling technique way to often and ruins the entire experience for me. Makes me want to …what's that word again? Oh yah Hand-face. No? Palm-face? Hand-on-palm-of-face? Face-hand? No? Pace-Falm.

  9. Why wouldn't he describe the movie (The Shining) instead of talking about lights shining?? Seems so odd especially when talking to an actor.

  10. 4:56 you can see soairse saying “that’s not my name “ after jimmy mispronounce it like 4 time 😂😂😂

  11. I so love Saoirse, every time I hear her voice it makes me happy. Plus the answer smart ass, she points at Jimmy lol

  12. Omg why didn’t he just describe The Shining movie plot instead of talking about lights 😑😑so STUPID

  13. this man who didn’t say jack nicholson and stephan king for the shining is an idiot and i am so frustrated right now

  14. Tariq is getting all irritated and Timmy’s clues are way better than his. Lol You couldn’t think of any other clues for The Shining?!?

  15. girls like Timothee because he's effeminate and non-threatening, a typical guy they would put in the Friend Zone even though they admit otherwise. smh

  16. I remember watching Lovely Bones and I was telling myself that dem this girl would go places.. guess she already made it 🙂

  17. That was the worst clue ever

    Why didn't he say Stephen King's book.



    A family shutted down in a hotel in middle of snow.

    I love the shinning

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