CEO John Legere Announces T-Mobile Test Drive®

CEO John Legere Announces T-Mobile Test Drive®

Hey everyone, I’m back! And the Un-Carrier is about to take
on another pain point. Wireless is one of the only industries in the world
that makes you buy before you try. And the carriers have been forcing
customers to buy blind forever. It’s so incredibly stupid. I mean think about it. You use your phone every single day
and yet if you want to switch networks, you got to go to a store, get a new phone, move all your photos and apps and passwords over, waste an entire Saturday and then, and only then, can you find out if the network works for you. It’s totally broken. But you already know that. 84% of people say they want to try
a network before switching. That’s almost everyone! But the carriers continue to hide
behind their maps and promises. I mean if they really believe all that why don’t they just let customers try before they buy? At T-Mobile, we have nothing to hide. We want you to see how good our network is
and how well it works for you. We want you to see how our newest most powerful signal goes farther than ever before. We’ve always been about transparency. In 2014, our fifth Un-Carrier move was test drive. We gave people a free iPhone
for a week to try our network. It was a great idea, but it wasn’t nearly
as good as what I’m unveiling today. Test drive was our first try and honestly, it was a little clunky for people to carry around two phones. But one thing about being the Un-Carrier, we don’t stop listening to customers and we don’t stop innovating. So we learned from that and
we’ve made test drive even better. Today, I’m here to amp that Un-Carrier move. I’m launching a new and improved Test Drive® and giving everyone a chance to try our bigger better network. Absolutely free. No obligations, no deposits, no hassles. And this time, you can test drive using your existing smartphone. That’s right. Keep your smartphone.
Keep your number and your apps, and try out T-Mobile. How do we do this? With this thing. It’s a simple hot spot that connects
the T-Mobile’s LTE network. You connect your phone. Any smartphone. Any carrier. Verizon. AT&T. Sprint. Comcast. Charter. Or whatever they’re calling themselves this week. And just like that, you can test T-Mobile’s network for free on your existing phone. It couldn’t be easier. Back in 2014, we encourage everyone
to cheat on their carrier with test drive. We still believe in open wireless relationships. We make cheating on your carrier easy. Just sign up online and
we’ll send you a hot spot like this. So you can try the network for 30 days or up to 30GB, whichever comes first. When you’re done, return it,
give it to a friend, or just recycle it. It really is that simple. And we’ve made it so simple because
we think everyone really should play the field. And because we want you to see how
awesome our network has become. Because we have been hard at work
building a network that is second to none. But don’t believe me, believe the numbers. Here are just a few of them from the last three years. 25,000 new towers and cell sites added. 1 million square miles of new LTE coverage added. 21 million more people covered. Nearly 30 billion dollars invested to build out the network & buy new airwaves that reach farther than ever before. Data traffic has more than tripled in the last three years. And LTE download speeds have gotten 60% faster in that time. And to pull all that off, we added more than
3000 full-time engineers onto our existing team. Whoo, and that’s all before we supercharge everything with Sprint if our merger is approved. And that’s why only the Un-Carrier has the guts to put it all out there to let everyone in America try us. Because we have nothing to hide. It’s time for the wireless industry to get out of the dark ages and stop forcing customers to buy blind. It’s time to end this broken arrogant practice. So I’m calling on the carriers to copy us, again. Don’t worry. As usual, we’ll go first and show you how it’s done. Because we are the Un-Carrier and #WeWon’tStop.

97 thoughts on “CEO John Legere Announces T-Mobile Test Drive®

  1. Most of my family is on T-Mobile. My one son is on American Telephone and Telegraph. Telegraph? He believes I'm on a poor man's network. How can I prove him wrong when I'm in a large city next to Chicago and only have 2 bars?

  2. I can't wait for the sprint tmobile merger to be 100% cause I currently have sprint and service is horrible, with the combine networks it should be stronger.

  3. I move to T-Mobile back in March 2018 few months after Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico. I needed a network that was fast and reliable to help me finish my college semester and thanks to T-Mobile I had high speed internet with the 4GLTE Hotspot and that help me manage to finish the semester with great joy and to be able to communicate with family members in the US was even better. That's why I don't have anything bad to say about T-Mobile because they were a great help for me.

  4. I'm been T-Mobile Customer since August 2017!I believe that,the more T-Mobile Network has improved,the better Customer Service,that we have,rather AT&T and Verizon that has to offer!!

  5. I love the dig at Charter. I don't know what to call them anymore. They flip back and forth between Spectrum and Charter.

  6. Again, again and again ! John and his team with another powerful move ! If your are not T-mobile customer try it and you will love it.?

  7. T-Mobile is awesome! I work in the business department out of Houston helping business's use wireless for Asset tracking, Fleet Management with GPS, communication and so much other Technology that has completely changed the industry. T-Mobile is definitely…The New T-Mobile!!??

  8. Now who cares about Netflix John listen very closely give us unlimited hotspot with 4g lte with no extra charge

  9. I'm with AT&T but I just signed up for this. What a great idea. Anybody know the prices after the 30-day trial if you want to keep the hotspot deivce active?

  10. I love that T-Mobile listed and is now upgrading the signal strength in my home town of phelan california. Thanks you T-Mobile

  11. John and TMobile are the best I been with them since onino point and will never leave and only get those Damm states get off they back it's been approved stop playing games states and let this merger go through TMobile will keep their prices low and give customers better service and customer service if you need that which I only use once in 20 years

  12. Love T Mobile! I was with them a while but had to move off to Sprint over coverage issues as soon as they take over the hardware & this is all up and running I'll be running back into a store I STILL tell people T Mobile is the best in the business and encourage them to go sign up 🙂 In case you are wondering I do a lot of driving and live in a more remote area and they just aren't out this far yet but I can tell by signal strength it's coming!!

  13. John, please improve the coverage in the Bay Area. I can vouch that SoCal coverage is flawless and beats the rest of the other carriers. But in the Bay Area, there are pockets of poor coverage. Please improve on this. ??

  14. Mr. Legere, THAT, and other assurances that T-MOBILE has come up with, is another reason my family are 15 year customers. BTW, also appreciate the team that is in place to hear any questions regarding concerns. Very pleasant experience.

  15. I love T-Mobile and all of there services and John Legere is the best CEO hearing what customers need and wants. I'm impress with the new T-Mobile I was traveling to another state and I still had services like Pennsylvania " in the highway" I remember 8 or 10 years there was no service at all when i was traveling. Love you T-Mobile.

  16. T-Mobile John Legere is an Amazing CEO!!! I contacted him more than once about a customer service problem I was having and he had my problems resolved quickly every time!!! Thank You John for caring about customers!!!??

  17. This sounds nice and all but I had tmobile a couple weeks ago and their speeds are aweful in North Fort Worth and surrounding Dallas metro.

  18. Been TMobile customer for 13 years. is better and better. Please match your little brother Metro plan's 4-line for unlimited everything for $100 include taxes and fees

  19. I can't wait for this merger to happen. I have been with Sprint forever but John's energy makes me excited to join the new T-Mobile…I know he will move up after the merger but I hope the energy of this company stays the same. ?charter or whatever they're calling themselves this week haha awesome!?

  20. I switched to Tmobile back in 2013 and I can honestly say. I've been super happy with there service. There deals just keep getting better and better. Thank you Tmobile for always making the right changes with keeping the customers in mind. I will never switch to another carrier again.

  21. You say this and I just moved to metro PC's who use your cell towers and I have little to no services at my house but your coverage map said I had services and don't have the money to pay they switch to a different phone carrier.

  22. Switched to T-Mobile in 2014, actually I just realized that it’ll be my 5th anniversary this September. Love T-Mobile, friendly employees and my phone works almost everywhere! You’re a great inspirer and leader

  23. I was the number 1 salesmen at Verizon. I worked with the innovation team on projects. I quit and applied to T-mobile. They just need the 30 day money back guarantee. Refund restocking fees ex.

  24. I been with T-mobile for 12 years I hope Sprint don't ruin them cause I left Sprint to go to T-mobile. Major difference in service. #Loyalty

  25. T-Mobile, you never gave me or my family one bad experience with our service, customer service, or phones. I also love the T-Mobile tuesday app; I’ve gotten a few things. You are honestly the best. I bought my phone from y’all. Y’all are amazing.

  26. I’ve been with T Mobile for 6 months but the service is bad in Louisiana starting to regret leaving the giant for a cheaper price ??‍♂️

  27. Ordered one yesterday. Thinking about switching from Verizon. Hard to believe there are dead spots in Houston. But I'm in one and it's terrible.

  28. I've said it before and I'll say again. The CEO is crazy!!! And I love it! #goTeamMagenta #unCarrier4TheWin

  29. You guys ever plan on providing a hotspot with unlimited data that rivals current internet providers ? Most home services run for 40-50$ for unlimited home internet. If you had a hotspot for like 30-35$ it would really make a dent on those providers.

  30. Everything about this video is a complete lie from my experience I tried T-Mobile for 30 days I live in Las Vegas Nevada and had absolutely horrible horrible service I dropped T-mobile and went to Verizon there is no comparison from my experience Verizon beats them hands down

  31. Jajajaja “What ever they calling them self this week”; put John L in front of apple company and we will have free iPhones

  32. Let me give you a pain point:..Being throttled almost every night in prime time that gives me problems with my streaming…I'm sorry I use alot of data but I thought that was the idea of unlimited but I realize that that means having my video reduced to 480 p…I know TMobile isn't only company doing it but that doesn't make me feel better about it…

  33. My Xfinity WiFi actually stopped working while trying to watch this video. I turned off my WiFi and it loaded instantly on my T-Mobile connection ?

  34. AT&T customer, I want to replace my unlimited home Internet with a mobile hotspot like this one! How much $ to get it unlimited? Or with a wireless phone and TV plan? Bundle??

  35. I already have T-Mobile but I decided to watch this. John Legere really is the modern version of Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, etc. I'm excited for New T-Mobile!

  36. Love TMobile. Switched my family to my plan to save money from dumb and dumber. And then referred my extended family to their own plan to save money

  37. What will happen to Sprint customers if the merger is approved? I'm currently with Sprint and was thinking about switching to T mobile since it'd be cheaper…

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