Clash of Clans – Forums vs Reddit Livestream!

Clash of Clans – Forums vs Reddit Livestream!

fans do esporte ola

100 thoughts on “Clash of Clans – Forums vs Reddit Livestream!

  1. Hallo clash of Clans ich komme mit meinem zweit Account kommt wegen einer,, Überschreitung"nicht mehr rein

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  3. I think I know what that boat can do…it's for destroying the engineer base..they will flood the base with water..if u don't have walls you need the boat to retreat… save some of your troops..😁

  4. Can anyone tell me the where can i find the clash of clans song remix played at the end of the Livestream

  5. A query to all guyz, why is that in builder base matches a upper th lvl has to be pitted against a lower th lvl, itz ok in home village, but its unfair at buider base

  6. wen itz vs mode we hope to be on equal grounds.. get your fckng servers running, so we cud get mirror opponents

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