Clickbank Affiliate Marketing: Simple Powerful Tutorial 2019

Clickbank Affiliate Marketing: Simple Powerful Tutorial 2019

in this video I’m going to show you how
to do clickbank affiliate marketing using a brand new traffic source
recently I got back into promoting products on Clickbank and here on the
screen you can see the most recent check that Clickbank have sent me and that’s
why I decided to make this series of tutorials to show you how you can also
do Clickbank affiliate marketing what’s happening guys my name is Greg Kononenko
I run this YouTube channel caffeinated bloggers and on this youtube channel my
goal is to help you make a full time income online so that you can have a
better future for yourself and your family just like I wanted to do when I
first started online marketing I put out 3 videos a week on free traffic
affiliate marketing niche websites and blogging so here that subscribe button
just below this video and take the bail notification icon to make sure that you
get notified about my next video as soon as I upload it step one of this method
is to find a hot product on Clickbank let me show you how to do that once
you’re inside your Clickbank account you should click Marketplace and then
click advanced search and under products you can either choose a category that
you want to promote or if you want to just have a look at all the categories I
recommend to search gravity higher than 20 and then click search and that will
bring up all of the results that match the gravity of 20 or more after that you
can either keep the results sorted by popularity which is basically the gross
number of sales or what I like to do is sort them by gravity gravity just means
how many affiliates have made commissions in the last eight weeks so
it means that at least four hundred four hundred more than four hundred
affiliates have actually made commissions promoting this particular
product cinderella solution on clickbank in the last eight weeks which means that
the product is converting really well so you guys can scroll through and choose
which product you want to promote of course it is really helpful if you are
familiar with the niche or with the product with the general area of a
product that you’re trying to promote so for example if you are familiar a little
bit with keto diet then keto resources might be a great offer to promote if you
are familiar with battery or mechanics then it would be a good
idea to promote this better or reconditioning for example okay but look
don’t worry you know I promoted plenty of offers
that I had literally no idea about and I learned and I’m going to show you how to
do the same in this video how you can actually kind of learn about the areas
or niches that are new to you so I feel free to browse around and then choose
the offer that’s going to work well for you for the purposes of this video I’m
going to go with these offer kita resources and then show you how you
could promote this offer here kita resources so the first thing is if you
want to promote it you can click this promote button that will ask for your
account nickname and then you can generate hop links and that’s going to
give you a hop link which if you press this button it’ll get copied into the
sort of the buffer the memory of your browser and then if you click it it will
open via your affiliate link the sales page of this product so this link here
that you get this hop link is the link that of course you need to promote if
you want to be making Commission’s on Clickbank just in case you knew I wanted
to mention that okay so anytime you want to send traffic just use this hop link
that’s how you’re going to be getting that traffic now if you are new to this
28-day Akeno challenge I do recommend that you read through this just get an
idea of what this offer actually is who does it speak to what kind of wording
does it use what kind of emotional triggers just kind of to get an
understanding of exactly how these offer works and who it’s targeted at the other
thing that’s a good idea to do it there is this thing here saying affiliate page
so if you just open this page and you know go through everything here make
sure that you comply with all of the linear terms and conditions so for
example on this page what you can see here at the bottom is that you can type
in your clickbank ID so that would be mine and then tracking ID if you wanted
to track different sources of traffic for example YouTube Pinterest you know
your opt-in page etc you could put in that tracking ID so something like I
will put video here okay and that will just come up differently in your in your
affiliate reporting you can see where the sales came from but
you don’t have to use that this is optional and then you can see there are
different landing pages actually so you can promote the landing page of kiddo
challenge get a challenge via cell simply tasty ketogenic so there are five
different kind of sales pages or landing pages that you can promote so that’s a
good thing for us to know we might have to come back to this at a later point in
time but in general I do recommend to get familiar with the affiliate page
resources as much as possible because that will actually help you with your
promotion the other thing is take note of this affiliate support contacts so
here you can see Jackie at JV with Jay sorry JV with a you might want to
send an email to the affiliate manager and ask for rare review copy of this
product review copy will help you to make a more kind of like making
promotions more informed you know perhaps you might want to do a review of
this product exactly what it looks like and so forth so it never hurts to get in
touch and ask for a review copy step 2 would be to research keywords that we’re
going to be using in our promotion da-da-da-da-da big reveal the traffic
source that I’m going to be showing you in this video is YouTube if you’ve never
done YouTube before it might sound a little bit intimidating because it’s
videos but don’t worry you don’t actually have to be on video to be
successful on YouTube okay you don’t have to be on camera you don’t have to
show your face on camera I’m going to show you how to do that in just a moment
here but what I wanted to tell you is that keto diet is massive on YouTube
just like a lot of other things you know YouTube is world’s second biggest search
engine probably going to become first at some point in the future and look at
this I mean keto if you just type in anything related to keto there are
millions of views 4.7 million views 685 271 1.5 million seven hundred and twenty
one thousand so like Kido is massive it’s absolutely incredible how much
traffic you can get but you know what the crazy thing is it is easy to get
traffic from YouTube in the kidoh niche just like pretty much in any other niche
you can possibly think of and I’m going to show you how to get the traffic
in this video so the first thing that you’ll want to do is type in vid IQ
extension into Google and then install this Vedic you in stanchion for Chrome
I’m not sure if they’ve got it for other browsers but they definitely do have it
for Chrome so just go ahead and install this into your browser that’s going to
help us find awesome keywords that pretty much have zero competition the
next thing that you want to do is go into Google Keyword planner so type in
Google Keyword planner into Google and open it up if you don’t
have a Google Keyword planner account yet you might want to sign up but I
already have it so I’m just gonna click sign-in to actually go inside the
account now in my last video about Clickbank two days ago a couple of
people have told me things like this definitely this is an old video because
this is not the way Google Keyword planner works now or are you in another
world be honest okay this is how keyword planner looks for me right now guys so
if those people are watching this video now let me just show you something okay
time and they now and as you can see it’s 6:28 p.m. on Wednesday the 21st of
August so no I’m not lying this is a new video I am making it today on the 21st
of August and look this is a fair enough question every time I see something that
doesn’t add up I get suspicious as well so I totally get it I just wanted to
tell you that I am actually doing this live so basically let’s talk about
keywords discover new keywords is the option that we go in here and then it
says start with keywords or start with a website all right so let’s just type in
keto diet into Google Keyword planner and see what kind of results we get in
google keyword planner just make sure your locations are United States your
language is English and that you choose the right period because sometimes these
get reset to different countries depending where in the world you are who
want the United States so we’re going to be using a combination of Google Keyword
planner as well as YouTube to come up with good keywords so what you’re
looking for is about three three words to start giving you ideas okay and we’re
going to take something like this so this one here for example kiddo meal
plan and we’re going to start typing it into
YouTube so let’s go like this keto meal plan okay but what you want is see how
it’s bringing up the different suggestions for us so for women
Australia for beginners seven-day and so forth and what you want to do is choose
one of them so let’s say for example go with keto meal plans seven-day alright
and now this is going to bring up a list of results for us now what you want to
do is scan through the results here and check if in the title so see these large
letters here a sample ketogenic diet meal plan so this bit here that’s at the
top of each search result whether a lot of the results on page one have got
these keywords in them or not so the reason why we’re doing this we
trying to understand is YouTube showing all of these results just because it has
nothing else to show and if that’s the case then that’s good news for us
because it means that nobody else so far has made a good video on this particular
keyword okay so if you’re seeing a lot of the results here which are just like
that how to start a keto diet or killer friendly recipes for breakfast lunch and
dinner it means that these these videos are not optimized and are not focused on
Keira meal plans seven-day alright and that is good news for us if we are
seeing a couple of actually here that I mentioned seven-day so like this number
three results seven-day Aikido meal prep and seven-day full meal prep prep so a
seven-day full meal plan for beginners okay so they mention it but the list of
them you see the better so let’s try out another keyword and see if we can find
one that does not have any videos on page one mention that exact key phrase
alright so here is a little trick guys here is what we can do just leave a
couple of the key words like Kido meal like this and then put in a space and
then put in an underscore and what that will do is it will bring
the possible next sort of key phrases that people type into YouTube and that
will give you some more ideas so look at this from the first one kita
meal-replacement shake again let’s try to analyze this one and see how that one
looks okay so what I’m seeing here is that this is looking really really good
1 2 3 4 the top 5 results don’t talk about Kido meal-replacement shake at all
okay they’re not mentioning that at all if I scroll down number 6 result is
talking about Kido meal replacement review but not about shake in the title
and guess what guys this is where the video q extension comes in handy the
person that is ranking as number 6 has only got three thousand nine hundred and
fifty subscribers so that means that you if you’re brand new on YouTube or if
your YouTube channel is quite new ok you don’t have to have many subscribers
basically to rank plus the top five results
none of these videos that are being shown are actually talking about Kido
meal replacement shake how cool is that that means that nobody so far has
created a video focused on Kido meal replacement shake and honestly in the
keto niche because I’ve been looking at it for a while there is a ton of these
keywords there are hundreds and hundreds of wide-open keywords that you can go
after and that nobody has actually created videos about before so when you
there’s there’s only one really here you know in the top 10 or top 20 for this
particular keyword but if you open v like you that will also give you some
more data here it’ll tell you the search volume is quite good but we kind of
already know that from Google because Google Keyword planner will tell us the
search volume for what people type into Google but the stuff that they tap into
YouTube generates pretty seamless as a very strong search volume in here word I
know that but the good thing is it what I should tell us that V like you
competition score is 39 and anything under 40s considered green
considered easy to rank for so that’s exactly how you find the keywords you
just go through these get some ideas type them into here and then start
putting in you know for example Quito food and then put in that underscore and
space and that will give you some suggestions or you can also what you can
do is you can actually put underscore in between them to sukira underscore food
and that will put in the that will bring up the results of words in between Quito
and food so such as Quito camping food how many people do you think have made
videos 14 or camping food very few I believe actually it is fairly popular
okay well you never know you never know right so you just need to continue doing
this you can also do this at the start and that will tell you what kind of
stuff people put in at the start of before quito food so if you just go like
that that will bring it up so you need to put a space there and that will bring
up the list okay my computer is just a bit slow but now you can see it’s
brought that up and now it says how to cook it a food basket or food and so
forth so play around with it find the keywords where you don’t see any results
at the top that I’m mentioning that key phrase in the title and also then look
on V like you what you want is you want something that is kind of less than less
than 40 viq competition score so to recap you want over 1,000 searches in
Google Keyword planner and you want green competition in Vedic you Chrome
extension and you also don’t want any matches in the title on the result page
in youtube search okay step number three is to make the actual video to create
the actual video you’ve got two options one is OBS if you type in OBS into
Google you’ll see these open broadcaster software it’s a free software it allows
you to create videos record your desktop as you showing things around on the
desktop if you want to also build a personal connection with your viewers
like I am with you right now you can also put yourself in the corner all
using the OBS software to make your actual video you will need
to do a little bit of research so I just type in that Keita camping food watch a
few of the top videos on that keyword that you’re trying to prepare you know
if it is if your key word is key to camping food then that’s of course what
you would be researching you can also type that into Google and read some of
the blog posts and then create an outline of the ideas for your video your
video does not have to be long as you can see there are some that are six
minutes or eight minutes to create your video you can simply record the screen
you can use Google slides that’s what I use for this presentation for example
and for a lot of my presentations just go into Google slides and create the
slides there are some templates that come pre-installed with Google slides
another side that I can recommend is called slides carnival so they also have
Google slides templates and the template action that I’m using on this video is a
free template from slides carnival if you want to use some images in your
presentation and in your video you can use they have royalty-free
images a ton of them and I’m assuming that people that want Kira camping food
will probably want some kind of recipes so then in your Google slides for that
recipe you can just quickly write it out and sort of quickly talk about it and
you can create a video like that for top ten Kira camping food recipes delicious
and fast that that’s what you could call your video potentially if you get stuck
in the perfection zone then let me just tell you something don’t worry about it
because as long as your video is genuinely useful so you giving some
ideas for example for kiddie camping food you give the people some ideas and
some ingredients you don’t need to go crazy and start hiring careers and start
Garfield in the wilderness under the Sun how you make this food and all of that
kind of stuff it’s not necessary your video just not needs to be useful and it
needs to address the premise of the video okay have you given them
information and some ideas about Quito camping food if you have great even if
it’s in written form in Google slides that’s completely fine because I used to
get stuck in this kind of mind frame that I I need to get a professional
camera I need to get professional lighting I need
all of those kinds of things for my youtube channel and believe me you don’t
actually need to do that it’s nice but you don’t need it for success okay so to
recap you can use OBS which is a free solution you can also use a software
called screencast-o-matic it’s $15 a year but it does a pretty good job as
well now you might want to have a picture of yourself in the corner of the
screen but this is actually optional okay videos with no face do perfectly
fine as well five to ten minute video is okay so the start of the video you might
want to do what I did in this video where you tell them this is the name of
my channel this is what I talked about subscribe to my youtube channel so I
actually invite them to follow you because by the time you want to grow
your channel in this niche so that you can start making more and more money as
you go along step number four is to actually monetize that YouTube video
what you want to do is at the bottom of your videos I’ve just opened the result
the number one result here for Keira camping food what you’ll want to do is
you will want to write a little description okay so the first three
lines you will want to insert the phrase Kido camping food into this or something
like best Kido camping food in this video I am going to show you the best
keto camping food that you can prepare quickly and that tastes delicious okay
and then after that in the next several lines put in a little bit of information
once again mention that key word and you will want somewhere around here so after
three four or five paragraphs of text what you will want to include is a link
to the affiliate offer that we are promoting so the key no resources link
okay just do a little call to action and insert it over here so for example
something like learn how to transform your body using keto diet and then you
know putting this semicolon and then put in your affiliate link now your
affiliate link does look kind of quite lengthy and ugly you know that’s what
it’s going to be looking like so you can use a service such as bit dot Lee to
shorten that link YouTube is completely fine with affiliate
and with shortening services such as bitly so you can sign up for free and
then just short on it and then this way you can insert a stick very short bit
dot Lee slash something-something link into your YouTube video now guys I
just want to make sure that you’re clear on something YouTube is an amazing place
to get traffic grow your email list and make money so I wanted to show you
something here – what’s the end of this video this is the growth from the 1st of
January last year in 2018 up until now that I have had on YouTube
you can see that I have acquired 52 almost 53 thousand subscribers in this
time in this year and a half and you can see that it started out slowly and then
just by regularly putting up videos you know I started getting that snowball
effect and don’t forget that YouTube for me I spend maybe 10 percent of my time
on YouTube ok 10-15 percent of my time that’s all this is not my priority I
often went for two months or three months making zero videos so it’s crazy
how powerful it is even if you’re not 100% focusing on it every single day it
can still be extremely powerful so I’ve had times when you know I’ve put on four
hundred three hundred two hundred subscribers in a single day and my views
likewise this is my views report you can see that for my views I started out very
slowly very slowly okay and then it started growing and then I’ve hit
several days where I had over 8,000 views over 4,000 views over 12,000 views
in a single day on my videos so let’s talk for a second how you can grow and
scale up so the number one thing would be to regularly upload videos YouTube
rewards youtubers who regularly upload videos so if you can commit to uploading
between one to three videos but every single week okay ideally if you can do
more you can do more that’s completely fine but even if you do between one and
three videos but every single week consistently
for a number of weeks you will see results okay
so that’s number one thing number two thing is go through and find those
keywords and you will be after time after a period of time you’ll get really
good at this and you will be able to find keywords that have low competition
and high search volumes and that are highly relevant to what you are
promoting and you’ll be able to do it like this
YouTube is wide open you know my channel is in the make money niche and make
money niche is cutthroat on YouTube it’s crazy competitive it’s the hardest niche
you can possibly get into on YouTube and I still manage to make it happen even
though it’s not my focus so at the moment there is just so much opportunity
on YouTube in a variety of different issues as soon as you step out of the
make money online niche there are just crazy amounts of traffic and opportunity
out there so create that content put out those videos and you will see that
approximately 5% of your viewers will end up clicking the link in the
description so for every thousand views you’re standing to have about 50 click
throughs on to your affiliate link in the description that’s approximately
been my experience it varies a little bit you know but 3 to 5% is probably a
good good guideline for how many clicks on to your affiliate link you can get so
if you can basically get yourself up to let’s say five thousand views a day and
in fitness niche it’s super easy guys it’s like it’s crazy easy okay five
thousand views a day I’m getting that in make money online niche in the fitness
niche you can get those five thousand views a day very very quickly and easily
can’t obviously promise anything but it’s just wide open the opportunity is
there if you can get those five thousand views then that means that you can send
250 clicks okay five percent 250 clicks to that affiliate offer every single day
just going out for free and you’re gonna make sales you know there’s a feel it
offers they convert we’ve seen that they have high gravity so you’re gonna make
those sales without any issues on a daily basis if you can just get the tiny
amount of views five thousand in the fitness niche that’s it
thank you so much for watching this video subscribe to my youtube channel
just below this video if you enjoyed this content and take that Bell
notification icon to get notified about my next video as soon as I uploaded on
this YouTube channel I help you make a full time income online so that you can
have a better future for yourself and your family if you want to scale these
techniques to the next level then make sure that you check out this couple of
videos that I’ve put on this page for you that will really really help you
thanks so much once again and I’ll see you in the next video

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