Climate Change Forum Goes HORRIBLY WRONG for Joe Biden

Climate Change Forum Goes HORRIBLY WRONG for Joe Biden

so yesterday, CNN held back the back climate
change town halls with the number of the 2020 democratic [inaudible] the candidates and it just went on for hours and
hours and I sort of dipped in and out of it during a twitch live stream that I did last
night. It was relatively uneventful, but there were
some interesting things that happened. Um, the first one I want to mention a one
notable trend is that it again wasn’t great for Joe Biden and I don’t want to make it
seem like I’m piling on Biden cause there were also other candidates who have no shot
who didn’t do well. Like Amy Klobuchar I don’t think did very
well during this thing. Carla I don’t think did well although she
is in fourth place and I guess you can say see she, she still has a shot. Uh, the, the point is Biden is leading in
the polls and he really didn’t have a good climate change town hall. This was seven hours of back-to-back-to-back
town halls with candidates. The idea was a good one, which is let’s go
in depth on the issue of climate with each candidate. This is in a really important issue and we
want to know who can go deep on these topics. Great. Carla Harris had some weird moments. She had one about plastic and paper straws
that was sort of odd. Andrew Yang was asked about quantifying carbon
dioxide reduction that we can get from Geo Engineering, which, uh, he has pushed and
talked about. He wasn’t able to answer that. Okay? Some people said it was a stumble. You should’ve been prepared. Biden really didn’t do well. He was, again, not answering questions clearly. And there was this moment when what was clearly
a planned attack question was put to Joe Biden. Take a look. I have to ask, how can we trust you to hold
these corporations and executives accountable for their crimes against humanity when we
know that tomorrow you are holding high dollar fundraiser hosted by Andrew Goldman, a fossil
fuel executive [inaudible] he is not a fossil philosophy. And the fact of the matter is that, uh, what
we talk about is what are we going to do about those corporations? What have we done? And [inaudible] everywhere along the way. For example, I’ve argued and we’ve, and pushed
for us suing those executives who are engaged in pollution, those companies who want to
engage in pollution. So Biden says, wait, wait, wait. Andrew Goldman isn’t a fossil fuel executive
and the relevance to this entire conversation is that Joe Biden pledge not to take campaign
funds from fossil fuel executives and if indeed he is, uh, involved with Andrew Goldman fossil
fuel executive and money is being raised and money is being donated, that would appear
to be a violation of Joe Biden’s pledge. Now it was later sort of clarified weirdly
by Anderson Cooper, not by Joe Biden that Andrew Goldman is not a fossil fuel executive,
but he is a fossil fuel investor. So technically Joe Biden’s pledge remains
in force I guess because he is not taking the money from executives but rather from
investors. It’s one of these situations though where
you really need to understand the dynamics of what took place. First of all, this was by every indication
one of these planned attacks on Biden, but it was effective and the clarification came
later. The clarification came from Anderson Cooper
rather than from Biden himself. Substantively, I don’t think that anything
shocking was revealed at this town hall about Biden or anyone else, but the longer format
for each candidate does let us get more of a sense of how deep their knowledges, the
knowledge in climate from lots of the candidates is quite frankly not very deep. And I think that that should alarm all of
us given that it is such a major humanitarian crisis and an issue of national security and
an issue of geopolitics. And it’s disappointing. Now I’m not saying Trump has any better idea. Trump writes the entire thing off as a hoax
created by the Chinese. That’s a disaster as well. At least the people on yesterday’s stages
acknowledge the problem that there is. Uh, but uh, this was not a good moment for
Joe Biden. Then just bad luck and timing by Biden. This act, I actually feel bad about this. He burst a blood vessel in his eye during
the event which was noticeable on television that led to the obviously predictable slew
of allegations that Joe Biden is sick, sort of like the Hillary Parkinson’s type stuff. That’s all completely to be expected. And there are sort of two perspectives on
this anti Biden stuff that are growing on the left. There are those who are against Biden because
he’s simply a centrist. People are more progressive and they say,
I want someone more progressive in Biden’s sort of a corporate center, left Democrat. There are others who oppose Joe Biden because
they believe that Joe Biden is not electable. In other words, that he could not beat Donald
Trump in the general election. Now, the politics part, I understand Biden
is not nearly the most progressive candidate. In fact, he’s one of the most centrist candidates. That is simply a reality. The Biden can’t be Trump stuff requires a
little bit of fortune telling and seeing into the future. But if you look at the hypothetical polling
match-ups right now against Trump, Biden is routinely doing the best period. And the reason why is not as progressivism
clearly or is lack thereof. It’s a demographic issue more than anything
else. Older people vote much more than younger people,
and they vote much more reliably than younger people. And when you look at the demographics of who
is supporting Joe Biden, uh, you understand that any likely voter model that accounts
for how likely people are to vote, uh, does help. Joe Biden and Joe Biden in the hypothetical
match-ups does the best against Donald Trump than anybody else. Now, Bernie is not far behind. Warren is not far behind, uh, Bernie. But it’s important to understand where those
numbers come from. And I know that every time we talk about this,
I get emails from people saying, David, you are drastically underestimating that young
people this time around are going to be the difference maker. I hope that’s the case. I hope that that’s the case. But every election cycle we hear that and
rarely does it actually a have become a reality. Older people are the reliable voters and the
younger people simply are not. I hope it is different, but understand why
a likely voter model would not assume that because we talk about it every election cycle
and it basically doesn’t end up happening. Now let’s talk more broadly about one of the
macro issues. That is a huge red herring. In the discussions of climate.

100 thoughts on “Climate Change Forum Goes HORRIBLY WRONG for Joe Biden

  1. Joe Biden is in the past. The people want to look to the future. We dont want corporations to run our country anymore. I dont know bout yall but im feelin the bern all day err day

  2. Huh? Yang killed the geoengineering question. He reiterated its place in his priorities and explained why research in geoengineering is needed. Asking him to quantify its CO2 reduction is ridiculous when hes calling for more research and innovation.

  3. Yep nit picking here. I've had the same blood vessel problem in my eye once … it went away in a week. Meant almost zero to me except people kept asking me why my eye was all red. He answered the comment correctly. He's not a fossil fuel executive. More substance is better when you critique Biden not just jump on every little imperfection. If age is an issue then both Sanders & Warren need to take a bow.

  4. Thank you, David. I keep fighting with people who think it's more important to get Andrew Yang on the PewDeePie show than to get the AARP endorsement. I've been hearing this Rock The Vote crap since the 80's and it never works.

  5. Got an advertisment on tar sands from Alberta on this video before it started… Money well spent on their part… -_-'

  6. I genuinely find it so difficult to watch Biden. It’s both awkward, sad and pathetic at the same time. How his wife hasn’t told him to drop out is beyond me. It’s like when you could see there was something wrong with McCain just before his diagnosis.

  7. sorry, i bailed the twitch to watch the important stuff. you said it yourself–the long-format allowed the candidates to truly show us who they were and what they knew. and, that is critical for those of us who care–i care. there were surprises for me…

    I did not like Warren as much as i had liked her quips in the limited-time formats–she was preachy rather than conversational, focusing a lot on the 'why' rather than 'how.' I found myself liking Yang even more–he had real-world examples to help explain his intent. I was surprised by Beto–he was prepared and he interacted directly with the audience–unlike Biden, who was very lecturing and a bit aloof. Bernie did excellent as usual–he was appropriately conversational since he was addressing both the audience and the camera…only issue was that he forgot to address the farmers. 🙁

  8. David Pakmans weird obsession with Biden is Truly Odd. He calls a solid legitimate question a set Its creepy. I feel like Pak is Biden long lost love child

  9. Young voters don't come out every election cycle cause they keep putting shitty candidates in both parties in the election cycles.

  10. I'm anti Joe Biden, because he is a less toxic Trump, and I'm tired of that as president. I'm anti Joe Biden because he's already told the fat cats than nothing will change. I'm anti Joe Biden because he is almost the opposite of Obama, that's why he was chosen as the VP, to reassure agist, racist voters that an old white guy is still standing by, ready to take the helm if need be.

    If you vote for Biden because he was Obama's VP, You won't be getting Obama.
    If that is your reasoning, then you should have voted for Clinton, because she was Obama's Secretary of State, a more important and complicated office than VP is.

    But somehow you knew that you weren't getting Obama by voting for one of his administration.

  11. If you want to make America great (for the first time) your best chance is Bernie Sanders. His policies are more aligned with those of all the best countries than any other leading candidate's.
    C'mon Americans get on board!!! If you want to be great you need to take care of your citizens!!! It should be a no-brainer!

  12. HEY AMERICA… you need to have a younger president. 70+ is a fucking joke. Vote someone in that won’t need a coffin in4 years or sooner..!

  13. The guy kicked Biden in the balls and joe immediately crossed his arms. 70 years in politics and he can’t hide the most basic defensive body language there is.

    He’s not looking good between the arm cross and the possible aneurysm eyeball.

    Not only is he not the most electable I’m starting to think he’s one of the few that can lose to trump.

  14. From all the candidates so far my favorite is Yang, he's smart & knowledgeable, and speaks straight, doesn't avoid questions like most politicians – MATH Make America Think Harder. I also like Tom Steyer who wants to make the RADICAL changes needed in this country!!! Biden is by far my LEAST favorite of everyone I've heard. He'd obviously still be an enormous improvement to Trump the way a sore throat would be to Ebola.

  15. I will vote for a lawn chair before trump so it doesn't matter as even the lawn chair is an huge upgrade. The real key is will we also get rid of the crooked republican party as part of the 2020 election. That would be a great start towards returning America to Greatness.

  16. What a disaster. I can only assume he’s still the frontrunner because a lot of people haven’t been following the primary yet.

  17. There's nothing more reliable than voting for the most progressive candidate available. The older generation seem to have either missed that or could care less. Or too naive to know better.

  18. should Biden win the nomination, for better or worse, progressives and young people better go voter for him in the general. and I would say the same to old people and moderates should Bernie win, you better go vote for him. Anyone who stays home on election day, or writes in some candidate who has no chance, IS VOTING FOR TRUMP. let there be no misunderstandings, you ARE voting for Trump if you don't support the Dem challenger

  19. I was disgusted with TYT's coverage, wrote them this:

    Hey Cenk, c'mon now man you need to apologize for that disgusting display of bullshit tonite regarding the climate town hall. You acted as if consumption was no big issue, "eat all the hamburgers you want", you shouted. It was pitiful. Ana talked about how people need to stay informed, yet, I doubt she's read anything regarding problems with the notion of economic growth and how consumption drives it, which in turn drives just about all the major problems we have from environment to just plain stupidity. You guys tout facts and truth, then you need to do some research on consumption and economic growth. Put your investigated team on it, don't just blow off god dammit. C'mon man, be the fare person you claim you are. Danny

  20. Oil, Gas and Coal industries killed any alternative energy development and electric cars for decades forcing our reliance on oil and gas for their greed and profit. Now they shift all the responsibility on us as the solution or continuing problem. Like if I continue to use my car and not the terrible public transportation system then it's my fault for climate change. Same as people dying from cancer for smoking cigarettes, it's their fault for smoking, the tobacco companies hiding the fact that tobacco causes cancer- well not their problem. Exxon has known for decades that CO2 was destroying the planet, their scientist wrote a report stating just that in the 1970s and they buried that report. Wake up, people!

  21. The Democratic Party is as much the tool of Wall Street as is the Republican Party and is fine with Joe Biden or Trump, either way, is a win-win for them. They would be happy if the democratic constituents get fed up, as they did with Hilary and do a no vote, rather then elect Joe Biden. Again it’s all a win-win for them, Trump, Biden, Harris, Beto, Buttigieg, all politics, as usual, no matter what party, Dem or Repub. Bernie/Warren 2020.

  22. why should it alarm us if candidates have little to no knowledge on climate change, it's a difficult subject spanning multiple areas of science just to understand the subject in question, let alone understanding improvements we can make accross multiple industries to make effective changes to the global environment as a whole. Yes I personally would like politician to make policy on the decisions and data from people who both know what global warming is (on atmospheric/geological level) and have a basic idea of the laws of physics, specifically those related to/including thermodynamics. Anyone else please shut up.

  23. A goodly percentage of Biden's 'voting base' will be room temperature by this time next year. They're OLD, just like him 77 year olds have a tendency to not make 78…read your local obits and check the ages. And his chances of being around aren't great either if he's popping blood vessels in his eyes under stress; he's probably on blood thinners or he's got coag issues (makes for higher likelihood of some strokes while you're trying to avoid others); the biggest part of Biden's poll numbers is sheer name recognition. A huge part of the population is so turned off to politics that they don't even know there's an election next year.

  24. LOl to criticize every other candidate but not Bernie. To me Bernie answer is vague and lacking substance to explain his proposal and his idea. You may argued that he did and I'm lying. Go re watch the video. Did he really? Nope. All his answers are vague.

  25. Really, David? You think Biden can take down Trump? Imagine that rambling incoherence in a debate with Trump. Plus, he isn't going to energize ANYBODY to get out to vote. As time goes on, he looks worse and worse.

  26. Engineer uses "fund raising pledge broken" on Joe Biden. It's super effective!! Joe biden has one hit point left, and his stamina bar is at minus 404.

  27. Biden asking what's been done shows that he believes enough is being done to combat climate change and hold corporations accountable.

  28. If Bernie is the nominee than young people will come out in the millions to vote for him. If Biden is the nominee then expect another 4yrs of trump. Remember these same polls said that Hilary was gonna beat trump easily and look how that turned out. Also, Biden might technically be sorta right but that guy is an investor for that oil company which is still just as bad as being an executive for said company.

  29. Joe Biden IS Tiberius
    Tiberius Was History's Most Perverted Ruler
    He was the dirtiest old man to have ever ruled Rome, and just might be history's most perverted ruler, ever. Caligula, Nero, and Elagabalus, became emperors as teenagers or immature young men, then went crazy with the sudden power.

  30. Older people vote their anger, and they are informed by conservative voices as well that know how to light their fire. Younger people underestimate them. I hear a lot of young people who falsely believe their vote doesn't matter, saying they have only been given "the illusion of choice", and don't vote– I think to justify their lack of zeal.

  31. Dave Pakman is a fruitcake , if you like him you are a soft ass fruitcake listening to a huge pussy — I am pretty sure this dude never got laid – he dress like I did when I was in 8th grade – 😂😂😂 – I am pretty sure he never played a sport in his life and never pick up on a chick that his mom didn’t introduce him too 😂😂😂😂😂. All lovers of Dave Pakman are truly shorter , wimpier, gayer, and definitely get NO PLAY …. Mark Dice was right about You

  32. Biden would lose worse than Hillary , less voter turnout means trump wins. Young people want someone to vote for not 2 shitty options and it’s why we won’t vote, if DP thinks anyone can beat trump because he’s bad then #StayWoke lmao

  33. The person who asked the question looks extremely unstable. Notice his 1,000 yard stare. Notice how he looks like he's on ten adderall's.

  34. Progressivism is not leftist. Its centrism that atrempts to maintain corporate hierarchy with bribes to passify any real rumblings of change. It gets workers to be happy about paying for their own retirement while costing business nothing. It wants to pay off student debt with tax dollars handed over to shady wall street banks.

  35. Doesn’t really require fortune telling friend if you have to choose between one senile moron with a horrible track record you don’t know and the one you know which has the same qualities more times than not people pick the one they know purely because they know what to expect which is why Biden would lose to trump. Bernie needs to beat biden. pretending a centrist corporate democrat can beat trump is as realistic as Hillary 2016

  36. Hmm considering the Town Halls horrible ratings is reassuring, it tells me a majority of Americans don't buy the climate hoax!

  37. How can anyone see Biden taking money from fossil fuel investors, support him and still call themselves a democratic?

    If this is how the older generations think things should work then they need to hurry up and just die already, preferably in the next month or so.

  38. There is tons of evidence that there is no climate change due to anything humans are doing. The media won’t report it because they’re Democrat and the Democrats want climate controls, i.e., controls on our lives. There are thousands and thousands of physicist, scientists of all sorts, meteorologists etc. who vehemently disagree about the commonly accepted lies about climate change. When is the last time you saw a debate about climate change? You would think there really isn’t one. But there is. Believe it. Just look around and you’ll eventually find it even though google tries to block it. What’s happened, basically, is that the climate change story is the same as the flat earth story was. Everybody is now just excepting it. It’s going to take someone like Columbus to knock some sense into the world. There is no climate change due to humans. There is no danger from climate change. Should the climate warm there is still no danger. It’s all a hoax. All of it.

  39. I dislike that idea of 'younger generations don't vote', but nobody ever looks at why. And 'why' is because of stuff like being unable to get out of work or school much of the time, versus older generations who usually have much more time on their hands or can afford to take a day off of work. If it's not that, then it's probably a lack of ability to actually GET to the polls.

    That's not always the case, but it's the case enough of the time to make a BIG difference I'm sure, and it astounds me that voting day is not a national holiday so people can go do so.

  40. I think that the reason people believe that Biden won't beat Trump is because of 2016. Hillary had the same support from older people in the Democratic Party as Biden does now, and almost all of the polls showed her winning handily against Trump, even in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. And she did win, if we go off of the overall popular vote, but she ultimately lost because Trump managed to pass her in those 3 key states. A lot of people see Biden losing those states as well (again despite his winning in hypothetical match-ups) because he'll be just as unlikely to excite apathetic voters and progressives there. Now the gender factor might make a difference, as might the utter shit-show that Trump's administration has been, and the fact that Biden's scandals are nowhere near as great as Hillary's were in 2016. But still, for many of us, the thought of a candidate who is essentially Hillary 2.0 doesn't inspire much confidence.

  41. Biden can't beat trump because trump is a bully. Biden has no backbone and when he tries to appear as anything other than what he is, he looks stupid. Trumps team will eat him alive. Warren and Sanders can both beat trump but they are not establishment democrats and will NEVER see the party backing them.

  42. What is the difference between a "planned attack question" and a perfectly reasonable question about a candidate's corporate connections?

  43. A Biden nominee will ensure a trump win. The establishment loves to lose. what has happened to you, David??? did u sleep through 2016????? smh. the poilling said hillary would win. how did that turn out. what a dissaapointing video. you are falling for it again.Biden is about as exciting as a root canal.

  44. Yang wasn't asked to quantify anything about geoengineering. He was asked why it was part of his platform, and he said all options need to be on the table, and that the research on geoengineering was a very tiny part of the budget he had proposed. He also pointed out that if the US doesn't take the lead on new tech in that area, China will, and they'll be far less interested in consulting the rest of the world on whether or not to do it, which was a good point. When you're talking about solving problems twenty or thirty years in the future, it seems like it would be appropriate to think about new technology that could be developed during that time. Of course, the mainstream media finds it more entertaining to joke about space mirrors than consider the issue seriously.

  45. David, if a truly progressive democratic candidate runs for president, there will be a massive turnout of young voters. If your standard corporate, center-left democrat is the nominee, then your stat about only old people voting will continue to be true.

  46. David, "corporate center-left Democrat" is a misnomer. Centri$ts are center-right not center-left. Supporting corporate ownership of government isn't left by any stretch.

  47. Trump and all of you seem to love this! I bet believing all the Russian fake news about Hillary Clinton you voted for Jill Stein essentially putting Trump in office:(

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