CNN专访韩寒 China’s rebel blogger Hanhan 2/2 (中文字幕)

CNN专访韩寒 China’s rebel blogger  Hanhan  2/2 (中文字幕)

so many places avoid sensitive words even totally unrelated in strange words so I never thought that green dam was that important because there would be other things without green dam that’s the way though doping vila do you think that the Chinese government has perhaps a valid reason for not wanting the general populace to have free and open access to the World Wide Web so don’t need a reason today on though it’s like this I think to us of course and we welcome the Internet to be honest everyone is able to distinguish information to a certain extent but to government officials they’re probably more cautious and watchful because they controlled all the information before they provided all the newspaper content so it was very easy to control you can do that by regulating the printing companies and publishing companies but the Internet is harder to regulate in comparison so it’s an area of concern to them but I don’t think I could talk about a reason because I think they don’t need a reason to do anything also to be honest the situation with China and the internet is uncertain the regulation could be relatively lacks for a few years you could discuss many topics but then it could be stricter there could be many sensitive words posts discussing this and that would be censored and deleted so it’s uncertain lacks at times strict at times you can discuss this now but maybe not tomorrow so there are no hard and fast rules it all depends on our leaders mood swings thinking do you see any loosening of the rules surrounding freedom of expression anything at all that the government should be commended for this invention so are they decided to open up the Internet I think this is a big contribution I believe they must have had their own concerns back then first of all the world wide web is a very large industry you need to open it up for future business growth but they didn’t expect the consequences because they thought the internet was just like any other form of media you can simply control and regulate the websites to show what they choose but they forgot that people not only have a computer monitor they also have a keyboard they forgot about that so they not only have to worry about the information already on the websites but they also have to worry about what’s being posted on the websites the posts that are directly uploaded onto the Internet give them the biggest headache but regardless I still feel grateful about the government’s decision to open up the Internet this is a great push forward for China despite how regulated and controlled the Internet is in China I think the Internet has still enabled us to be more in sync with the rest of the world what about the fact that the government didn’t just steamroller Green dam in doesn’t that show that they’re listening to the voice of the people Quadra done nothing wait I think that’s because Green dam on one hand the software isn’t really good it’s very ugly on the other hand it made people scared ordinary Chinese people have really low expectations regarding their rights on the Internet they think it’s okay to have their posts deleted they won’t talk about anything in public but only in their own privacy they want to talk about the issues with their friends or keep their writings on their laptop that’s the bottom line as for green dam the software has tampered with this bottom line people are scared that even if they don’t go online the software will enable the government to monitor and control their private content that is their biggest fear Chinese people are in a very strange period right now they understand that there are issues with many things but have not spoken out about no one will discuss the issues formally in public but they will discuss it in private and it’s this room for private discussions in which they are trying to protect Green dam tried to hinder this last remaining privacy so it scared people so well Google made its feelings pretty clear when it recently pushed back and took its business elsewhere over China’s censorship laws many commentators think that this is a serious blow to democracy in this country how great do you think the significance of that move was to be honest Google was under regulations to avoid sensitive words when it was in China but in comparison to Baidu Google obviously has its own ideals and thoughts but this is definitely a big issue to the Chinese government I won’t comment on anything else but I know that during that period of time all articles praising Google were delicious – yeah I started competing in racing tournaments in 2003 when I participated in the China rally champion I later competed in the Formula BMW Pacific and China circuit championship and other types of competitions I thought I’d see a code of gods the other day when I watched the racing tournaments when I was young I thought it’d be great if I could drive like that one day and when I grew up I realized my dream it’s as simple as that ultimately I was ranked number one in the 2007 China circuit championship number one in 2008 China Rally championships 1,600 cc group and number one in the 2009 China Rally Championship film China’s racing skills and talents are not as advanced as those in Europe in the United States including Japan as well but it’s not bad nation because the China Rally Championship and China circuit championship are very populated to both identify both we just started and are doing quite well in Asia but hopefully one day we can defeat the Europeans as well JVs reporter yo cheese ha guilty far from being an anonymous faceless computer geek tucked away in some garden shed somewhere you know you’re very recognizable you’re a celebrity in your own right you’re a racecar driver as well so you must enjoy the glamour side of what you do right I really love my two jobs right now because both jobs are very challenging and contain an element of danger but these are not the most important things to me the most important thing is that when I was young I was very naughty I was always called out by the teacher for chatting or reading other books during class I was punished and told to stand in the corner alone while others sat at their desks so I swore to myself that my future jobs we’d all be sitting down I never wanted to stand again so I chose these two professions I’m very satisfied you are considered a real heartthrob around these parts women fling themselves at you after your races how does that sit with the contemplative intellectual in you I really don’t think these two roles have any conflicting points I think an intellectual can also chase girls and excel at it also I’ve never considered myself to be an intellectual in terms of chasing girls Chinese intellectuals always lose to celebrities or artists and government officials I hope to help them earn some respect on that front yeah Hana Hana you come across as a very self-assured sort of a bloke but do you ever have moments I don’t know maybe in the dead of night when you’re blogging away of doubt where you say what am i doing I’m fighting against this massive force that’s so much bigger than I am I have a win new wall watching Township I always thought like that I would be in a lot of pain I don’t want myself to be and that sort of pain so I won’t think like that I will never think that I’m fighting against them you know that go now are have you ever considered becoming a government official trying to change things from the inside it’s very good question this is the only yes I think this is the only only away in being China what’s on Portugal one team that’s one way don’t work I’ve thought about this but every time I see government officials standing on the stage to give a speech every time I see the same expressions on their faces and hear the same words and the tone of their speech well everyone else just sits there clapping and every time I see so many rules I feel nauseous I don’t think I could adapt to that I’m a very strong person I have a very high tolerance and a lot of patience I believe that I have a strong heart but if you put me at their meetings I don’t think I could handle it I’d collapse hon hon I better let you get back to a hundreds of millions of readers but thank you very much for spending time with us today it was great

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  1. "But to be honest, the Chinese government and Chinese officials aren't as scary or as evil as what outsiders perceive. Their thinking process is a bit old-fashioned and stupid, but not evil. Except towards people who they believe might threaten the government, of course this relates mostly to many political events in the past"
    So objective

  2. @ilvtofku Cos I was brainwashed in China before, even in academic institutes, for many years. That gives me the right to judge on this matter. Also be careful with the word 'brainwash', it's quite vague. Obviously there's no brainwashing in the area of science in China for example, only in political ideas, ability to think independently, definition of democracy, etc.

  3. as a hong kong citizen, you have my support hanhan 🙂 our country needs more critics like yourself ^_^

  4. I 've read his blogs and while I think some his ideas tends to simplify a very complicated situation especially when he is just a regular person not knowing all the facts…however, he is very smart and hopefully he can remain objective and not let some silly youth revolt ideas to compromist logic and relevancy.

  5. 有关翻译,提几点个人意见:
    05:00 how great do you think the significance of without new voice? 与中文翻译似乎不同。
    09:40 have you ever consider becoming a government official? try to change things from the inside? 也明显与翻译不一致。

  6. @sourzzon 你仔细听韩寒的原话,这个不用翻译,就是原话,在解说员说完之后有原话。

  7. 韩寒最近的表现真的令我很失望,家丑不可外扬明白么?你再如何不爽,你也用不着在外媒面前去喷.难怪李敖,陈文茜会喷他没文化…这个文化指的应该是觉悟上的吧.当然不可否认,韩寒说的都对,可是你犯不着跟洋鬼子去说这些吧

  8. @tianxu0836 年轻人不必像李敖文茜那么政治化吧,再说他的回答还是很实在和幽默的,你不和老外说,老外也不会觉得天朝有多自由。

  9. My opinion! Iran and Nord Korea are placed for injustice with these sanctions Big protest I recommend changing in FN four more Nations as a permanent members of security council IRAN LYBIA BRAZIL SYRIEN,,,,,,I´m not surprised that the East Timor showed op at the last second and was chosen instead of Iran in a department within FN..AN old APPROACH,,,,,,,,mar kjartansson 24t blog

  10. @hawkforce

  11. @hawkforce 把国家卖了?哪块国土消失了?哪项国人的利益被侵犯了?所谓的为了排名纯属你的以小人之心度君子之腹好不好?排名是先有的,然后才有的采访。

  12. @hawkforce 把国家卖了?哪块国土消失了?哪项国人的利益被侵犯了?所谓的为了排名纯属你的以小人之心度君子之腹好不好?排名是先有的,然后才有的采访。

  13. 韩寒不会被抓或者突然消失还是比较能肯定的,除非政府想触发一次暴动。



  14. @americajordan7 你脑子有病啊,独唱团是上面不让办的,你去问中宣部。

  15. @Schwanengans

  16. 敢不敢说真话是自己的问题。且不说对政府,有多少人敢真实得表达对周围人的看法呢,搞不好还要被冠以五毛?说话有没有人喜欢听是水平问题,绝对一点说就是扯淡的水平。就像比起讲三国志,更多的人回去听一个讲三国演义或大话三国的。

  17. @Schwanengans 你这话说的,幸亏是在youtube上,韩寒听了本人都得吓死。政府怕的就是你所谓的人民斗争。韩寒就是个误会,一个大误会,误会的有点2。孩子知识层面确实少了点。我以前还觉得韩寒就是个敢想敢说的主。今天一看哥们真的就是一High school drop out。别这在cnn上给中国年轻人丢脸了。

  18. 江泽民交大毕业,和华莱士用英语谈笑风生;
    孰强孰弱 高下立判!

  19. 他们多么希望所有支持中国的都是他们所谓的五毛呢.

  20. 你说就一中学没毕业的.

  21. 听过韩寒演讲的人都知道,韩寒是一个很敢说的人,

  22. 暴君改變了騙人的技倆

    暴政通常靠兩個法寶來獨攬權力 : 一是恐怖手段, 一是洗腦教育和謊言. 獨裁者的天性沒可能走民主改革道路, 因為它天性便是如此, 改不了的. 它會以高度壟斷和官僚資本雙結合的方式來統治國家, 全國資源全歸自己所有. 同時, 它又是極右集團, 視民如糞土, 是民主天敵, 是人權自由公義平等的煞星 …

    另外, 它又會以宣傳的技倆來迷惑和矇騙世人, 說甚麽黨內有民主力量, 體制可以從內部改革, 人民生活愈來愈好, 甚麽經濟國力全球第二大, 甚麽中國模式可取代美國西方的共識和方向 … 全部都是假話.

  23. @xwy1234567 韩寒有选择语言表达自己的自由,韩寒说的话你永远不可能从一个统治阶层的口中听到,他不求你我的赞同,也不求政权的稳定和特权。这才是与江根本的差别,也可能是我们观点有差别的原因所在。

  24. @fyafeng

  25. @xwy1234567

  26. @feiyuxiuchuan 那些5毛拿钱发言很爽啊,韩寒说中国的贪官污吏政府官员,说到他们的爹娘了,都是李刚儿子之辈,能不出来护老子么,呵呵

  27. @qqaiq 支那人也是你叫的? 什么叫支那你懂么?不要 别人叫,你也学着叫,多没创意啊,SB。学点东西再来这里吠吧,你妈叫你回家吃饭了

  28. @hawkforce 韩寒在采访时说话这么保守,有些问题还专门插科打诨,就说明他并不想被CNN当枪使,难道你看不出来吗?

  29. 韩寒对于学术根本就没有什么研究,只会写小说,之所以他出名就是因为他以调侃政府而出名的!

  30. 你丫推翻共产党你就立马过的好了?

  31. @americajordan7 我身為一個台灣人就還挺欣賞韓寒、尊重韓寒的,坦白說我可以算是個鐵桿深綠台獨支持者,但哪天要是中國遍地是韓寒這種敢講帶種的人,整天敏感詞來敏感詞去都不會被刪帖不會被河蟹,到那時候或許我有可能會反過來支持兩岸統一吧

  32. @mygoat0604

  33. @americajordan7 您也多慮了,再看一次我的回應吧!我說哪天要我改變立場支持統一的前提條件都還沒發生,眼下我還是覺得分開對我們比較好。

  34. @mygoat0604 另外您說的的文章我去看了,讀來的確是有見到他往保守的路線妥協的味道,不過很多見解談到對真正民主的意涵跟價值我還是肯定的,只是我東看西看怎麼就沒看到他哪句說支持中國征服?還請幫我指出,感謝。

  35. 这货自己把自己当鲁迅先生一样的人物,实际就是代表了所谓“公职精英”们的一个大喷子……

  36. 还是民主的问题,斗争不斗争的,说来说去,围绕民主(自由)在转。我也希望早有一天能够解决这个问题。

  37. the Chinese government now leads well in economy,but all the videos anti-china are about democracy in china. and democracy is people talks most about china and also the very thing people hates about china including me. but not bad, at least people's live are getting better and corrupted bruos are getting less. That's what we have achieved.
    china's way toward democracy will be arduous while once fullfilmed ,it will be the most exposive news to the world.

  38. 因為他的很多想法跟共黨最高權利核心的想法是一致的。從內部慢慢的民主進步。而不是從外部來的顛覆。

  39.  Do not hear the comment comes from Hanhan, for example, as a famous author has emited  a lot of opinion against to having a superb middle school grade and excellent mathematics score,this is because his articles have been coming out by some magazine agencies, and earn much money, as a rich man ,hanhan can say everything is a B.S by his sufficient publicity,however,when you enter a university or college, you will find that mathematics is the racial discipline of science and technology, and a supreme problem will be tackled by mathematics knowledge.Perhaps you heard  someone is saying “that’s so easy”,and if you talk deeply with him or her,you will find it’s a specialist in his or her field had been talking.

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