Collecting Comics and Newspapers: Tips and Strategies : Collecting Historic Newspapers: Titanic

Collecting Comics and Newspapers: Tips and Strategies : Collecting Historic Newspapers: Titanic

You find this at a garage sale, and you are
so excited, because this is about the sinking of the Titanic. Fifteen hundred perish when
the Titanic goes to the bottom. That’s pretty cool. It’s pretty darn historic. But guess
what? This is a fake, it’s a fake, it’s a reproduction. And you know how we can tell
that? I mean, not only can we tell because it doesn’t look all that old, and then there’s
earthquake and fire, San Francisco in ruins. What’s really interesting about this, is that
see that’s a different event on a different date, this is like a sample fake newspaper
of historical events. But in looking at newspapers, you say how do these newspapers that are really,
really old stand the test of time, and you look at the wear and tear of these, and how
they just start falling part and shredding. Well, the older newspapers were made on linen
type, on paper made from fabric, linen. And so the older newspapers last longer, which
is interesting. So the older newspapers tend to be in better in condition when they’ve
been saved properly, and so it’s not that rare to find something that would be originally
this old, in excellent condition. Because like I say, the paper is what counts, and
people love, there’s a certain magic to certain events. Those events can be, and those are
very desirable, things like the wild west, heinous crimes. Disasters are huge. Things
like Wild Bill somebody, anything that has to deal with excitement, actions, these are
very, they call them magic events in history, that really grabs your interest. Something
about Hudini perhaps. Those are the kinds of things that collectors really look for.
And remember, it’s often easy to find an older, older copy because people save them. There’s
a lot of newspapers out there. So remember, there’s so much, because people tend to save
these, and I know I do, although I quit when I found out they’re not worth all that much.
But, now there’s way more published than there used to be, so the more they save, the more
there are, the less the value. So remember though, some of the older newspapers may actually
be in better condition. And, as always, Expert Villagers what do we say? Condition is everything.

2 thoughts on “Collecting Comics and Newspapers: Tips and Strategies : Collecting Historic Newspapers: Titanic

  1. I have a copied one in the new york tribune times, but the other real one my cousin has is the real one and its hard to read

  2. This video is misleading. Older newspapers (19th century and earlier) were very often printed on linen. This is true. Much of the Titanic sinking news was printed on common acidic pulp paper. There are often other clues to look for when checking authenticity such as the number of pages, the publisher, the visible wear, paper, typeset / printing marks, etc. That being said, a good replica made within a couple of years of the event may be hard to spot UNLESS it has a documented variation from the original. Many 20th century newspapers are of nominal value. An original Titanic, however, may sell for several hundred dollars.

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