Comment Comeback: I HATE TUMBLR

Comment Comeback: I HATE TUMBLR

Hello, and welcome to comment comeback, the show where I go back to one of my older videos and look at some of the more interesting comments This time we’re going back to the infamous tumblr video You know the one where I said that thing that made all the people mad? Yeah, that one. Also, I’m a girl now. I guess all this talk about Tumblr and feminism has miraculously turned me into a fully fledged woman… Wait. Give me a sec. *coughing* That cough was bad, okay *more coughing* They were gay, I think that’s mmM I think I’m back now. Interesting that I acquire an Australian accent when I turn into a woman, but anyway… So let’s get into these comments! To start with, this one from Kaitlyn Krueger: (who I’m sure has something lovely and kind to say) Okay darling. Agreed, some things about Tumblr are obnoxy, yeah. The layout is strange, people could be oversensitive, the triggers and emo phase is so strong. But I digress, that’s not why I bring this up. Your occasional complete ignorance bothers me as much as your pointy nose. “Most people are dumb uninformed idiots” including you. It is just common sense, dwell into the art communities. As to be expected from a typical YouTube comment. It’s entirely unhelpful, heavily opinionated without any evidence really or reasoning. Just a bit annoying isn’t it really? I’d like to know why they think that. J- B- B- J-Just to say though, most people are dumb uninformed idiots. I never said I wasn’t one of them. Just thought I’d throw that out there. All I– I’ve never claimed to be anything more than just a dude. All I ever say is this video is just my opinion, I don’t claim to be an expert in anything. Just a fucking man, boy or whatever you want to call me. What?! You’re an idiot first you do I hate sonic then you do FNAF then you do vine then you do Ped… Ped – widow – pie. Andghth… then you do minions. Why do you hate minions? Also… That’s… Wait Why do you hate minions also what’s a random humor humor and random are nit a word you dummy. Now you do Tumblr. I love Tub… Mueller, you idiot. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. By the way, I’m 56, idiot. Oh, it’s a troll. Five nights at Freddy’s lover xDdd. I am cool. Okay. I’m moving on then. He’s racist. He said white people are better than black, and I’m black!!! Did I say that I don’t remember even mentioning race really at all. Maybe I did Maybe I am racist can’t really remember. I’m actually gonna Just quickly have a little look and listening so kinda meant what I said anymore So so many things I’ve forgotten what have even said at this point So this comment might be right highly doubtful because it’s completely fucking unfounded dumb statement But so look women are not equal to men, okay? I did say that at the beginning. Calling people retarded is not insulting to just disabled people That’s the other thing I said scientists have proven the being gays of choice, so stop being gay? That was the other thing I didn’t… what the fuck? I didn’t say anything about race. What are you on about? You’re trying to slander me. Get me in trouble for things I didn’t say at least call me out on you know saying something that I did. Maybe that would that would be helpful How do I download Minecraft mods? Fucking die. Yeah, And if you didn’t support the national Socialist German workers party during World War Two, You’re a bigoted asshole because why would you hate the working-class your reasoning for why you shouldn’t hate feminism is half-assed at best It’s not the word that matters. It’s the action of the people the word represents. Ever heard the phrase actions speak louder than words? So obviously, this is a jab at the Infamous line if you’re… if you’re not a feminist, you’re a bigoted asshole, which I did correct Promptly after. But I’m not sure.. I like this This argument here if actions speak louder than words as you say, doesn’t that mean that I should hate all Muslims Because of extreme terrorists.. Isn’t that the same line of thought with that? I mean removing you know feminism from entirely or anything like that. I think taking the idea of extremes and applying them to Everything in that group isn’t particularly helpful because I mean I’m no expert on Feminism or anything like that. I’m not the amazing atheist. I don’t look into the shit all the time I don’t make it part of my channel really But just sort of touched on it a bit and the weird part was People getting more mad at the fact that I was using the word feminism then actually what anything meant. If that makes sense, as in people were arguing more about what title they wanted to be called in the Comments over what I was actually saying, Really. And sure, you don’t have to self-identify as a fucking feminist or egalitarian I feel like boiling everything down into titles kind of just dilutes everything and you do just end up fighting over naming conventions and titles because when it’s something as broad as an idea as feminism as Egalitarianism or whatever it is We always see in every single type of these groups that there are extreme terrible people in all of them and I didn’t want to believe that the majority of Feminists were like terrible men hating assholes who were looking for more rights than men and to tell the truth I’m I am kind of still waiting for some solid proof. I’m not saying I’m not saying either way, which is true because I don’t know that the evidence I’ve seen from people was like these random news articles of like the single woman in this article said that she hates men and she’s A feminist and she wants all men to die or something something like that It was very singular things, and I wasn’t seeing any kind of real proof apart from small isolated sort of articles like that that were really singular But like if someone can actually post something in the comments and actually get the information to me I’d actually really appreciate that if someone could actually prove to me then you know ultimately though. I just find it kind of sad Find it fucking sad that it has such a negative connotation to it because of however Feminists have treated it or abused it or whatever it is I’m not gonna hate but you must have some issues to be like this And I disagree with the gay thing because I know a guy who hates being gay, but can’t help it. Oh my God Oh my fucking. God. They actually thought I was being serious at the beginning You know the part where I said I was purposefully going to say some offense Of things out context just to get the pussies out there angry. Oh my God why swearing like much here are other words to us as equals butt. Fuck equals frick. Bitch, it didn’t even start out properly They added something to it. They added a letter. Bitch equals doggy. Shit equals poop They’re not hard not at all To stop you Frickin poopy donkey butt and this is from a 10 year old kid I find this so difficult to even believe if it’s real and is this real because now that I pointed out the People and the YouTube comments always say their age as if that’s somehow relevant to the point They’re trying to make lots of fake comments have been doing it as well like the one I just featured a few comments ago. That said they’re 56 or whatever. good luck calling someone doggy instead of bitch hey, you doggy, you’re a You’re a frick. We all know how the frick thing turned out last time don’t we? Feminists aren’t Asshole, you Little shit. How the hell did he get this from? If anything, I was too pro feminist in the fucking video. What you on about? Who up click up vote? Cause’ they have one little like there. I don’t.. Don’t know why they said this then they replied to himself a week later Saying I clicked up, but why didn’t you fuck you? So it was like a pathetic attempt to try and get those votes on a comment Do you not have anything better to do with your time. Why don’t you make a new fursona or something? It’s funny that you have a tumblr and you even hate it. Why do you hate something you have? I’ve actually got Malaria at the moment and typhoid and also have Another bunch of horrible diseases. I’m not allowed to hate those things Because I have it I’m not allowed to Create an account on one of these websites to figure out if I’m going to like it or not and then abandon it once I Figure out. Hey, I don’t really like this. I’m gonna not use it anymore. Hey, that’s original another five nights at Freddy’s picture I’ve never seen one of those before on the fucking internet Fucking, huh fuck you, okay Right first of what was that at the beginnin. Was that supposed to be a joke? This vid was clickbait as well It’s really stupid, you piece of bullshit. If you’re going to complain, complain to the peeps who care and yes, I did watch the full video and I gave it a chance I expected a tiny bit of comedy I mean if you’re going to complain about something, make it funny, and you know what asshole? I hate you. Never heard that one before. I watched a few more of your videos like, I hate vine. Vine is also good You’re such a nega – give person. That’s not even the first time I’ve seen someone spell it like that Nega – give. Such a nega – give person. well Here’s what I have to say to you go die in a fucking fire with all your hate and eat a ton of Horseshit and fuck a few ducks and go get lost forever So I never have to come across one of your crappy hateful videos again I mean, I really was expecting more, but there was nothing there also. What the fuck is your pp? It looks like your cheek bones are gonna burst through your face. Which I hope they do. Die dick. Wonder what this? kid’s parents would think If, um Somehow I was able to show this comment to them so it’s brought to their attention that their young child
has been excrementing these wonderful paragraphs of wonder and enlightenment on Social Networks such as YouTube making the platform a better place for everybody meow Pow! Meow pow! How about you pow your own meow? You meow your own pow Pow meow. Stop persecuting people you soddening muppet. Really, fuck you and your opinions PS. Ravioli Ravioli You are faggitoli. So, you’re persecuting me saying. I’m a faggitoli , a ravioli Ravioli Faggitoli Gays aren’t people Saddest part about this fucking saddest part they’re probably not even joking probably not even joking I fucking hate YouTube comments I really despise them Oh my God all your videos are full of crap your arguments have no valid evidence And you’re just sitting in your room ranting gour head off. A three-year-old can make better Arguments than you. need to just leave YouTube you stupid anti-feminist Nazi again, I’m anti-feminist apparently despite being criticized for being too pro feminist in the video and then making a follow-up video Explaining how I probably should have phrased it a different way I guess it’s fine for me to not have any valid Evidence, but when you’re criticizing me You don’t need to either you don’t need any evidence about why my arguments are bad or why I’m an anti-feminist Nazi as well that might be a that might be good to know correction comments won’t be wonderful You fucktard actually hurt in a lot of ways They were because I was not anticipating the fucking Shitstorm. That would erupt spontaneously from my videos from a complete different Demographic that was expecting as well I was expecting the tumblr people to get mad, but instead I pissed off my own fans on YouTube which was great Hopefully, I did explain it properly in the follow-up video, but I understand it I know people don’t like being branded as things especially especially something as insulting as bigoted you know I hope you understand what I mean now Why men, but in a lot of ways the comments were quite wonderful and subscribe? I hate you use the worst he is anti-feminist what homophobic ETC and complains about everything what like StFU no one like you? Sit phu no one like you the commenters throw around the word Unsubscribe as some kind of attack mechanism, so somehow my eye will be drawn to and go oh no Oh, no, no no no no He said he’s unsubscribing even though the rest of his comment implies that he like the cop of the content anyway So he never would have subscribed or if he did it was purely up hate so his subscription was totally worthless to me anyway So I have realized over the past year or so of making Youtube videos that No matter what I say no matter what I actually say in a video We’ll put on the thumbnail of the video people don’t watch or listen to it and here’s his here’s the exact example I’ve actually been testing this recently on my second Channel Jar Media I made a couple of thumbnails, but I and I just put random text on them like one said lick poop Not fucking kidding you it’s still there one of the thumbnails says lick poop on it out of a hundred of so comments on the comments of that video Not one person mentioned it not one fucking person is completely out of place doesn’t make any sense It just says lick poop. I did another one recently that just says absorb question mark Again not one comment about it No one fucking looks at it And that gives me reason to believe that in the same vein when people watch the videos then I’ll pay attention They just have on background They don’t listen to what I say They hear what they want to hear and then they just comment what they want to say that they comment first Think about it later. So how about this fucking aqueous aqua manious? Why do you put a bit of fucking thought into what you’re doing on the internet? How about you stop being like everyone else, and you know be responsible? It’s not a complete fucking vacuum I’m gonna see this so they think I’m not gonna see these comments So what do they do it purposefully to get me mad do they why do they do it? Why does anyone fucking do it because YouTube comments are fucking pathetic? That’s why it’s a swarming ground of fucking terrible ideas pissy unhelpful comments and just shit And it’s a shame too because it’s is a vocal minority of twice. There’s so many nice comments There’s so many nice comments from people there even there are even good bits of constructive Criticism plenty of it See it all the time reply to it I try to reply as many comments as possible because ideally a youtube the Youtube comments should be a place for Discussion not fucking bullshit the show shouldn’t even exist shouldn’t have to exist. You know. It’s stupid shit like this though They just keeps it going that perpetuates this fucking stupid echo-chamber attitude that every Youtube comment section has Pewdiepie This is ironic isn’t it Pewdiepie fucking said it best why aren’t there some kind of moderators on YouTube comments? Why can’t you choose people from your community that care to moderate comments? Why is that not a thing unbe-fucking-lievable, this isn’t even particularly bad comment? This this is just the one for some reason that triggered me who triggered you know wait. I’m confused Did you really mean the stop being gay thing? I love Dark humor, but I don’t know if that was supposed to be humor, but just just come forwards Okay, lean forwards so you can really hear me mean falls into your speaker So you can hear my voice nice and clearly what do you fucking think okay? This is my favorite comment Maybe of all time dude your sexiest and just a asshole oh uh, huh Thank you That’s really kind of you that Accidentally really just made this comment if not for that E then it would just be another forgettable Oh it was just one of these another one of these fucking slimy comment ignore it, but no the most wonderful wonderful mistake He possibly could have made and he did it. Thank you lee. Thank you for finding me sexiest and just a asshole This is the most boring ihe video there is not an any less helpful comment that anyone could make on any content creators video then just This was boring, so thanks. Thanks for the completely unhelpful comment that adds nothing and helps no one tumblr is good Don’t you fucking dare to hate on it it is better than this shit Hahaha, I watch on tumblr every day and I learn life. What do you learn? That’s right NOting you fucking fag Oh, God see this is this is a problem with doing a subject like fucking tumblr. I’ve had to deal with Shit comments like this absolutely landslide the pissing off. My fans was enough But then adding on all the other shit on top of it. I just makes it wonderful I mean I Haven’t gone back to the comments Since a couple of days after release the video because I just can’t it’s fucking depressing I tried to stick around them out on the comments on my video for the first few hours Maybe day because that’s when you find that’s when you tend to find the most all Helpful comments, the people that actually want to interact with you ones will be there But then I just have to evacuate I just got to leave it Just let it fester on its own. Just fight its own fight fucking terrible I just want to go back to fun bad comments. This is a fucking depressing shit everyone claim I’m an anti-feminist for some reason even though I didn’t say anything like that claiming that I hate gay people Even though clearly say it was just purposefully prodding the people at beginning of the fucking video Thing is this probably isn’t even the end I probably will make another Tumblr comment combat video But I don’t want to so maybe I won’t maybe I just won’t sometimes things are just not worth the shit I saw other comments saying like oh a channel I used to like turn political now they suck or something and say this one video Don’t usually talk about things like this because I don’t want to be like an amazing atheist thing I don’t want to be one of those types of channels on do my own thing whatever man, whatever So I guess those are some tumblr comments like twenty of them. They’re probably more probably far worse even you know I can’t be fuckin bothered to deal with that right now because why should I it’s my fucking video? I’m going to choose what I want doing it. I am glad I made that video though I’m glad the Shitstorm arise from it because it was a learning process for me it’s made me realize that the way I make videos in such an Isolated environment where I write the video and then I just go straight into making the video Maybe I should get more people to read it I did have a couple people read it and they didn’t have a problem with it so I it didn’t even cross my mind cuz then I put the next three days into editing the damn thing and That one tiny part that people were picking out wasn’t even on my mind at all I didn’t expect it in the slightest you know that’s my fault at the same time I don’t think it’s the end of the fucking world It really isn’t those who care understand why men and all we have to do is look at yourself? And you’ll know if what you believe is noble or not if it’s just I said what I said I’m glad that I said it, and I’m glad it happened learning process I’m glad it was on this video because it was very ironic and funny Someone tweaked it out something perfect like makes video about Tumblr has to apologize for being too pro feminist is from an artistic glorious shit Show really so I guess next up is I hate feminism oh
I realize that this probably won’t be as flashy or entertaining as These sometimes are cuz this whole subject has just sucked the life out of me I’ll do the vine one next because at least that can be more that can be more funny because it would just be shit because Vine is shit I don’t need to be I mean to worry about saying that vine is shit in the comments already be funnier as well less less Aggravating to me. I’m fucking rambling rambling rambling rambling here, so I needed to do this video Just needed to get out there put a little bit of explanation out there I know the people that care will get it they’ll understand and if you don’t then leave I don’t fucking care That really offended you that much then what the fuck you doing on the internet first though So thanks for watching that one everybody a little bit more Angry and I’d like it to be really invert. No you guys had to be done I’d like to thank every single person who submitted their Voice for the beginning part at the beginning the funny really fucking the original hilarious joke there where I was a woman for a little Bit I was fun Wasn’t I – all the entries – that got quite a few was hard picking them and now I feel real bad only being able To use one, but what are you Gonna? Do so thanks for watching all comments and ratings are very much appreciated Make sure you check out some of my other videos to my other channel John Media for More weird-ass content I’ll see you next time bye Running around on Monday Tuesday

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  1. I recently discovered your channel and I love you already you certainly have a new subscriber my dude ❤

  2. I just always hate everybody in your comments Because there one of the most toxic little kids I've ever seen

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    i was joking don't get your nipple in a twist

  5. I honestly will admit that I've had to delete comments before because someone said something in a video, I corrected them, and then later on in the video they correct themselves. So I can totally see someone hearing the first sentence or reading the title, posting a comment, and shutting the video off

  6. Funny how many repulsive comments from your video regarding an infamous radical leftist breeding ground originate from reactionaries.
    Good video btw.


  8. a few years ago, a feminist called me a sexist racist homophobe, just because i told that feminist that instead of hating all men, we should just try our best to see everybody as equal, no matter the gender, skin colour, or whatever. Yay, tasteful.

  9. Alex, I don't support feminism but I think what you said about a vocal minority not representing the entire ideology was reasonable (also, I don't care if you're pro feminist or not, you're still one of my favourite content creators).

  10. IHE has dealt woth so much shit over the years i'm surprised he can still keep going. It really takes a certain type of person to do this kind of thing.

  11. Idk how you can read so much negativity. I wouldn’t be able to take it 🙁

    Big fan though love your vids 👍

  12. There is nothing I love more than seeing people misspell sexist as sexiest when trying to be "serious" lmao

  13. It’s really sad that some people automatically associate feminism with a few people that hate men or something like that. The whole point of feminism is equality.

  14. These videos always make me feel so bad whenever I comment on anything, not just your videos. If it helps at all, I understand when you're joking and think you're smart and funny. Sorry.

  15. Wow a video actually made me embarrassed to have the name I have because it showed up as the username ……. damn

  16. Wow a video actually made me embarrassed to have the name I have because it showed up as the username ……. damn

  17. Wow a video actually made me embarrassed to have the name I have because it showed up as the username ……. damn

  18. I hope these people are not older than me. They get all buthurt over stuff that they like even though it is an opinion of ONE a person that you will most likely never meet in real life. He has made videos of stuff i like and I understand why he doesn’t or I just disagree.I can’t get around these thin-skinned babies, who get offended over small things. If you don’t like the videos DONT WATCH THEM it’s such a simple thing to do or, at least, try to understand why he said such things and why they offend you. The people who make those type of comments have nothing better to do. There are plenty of people that I don’t like but, there are things that you can admire about them. For example, Alex(IHE) you may not agree with the content of this video but, you need to put in account the amount of time and effort he put into the video. He wrote the script, voiced added visuals, and edited the whole thing and all you can do is make those idiotic comments on how personally attacked you felt by watching the video. Think what you want I’m not here to dictate what you should and should not like (hmmm just like Alex). All I can say is, I feel embarrassed and disappointed in the behavior of these people. As a young child with ideas and opinions I feel like I’d be attacked for having a different opinion than someone else’s. That IS NOT what YouTube or any platform is for.🤟peace~

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    Those people are everywhere absolutely no exception to where they are.
    It's obvious who's not listening and just taking what they want out of context.

    Dude, you are sexiest.
    Best. Comment. Ever.

  21. 7:50 what the fuck I have Snapchat and tick-tik too to apps I do not like that much I still have them because I like to take the nick of it and I like to use them to make stupid videos plus I really use Snapchat and I haven’t used TikTok in awhile now F4XY Fox deserve fucking malaria

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  24. Not Muslims, just Islam as an ideology that says to literally kill anyone that isn’t a Muslim. And sure there are many good Muslims but that doesn’t excuse the ideology and at a time feminism was nessicary for men to be equal with women . They are now but these so called “ feminists” of today just want to be in the position men where before women sufferige. So this new feminism or known as feminazis is a condemnable ideology because it destroys what the original movement was trying to create

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