Comment Pat Flynn gagne 20 000$ par mois avec son blog, par Olivier Roland

Comment Pat Flynn gagne 20 000$ par mois avec son blog, par Olivier Roland

both your graphing said we will be due to bloggers who don’t research kill more havoc backfin hello Pat hi obviously as some zigu a veggie posted occasion for the mall their pets with their own fake it means you please do share a few stuff oh I need a current profile rapido doc hello Pat I hope you said good things about me yeah yeah same word it was good thing about you so you are famous for your blog this map passive income where you shop with techniques and strategies about how to in passive income on the internet before we begin Z that we can you tell us what is the monthly traffic of your blog on how much money you make an investment so o virus can I have an idea of your success sure well I guess daily average traffic mm-hmm average about six thousand unique visitors a day Wow average monthly income I guess I mean it varies and it’s been increasing for the last you know three years since I started doing this but I would say average now about twenty-five to thirty thousand US dollars a month Wow so it’s good I’m very happy and lucky to be wearing that and I’m always happy to share my story and so thank you for having me yeah I’m really glad that you are here I’m always one to show the French people are the success of other bloggers for the moments a lot of American logos so secondly not a lot of French but I want that to change that so people listen carefully but what but will say so but can you tell us how you do stuff on internet what is rhetoric sure um I guess I can start after I graduated college I started I graduated college with a degree in architecture and I started working in an architecture firm and I really loved the job I was planning to continue to do architecture for the rest of my life I really loved it I was very passionate about it and then in October kind of actually before October in 2008 in the you it’s the economy just was terrible and it was okay like worldwide really and so a lot of people were getting laid off losing their jobs and I was one of those people and that was a really tough time for me I lost my job I was engaged to get married and I wanted to start this family and support the family and I didn’t know what I was going to do for money luckily when I was still working I had created this blog about a test or an exam that I was taking the exam was for the lead exam led which stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design I don’t expect you to know what that means but it’s basically an exam that people in the architecture industry construction and building industry take that deals with sustainable architecture green buildings healthy buildings you know environmentally friendly a building so I passed this test I created this site basically to help me keep track of my notes because I was traveling a lot the books for the exam were very large and were hard to travel with so I put my notes online so I could access them from a laptop or a workstation wherever I was traveling and also I let my co-workers who were interested in the exam as well used the site to help them pass the exam and and we all pass we all did well and I just let the I just let the blog sit there never did anything with it never ever thought about making money from it when I lost my job though that’s when I discovered this thing called internet marketing and I had a lot of people who influenced me to give it a shot you know I was listening to audio and podcasts of people who were doing successful things online and I before I was just listening to it for fun but now that I kind of had this need to to make money and I had this blog I said to myself well I’ll give it a shot I really have no other choice and there was really no other choice because people in the architecture industry were not hiring at all there was still firing so there was no no other I mean I could work McDonald’s or trying internet marketer so I get internet marketing a shot one of the first things I did was turn the comments on on my site and also just check to see kind of the traffic on my site not expecting anything whatsoever the day the next day after I checked that I learned that thousands of people from around the world were on my site every day helping them it’s a worldwide exam I didn’t even know it was a worldwide exam people from around the world you know three four five thousand unique visitors day we’re using my notes to help them pass the exam I didn’t know that was happening and I I learned about it and I it scared me at first I didn’t know how you know I I didn’t understand about keyword research or Google and how that worked but apparently all the great information that I put in my notes Google found it and then people found it through Google when they were searching for those keywords so I was getting all this traffic then I started to learn as much as I could about internet marketing the first thing I did was put advertising on the site through Google Adsense I remember my very first click I think I earned like 25 cents or something and it was a it was a big deal I mean that’s not very much money now but to just push ya you see that through yeah the money it was amazing I mean now that’s really what changed it for me and so I explored it more optimized where I put the advertisement what color they were what size and then I was making you know twenty thirty dollars a month which again it’s not very much money but it was something and I used that I use that as kind of encouragement to keep learning about this even more and try to make more money so the next thing I did was I contacted companies related to this test to do private advertising on the site so I would rent space on the site for one hundred two hundred dollars a month to have them put an ad on it and I got a few people to bite on that so then is making 300 $400 a month at that point which was great if I you know it was it was great money but still not enough to live off of yeah so this was in summer of 2008 okay and that’s when I joined a mastermind group because I wanted to learn as much as I could and so I had these experts telling me what I what I should do and one of them said you should write an e-book study guide for your website you have a ton of traffic you have you know the information is already there just put it in an e-book sell it for 20 30 40 bucks and see how it goes and at first I said I don’t know that sounded like a lot of work I didn’t know how to do it but I finally just kept asking kept searching for for information about how to do it I did it in about a month and a half I completed my e-book sold it on the website the very first month I had her in about eight thousand dollars from that one from that one ebook a little electronic ebook that was about fifty pages long and then the next month I think I’d made 1012 the next month and then I went back to my mastermind group and I said thank you guys so much you guys did so much for me what’s my next step you know I wanted to just take it even further and then the same guy who recommend doing the ebook he said you should do an audiobook just have someone read your audio read your ebook put it into an mp3 file and sell that with your with your ebook so I did that and it was you know my income double I was earning 18 19 thousand dollars a month in March of 2009 I had just gotten married I went to Hawaii for half the month I had earned a record thirty thousand dollars that month pretty much all passive which means I can earn that money without having to be present in the transaction I was in Hawaii half the month and earning $30,000 I was getting paid to go not even basically and it was just great I couldn’t I couldn’t believe it it was so incredible and and the way that happens is because way the website is set up which is very based on Tim Ferriss and 4-hour workweek in his model which is creating something that can be automated and taking yourself out of the equation whether you have to do it with VA s or services or whatever create a business but then take yourself out of it and let it run on its own and that’s what I did so I have these services where people can go to the website they could buy the e-book once they make the purchase it gets delivered to them via email and then money goes into my account I don’t have to be there in order for anything to happen I wake up in the morning there’s more money who can’t count I mean everybody I make money the only study that you know it sounds really weird and you know I never would have thought this is possible but but it’s happening and so at that point I was doing so well so so grateful for everything that had happened my entire life changed because of internet marketing in this blog ahead so I started the website which you mentioned earlier which is where most people know me from smart passive income blogging this was my blog where I talked about what happened to me my other business and why that business became so successful and trying to help other people to find things that they’re good at and share it with the world and make money doing whatever they want you know with their passion with an emphasis on trying to automate the process and take yourself out of it and you know it was a really slow ride you know the I wanted to give up on the blog several times oh yeah I almost I almost terminated it three four times just because I wasn’t getting any traffic hmm the people commenting were the exact same people yeah I wasn’t reaching any new any new audiences but I kept I kept going with it when did you create it I created it in October of 2008 okay it was about a year a very little traffic well very little interaction and it was only after sometime I mean it just it just happened I didn’t really do anything but certain people found me and shared my story and it just kind of exploded from there I know I was I was featured on entrepreneurs journey with you are oh yeah I was featured on problogger dotnet with darren rowse one of the biggest blogs in the world and and people learned about me and things took off from there and then I have a very successful YouTube channel now I have videos about 700,000 views on those videos now I have a very successful podcast where I have a podcast on iTunes and iTunes is doing a really good job of helping me find new audiences new people to learn about me my story my brand and now this blog with smart passive income blog is making over $20,000 a month by itself both at the beginning right originally I didn’t even create it to make money for sure just to share you know just kind of like what happened with the first site yeah and you know people appreciate it when you share as much information as possible just like this you’re doing with your audience yeah and and a lot of lot of not everyone but a lot of those people will try and you know repay you somehow whether its buying your own product or going through an affiliate link or just sharing you with someone else who might buy a product or purchase through an affiliate link I mean yeah when you create a lot of good content people are going to pay you with my first product as you know this year there was some customers that booed it only to thank me son email you know I don’t really need your product but that’s what have you mean yeah you too so yeah it’s really important to put great content on your blog to share it and miss passion there are a lot of interesting things that you share with us I see the first thing is that you didn’t walk most much to put your nuts on the web you know you could have taken your nut on your computer and didn’t publish it you just choose to publish it on internet I see a lot of people can do that actually it’s a way to start a lot of people have really good content on their computer just for themselves and they don’t think about pushing in on the blog yeah that’s a great point yeah you can do that perhaps on your computer right now you have good things through what for you and you can just presume it will take you like five minutes to do that and Google will begin to send you traffic and perhaps we have a good surprise like yeah it was a very nice surprise I mean it takes time I mean yeah it’s I tell the story to people and they’re like wow you know one day you write an e-book and then all of a sudden you have all this money now but you know the reality was I had this blog about the exam for a year and sharing my notes and all this stuff was happening underneath my nose without me knowing it and it was after ice after I built that trust and authority as the expert you know nobody else was writing this information I was the only one publishing online so people saw me as the expert so when I came out with my book it was really quick to sell because you know first of all the free content was great so people probably thought to themselves well if the free content is good just imagine what the paid content is like and secondly like you said they just want to thank me for for helping them pass the exam some of them already passed the exam and and said well I’m just gonna buy your book anyways because you helped me so much it’s just amazing so yeah public just doing something getting it online for people and for Google to see executing is the connection yeah yeah okay so you look at not only to make money internet but make it passively oh the more a city possible so can you tell us how many hours do you work a week no that’s a funny question because I work pretty hard yeah but all the work I do now is for new projects for things that I’m creating to be automated in the future mm-hm so I mean I could literally stop everything I’m doing not work I mean maybe work one or two a week and still make twenty thirty thousand dollars a month I work only four hours a day because I have a family and I want to spend most of my time with my son and my wife so four hours a day is is pretty pretty average if I have something I’m working on that needs to come out I’ll work eight nine hours then the next day I’ll just take it all off I mean that it’s not a hundred percent hands off mm-hmm you know for the exam book for example it wasn’t a hundred percent passage because some people had questions and I had to answer emails but that month of March when I was in Hawaii I literally spent two hours working that entire month just answering emails Wow and that was a record month for me so yeah just it’s you know I’m working hard now on new new projects and also the blog itself writing for writing on a blog is not passive at all I mean you have to constantly produce content and stuff but you can use it as a platform to launch products that become passive or to launch courses or put affiliate links or whatever that stuff once you publish it it’s published for good and it’s always up there for people whether they find you through Google whether they find you through a reference from another website or a friend or a recommendation it’s always an opportunity for you to make money so again going back to just putting stuff out there publishing it yeah and I like to think of it as planting seeds you know your plant you plant a seed and you’re not gonna get a plant the next day but you know if you just keep planting seeds you’re gonna have a whole you know for its eventual if you just keep I like this picture yeah or maybe a cornfield since you can eat corn yeah yeah but yeah it’s flag to fairies advocate in his book you people don’t realize that when you have a muse that is rocking you don’t have to go to the beach each day if you want to camp you can walk I’m actually – just because you like it yeah it’s you have the freedom to choose what you want to do and if you want to choose – I can do that yeah it isn’t work yeah because you like it oh I love it I mean it doesn’t even feel like work because I enjoy it so much yes so it’s my next section actually so I asked that too every entrepreneur I meet because I think it’s very interesting question said what is your definition of walk and for example do you think that this interview is walk that’s yeah I know see I could take a scientific approach to it and say well if it takes energy and it takes work okay but I think in terms of work in the traditional sense you know like a nine-to-five type of thing mm-hmm work is work is getting money as a direct result of the time you spend into it so one-to-one proportion I work five hours I get paid five hours I work 10 hours you get paid 10 hours so instead of saying work for this type of passive income we’re talking about we might want to talk about it as investment mm-hmm you’re investing five hours for a lifetime of continued income you know once you finish that product the work is done you know yeah I’ll need to swap for you what you have don’t work for you for the future mm-hmm it’s in your investing your time now any very different yeah so okay how you walk is exchanging your time for money only it is yeah yeah okay so there is no pocket oh no no it’s offer ticket anyway yeah I would I would say so okay but you know as a result of this you know other people out there getting something from it too so it doesn’t require work to make a difference yes actually we enjoy to do this interview it’s fun a lot of stand before we we had a good lunch together and I think we are catching very you you can judge that if you are looking right now at the video after a few minutes I think it provide good value to you and you can see that it’s not a hard work I’m not like oh my god when when it will be finish and you you can you can do the same thing you can just like your patient and you will not feel that it’s wrong that’s all and yeah the way of seeing it this is the way as it’s bad see it you build each day some things that will be here the next day and that will work for you and after that we have a huge companies that work for you and we’ll give you a lot of money on freedom to do what you want yeah I call it a portfolio you know passive income portfolio I if you go to my blog every month I write an income report mm-hmm where I share exactly where my income is coming from yeah every single product that earns me affiliate income and all the products that I have an advertisement money everything I have about 40 to 50 different avenues of income coming back yeah okay so the good thing about that is its diverse so if one of them for example shuts down I still have all the other ones to pick up the slack so you’re not dependent we have that story of people that made a lot of money with google adsense and all of students nothing because Google shut down their account or something yes yes so you you share on your blog each month or your income with it’s really precise yeah it’s down at the penny yeah I feel do if you don’t know it’s not a simple blog to go to his blog and see the monthly income report it’s very instructive and so now your blood is making about $20,000 so much it’s mainly a right yeah it’s mostly affiliate income in and then the crazy thing about it is I’m not forcing anyone to buy anything it’s just purely recommendations based on what I’m doing so I show people how I do something and I share okay this is these are the products or services that I am using to go along with it maybe it’s maybe it’s using Elance to hire a virtual assistant for example I say oh well I used a lance to hire a virtual assistant and then I put an affiliate link in there and every time someone goes through my link to hire a virtual assistant or do whatever it is that they want to do I I get a commission from it and so I’m not I’m not a car salesman I’m not pushy or aggressive and I think in this day and age you have to be eat that’s the way you have to approach it because people online now are very very protective and very judgmental about how they’re presented things if someone tries to sell them something immediately there’s that defense you know like no or no this is a scam or something’s wrong yeah so the best thing you could do is not even sell anything but share how the thing that you’re selling is gonna help them or how it’s helped you so we can help them too that’s great advice yeah so what can you open your house a biscuit EGU you use to have success with your bro honestly give away as much free information as possible and it kind of ties into everything we just start we just talked about but I find that the more I give away for free mm-hmm and hold nothing back the more I get back in return it’s a really weird thing but I don’t know if it’s because of karma or just because somebody up there is very okay happy or but it’s with my lead exam site with the smart passive income blog and all the other things that I’ve created the more information I give away for free the more I get back and we’re it’s it’s it’s really weird how that happens how do you answer these common questions that how do you send products if you give others information free that’s a good question and I’m glad you brought that up because that’s something that I was worried about with my green with my lead exam website because I had already posted everything you know people could just go on the website and pass the exam without paying for my product but people will pay for something that is packaged that looks nice that will hold their hand you know people want in and also psychologically people like to buy things and they feel that as a result to buy something they’re gonna something’s gonna happen you know so even though the information was exactly the same about 95% of what was in my ebook was already on my website almost word-for-word I had sold over 12,000 copies not one person complained about it being the same because I made sure that the product that they bought was a very high quality mm-hmm it’s very it was packaged very nicely and it really explained everything thoroughly and looked very professional so that it was worth their 30 $40 that they paid okay so it’s done good points if you’re a blue girl right now first we can just use your content is open and check for you you already created to make a product and so don’t you already have all the skills you need to create a product because if you can write an article you can write an e-book it’s just a longer article yeah a correction of a particle so a lot of bloggers are afraid of getting that first bullet but they don’t realize that Sam they can do that pretty easily you just have to do it yeah make the first step I think you you were afraid to look at your first product right tell me what else can a scare but but now it’s easy for you to create an e-book if you want to create an image you can use that yeah and if you want to do a course for example on my website I taught people how to create a niche site it’s step detail exactly how to do it for free in about ten to fifteen different blog posts of course up every step is there but I still launched a coaching course you know webinars and weekly meetings and stuff for seven hundred and ninety nine dollars open to only 30 spots because it’s more one-on-one so I don’t want to take on too many people because there is some time involved we we had like over a hundred and twenty people sign up or apply for seven hundred and ninety nine dollar product which had the exact same material as what was what you could find for free on the blog and again people just want they don’t want to just buy something buy something they want to buy something knowing that there’s gonna be someone there to help them to that’s the nice thing about going the coarse route is that they will have someone there to guide them so if you’re sitting if you don’t think an e-book is right for you a course may be the right right way to go and you can charge more because your time is worth something it should be and and people people surprisingly are willing to pay for that even though the information is the same they want they want more interaction than just content on the ball absolutely so I think we had a good view of what you did what you are doing what are you plans for the future ah let’s see well I’m actually working on my own product right now I don’t have any products for sale of my own on the smart passive income blog yes because it seems like the logical next step a lot of people been asking me and I’ll that’s funny because like I said you can give away a ton of content people will just want to repay you I’ve had people email me saying you need to come out with a product I don’t care what it is I will just pay it paper you for it it’s really weird to say it but it’s really good motivating factor to do that the thing is I don’t want to just throw it up a random product I want to be good so I’m really working hard right now to create product I’m not gonna tell i haven’t announced exactly what it is yet but it’s gonna be an online membership that walks you through how to do certain things and it’s gonna be i’m focusing really a long time on the user interface so the design the experience that people will have going through this particular course that’s very important to me and i think it’ll be the way i’m doing is gonna help stand out because there are other courses like it but i know i have a good following and a good brand that that people are interested in and then you know just just keep doing what I’m doing keep trying to reach new audiences experiment with new passive income opportunities and share those things and report how they’re doing so that you know anyone out there can if I do something right can follow the same way or if I do something wrong can just avoid doing that yeah so it can be useful yeah okay great to finish is in server can you give a few advice for the business at one to two to have success with uploads sure the first thing I want to mention is to just don’t be afraid of failing mm-hmm that was a big thing for me especially with the ebook that I had I just sold I was afraid that if I sold it it was gonna so it wasn’t gonna sell it all I was really afraid of that hmm there’s I mean you have to ask yourself what is the worst thing that can happen with any any decision or any anything you want to do what is the worst that can happen and usually when you really think about it it’s not that bad if the worst thing that can happen if I sold my ebook is nobody buys it and it’s a learning experience you know I learned not to do that but obviously I’m glad that I took the plunge it’s kind of a leap of faith sometimes and obviously think things went things went really well so so just to not be afraid of failing and know that every time you fail you are one step closer to reaching your goal as long as you learn from your mistakes so apply what you learn expect to fail I mean I’ve failed hundreds you know but the more you fail the more you fail you know the closer you’re gonna get to where your you want to go yeah so that’s the first thing the second thing before this train comes is take bold actions you know we talked about taking actions and you’re getting something out there but what really will take your business your blog or your idea to the next level is taking bold actions doing something that’s probably gonna be a little bit uncomfortable for you yeah and that kind of goes back to a little bit of not being afraid to fail stepping out of your comfort zone taking bold actions doing something drastic to help you in your business something that you know it isn’t normal because you know you people get used to things that are normal and we only talk about the things that are abnormal so why don’t you do something abnormal and get people to talk about you that way that’s a great advice a lot of people just watch videos and read out to curse and say wow that’s great can’t you do nothing don’t be one of them just take action and bold actions that I’m not know but I love that I mean I I can’t take credit for that yeah that’s something I learned that I’m always happy to past because that made a big effect on me that that was from my mastermind group you know write an e-book bold action yeah when you combine both action is not to feel feeling you can’t be wrong I mean you will just progress okay you will first sometimes but one day oh no you will which will go with more more more emotions that you should just be on your house watching TV yeah if you don’t take action there’s really no chance no I mean there is yeah the money you’re not just gonna have money in your mailbox the next day it’s be not weighing no not happen okay so thanks a lot but for you is truly you involve you inside your your strategies that you share with us I think you’re I hope that you learn a lot of things so now you you know I’ve taught this video just take action so thanks Pat you’re welcome thank you thanks for having me

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  1. Congratulatins Pat! This is truly so amazing. After all you’ve learned on your journey, I would so love to see your streamlined plan to get to where you are now. Any chance of that Pat?

  2. donc , si je suis ton raisonnement parce qu'on a fait l'école on doit avoir 20/20 dans toutes les matières? c'est pas tres malin de sortir des stupidités comme ca. m'enfin bon

  3. Thank you for this video, it's great to see you both, i hope you will make a sequel, 4 years later, that would be nice. 🙂

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