Como crear un blog en blogger 2018 facil, rapido y gratis

Como crear un blog en blogger 2018 facil, rapido y gratis

in this video I will explain
quickly on how to create a blog in blogger the first thing we have to do
is to log in with our account gmail and then put the search and then we give you to enter to
enter ok then we have to click
in the orange button that says create blog and now we have to place a title and
here you can write your name blog or a name a nickname or something that
represents your blog me for this example I’m going to write this but like you
write the name of your blog, this it’s just an example and good at
next box we have to place a domain name
choose a name is like it’s your web page in this case is is world
enterprising digital punto if you notice is available because
a blue square appears with a a little arrow now we have to choose a
theme there are several themes there are trips there of simple designers I’m going to choose
which is simple but then what you can modify let’s click on
create blog here they ask us if you want
Find a domain name for your blog and connect it instantly that what
can do later is important now let’s go and before you start adding tickets
or modify the blog we are going to give click where he says see blog because remember
that our blog has already been created so how is this is the before I was going to know
at the end as we have left for the people who already have a blog know the
importance of creating tickets frequently since in this way we
We will position better along the time in the search engines of
google and that is precisely what we are going to do at this time then we are going to
start creating a new entry giving click on this link then we have to
place a title of the entry write here what is the topic that you are going to
treat your good blog in your first post in this case it would be how to create a blog in
blogger now in the body the title or the
message that you can write something related to the topic or your input, you can
even modify the letters, you can modify the size and you can add
even images me here for example I’m going to choose an image that I have here
saved on my computer we simply select and click
in opening it is important to mention that you you have several upload options in the
case we upload them from a computer but you can upload from your blog from
google, from your phone, from your webcam and you can even insert some url ok
let’s click on the blue button to add the image that we just
select and the image is already placed we can change the size of the image
we can enter what I put on the side left on the right side in short,
here is how you like it and I put it on the side left and you can put it on the right side
and centered I’m going to leave it like that, then to post
what we simply click on the button orange that says publish and doing that gives us the option of
share our post with the public or with people who
we have added in google plus, people who follow us even in
google + I have it in public, but you you can choose the users that follow you
or the people you have added in google + simply select them and you
you click on the blue button but it seems example for this case they will lower it public
we click on the green button share and with this if you notice we have created
our first entry where you are with blue letters that is the name of the
title now it is very important to place you tags or place keywords
then here are not the labels is very important to put the words
key related to our to our input that we just placed ok for
that in this way the search engines along the
time we click on finish and you we click on the orange button that says
to update if for some reason they want to modify your
input you click on edit and with this you could either modify the labels or
select everything and change the color of the text or the size and so on this is
as if it were the word and you can start to leave it a bit more
Professional we click on the button orange to update it and if you have
a youtube channel and want to receive more visits what you can do is insert
videos from youtube inside blogger for who receive more visits for example from
post that we just created that is how create a blog in blogger in up to this
moment already has eight visualizations and that just what I just created
for example I have a list of reproduction where I share a course
free of youtube then you can create a playlist of some
course or something me when I have this course free and this I can share in my
blog how are we going to do it simply we give you click on share and here
we choose any social network can be facebook google + but in this case it’s
blogger then let’s give it a click at the time of blogger and will take us
directly if you look at a post or a new entry if you look at the title and
it’s on because it says call my course it’s called free youtube course and so
here it says that there are 24 videos of kisses are 24 videos then we can
start placing the text just like any post is simple I here insert
a bit of text and then maybe you can change the letters the colors sizes
etcetera this is as if it were the word then for this example simply
I’ll tell you, I’ll click on publish entry and it’s going to stay like a new post says
your post has been shared and you have posted how to create a blog in blogger
then let’s click on see blog so that’s how it looked if you look
there is the text the title and here they are the videos and there’s the other post that
we did a moment ago ok and that’s how we are creating little by little our blog
I close to this window then here we are going to lend him f5 so you can see
how it is updated and so that you see that we have two entries then it’s like
you know it’s important to go adding tags or keywords to each post
what are you doing so that you can find more easily and for this
example I will take these words keys simply to copy them and
paste them here on the labels and I find easier we click on
finished and we will go back to our post this
it’s very interesting because for example you can tell by adding pages or
eyelashes here on one side of this box you can put here for example start
about my contact you can add another tab about something that you
dedicate and so the people too knowing and can work to receive
visits and then you will be offering your products or services that
I’m going to lock him here to start create a page for example here
simply the world is not where it says lambs pages a click and as I do not have
still created no page then let’s click on create new page
and that is where he says pages we would put little contact and I would
I recommend that you search google the contact form for blogger and
all find an infinite number of pages where they tell you how to put a form
here we are not going to do it for not waste more time let’s give it
simply in publishing and then we are going to create a page
new let’s put the title we put about me and here he writes is you put your
description about you let’s click in publishing
and we’re going to add one more tab for this example
this tab is going to be called collaborations
and here you write what related to this tab let’s click on publish
and then we already have three tabs or three pages then let’s click
in see blog so you can see how it goes staying and if you notice, they have not
appeared those pages here should appear then what we have to
to do is close this window and we we come to where it says design in this
tab we click we move towards below and here where it says all the
columns says added gadget we’re going to give you a click
and we move to the tab that says pages of fact here is we are going to
give you a click if you look here says collaborations
about my contact that are are the pages that I created then
we have to select each one for that appears to us and here we can move the
order that we want homepage to collaborations you want below
always between the squares contact towards above that is already the taste not then
we went down and finally you we click on save
ok let’s click where it says save design
that again we are going to see blog for that you see now at this moment I
it seemed my homepage contact about me and collaborations already just
if you want to enter any of these it just clicks and it’s going to
appear what we write obviously spend your time editing the text and
If you want to add images or videos, you can do then basically this
is our main template but if you want to change the colors or you want
modify or customize template what what we have to do is come here
in the sidebar where it says on topic let’s give it a click and we can
customize our template giving you click on the orange button that says
personalize as you can see in the corner
top left we have several options what can we change the background
you can choose some with some design yo for example if I choose this design
he just selected this end already the background design was changed ok let’s
click on it finished and also we can choose the color of the banner
main or header or header main me for example I choose color
red simply selected it and it they change
Here you can choose the color you want It has a wide variety of colors and
you simply click on apply to Blog
and the subject was applied we can simply come back here and
we passed it to f5 to update this fixed has already been completely changed and
also something else if that you’re watching here bothers you or you think it looks
ugly you can modify where the click on the tools and for example here says
simple list hierarchy style we give click on drop-down menu we give in
save and we are going to lend him f5 to update and if you notice now it appears as menu
drop-down ok you already look a little more organized also press add a
contact form that appears here although we already have a tab
contact but it is important to have here a contact form to make it
more visible let’s go back here to the main menu what we have to do
is to add a new gadget that is found within the design tab
although in wordpress they call it widget here it’s called gadget then we’re going to
move a little down and if you fixed here says add a gadget we give
one click and let’s find the one that says form
contact and here it is not if it does not reach you
like me then let’s click where it says more gadgets so here is the form
contact let’s give you a click it’s so we just click on it
save and we’re going to go directly
click on save design very important is now yes let’s see
blogs and if you look here is to form the
Contact and already with this you could put in
Contact you now let’s see a more modification to make it look a little
more professional let’s go back here the main menu let’s go
directly to the tab that says theme let’s click on customize then here where it says adjust width
let’s give it a click with this we can adjust the width of the blog size
completely if we do not move towards the right the pixels increase and it goes
increasing the size to leave it a little more professional I
I would recommend you leave it approximately well 1260 or if you want a little more ok already
with this we click on apply to Blog that the subject was applied now we are going to
back we crush f5 to update and you mean you can see a little more
professional then so as not to extend so much in this video we are going to leave
until here and soon I will be making a video about how to modify
this domain name because in fact you can buy a domain
personalized and I’ll be explaining later that and well, I say goodbye
now yes, thank you very much for your attention if you liked this video please
leave us a like and cesc and if you want receive more videos like this one can
subscribe to this channel is totally free and we are uploading very material
interesting every week and well it say goodbye to you
adrián duéñez thank you very much for your attention we are seeing in a
next video until next time

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