Como Poner Aviso de Cookies en Blogger 2018

Como Poner Aviso de Cookies en Blogger 2018

In this video I will explain how to put
the cookies in your blogger blog since as you well know you have the
responsibility to report on the cookies that are used and the data that
are collected in visits to your blog so let’s start with the explanation On this page you can download the
consent of cookies this assistant will help you configure and install the
consent of cookies in the description of this video I’ll leave you the
link that takes you to this page so that you can enter and well in this
page if you notice we found this code that this code is the most valuable
because it is the one that we have to insert in our blog on blogger and good on the side
left we have the tabs of configuration and that code then
represents this rectangle which is the that will appear on our blog
if you notice it appears in English but in a moment more let’s be able to translate it to
Spanish then now we can already start with the side configuration
left first of all we have the position you can indicate where you want
the ad appears if you want it from the bottom part you select this or
you can indicate that it is in the part of above the banner or the left side or
the right side if personally I like this more so we select it
and we go to tab number 2 which is the layout
you can indicate the style for example in class that is in wire is this
you choose the one best suited for you in the personal I like more the one that says blog
let’s go to number 3 which is the color and you can choose the colors that you
you like me I recommend colors flashy I would leave this one the first
let’s go to tab number 4 here make sure you’re just
selected this option that is like link to your own policy we go to the step
number 5 in which you have to make sure you’re selecting this
option that says to tell the users that we use cookies ok
good step number 6 is optional you can customize the text or you
you can instead show this in English you can put it in Spanish as well
that I recommend you use some translator in this case the google is
very good just to save a time just copies and I’m going to
copy it directly in Spanish to place it in this box is
the aesthetics of change here below automatically to espanyol what is the
notice of cookies only missing change the text that is in English that says
card we just put it on Spanish in this case I could accept
so now what we will have to to do is simply copy this code
and paste it in blogger but before that I recommend that instead of copying
this code first first copy this tac or this tag let’s copy it
and this only to look for it in the blogger center for example we
we go back to blogger and we’re going to go into the tab that says theme let’s give it
where it says edit html then regardless of the subject or the
template that you use is going to be more easy for us to find what
is the head for example we postpone control efe
well let’s click here first inside that box what are we
now yes control efe and if you notice me a bar appears here
with a search engine then now we are going to give uve control to look for the head
law and we defer in this case to enter and if you notice here, it’s just me
find the head then what we says what he tells us here is that this
code is we have to copy now yes this code right button copy and it says
that the code we have to insert it before the head ok then we go back
again we have to place that code that we already have copied at this time and
we have to as good we have to paste before this label then we go
to click here and in this case we’ll crush control right button
paste as you like we will place you quickly control v
ok and let’s click where it says save theme then thank you to check that
it really works let’s click where says see blog and as you can see it is already shown
the notice of acceptance of cookies in our blog at the bottom where
It requires us to accept it if we do not accept it would keep popping up again and again
until we do and good friends then On my part it is all this I did for
blogger and may also use it for wordpress if they have any doubt
You can leave it in the comments thank you for your attention and you know leave
like share this video so that you can help more people and I invite you
to subscribe to this channel thanks for your attention I see you in the next video

39 thoughts on “Como Poner Aviso de Cookies en Blogger 2018

  1. [email protected] ! ! ! LAS COOKIES son las culpables, entre otras cosas, de que tus entradas puedan compartirse en las redes sociales y puedas realizar un seguimiento de lo que hacen tus visitas mientras navegan por tu web gracias a Google Analytics.

    También están presentes en tus formularios de suscripción, registro y los plugins de redes sociales.

    En resumen, su función es ayudarte a saber qué ocurre en tu web y facilitar que tus visitas e interactúen con ella.

  2. Me parece genial que funcione para ambas opciones (Blogger o wordpress) Gracias por el tutorial!? De verdad que entre RGPD y Cookies, nos estaban volviendo locos!

  3. con esto me permitirá contabilizar el total de mis visitas en mi blog, ya que google analitycs no me las cuenta todas por culpa de las cookies?

  4. Funciona con los blogger sin dominio, es decir el que exige adsense, recién trate de insertar uno y no pude y si logre con uno que tiene dominio namecheap gracias

  5. Blogger no trae las cookies por defecto?

    Con paginas de terceros no habra ningún problema con los visitantes por ejemplo robo de informacion

  6. Gracias, amigo, puse las cookieas, pero que puta mierda es esto que me sale como aviso ''Has salido desde otra ubicación. ¿Quieres acceder de nuevo?
    Sí, quiero acceder de nuevo.''

  7. sou do brasil, não achei um brasileiro que fez um vídeo explicando como colocar cookies no blogger, apesar eu não entender muito a sua linga, mas deu certinho aqui no blog. muito obrigado !

  8. Muy buen video amigo.

    Estaba buscando algo así de sencillo, también voy hacer unos tutoriales de blogger, saludos

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