Let’s say that you have launched your own web page let’s say that maybe you want to launch a personal blog let’s say you want to make a presentation of a new product on youtube for example let’s say you want dazzle with your voice this is your video today you have work we started Chavalotes charlotte as a practical exercise today plays homework effectively we are going to change it let’s go enjoy but above all let’s do an exercise practical that you can use on your website in your blog on your YouTube channel a presentation like the one I’m doing about a text that I am preparing from a web page that I’m also preparing Guillermo Morante Puntocom that now will be in development but when you see this video you can possibly visit the active one or the text that you have on screen collects more or less the presentation that I’m going to do in video I’m going to do it in such a way as you’re seeing it here without However, in the text I preferred to do it in a more or less dynamic way that is not a monotonous text followed but that I called the attention of the visitor and especially that invite to stay and if possible Acquire some course better than better because of that you will live in this case in the text I have marked the pages that are relatively cold corporate in quotes in blue I marked the pages more pages the texts or the warmer words in yellow so that there is some change so that it is not all monotonous and what we are going to practice is exactly that in this video ok let’s do it paragraph by paragraph you’ll see how I do it the rules are the following you have to vocalize you have to vocalize open mouth you have all the courses in educating the voice and in particular the one of voice education, so I advise you to do it let’s vocalize we are going to mark the pauses where they are marked in red you have them there and above all we are going to enjoy the text we are going to try spread what it is the dynamism the joy we have of making a new web page there are so many things that can be communicated in this case that the people of the visitors who stay and visit us see real usefulness on the page that’s what it’s about, so let’s do it as you can do this video so as I do not want it to be too long you can give rewind to see it again of course share it well let’s go there look at how it will look like you’re going to see it live and live it’s just like I do, there it goes I present my website intuitive practice easy to use and especially dynamic relatively serious without being edge and now I will try to be more kind with a small smile but warm that really contagious on this website and expressed all my concerns my efforts to continue my projects and also my thanks to all of you who follow me you’ve seen then you can not be either very sharp in the first part nor very silly in the second, a medium term must be done at heart but as you see vocalizing and especially giving the soul interpreting in agreement I go up and then pull to see it and you can already practice it for yourself by yourself there goes and look at the expression on my face is important especially in my hands on how I move in how he interpreted I’m in front of a camera I’m not reading a paragraph I’m not reading a text is not a reading exercise is an exercise of interpretation there I go I present my website intuitive practice easy to use and especially dynamic on this website has captured all my concerns my efforts to move forward my projects and also my thanks to everyone who follows me here you will find many new practical courses tracks to change your voice and how to face a camera or an audience even change the way you have to see things now to improve and of course publications about my day to day professionally and personally With this website I want you to feel at home but also in a school where you really you learn you are treated with kindness and you always want to go back Welcome to the web where you decide to be who you want to be welcome to Guillermo Morante Puntocom What I have done is to be a little bit and also by marking a flat curve of agreement I already know that it is meaningless content but well we call him in the course then I do in positive publicity I made a flat curve in the part that is a little bit colder and I’ve gotten many more green and much more many more felt green curves more felt warmer in the part that is in yellow I have also tried Fix the visitor’s attention with your ear of what you are listening to in certain words for example I want you to feel like in your house it is worth but a school where really you learn, that is, you have to look at those verbs that can draw attention in those words I invite you to emphasize that they can attract the visitor’s attention and above all remember what I said at the beginning vocalization e interpretation gives the dawn in that text because it really is a personal page or an article a blog or a video a product you are giving part of you chavalote kid or you’ve been a pleasure to make this video as always in the channel try to translate Practical exercises as you see and that help you in the day to day I ask you a like if you liked the video of course yes leave me your comment below because I’m going to absolutely all activate the notifications if you have subscribed and if you subscribe to the channel you have to subscribe already because this is to improve and to change better already sprout this ballottage I really want to see you in the next video thirst very very very very happy see you soon 2


  1. Muy bueno cono todos tus videos, compartido con miles de amigos en https://www.facebook.com/CubanuestralaprimeradeEscandinavia/

  2. Me gusto mucho pero creo q nunca me servirá, ya tienes mi like crack eres el mas grande!!!! Me tienes q explicar como haces lo de q se vea tu cara y todo eso y con que programas… Me encanta la voz q pones!!!

  3. hola Guillermo! una duda…acabo de descubrir tu canal, es genial, y me gustaría saber por donde debo empezar para poder sacarle el máximo potencial a mi voz, y como… agradecería mucho que me aconsejaras:) un saludo, crack de cracks!!! 😉

  4. Wow, recién subscrita a tu canal. Me encanta la información y vaya voz tan maravillosa. Gracias por tan excelente trabajo. Voy a visitar la web ahora mismo!!

  5. Guille esta informacion si me ha sido de utilidad,como siempre un saludazo crack,espero sigas creciendo en esta plataforma 👍👍👍👍👍👍

  6. Hola que tal, yo muy bien bueno…. Me dirijo a usted con la finalidad de que si pudiera hacer un vídeo de "como tener confianza en si mismo" saludos desde Perú y le envió un fuerte abrazo psicológico 😊😊😊😊

  7. wow quillermo eres todo un maestro compañero me gusta mucho este tutorial si ya me siento mas seguro como persona si señor gracias todos estos maravillosos consejos me han ayudado mucho si bueno quillermo te felicito y sique asi eres el mejor lo haces demaciado bien

  8. Gracias por los consejos Guillermo!! Precisamente tengo pendiente la presentación de mi canal de Youtube que aún no la he hecho 😅 Espero me quede bien!!

  9. Bueno hermoso te notifico que he decidido hacer un esfuerzo titánico por educar mi voz por y para el canal porque pienso que puedo mejorar la entonacion mas, ademas le voy a dar la vuelta al calcetín con respecto a mi vida personal, a mi vida en YouTube y ademas tengo en marcha un proyecto en Google que dentro de un año más o menos comenzará a generar dinero, de momento mi meta es tener un sobresueldo de unos 300 euros al mes dentro de un año y llevar al canal poco a poco a la barrera psicológica de los 500 subs, y todo esto motivao que lo flipas por tus videos chavalote…Un saludo desde Valencia!!

  10. Yo siempre soy nervioso jeje
    Pero viendo tus vídeos espero ser digamos un poco más positivó ante mi mala vida que tengo gracias por hacer estos videos

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