Connect Google Home to Philips Hue: Smart home setup

Connect Google Home to Philips Hue: Smart home setup

hi everyone my name is Dennis and today
I’m going to show you how to set up your Philips hue to your Google home. So the
first thing you’re going to want to do is go to the Play Store. I’ve already; you can see I’ve already
got the Philips hue app. What I’m gonna do is; you’re gonna also need to get your
Google home app. So I have it, but I just want you to see it that’s what it looks
like. So you’re gonna open it up okay; and what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna go
to home control okay and from home control you want to add something so you
hit the little plus sign so you can see already have lifx all right philips hue
has been set up you can watch my video on setting up the philips hue so let’s
see philips hue is right over there and you click on the philips hue and let’s
see what’s going on so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna pair the philips hue
which i’ve this again this is what i’ve set up earlier now i have to go to the
philips hue and press the link button ok the link button was the button in the
middle of the philips hue so now we’re going to assign a room so i’ve already
set up the light as basement stairs and if i want to assign a room I can the
room is basement and I set that up in the Google home did that when I set up
my life XO bulbs so this is how your Google home is sort of keeping track of
everything and then when we’re done where he hit done okay hey Google turn
off basement stairs you got it turning the basement stairs
off hey Google turn on basement stairs okay
turning the basement stairs on hey Google turn basement stairs to blue sure
changing the basement stairs to blue hey Google change basement stairs to 30% sure setting the basement stairs
brightness to 30% thanks for watching if you found this helpful please hit the
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One thought on “Connect Google Home to Philips Hue: Smart home setup

  1. I love these lights.>>>   It is a game changer. No longer will I get up from my comfortable bed and turn off the light. There are also 3rd party apps that that allow for party lights that go with the rhythm of the music playing. All in all the people that are not tech savvy may have trouble with the initial install but after that it is super user friendly especially when paired with google home or alexa

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