Cover Room: Luke Combs – “Ramblin’ Man”

Cover Room: Luke Combs – “Ramblin’ Man”

100 thoughts on “Cover Room: Luke Combs – “Ramblin’ Man”

  1. I guess this guy was on the tonight show? I haven’t watched the tonight show since jay lenno left. This guys good but before I say I like him I just want to know if after the song if they say around and talked about what a son of a bitch Trump is and how America sucks. Because EVERY time I try to watch any late night show that all I hear

  2. Luke is the definition of country music not this stuff they play on the radio now. He reminds me of old school country music and his songs sound like that.

  3. Ok seriously good song but shouldn't it be Waylon Jennings song Ramblin' man since Luke Combs is wearing a Waylon shirt ?!

  4. I'm usually not a fan of cover songs because "it's not the original" but Luke can do his original stuff or cover other artists songs and it's always AMAZING!

  5. Fuck autotune! Fuck mumble rap! And fuck, artists like Florida Georgia Line, and what's his fuck! Luuuuuuke!!!!!! #countryisback Also "Old Town Road", is the shizznizzle!!!!! C'mon! Play that shit, country radio!!!

  6. Wore a Waylon shirt but sang the wrong version of the song. Wtf. Don’t get me wrong I like it, but wear a different shirt.

  7. Great job on the allman brothers ramblin man , but Luke , youre wearing Waylons
    t shirt , youve got to play Waylons ramblin man 1 day soon

  8. Man, my Southern Brother, I thought Dickey Betts was the only person who could sing this song…….I was wrong!! Luke your the man!!

  9. RIP Both brothers 😢 the Allman Brothers Band have been favorite band my whole life, I’m too young to be around for the band’s golden age but hearing the story of Duane and how he was taken from us too soon always brings me on the verge of tears. The entire band influenced so much in the world both musically and culturally in the south as tensions were still fairly high between races but they were able to make people from all over come together.

    Also fun fact: in the song Layla by Derek and the dominoes there was supposed to be a piano solo in the song but the high pitched whines out hear in the back are Duane allman playing beautifully along with the song, he improvised the harmony with it entirely on his own.

  10. I wanna hear Luke Cover Driving my life away BY Eddie Rabbitt, also have Miranda Lambert cover Queen of hearts by Juice newton

  11. His voice gives me goosebumps or the frissons’ as we say in South Louisiana. He’s got a gift. Keep it up Luke!!❤️❤️

  12. How am I supposed to cover these GREAT hits when YOU ALWAYS get there before me BROTHER!!! LOVE YOU, GOD BLESS!!!

  13. Me on a game show;

    Host; Ok Sir pick a catagory.

    Me; Ok Phillip I’ll take Luke Combs songs that don’t suck for 500

    Host; Sir but-

    Me; I choose that.

    Host; But Sir none of them suck

    Me; smirks at the camera I know.

  14. Got to see him finally at our fair in Valpo Indiana hes the real deal and that voice of his is as real as it gets live thank u for saving REAL COUNTRY

  15. In a world full of drum loops, spoken lyrics, and whatever the hell Florida Georgia Line has become: be like Luke Combs

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