Covered in Peanut Butter and Pugs | THAT’S A BAD IDEA

Covered in Peanut Butter and Pugs | THAT’S A BAD IDEA

( music playing )We’re back. Friendly reminder,
if you wanna make sure you get the full GMM episode
experience every single day, watch each episode
from the beginning by clicking the thumbnail
with the green border in your subscription box. We generate a lot of ideas
for this show, and they are not all
gonna be good, like, for instance, I’m wearing Brazilian cut
underwear right now. Oh, thanks
for letting us all know. That does sound
like a bad idea. Binding. Here’s another really bad idea– covering yourself
in peanut butter and hanging out
with a bunch of dogs. Hm, that sounds like
a really bad idea, which is why we had
Mike and Alex do it. Right. We’re here at
my friend Gwen’s house. She lives
in this brick building that’s full of pugs. She lives here. We’re gonna lather ourselves
with peanut butter and also protect ourselves. You know, normally
when you go to a dog, and you go to pet it, you’re not fully suiting up
in armor. Just a precaution based on an online search I did for another guy who covered
himself in peanut butter. I bet you wait to tell me
these things. Brought quite a lot
of peanut butter
just to lather up with. I’ve learned not
to question things hanging out with you, but, I mean, is there a plan? Yeah, I’m gonna put it on you, and you’re gonna put it
on me. That makes sense. May I? If you put that near my face,
I will have ’em bite you. I’m gonna use
my lifting spoon here, and I’m gonna get a dual–
This is really nice. ( mutters ) ( laughing ) One more time, you do it. So does your friend know we’re
coming to her house covered
in peanut butter? I’ve never met her. – Why do you do these things?
– I didn’t think this through. You’ve got kind of a strategy. Doesn’t take much effort to spread peanut butter
on another man. You’re gonna need one of these
in case of emergency. Take that with you to go. That’s not coming off, huh. No, we’re gonna have peanut
butter shoes. Thanks for having us
to your brick pug mansion My pleasure.
( chuckling ) You live here,
is what I’ve heard. Seems like it, yeah. What about pugs
do you like so much? Their quirkiness, and of course they’re
the most gorgeous breed ever. Do they care
for peanut butter much? We’ll see.
I have a hunch they do. I’m just excited to see
how this goes. – Me, too. You ready?
– Yeah. Oh, gosh, they’re making
a break for it. He doesn’t care for that. If I’m sacrificed,
then I’m sacrificed. Sir, I was wondering
if I could interest you
in some peanut butter. No, you’re fine.
You’re doing great. I’m talking to this Wookiee. This one to the left feels
like it’s eating my organs. Mike, is everything all right? I don’t know where
the peanut butter ends and where Mike begins,
honestly, at this point. Aah! Aah! ( giggling )
Aah! Aah! He got it. Alex: He’s biting at you. I’m in pain. I’m renaming
this one Skippy. – I’m renaming this one Jif.
– Oh, that’s clever. I’m renaming this one Tevin,
with a T. Tevin. What does that have to do
with peanut butter? What do you mean? I thought you were doing,
like, a thing. Well, that’s just his name.
It’s Tevin. These mitts, every time,
covered in stuff. Have you noticed that? I can’t hear anything. – ( laughs )
– Where am I? Aah! Let’s escape while we still have
our lives. I think things could take a turn
at any moment. I don’t think that was
a bad idea at all. I kinda wish
we would’ve done it. Leave a comment below
with another bad idea you’d like to see us pawn off
on Mike and Alex. And keep watching
for the return of the random commercial
challenge. Link:We know how much
you love “Ten Feet Tall,”
so get your “Ten Feet Tall”
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100 thoughts on “Covered in Peanut Butter and Pugs | THAT’S A BAD IDEA

  1. "Most gorgeous breed ever"
    What the hell is she on? Pugs look like the were thrown full force face first into a wall

  2. they should put them in a room with a pool and cover themselves with frosting p.s the pool needs to be filled with wipped cream or ice

  3. My mom thinks it hilarious to hold me down, put peanut butter on my feet and let our two dogs eat it off….it's horrible.

  4. YOU NEED to cover them in mentos and have them jump into a pool of coke or cover them in bath bombs and have them jump into a pool of just regular water

  5. If I had peanut butter on me and there were pugs it would be the best thing that would happen to me 😂❤️

  6. Glue loads of birdseed on mike and Alex and stand in the middle of a park/place where there is loads of birds

  7. well I was gonna say when u put the turkey in bleach u made McDonald's mcnuggets lmao and the pork blood u made meat for a big Mac ha ha

  8. We give my geriatric chihuahua mix takes his pills in peanut butter and now pill time is one of his favorite things so even if I forget he whines by the counter until I remember.

  9. Bad idea you say? Ok then swan diving off the Eiffel tower into a flipping helicopter while calculating pie to the billionth digit.

  10. I wonder how much they paid those poor people to have two peanut butter covered idiots come into their establishment and smear it everywhere, including the dogs…

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