39 thoughts on “Cozy Fall-Themed November 2019 Bullet Journal Setup

  1. Maybey for another mood tracker you could do a dot to dot drawing and 4 every day you could draw a line in a color. Just an idea I sis really like the way that last months mood tracker turned out tho

  2. What a wonderful journal!! These videos are so fun to watch and give me encouragement to continue my own! thank you so much! ^_^

  3. This bullet journal is great and you seem to actually use it, but I miss Steph Koza. Her bullet journal videos were always crazy and fun.

  4. These bullet journal videos have to be the most interesting and original videos Buzzfeed Nifty posts lately. It’s generally just recycled DIYs that I skip through in the hopes of a new interesting one I haven’t seen a thousand times already. However, I genuinely enjoy these bullet journal ones and watch them all the way through. So yeah, great work! Keep it up

  5. For December, since it's Christmas season… Add Frozen characters like Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Kristoff and Sven… If you want, you can also add Jack Frost with Elsa (Jack + Elsa = Jelsa)
    Frozen is my favorite movie and I'm currently working on my bullet planner/journal… My video is coming up this Nov30. ?

  6. Omg the hedgehogs are so adorable!! Could you please do a gift ideas and/or gifts bought tracker for next month?

  7. Am I the only one who think wow these are pretty but who has the time to make them? I mean I can barely get a store bought calander filled out because of the lack of time I have

  8. Your hedgehog is so cute i could Just die lol your mood tracker reminds me of mine kinda. Mines totally missing that adorable hedgehog tho

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