Cream Contouring Made Easy! \ تقنيّة سهلة للكونتور بالكريم

Cream Contouring Made Easy!  تقنيّة سهلة للكونتور بالكريم

hey guys so I’m not sick I just don’t have any makeup on my face right now I know it looks super pale because I don’t want the Sun but anyways a lot of you guys requested my contour video that I did in Arabic in English so I was hoping that you guys would understand it but it’s totally cool I don’t mind redoing it and doing it for you guys in English so I’m going to show you guys really quickly what I do so I did my eye makeup and I have nothing on my face so you can see have blemishes and I did a little extraction today I did it myself so I don’t know if I did a very good job but there’s marks all over my face now they’ll go away don’t worry so the first thing I like to begin with is I really do like to hydrate my skin and my favorite moisturizer is the lift cream Fein and that’s because it’s just completely helped me with my pores and you guys know I love it so I also use it before I apply my makeup and now I’m just going to go ahead and start with a concealer and this is the tarte maracuja creaseless concealer and they actually just sent it to me and i love it it’s really nice it’s kind of hydrating i’m just going to use a flat brush and i’m just going to apply that underneath the eyes and i’m just going to all you the color is cuz i know a lot of you guys going to ask it is medium sand and i know it looks so scary it looks really light right now but it’s okay i promise it will look better i’m just blending that away as best as i can i’m not making it like too perfect or too clean i’m gonna take a little bit put out my chin as well because my chin is a little small so i like to put a little highlighter on it and then i’m just going to put a little bit in the center of my forehead as well I really do like this concealer it’s really nice it’s kind of heavy but then it like stays in place pretty awesome and I’m just doing like this little kind of like a little circle ish I’m going down the center of my nose okay now we have everywhere that we like to have highlighted if you do have a heart-shaped face you can put a little bit right here as well to kind of bring out the jawline I have a Square face I like to do the opposite for myself but I am going to put a little bit right here and I like to put a little bit right here on my my lips cuz I like the way looks a little bit right here sometimes I leave this stuff out sometimes I do it really depends on my mood sure you’ve seen it seven might get ready with me and not in the others everybody’s always asking me like why do you change everything up it really just depends on my mood and that’s truthfully that’s what it is so um people like why do you show your eye makeup first why do you start with your your face first honestly it really just depends on my mood there’s there’s no right or wrong way there’s better ways as long as you come to like the final piece looking perfect then it really doesn’t matter okay the next thing I’m going to do is I’m going to grab the motives dark foundation and I love their cream foundations because they blend really nicely and I’m going to just put like a nice mark over here and I’m blending it making it thicker I do the same thing on the other side this really does make you look more shapely and also thinner so I like that I’m going to put a little bit along the forehead too and I usually blend this upwards into the hairline that was something actually saw that Mario did too but he really blended it I don’t blend as much as he does he was like he’s like the king of blending I am say I’m gonna take a little bit right here on my job because I don’t like my face looking too squarish I feel like it looks a little harsh so I’m going right here as well but you don’t have to do this and really depends on your face shape I like it looking a little less square and then for the nose I always like to use a little bit more of a kind of brownish the grayish color this is coffee walnut from Mac it is really dark it’s probably too dark for me I’m just going to apply it right here along the nose where I need it so I like to kind of thin out my nose a little bit and then I like to make my nose look shorter as well like a super freak so I do kind of take a stable brush and I do blend everything just a little bit with a stubble first I’m just a tiny tiny bit so they’re like harsh edges I just kind of take it along the contour a little bit just to like blend out any of the edges and I really do this more for the dark color than the light color and it just makes me I feel like everything just goes on a lot more seamless I do that I don’t really blend the nose actually which I know a lot of you probably gonna freak out because I didn’t but trust me it will look nice I look like that I feel like a scarecrow right now I’m gonna grab this you’re star in zero four zero and I love this color it’s perfect I still love the foundation go nice um and I like to put it on a little what’s this called what is this called I don’t know what this is called I love my brain is like not functioning right now I like to put it on one of these little silver plates and and then I just kind of take a small amount right here really small amount and then I start to blend and I really don’t like put like a very heavy amount on my brush and I start to blend and I really kind of start with like the edges of everything and then I work my way in you can see the star look pretty nice oops see that’s too much you don’t want to put too much and blend away the contour show you guys better on the side so I have to put small amount here on the edges and then i kind of blend everything in the cheeks and i kind of go around the contour and then on the contour and now i’m just going to apply some product on my brush and I’m just going to apply it on my nose and I just kind of go lightly on my nose and this is really my favorite technique for contouring the nose I feel like it really really works it really gives it that shadowy parents and I don’t know why but a lot of Middle Eastern women we have like this little like indents in our nose and I don’t know why I don’t know where they come from but I always apply like a little bit of concealer and those indents and I’m using the clay 2po concealer and ochre and I don’t know why we have those indents so weird and I am just going to apply a little bit of the cleanup o on the bridge of the nose and then again just here in the eyes like where the tear troughs are because you’re a little hollowed out for me and I know it still looks a little scary so I’m going to everything I’m using the Ben Nye banana powder and I’m just applying it all over the face and I’m just applying a little bit of the fair translucent powder also for my 9 underneath the eyes but you know you can use whatever powder you have sometimes I use this one I really like this one also it’s I’m number 2 from YSL and I’ll use the number 3 on my face really doesn’t matter I’m gonna take this is a really awesome bronzer from Too Faced it is the soulmates I really love these bronzers I’m doing a review of them on my blog soon but they blend they’re almost like they’re like really velvety oh they’re so nice and I’m just kind of going over the contour just a little bit with that and this is not the brush I wanted to use I want to use more I like to use more domed brushes when I do the contour in the cheeks but it’s up to you can use whatever you want going along the forehead of course I’m just going to use a little blush my makeup is like all over the place so I’m going to try to use the blush that’s in this palette actually there’s like a little brush there I’m going to just kind of put my brush in there that worked fine just going to apply a little bit of blusher my cheeks and I need some lipstick I’m trying to find a pretty lipstick this is racquel from NARS so pale I like it but I don’t like it alone and I usually apply the lip liner first but it’s okay I’m just using pink treat from Mac so that is it it’s a really easy way to contour and it’s kind of foolproof anybody can do it it’s it’s really great for people who are trying to learn how to contour because once you use like the stippling brush and you blend everything away makes it so much easier so don’t be don’t feel intimidated because it is actually really easy so even if you have like five minutes to do it you can actually do it so I hope you guys enjoy this quick video on how to contour in English and I’ll see you guys next time please subscribe and definitely check me out on Instagram and I’ll see you guys later bye

100 thoughts on “Cream Contouring Made Easy! \ تقنيّة سهلة للكونتور بالكريم

  1. so always first the contour and then The fundation ??
    i always see some videos first fundation then contour what you think about it

  2. you dont need anything on your face..its beautiful without any i cant stop clicking on your other videos..miss universe eat your heart are YUM..

  3. The final look was nice , but I think that if I contour my face like this every time, I would get tons of blemishes
    Can you show one way of applying BB cream and powder for sensitive skin … Thanks

  4. الله يسعدكم الي تعرف من وين الكونسلر اي ماركه بليز تقول لاني ماعرفت

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  12. Very helpful video for cream contour, your technique is great love how your blend your foundation with your contour, everything looks so beautiful! What brush did you used for blending ?

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