Create a custom 404 Error Page for your Blogger Blog

Create a custom 404 Error Page for your Blogger Blog

Hi everyone I’m Peggy K and today I’m
going to show you how to make a custom error page for your Blogger blog. If
someone tries to open a page on your blog that doesn’t exist they get the
default blogger error page that says “Sorry the page you were looking for in
this blog does not exist.” The format of that page depends on your blog’s theme.
But if you’ve ever followed a bad link or typed in a URL incorrectly you’ve
probably noticed that most websites have a more customized error page. It often
has a greeting, navigation linksmand even a cute image. To create a custom error
page for your Glogger blog open your blog and click Settings on the left menu.
Under Settings click Search Preferences. On the Search Preferences page under
“Errors and redirections” you’ll see a setting for Custom Page Not Found. Click
Edit. You can then enter up to 10,000
characters of HTML for your custom Page Not Found. If you just want to add a
simple statement you can type that directly into the box and click Save
Changes. If you want to do something fancier stay tuned and I’ll show you how
to generate the HTML. You can check your blog’s Page Not Found error message by
simply trying to open a page on your blog that doesn’t exist. If you want to
create a more elaborate custom error page for your blog you can generate the
HTML by creating a draft post. You can format the text, add links, and
even insert an image. Once you’ve created the page the way you want it to look,
switch your blog post editor from Compose mode to HTML mode, highlight all
of the HTML, and copy it. Be sure to save the post but don’t publish it. You don’t
want it to be a public post. It will be listed as a draft on your Posts page. You
can then go back to your Settings Search Preferences and edit that Page Not Found.
In the box simply paste in the HTML of your post. Keep in mind that it has to
be less than 10,000 characters so shorter is better. Check the error page on your blog to see
how it looks. You can go back and edit the HTML in your draft post to change
the way the text looks or you can change the overall look in your blog’s theme.
The custom error page I created from my blog has a greeting,navigation links and
then links to my social media accounts. If you found this video helpful be sure
to subscribe for more creator tips and tutorials you

6 thoughts on “Create a custom 404 Error Page for your Blogger Blog

  1. Hi, Thank you for creating this. My pages are not showing up. Only the homepage displays, and not the 404 error if I type any url extension. How do I switch this setting? Thank you very much!!

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