Create a Poll or Survey on your WordPress website

Create a Poll or Survey on your WordPress website

Hey y’all, it’s another WordPress Wednesday here
in San Antonio, Texas and I am bringing to you today the idea
of how to put in a poll or maybe a survey or a voting widget inside of your WordPess
website. Today is the day after we’ve elected our
presidential candidate for the next four years and I thought, it’s only appropriate
that we do something like this. So, how would you run your own survey
or your own poll inside of your WordPress website? Most of you know, that follow our channel
here every Wednesday I’m creating some sort of a tutorial video
for you and I’m a super huge fan of Gravity Forms,
so that’s what I’m going to use to show you. Inside of Gravity Forms, which of course, is a premium
plugin form builder, that can do a ton of stuff. If you guys want to learn more about his form builder,
I have a whole play list here on our channel. It can teach you, step-by-step how to use this thing. It’s so amazingly powerful and it’s a drag and
drop environment. You’ll get to see some of that here in a second. But, one of the cool things about it, if you do
a search for this “Polls Add On for Gravity Forms” you get to find that it does have an add-on. With just one click of an activation button, you
are able to create your own poll or survey and so, that’s what we’re doing. This is my version of a poll “What’s your favorite
WordPress form builder?” “WP Forms, Contact Forms 7, Gravity Forms, or Other?” Behind the scenes, how would that look? Let’s take a look here. This is the one that you’re viewing, right now. “Polls Test” Gravity Forms, WP Forms, Contact Form 7,
and Other The way I did this was, I was able to do the add-ons. When you have Gravity Forms and you
purchase the developer license, you get all of these additional add-ons for free. So, scrolling down here again, you get to see
everything that they have here.
It’s pretty amazing. Right here is a polls add-on that you can
activate, again for free and once you have that activated, you can create a new form
and you will have an advanced field now called “Poll”. You can just drag it over and drop it,
open it up and change your options. They also have things other than radio buttons
which are a choose one. They have check boxes for you to
choose multiple if you’d like. They also have a drop-down for you
to choose from and allow your visitors to choose from a drop-down. You can also randomize the order of the
choices, which is super cool, as well. This basically means that every time
a visitor comes to your site and they click refresh, the order of the options
will rearrange and be random. So, that’s kind of cool. And, of course, you can require the field. So, this is all pretty nice if you do the
radio button or the check boxes, you can also add the other choice field, as well. So, one of the cool things about this, though… Let’s update the form. If we go back here… and click refresh. You can see our options here. We’ll just choose some things here. “Gravity Forms” “Submit” You get to see right away the
results, which I think is spectacular. So, those that are taking the poll get
to get some feedback, like you saw, as well. Let me see if we can do this. It didn’t let me do this earlier. So, let’s see. I’m gonna edit the page and then go back
and view it. It allows us to take a sneak peak initially
where you can say “View Results” even without taking it. You can kind of see what’s going on
and go back to the poll. Check that out. You can disable that if you want to. But, then the other thing you get to
do, if you’re not impressed yet, hold on…hold on… Check this out. Now that we’ve got this built, we can come back
here and there is an area to say “Poll Results”. We can actually view an administrative area. All the different answers and you can do a
date range and you can filter things. It’s pretty cool if you have a more advanced
poll, something pretty spectacular. Alright, y’all, if you’re interested in Gravity Forms
I’ll put the link in the description box below.
I hope that you use that link. That is our affiliate link. I appreciate the love that you’re giving
us for doing this type of tutorial. If you have questions about Gravity Forms,
be sure to check out our whole playlist here on our YouTube Channel; but, also send me an email, give me a tweet. Go over to Facebook and find us or
in the comments below, give me a question or two and I’ll try to do a video
just for you. I’ll see you next WordPress Wednesday. Bye, y’all.

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  1. Hello, I loved the video its was very good info. None the less what tools you use with word press to do SEO what do u think is the best?

  2. Great content on Gravity Forms! Thank you! What software do you use for your video software with yourself and your screen? Thanks!

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