Creating a Private Community Forum With Vanilla

Creating a Private Community Forum With Vanilla

Today I’d like to talk about creating a
private community to create private community there’s a couple steps. First step to
is to start with who has access to add discussions and comments to your
community now in order to access this page, you’re going to go to users menu and registration and you have several options you can
choose from the first option is basic and this is the standard way that people
get access to your community which is the fill in the registration form and they get access immediately to
community however if you want a private community you’re going to need to consider some
of the other options available for example approval means that new
users need to be reviewed and approved by the administrator before
they can access the community in terms of posting and creating
discussions but they can still see the content if you select invitation users that want
to join a community can only join the community if they get invited to do so but once
again they still be able to see the content and finally there’s connect which allows
new users to access to community through SSO or
single sign-on but for simplicity sake what most people
can use is approval. Click Save. One thing I should mention that is if you’ve gone to the approval setting you’re also going to want to turn off
any social logins or social connected to have so for
example if you go to the forum menu social you will see some plugins that you
might have for example facebook and you’re
going to press the gear icon and make sure that
you and unclick enable social sign-in click Save and you’re also going to want
to make sure that you disable any plugins that you have that may have social
connect involved for example were gonna turn off a LinkedIn and Google+ after you take
care of your social integration here you are also going to want to turn off the Open ID plugin which is on by default
and also allows people to connect through Open ID so let’s go and turn that off So now we disable Open ID And finally the real piece to make a private community is to enable the private community add-on as you see here and click enable next go to the settings so as you can see here the community still open to the public
but what you will do now is just switch it to private by making your community private this
means that not only will non-members be able to access your content this, it also means that search engines will not be able to crawl the content of your community so make sure this is a choice you want to make but if you’re really serious about
having a private community this is the best way to go about it so when a user then comes to the site
and visits as you can see here this is what could
be faced with the sign in page and they have no choice but to go and either sign in if they are a member or
create an account. If they go to create the account page they’re going to being brought to a
registration page where they have to fill some information and the administrator will have to
approve them, so there’s no way for them to access let’s say best of, activity or discussions. Everything has requirement for them to sign in and if
not they have to create an account which like I said because you set it up
for approval known will be able to access your
community can unless approved by an administrator or moderator in your community hopefully you found this video helpful if you’re a hosted Vanilla customer and
you require support you can contact us at If you’d
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  1. What should I do in case I want my community / forum members to make a payment to register themselves in the community / forum? That is, how can I set up Vanilla Forum to build a private paid membership system?

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