Creating Journal Alerts on EBSCOhost – Tutorial

Creating Journal Alerts on EBSCOhost – Tutorial

Journal Alerts allow you to set up automatic e-
mail notification when a new issue of a specific
journal becomes available in an EBSCOhost database.

In order to create Journal Alerts, you must be
signed in to your My EBSCOhost personal
folder account. To sign in or create a new account, click the Sign In link in the top toolbar.

First, click on the Publications button along
the top toolbar.
Enter the publication name in the Browse
Publications field and click Browse. Next,
click on the title link to view the Publication Details page.

On the publication record, click on Share in the
upper right corner. In the resulting drop-down
menu, click E-mail Alert to open the Journal Alert setup window.

Set your alert parameters, add your e-mail
address, and click Save Alert. You will now be
alerted when a new issue becomes available. You can also click the Advanced Settings link
if you would like to access all of the available
alert customization options. Click the Help link to view the complete online
Help system.

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