Creating your own recovery journal with Molly! #katikrafts | Kati Morton

Creating your own recovery journal with Molly! #katikrafts | Kati Morton

Hey everybody! Today I have a very special guest, Molly is here to show us some arts and crafts, so stay tuned. So like I said, today I have a very special guest, Molly has joined me to show us a little bit of her arts and crafts world. She has a shop on Etsy which I will put the link in the description below, as well as at the bottom of the screen. And we’re going to, you’re going to teach us different ways to collage? Yeah. I know that a lot of you have asked me how do I create a recovery journal? what actually goes in it? what do I do if I want to distract? what are some art and craft things I can do? And Molly here does a really great job So, tell us a little bit about what we’re going to create today. Okay well each page I’ve shown a different technique, so I’m just going to flip through to start off, so you can see all the different ones, um and then I’ll go into explaining them after That’s my favorite one, with the fish. (Laughs) Very cool, ok So, um, the front page we can kind of do whatever we want? Make it however we want? Yep, you can make a title on it, or include your name; anything you want. Okay, well let’s get started. So we just kind of.. So all the paper is over here. I’m not very good at this. Oh, that was something else I wanted to say I wanted to say, that everyone says like they’re not good at arts and crafts but like, maybe you haven’t found the right one. That’s true, there are a lot of different crafts. Ok, so we’ve made our front covers And, now we’re going to do the first technique Yep. Which is.. It’s the quote page. Oh, you know how I love quotes When we do the journal topics so that would be a good thing you could even go back and find some journal topics you liked. Yeah you can also write inside the page you don’t have to just do pictures like collaging. You can just like write and then do collaging as well as the writing. Oh, yeah and that’s the thing. I think this is why I have troubles crafting is because I feel like it has to be perfect and look a certain way. But it doesn’t at all, and it’s actually kind of good for me to have things just willy nilly. Yeah, because when things are really even I get to where I’m like oh my god it has to be perfect, and I’m like no it’s just a journal, it’s not like going anywhere. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Yeah, and you can always make another one. So now we have finished our first official page of our journal after our cover page. And, this is the quote page? Yeah, it’s the quote page, and um we just chose one of our favorite quotes and we wrote it out and had a background with scrapbooking paper, so it’s one of the simpler collages that we’re going to be doing today. And you can see Molly did like different layers of things so you have different colors and different patterns and you know, don’t worry if it doesn’t look quite right, it’s actually kind of cool when it’s a little off. And, um, do you want to share your quote? Cause it’s a good journal topic, write this down. Yeah, um, it’s by Pablo Picasso, and it says, “Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up.” Perfect,, cool! Ok, so the next, now we’re– Can I see yours? Oh, yeah. Mine says “process, not perfection.” We had trouble thinking of quotes. We should’ve written them down ahead of time since I have tons of your quotes saved on my computer ready for journal topic videos. (Laughs) But I didn’t bring my computer. So now we’re moving on to the second page Ok, the second page is one of my favorites it’s based off of words from magazines so you can choose it based off of if you like the word, or the typography it’s written in, the font of it. And I got this idea from online, I saw a tree, and all the leaves had different words on them and I always thought of doing clouds just as another way of taking the idea. So I’m going to try to think of something that I can do, I was thinking like scales on a fish– Which I thought was really cool, or petals on a flower, or– Or like the rays on a sun. Yeah, there’s a ton of things, and you can kind of make it your own. Ok, so that is all the crafting we’re going to do with you, but I encourage all of you, hop on Molly’s Etsy site. She sells these books like we started with, but plain , without anything, so you can let your imagination run wild. And I actually got so much into this that I completely forgot what this whole plan was, that we were going to put things on, either clouds or scales of a fish, and I like this watercolor paper that she created ahead of time, which is something you can do. And then I just kind of cut out words that I liked from magazines, so you can get old magazines from the recycling bin, or the library. Yeah, sometimes libraries get rid of old magazines that they don’t use. Yeah, and you can cut out little phrases that are motivating to you, or uplifting in some way. And you also have some other pages that we’ll tell you a little bit about, so if you’re on your own and doing this and you’re needing more help and insight, these are some other tips. So, my favorite page is the fish. So I know a lot of people like to do coloring books, so I, um, I cut out some coloring books, some fish from coloring books, and I made a background of watercolors, and I used these 3D dots, these foam dots that you can get at a craft store, so it makes them pop out of the page a little bit. It looks really cool, I don’t know if it’s doing it justice via camera, but that’s a really cool technique. And then I liked this page because it’s made out of things you have laying around your house. So, for example this is a birthday card that I had and I cut out the words and rearranged them around. That’s so clever. And a pizza box, um newspaper, an old textbook that I don’t need anymore Just you can go to a thrift store and look at their books too. Oh yeah, and purchase those. That’s such a good idea. And that’s the cool thing, is that if you’re looking for a distraction technique in the moment and you don’t have all of your craft supplies ready, you can make it out of stuff you already have, and you know, we’re also being green in a kind of funny way. Yeah, recycling. Exactly. (Laughs) Um, so hop on over to Molly’s Etsy site because she does put this stuff together, and you also mentioned to me that it feels good to make these for other people? Yeah, you can make something like “Katie’s Journal” and give it to them as a gift. Yeah. And sometimes those, I find, that when people actually make things it can mean more than actually than buying something, you know. Because then you know that their thought and care went into it. So give this a thumbs up if you like some craft videos, because I can definitely sit down with Molly and do some more and you, if you are crafty let me know! And as always, please share your tips and tricks below, if there are certain things you know that you use to help you distract or certain art techniques that you like of Molly’s and things that you’ve done in the past, let us know! Because the more we share, the more we grow together. And we made a hashtag. Oh yes, and if you want to show us your pictures of your journals and pictures of your arts and crafts, use the hashtag #katikrafts. And we will look at those, and you know, it will be really cool to share and see what our community is building together. See you next time! Bye. Subtitles by the community

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing this with us.🌹 Going to try my hand at this,seeing that I have several blank journals.☺

  2. I love doing arts and crafts. I recently helped my sister make a poster for our Aunt. We used glitter glue and regular glitter. it was messy. My Aunt said that she loved it! That makes me happy to know that she loved it.

  3. I love crafts-makes me feel 9 years old again and halloween is soon (okay not really) but autumn is the best time of year for it because its starting to get colder so its nice to be inside with a cup of tea and hear the rain outside! Cute video!

  4. Thanks for your great videos Katie! You do so much for the community! I have a channel on schizoaffective/bipolar disorder if anyone wants to check it out!

  5. #KatiFAQ
    Do OCD compulsions tend to be random? Or, are they more often things that are somehow connected to our anxieties? (even if the connection might not be obvious)

  6. I work from home making fancy jewelry and sewing cloth pads. Question: As a person that works from home, I find I can be really hard on myself especially when it comes to taking days off. I find myself working 24/7 and even on days I tell myself "this is my day off" I still feel guilty like I'm letting my customers down when an order is pending. I keep telling myself "I'll take a break when this order is finished" but the next order always comes and I never take time for myself. What are some ways I can let myself relax and not feel anxiety or beat myself up inside about taking time for myself?

  7. Hey Kati, could you please make a video about male anorexia? it is not a very popular topic, but I think it would be nice to hear you discuss it and also the stigma around it! thanks!

  8. #KatiFAQ to have bulimia do you have to have food coming out of your system when your sick
    PS:love your videos there so hepful

  9. I have a question maybe for a future video that you might want to do 🙂 I'm not happy in therapy, I don't want to quit because I have been seeing my therapist for 4 years now. I like her and I don't want to hurt her feelings. How can I tell her that I want things to change in our therapy? I want to do different things. (PS I already talked to my therapist about this and we have made changes and things are fine now 🙂 but I think this would be good for others. So many people get unhappy in therapy and just quit when a simple honest conversation would help!

  10. You may have already done this one but a good journal topic quote is "everyone is genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree it will spend the rest of its life believing it's stupid" xx

  11. #katifaq: Hi Kati, In your videos, you talk a lot about relationships with parents, friends, teachers, colleagues, and classmates but what about the relationship between the psychologist and his/her client? I have been seeing a psychologist for almost a year for ptsd. I have told her about a teacher who helped me a lot with my struggles and that I was psychologically and physically attracted to her and I felt guilty about it. But now, I see that I start to like my psychologist the same way that I did for my teacher which is a way that might not be good for the therapeutic relationship. Don't get me wrong, I am not in love with her. I just like the way she talks to me and her background makes me feel like I found the right person to help me. (I feel for once that I am totally understood by someone.) However, in each session with her, I can't look at her cause I don't wanna make eye-contact cause I know if I do so I wouldn't be able to take off my eyes on her afterward. I also don't want to look at her cause actually I don't want to get attach. As my cousin told me: what I may feel might be a confusion between lust and admiration. Do you think I should tell my psychologist how I feel or better to keep it to myself? (as I am afraid that if I tell her, she wouldn't want to keep me as her client)

    Sorry for the mistakes, English is not my first language.

  12. I discovered colouring as a great distraction technique when I'm feeling like I want to self harm and I need something that I can concentrate on.
    There is this awsome colouring book: Secret Garden (by Johanna Basford) that I just love!
    Also, I like to create my own mandalas and pictures that I then colour. It can take me up to five or six hours to finish one of these and it's not only a great distraction but I'm also pretty proud of the result. I give them away as giftcards or put them in my diary.

  13. i really like this:) i used to paint all the time as a distraction/ release. I miss it, but with college its really hard to find time.. I also make cuffs out of pony beads. I also enjoy doing photo edits with my little apps on my phone to distract as well. I think crafting is fantastic and a good outlet. Love your videos:)

  14. #katifaq could my ed make me uncomfortable with being touched sometimes? The only reason I can think of is lack of body confidence, because I've never experienced any kind of trauma that might cause it xxx

  15. #KatiFAQ. Hi Kati, I have been having really bad anxiety problems and lately I have had problems at school with doing my assighnments at school. This is my senior year and I need to graduate. I don't want my parents envolved and I can't afford a therapist. I would love a video made on stopping anxiety attacks, and how to prevent them. Even if you just comment on my question I would be thrilled. <3 thanks for all you do.

  16. #katifaq I have a question. My therapist suggested I go to this group therapy called taming the anxious mind. I have a lot anxiety that leads me to self harm. This will be my first time in group. I was wondering what an assessment for group therapy is like and how is it different from the assessment you get when first starting 1 on 1 counseling? also what is group therapy like and what are the benefits you gain from it?

  17. I love the idea of these types of videos. I find that coloring in is a huge distraction for me and sometimes I can spend hours just coloring in.

    #KatiFAQ – I'm in the middle of reporting the sexual abuse I received from my uncle when I was younger. Each time I'm called back to the police station, I end up leaving feeling very spaced out and end up hallucinating. I'm trying grounding techniques but it takes about 30 mins before I'm back to normal again. How can I stop this from happening?

  18. #katifaq I don't understand why my ED behaviors regularly change back and forth from restricting to bingeing. They are both unhealthy coping mechanisms which I know I need to get help for… but I don't understand why it's always changing. Bingeing makes me feel so so unhappy, depressed and wanting to SH so why do it when it would be 'easier' to stay with my other unhealthy way of coping (restricting). Dealing with this is so hard and confusing and I'm in constant fear of my own actions. I'm on the waiting list for therapy, was wondering if you could help in the meantime with some thoughts? I'm just so sad and stuck.

  19. Really nice advice! I liked the drawings and shapes and I think it's a great idea for distracting myself, how you say and make artistic things very awesome! Thank you so much, Kati and Molly. See you later!

  20. I love your videos kati! They are so informative and you have a great personality. I really liked your clip on borderline personality disorder. I've been diagnosed with bdp and bipolar disorder. I've always felt ashamed of my bdp diagnosis and doomed. But your video made me feel hopeful that I can get better! Thanks for being so positive and understanding of what folks with BPD go through. We are very sensitive people who usually feel misunderstood.

  21. I want/think it would help me to journal but I don't have enough time. I want to do so much and I don't know where to start:1.journal my exams 3. Get fit/good health 4. Yoga and so many more thoughts and ideas come to me throughout the day and I can't deal with everything. In the moment( throughout the day) I feel calm and like I'm achieving a lot and doing my best but then I come home and when I'm about to go to bed I think and think about what I've not done and what I've got to do/ achieve.

  22. #KatiFAQ
    Im afraid of journaling but I'm unsure why. Partly Im afraid others will read it. But I feel a larger underlying reason…help?!?

  23. I really enjoyed this video but would like to see a closer up view of the finished product? It's a bit hard to see from the angle it's filmed at, thanks 🙂

  24. This is a bit too 'art therapy' for me, and art therapy never worked for me. I keep a recovery journal in a Moleskine planner, where I write a short entry every day of what I did that day, how I felt (important!), what I accomplished (no matter how small)… On the page next to it, I write down lists of goals for that week (no daily goals — weekly goals work better for me because I can divide them over the week, depending on how good I feel on each day), inspirational quotes, longer journal entries, and dreams I had. It's working very well for me!

  25. Why don't you do journal topics anymore?
    Or other journal related videos?
    I don't have any "major" issues, so I don't relate to most of your videos.
    But I love your ideias, your calming and understanding tone.
    Recently I have been motivated (which doesnt happen to often) to journaling, and since I don't always know what to write, I remembered your old videos about journal topis, and I saw that you don't do those anymore.
    Thank you for reading this
    English is not my first linguage, so I'm sorry if anything sounds wierd, I don't always find the best words to express myself in english.

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