100 thoughts on “Creative Minds | ART BULLET JOURNAL IDEAS MAY 2018 | ANN LE

  1. 🌏i clicked the video because the thumbnail reminded me so much of lost in space🌌 and i don’t regret anything! you are so talented!! this is wonderful😻✨💫☄️

  2. Umf. I LOVE this. I feel so inspired now to bust out my paints rn… like it’s 153am and I just fell like creating something!

  3. 🌍 I love this theme!
    I have been fascinated by the moon and the stars since I was a child. And my kids are the same. The other day my 7 year old said: "Oh, the moon is so beautiful, I'd love to cuddle with it. But I can't because it is farther away than the sky." ❤️

  4. Hello. ,love your painting. I am also a painter FROM INDIA. I don't know what is this plan with me. I guess something planning. Anybody pls explain me what it is

  5. Oh my god, I’m so digging the galaxy theme! 💫 I always love your creative setups, I could watch those videos for hours! 😍 x Marie

  6. 🌎 Loved this month’s theme! You’ve probably said this many times before, but where are your paints from? 💕

  7. That's crazy I just picked astronaut as my theme for my art project then I'm looking through my feed and saw that you posted this

  8. Which brand of notebook do you use? I'm struggling to find a good one that can take watercolors, because I use them a lot

  9. 🌠🌏 wow I love watercolour ! Esp galaxies! What kinda paper did you use for ur journal ? Cos I know normal paper would all cringled up 🤔
    Nice painting!

  10. This is so beautiful. I would love to do this and just experiment and have fun!
    My astronaut, would look like a stick man with a gold fish tank over his head! I'm no artist but I really do enjoy watching these videos.

  11. Amazingly beautiful…. my daughter and I are happy to have found your page.. cant wait to see more… Thomas Gals (galaxy emoji) …

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