Creepy Oktober Halloween Bullet Journal Setup 2018 // Plan with me Deutsch Flipthrough

Creepy Oktober Halloween Bullet Journal Setup 2018 // Plan with me Deutsch Flipthrough

Hello and welcome to my recent magical setup for October. As you see I wear the matching outfit for this. I really am into this setup and here’s already the title page. The idea came also from a subscriber and I too planned to do such an enchanting and magical theme like “Coraline” is or Harry Potter. And this was why I did this setup. The first page draws the curtain for October. Like in a circus a heavy red velvet curtain. I painted it in watercolors with my Creta Color aquarelle pens. Drew it and then blurred with water. I have to defend this notebook. I criticized that it isnt ideal for watercoloring: Yes, it is not ideal for aquarelle but for working with water and color it is sufficient. Paper isn’t rippled so I link the corresponding video as there is this little correction. The font I chose for this setup is also playfull, squiggly and below there are some lollipops. A little bit like the land of milk and honey, I don’t know… Furthermore, I decided to design a second page besides the title page, namely an enchanted forest. And in this enchanted forest there are little cabins (maybe it is a village in the background) but they also could be little fairy houses between the trees. And glowing mushroms! And between the trees there’s a wooden board displayed on it is the calendar overview for October. I thought this was funny 😉 Then we have the next page, a mood tracker. And as magic often comes with hats – also in Alice in Wonderland there is the mad hatter with his hats – So I decided to color hats according my mood. Then I have another mood tracker here for my baby. And I decided to do a, like, willow, squiggly branches hanging over with some lights on Depending on the mood of my baby I thought that the outer light has a different color: Red for good, blue for okay and green for, well, not so good. Yes, so that’s the mood tracker for my baby. Beneath it follows my sleep tracker. And there I decided to do a uncommon shape. Namely like a clock, so midday nap isn’t trackable as this classical clock only got 12 hours. But for my night sleep it will be enough. I won’t Sleep longer then 12 hours and am happy if I get more then 6 in the night 😀 The sleeptracker got 31 circles and depending on how long I sleep as an example from 12 to 6 the line of the circle is drawn. In clockwise direction of course. I used roman numerals as I got a clock that got them on it and also in Harry Potter there appear those roman numbers, maybe because it is also a little antique I think. In addition I drew some candles below and some mushrooms. Again. I think they appear a lot. Then we already reach the weekly spreads and there I put two weeks on a double page for it was faster and just easier for me to manage. Again worked with a ornate font with watercolors a ragged curtain above the windows and down there a dryed flower?! Then other doodles like candles skull, skeleton and some spider webs. And here as well I used roman numerals, I HOPE that I had them correctly in my mind … Right, as more complicated it’s for the 3rd and 4th week… There I decided to do blue curtains. And down here a fortune tellers ball? And books, also some book of spells maybe? Just like in Harry Potter… And again: Candles. That’s my setup here on YouTube as if you follow me on Instagram do it! I left out for time reasons some pages as it is complicated cutting a video with a little baby. So I decided to rework some pages like my future log. That means in the next days and weeks I’ll add some pages. Therefore: Follow me on Instagram to see how they look like, they will have the same style, like, bright, and everything colored. I would say: Let’s see if I’m styled again next time corresponding my setup. So see you then. In the middle of October. Probably. See you then, bye!

6 thoughts on “Creepy Oktober Halloween Bullet Journal Setup 2018 // Plan with me Deutsch Flipthrough

  1. Ich liiiiebe das Setup! Und du scheinst auch richtig Spaß daran zu haben 😉 Ich kann mich kaum entscheiden, welche Seite mir am besten gefällt – hm, ich glaube die "Baby Mood"-Seite. Und ich mag deine Pilze. Bin schon ganz gespannt auf nächten Monat. LG (Der Hintergrund ist toll, ist das eine Fototapete bzw. so eine Aquarell-Tapete?)

  2. Ein echt wundervolles Setup. Man sieht einfach wie viel Mühe du dir machst. Ich werd jetzt erst einmal deine ganze Bullet Journal Playlist durchschauen und mir ganz viele Inspirationen holen. ☺️😍

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